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Timber Rattlers Executive Chef Tim Hansen got some press from the Green Bay Press-Gazette on Sunday.

Another sandwich going bolder this year is the On Wisconsin. Last year’s version included a burger, split brat, cheese curds and cheese sauce. This year fans will find all those ingredients plus a beer battered onion ring and fried sauerkraut. Before Hansen got to work creating the sandwiches for a photo shoot earlier this week, he admitted that this was the first time the On Wisconsin Burger would be fully assembled and I was going to be the first person to take a bite.

The fried kraut is a milder version of its normally pungent self and blends well with the hint of beer from the onion ring batter. Even kraut haters won’t be put off by its presence in this sandwich.

Those who define bolder in terms of heat, rather than size, can try the Flamethrower, a chicken sandwich topped with brisket, smoky ghost pepper cheese and a Sriracha aioli. The ghost pepper is the big brother of habanero and jalapeno when it comes to heat.

Photos of the sandwiches at the link!

Yes, Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium is now snow-free…

March 16a

But, what about the stands?  Are they snow-free, too?  Yes!  Yes, they are!

March 16b

March 16c

March 16d

Get here soon, Opening Day!

Alumni Birthdays for March 16:
Pat Dunham (’99) – 39
Chad Strickland (’91, ’92) – 43
Richard Baumhoefner (’51) – Would have been 85

Chad Strickland 91

A look at now and a look at the future

A look at a – for all intents and purposes – snow-free field with 30 days to the home opener!

March 13a

March 13b
Now….through the magic of forecasting:

First pitch is at 4pm.  Looking good!

First pitch is at 4pm. Looking good!

It’s a weather forecast… could it possibly be wrong!

Alumni Birthdays for March 13:
Jason Rogers (’11, ’12) – 27
Dan Britt (’11) – 27
Alejandro Cadena (’02) – 35
Denny O’Toole (’69) – 66
Carlos Pascual (’58, ’59) – Would have been 84

Carlos Pascual as a Fox Cities Fox in the late 50's.

Carlos Pascual as a Fox Cities Fox in the late 50’s.

Alumni Birthdays for March 14:
Erik O’Donnell (’93) – 45
Chris Garibaldo (’88, ’89) – 46
Richard Yencha (’61) – 73
Chris Garibaldo 1989

Alumni Birthdays for March 15:
Guy Welsh (’07) – 30
Denys Bonilla (’96) – 41
Grant Griesser (’90) – 48
Joe Skodny (’87) – 52
Harold Baines (’77) – 56
Joe Sparks (Manager, ’71) – 77

Harold Baines. Great player...horrible uniform.

Harold Baines. Great player…horrible uniform.

In the Pipeline

MLB Pipeline has released their Top 30 Prospects in the Brewers organization.

I count 17 former Timber Rattlers on that Top 30 List.

#1 is Orlando Arcia

Orlando Arcia in 2013.

Orlando Arcia in 2013.

#2 is Tyrone Taylor

Tyrone Taylor in 2013.

Tyrone Taylor in 2013.

Click the link up top to see the whole list.

Of note for fans of the Timber Rattlers, I count three players in the top ten who will most likely be in the Fox Cities this season and two other players in the top ten who COULD be with the Rattlers in the future…if not in 2015.

Jonathan Mayo of has the writeup on the 2015 Brewers Top 30 List:

[I]f you’re looking for high-risk, high-reward players, the types of lottery tickets the Brewers hadn’t purchased in the past, the 2014 Draft took care of you. Scouting director Bruce Seid, in what proved to be his final Draft as he tragically passed away last September, had one of the most daring first nights of the Draft in recent memory. High schoolers Monte Harrison, Jake Gatewood and Kodi Medeiros are all in the Top 10, and they bring some added excitement about what they can become in the future. Add in international signee Gilbert Lara and Milwaukee has four teenagers in the Top 10 now.

At the top of the list are two longer-standing Brewers prospects, both with considerable upside themselves. Shortstop Orlando Arcia is the lone representative in the Top 100, but it wouldn’t surprise many to see outfielder Tyrone Taylor join him at some point in the future.

Alumni Birthdays for March 12:
Wick Udy (’03) – 36
Victor Martinez (’99) – 37
Jesus Marquez (’93, ’94) – 42
Donald Young (’90) – 48
Doug Bock (’88) – 49
Gary Keeton (’83) – 54
Steve Noworyta (’82, ’83) – 55
Tommy Toman (’75, ’76) – 59
Johnny Ellen (’61) – 75

The thaw continues

This is beautiful….and ahead of schedule….and we are happy about this:

March 11a

March 11b

March 11c

March 11d

March 11e

Mother Nature….Doin’ Work!

Alumni Birthdays for March 11:
Mike Garza (’12, ’13) – 25
Sean McCraw (’09) – 29
Lance Beus (’06) – 32
Jonathan Huth (’89) – 47
Tony Cento (’86) – 51
Edgar Sinquefield (’59) – Would have been 82

Mike Garza in 2013.

Mike Garza in 2013.

Alumni Birthdays for March 10

Alumni Birthdays for today:
Craig James (’05) – 32
John Cangelosi (’83) – 52
Charles Hendricks (’67) – 71

John Cangelosi as an Appleton Fox in 1983

John Cangelosi as an Appleton Fox in 1983

Melting….It’s melting

Isn’t it amazing how a couple of days over 40° can do?
March 9a

March 9b

Alumni Birthdays for March 9:
Justin Leone (’00) – 38
Ben Pierce (’88, ’89) – 49
Dan Neumeier (’68) – 67

Justin Leone hit 18 homers for the Rattlers during the regular season in 2000.

Justin Leone hit 18 homers for the Rattlers during the regular season in 2000.

Dan Neumeier in 1972.  He is a native of Shawano and played college baseball at UW-Oshkosh.

Dan Neumeier in 1972. He is a native of Shawano and played college baseball at UW-Oshkosh.

Whiffer’s Bounce House and Tickets on sale today

Single game tickets for the 2015 Timber Rattlers season go on sale at 10am today!

But, that’s not the big news. Whiffer’s Bounce House will be unveiled today as well.

Whiffer's Bounce House 1

Whiffer's Bounce House 2

Whiffer's Bounce House 3

Children….and I do stress CHILDREN….will be able to jump around in Whiffer’s Bounce House this season.

Come on out today and get some tickets.

Alumni Birthdays for March 7:
Steven Richard (’07) – 30
Tim Trawick (’96) – 43
Nyls Nyman (’73) – 61
Jimmie Hall (’58) – 77

Alumni Birthdays for March 8:
Stephen Cosgrove (’62) – Would have been 72
Willie Hooker (’66, ’67) – Would have been 80

Field Photos on March 6 & Pocket Schedule Update

In reverse order,


The snowblower was out on the field earlier this week and the warning track is almost clear.

Field March 6 2015 001

Field March 6 2015 002

Field March 6 2015 003

Field March 6 2015 004

Field March 6 2015 005

Field March 6 2015 006

I hear that the weather is supposed to get warmer soon.  That means we will have some pictures that include green grass poking up through the blanket of white.

REMINDER: Individual Game Tickets on sale this Saturday at 10am. See you at the ballpark!

Alumni Birthdays for March 6:
Nibaldo Acosta (’04) – 32
Omer Munoz (Hitting Coach ’97-’99) – 49
August Gregory (’41) – Would have been 93

Pictures of our Lucroy Opening Day Bobblehead

Individual Game Tickets for the 2015 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers season will go on sale Saturday, March 7 at 10:00am.  There will be plenty going on that day at Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium from 10am to 3:00pm.

But, the team figures that the thing in which you would be most interested is the Opening Day Tickets for Sunday, April 12 vs. the Peoria Chiefs.


Because that is the day of the Jonathan Lucroy double Bobblehead All-Fan Giveaway courtesy of Appvion and Cher-Make.  I could describe what this double bobblehead looks like…or I could show you:

Credit: Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

Credit: Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

Brought to you by Appvion.

Credit: Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

Brought to you by Cher-Make

Pretty neat.  If you can’t make it to the event on Saturday, order your tickets here starting at 10am.

Alumni Birthdays:
Alan Williams (’11, ’12, ’13) – 25
Ryan Franklin (’94) – 42
Mike Squires (’73) – 63
Thomas MacMillan (’51) – Would have been 84

Ryan Franklin as an Appleton Fox in 1994.

Ryan Franklin as an Appleton Fox in 1994.

Looking for the next best thing

I will take any opportunity to use a Warren Zevon song lyric:

Don Quixote had his windmills
Ponce De Leon took his cruise
Took Sinbad seven voyages
To see that it was all a ruse

That’s why I’m looking for the next best thing
Looking for the next best thing
I appreciate the best but I’m settling for less
So I’m looking for the next best thing

Why does that song spring to mind this morning? has a new article out on the shortstop D-Listers in Minor League Baseball and mentions Orlando Arcia (’13):

“D-Listers”? Let them explain:

In this corner of the internet, it’s routine for a heavy-hitting Minor Leaguer to work his way into the headlines. Home runs and four-hit games tend to jump off the box score, giving fans a tangible piece of information on their favorite prospects.

We don’t want to ignore those who specialize with the leather, though. Having spent most of the year making A-list celebrities of the Minors’ best hitters, it’s time to heap a little praise on the glove men. Here, we present the “D”-Listers — baseball’s run-preventing stars of the future.

Got that? The reigning champ is Francisco Lindor, a former Lake County Captain. Arcia is next on their list and he is titled: The Next Best Thing!

The Venezuelan turned 20 last summer while playing with Class A Advanced Brevard County, where multiple evaluators thought he was the Florida State League’s most impressive defender. One rival manager said Arcia was MLB-ready with the glove, or at least very close. Others used words like “superb” and “outstanding.”

“He’s definitely a plus defender,” Brevard County manager Joe Ayrault said. “He’s a guy — he’s what I call a two-out infielder. When the game’s on the line, two outs, you want the ball hit to him. He makes all the routine players, then he makes the exciting plays as well.”

“He’s one of those guys, if something crazy happens, he could go to the big leagues and fill in right now,” Ayrault said. “One of our sayings here is, ‘Does he pass the eye test? When he gets called up, does he do all the things you expect a Major League guy to do making plays?’ He’s a guy who will pass the eye test over there in Major League camp. He’ll definitely impress some people this spring.”

Those are excerpts. Click to read the whole thing.

A video put together by the production gnomes to promote Saturday, which is the date on which Individual Tickets for the 2015 season go on sale:

It’s about time that Rogers Hornsby quote was put into action!

Alumni Birthdays for March 4:
Taylor Mangum (’13) – 26
Jose Gonzalez (’98) – 38
Claudio Liverziani (’98) – 40
Juan Beniquez (’88) – 46
Kurt Brown (’86) – 48
Lorenzo Gray (’77, ’78) – 62
Kenneth Chmiel (’67) – 69

Taylor Mangum in 2013.

Taylor Mangum in 2013.


Claudio Liverziani's 1997 Timber Rattlers baseball card

Claudio Liverziani’s 1997 Timber Rattlers baseball card


Kurt Brown 1986

Kurt Brown’s 1986 Appleton Foxes card

All alone on the road to perfection!


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