Doubleheader Notes & Game 1 Lineup – June 20, 2014

Hey, Ernie! What do you say?

That was some storm last night! Let's look at some pictures!

That was some storm last night! Let’s look at some pictures!

Not exactly what I had in mind…but, okay.

Here are a series of photos taken at Community Field between 3:45 and 4:30 on Thursday…That would be last night.

6 19 before the rain and tarp

6 19 before the rain and tarp 2

6 19 tarp

6 19 tarp 2

6 19 rain

Here’s what it looks like today!  To borrow Ernie’s Line: Let’s play TWO today!

6 20 Ballpark
First pitch for game one is at 5:00pm tonight

Broadcast Information:
AM1280, WNAM – Pregame 4:40pm
Internet Audio: IHeartRadio
Internet Video: MiLB.TV

Timber Rattlers Game One Lineup:

6 20 Lineup Game 1

Timber Rattlers Game One Starting Pitcher: Anthony Banda
Burlington Bees Game One Starting Pitcher: Ryan Etsell

Timber Rattlers Game Two Starting Pitcher: Zach Quintana
Burlington Bees Game Two Starting Pitcher: Clint Sharp

Timber Rattlers Game Notes: RattlersGameNotes June 20 2014

Lineup and Game Notes – June 15, 2014

Before getting started with today’s stuff…here are some highlights from the last two days in the QC…as picked by MiLB to place on their video highlight reel with audio from the River Bandits radio crew:

Jose Pena’s 2-run double:

Strikeout #6 by Victor Diaz:

Michael Ratterree hits one into the Dippin’ Dots stand near the monstrosity:

The view from the Dippin' Dots stand.

The view from the Dippin’ Dots stand.

I need to check if Ratterree gets free Dippin’ Dots for the rest of the season.  There appeared to be no structural damage to the Dippin’ Dots stand.  That may help his case.

June 15 dippin dotsFirst pitch today is 1:15pm

Broadcast Information:
AM1280, WNAM – Pregame 12:55pm
Internet Audio: IHeartRadio
Internet Video: MiLB.TV

Timber Rattlers Lineup:

June 15 Lineup

Timber Rattlers Starting Pitcher: Clint Terry
Quad Cities Starting Pitcher: Michael Feliz

Timber Rattlers Game Notes: RattlersGameNotes June 15 2014


Postgame Post – June 14, 2014

Rattlers 6
Bandits 3
Boxscore | Game Story

Matt Erickson Pregame Interview:

The Timber Rattlers have been playing some great baseball in the last two weeks.  11-1 in their last twelve games.  They have missed the playoffs in the first half, but things are definitely bright for the second half of the season.

I am looking forward to it.

But, I am not looking forward to tomorrow. Some of you may know about this and others may not. I try not to get too serious on this blog because it’s supposed to be fun and light-hearted and about baseball…and things tangentially related to baseball.

Wisconsin Dells circa 1972 or 73 with my Dad and brother.

Wisconsin Dells with my Dad and brother.

It has been difficult to be those things this season because my dad died one week before the season started and I miss him so much. I don’t want to go into it again because I think that I said everything I needed to say in this column.

But, baseball was our sport. He used to tell me stories about going in to Milwaukee to watch the Braves and how they stopped going as much when they banned carry-ins. My first glove was his Lew Burdette model.

We saw Dennis Lamp almost throw a no-hitter against the Brewers. He made sure my brother and I were members of the Brewers Pepsi Fan Club so we could go to a lot of games for not a lot of money. The red Coca Cola Bat from one of the Bat Night’s is somewhere in the basement. Barry Bonds with help from Jeff Kent and Ellis Burks ruined his 60th birthday.

Finally, we got to see them clinch the NL Central title in 2011.

Our best day ever at County Stadium was September 17, 1976. That was the night of the Brewers Salute to Hank Aaron. So many old Milwaukee Braves came back for the ceremony.

He told me about Johnny Logan and Warren Spahn and Joe Adcock and, of course Hank Aaron. I was seven and you can mark that game right there as the start of my interest in and love of baseball history.

Apologies if I have been off my game on the radio this season and if I have skipped a few days on the blog. It has been tough.  It has been getting better and – as weird as this may sound – the last two weeks of baseball have really helped.

But, I’m not looking forward to tomorrow and not just because it’s the end of a half. Sunday is Father’s Day…and it’s the first one without him.

Lineup & Game Notes – June 14, 2014

Down by the river…
June 14 ballpark
Broadcast Information:
AM1280, WNAM – Pregame 5:40pm
Internet Audio: IHeartRadio
Internet Video: MiLB.TV

Timber Rattlers Lineup:
June 14 Lineup
Timber Rattlers Starting Pitcher: Tyler Alexander
River Bandits Starting Pitcher: Chris Lee

Sadly, not this Chris Lee:

What?  You were expecting a picture of Saruman?

What? You were expecting a picture of Saruman?

Timber Rattlers Game Notes: RattlersGameNotes June 14 2014

Random song that popped into my head today:

Lineup & Game Notes – June 13, 2014

From Quad Cities! Game time 7:00pm.

June 13 Ballpark

Broadcast Information:
AM1280, WNAM – Pregame 6:40pm
Internet Audio: IHeartRadio
Internet Video: MiLB.TV

Timber Rattlers Lineup:

June 13 Lineup

Timber Rattlers Starting Pitcher: Victor Diaz
Quad Cities Starting Pitcher: Andrew Thurman

Timber Rattlers Game Notes: RattlersGameNotes June 13 2014

I’m not sure why…but this song popped in my head…


Postgame Post – June 12, 2014

Good News:
The Rattlers have won nine of their last ten to get to 34-32.  This is the first time they are two games over .500 since they were 10-8 on April 23.

Beloit 2
Rattlers 8
Boxscore | Gameday | Game Story

Great News:
Look at this crowd waiting to get into the ballpark!
Photo by Ann Mollica
Greatest News:
These uniforms:
Photo by Ann Mollica
Seriously….These uniforms!
Photo by Ann Mollica

Photo by Ann Mollica
But, I’m afraid I have some Bad News:
Burlington dodged a lot of Clinton opportunities and defeated the LumberKings 3-2 in eleven innings at Clinton.  One Burlington win in their final three games of the half will help them claim the Wild Card spot.  One Rattler loss in their last three games at Quad Cities knocks them out of the playoff picture in the first half.

If you remember back to the end of the second half of the 2013 season, the River Bandits knocked the Rattlers out of the playoffs with a sweep in Grand Chute heading into the final road trip of the season.

What do you have to say about that, Switch?

Photo by Ann Mollica


Pregame Interview with Garrett Cooper:

Postgame Comments (Jon Feyen):
Preston Gainey:

Francisco Castillo (translated by Omar Garcia):

Matt Erickson:


On to the QC!

Lineup, Game Notes, Transactions – June 12, 2014

It was a pretty good night last night:

It’s a Great Night tonight!  It’s a 7:05pm first pitch.

June 12 Ballpark

Broadcast Information:
AM1280, WNAM – Pregame 6:45pm
Internet Audio: IHeartRadio
Internet Video: MiLB.TV
Television: MyNEW 32 Sports Showdown – Pregame at 7:00pm

Timber Rattlers Lineup:

June 12 Lineup

Timber Rattlers Starting Pitcher: Preston Gainey
Beloit Snappers Starting Pitcher: Kyle Finnegan

Timber Rattlers Transactions:
RHP Chris Razo placed on DL retroactive to June 11
1B Garrett Cooper activated from DL for tonight

UPDATED Roster: 6 12 2014 Timber Rattlers Roster

Timber Rattlers Game Notes:  RattlersGameNotes June 12 2014

Postgame Post – June 11, 2014

Stayin’ Alive!


Beloit 2
Wisconsin 4
Boxscore | Gameday | Game Story

Here’s the thing…

Burlington 35-30
Peoria 34-31
Quad Cities 34-31
Wisconsin 33-32

Basically, the Rattlers elimination number is two. If the Rattlers win out they will be 37-32. If Burlington goes 2-2 in their last four games, the Bees will also be 37-32. But, the Bees have the tie-breaker since they went 5-3 against Wisconsin.

A loss in any of these last four games could eliminate the Rattlers…IF Burlington winds up at the top..

In case you were wondering….

Tie involving more than two teams: 1) Best winning percentage in games involving tied teams for the full season; 2) best run differential in games involving tied teams for the full season; 3) best winning percentage in second-half games involving tied teams; 4) best run differential in second-half games only in games involving tied teams.

I won’t start figuring this out until I have to….so…tomorrow night, eh?

Postgame Comments (Jon Feyen):
Steve Halcomb:

Clint Coulter:

Chuckie Caufield:

Highlights are taking awhile to load again. They will be added to the pregame post tomorrow.

What a difference for Zach Quintana:
6/6 v. Cedar Rapids: IP, H, 5R, 4BB, 0K
6/11 v. Beloit: 3.1IP, 4H, 0R, BB, 2K

And he picked up his first MWL win.

Photos (Ann Mollica):


Lineup, Game Notes, & More – June 11, 2014

First, last night’s highlights:

Next, here’s the view:

June 11 Ballpark

Broadcast Information:
AM1280, WNAM – Pregame 6:45pm
Internet Audio: IHeartRadio
Internet Video: MiLB.TV
Television: MyNEW 32 Sports Showdown – Pregame at 7:00pm

Timber Rattlers Lineup:

June 11 lineup

Timber Rattlers Starting Pitcher: Tristan Archer
Beloit Snappers Starting Pitcher: Lou Trivino

Timber Rattlers Lineup:  RattlersGameNotes June 11 2014

Postgame Post for June 10, 2014


June 11 2014 003


Beloit 9
Wisconsin 6
(17 innings)
Boxscore | Game Day | Game Story

Brennan is greeted at the dugout after his game-tying grand slam. It happened so long ago it feels blurry and out of focus:

June 11 2014 004

Most of what I needed to say is in the game story. Click that link up top for the details…but, to give you the main point:

The Wild Card leading Burlington Bees lost 4-2 at Clinton. The Quad Cities River Bandits won 6-2 at Cedar Rapids. The Peoria Chiefs were rained out in their home game against Kane County. The Bees and River Bandits are now tied for the Wild Card at 34-30. Peoria is 33-30 and a half game behind the Bees and River Bandits. The Timber Rattlers could have moved closer in the playoff chase had they scratched a run across after tying the game for their eighth straight win. But, it was not to be for Wisconsin as they fell back to the .500 mark and remain two games out of the Wild Card spot.

…with five games to play.

Postgame Comments (Jon Feyen):
Clint Terry:

Matt Erickson:

The call that Jon and Matt discuss is the play in the bottom of the 14th.  Francisco Castillo at first is running and Rafael Neda sends a sharp grounder near Castillo.  Castillo avoided getting hit by the ball a slid into second.  Pan, the second baseman, fielded the ball and  flipped to Mercedes, the shortstop covering the bag.  Mercedes threw on to first to get Neda and it looked like Castillo would be on second with one out.  The umpire had ruled “safe” in that the ball missed Castillo, but called him out at second on the force play and Neda out at first on the double play….Eshleman followed with a double to the gap in left center….but was left stranded.

Want to see that play on the replay again?…Be there in a bit, TWC SportsChannel on demand.

I was told that the Highlights would take 1000 hours to upload to YouTube tonight. I will try to remember to add those highlights in the morning.

Meanwhile….we have a new #1 for the longest game in Timber Rattlers history. Here’s the old list…The scary coincidence is the #3 on that list…which is now #4

3.) May 20, 2010: The Peoria Chiefs beat the Rattlers 9-6 in fifteen innings in a game that took 5:06 in Grand Chute. This game…. The reason Wisconsin made it to extra innings was a three-run bottom of the ninth to tie the game 4-4. They tying run scored on a wild pitch. Peoria scored a run in the top of the twelfth. Wisconsin scored a run in the bottom of the twelfth on an error by the left fielder. Peoria ran out of pitchers and had to turn to catcher Mario Mercedes in the bottom of the fourteenth. Scooter Gennett singled with two outs and stole second base. Khris Dennis followed with a single to right, but Scooter was thrown out at home plate by Nelson Perez. In the top of the fifteenth, Peoria sent nine men to the plate and scored four runs off Andy Sauter. All four runs came with two outs and the Rattlers were down 9-5. In the bottom of the fifteenth, Wisconsin loaded the bases with one out against Mercedes. D’Vontrey Richardson drove in a run to make it 9-6. Peoria went to Larry Suarez for one out and he struck out Cutter Dykstra to end the game, the longest game – by time – in Timber Rattlers history.

Nathan Baliva loves to bring up Mario Mercedes about five times a season and three more times in the offseason…I hate him so much for that.

Get ‘em tomorr….get ‘em today.

Time for go to bed….or I’m just gonna lay down in my office here for a minute or two….later.


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