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All-Star Slide Show

A few pictures from the night in Quad Cities:  Most of these were posted on the Live blog, but just in case….

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Second half starts on Friday!

MWL All-Star Game LiveBlog (2011)

Same story as last night.

Click Here when the festivities begin at 7pm.  I may update this post a little closer to game time.


A few pictures:

A billboard in light from last night

The plan on the scorecard says that the Rattlers are scheduled to play in the following order for the Western Division:

Chris Dennis: Starting in left and batting 4th
Tyler Thornburg: Pitching the top of the 4th
Mike Walker: Entering the game in the 6th, batting 6th, playing first base
Austin Ross: Entering the game in the top 8th, pitching 2/3

Speaking of the Rattlers All-Stars:

Serious Mike Walker and the All-Stars

And another:

Smiling Mike Walker and the All-Stars

MWL All-Star Monday Live Blog

The festivities kick off at 7:00pm. Look for the live blog to start right around that time.

Apparently, WordPress doesn’t support the coveritlive code. So, just click on the link below and you will be taken right to the live blog.

Mike Walker is in the “Home Run Derby” and we’ll cover that, keep an eye on opening night for Helena in the Pioneer League, and maybe discuss poker strategies for cash games…but probably not that last one.

Click Here

UPDATE: Here are some pictures of the field for tonight’s…deal:

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And the Point System:
Over Black Berm Fence: 15
Foul Pole: 13
Off Batters Eye: 11
Home Run or Obstacle: 10
Warning Track, Wall, or Ribbon Board: 8
Level 3: 5
Level 2: 3
Level 1: 1
Foul: -2
Swinging Strike: -5


Each player gets ten outs (or non-home runs).

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