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Interviews 1 through 5 of 2011

I think I figured this out….Well, I didn’t figure it out. Our geniuses in the production department…who thought they had the day off today figured it out.  I just got them the audio.

Now that we have this capability, these should be posted the following day.  Enjoy.  Maybe learn a few things.

From April 7:
Matt Erickson:

From April 8:
Nick Shaw:

From April 9:
Reggie Keen:

From April 10:
Jimmy Nelson:

From April 11:
Tyler Roberts:

Up next….audio highlights from the road games….

I wish this were clearer

Nick Shaw hit his first professional home run in the Rattlers 9-3 win over Kane County to open the 2011 season.

The thing I noticed from the booth was how happy his teammates were for him. Happy. That’s one word for it:

Robbie Garvey greets Nick Shaw at the dugout after Shaw's first pro home run

Again. I wish this were clearer. Maybe the highlights will have a better shot of it.

UPDATE: Well, unfortunately, the highlights from the in stadium cam did not include the homer.  But…HEY! Highlights on YouTube!

By the way, that was a Chili’s ‘Rattlers Win, You Win’ victory tonight. If you were one of the 3,234 fans at Time Warner Cable Field tonight, you should have received a coupon good for free chips & queso at the Appleton Chili’s.

Game story from the Rattlers website is here.

I think this is going to be a fun season!  More in the morning.

2011 Player Entrance Music

This the only post of the morning.  The reason: It is the question everyone is going to ask after the game tonight.

Timber Rattlers fans, the entrance music for your 2011 Timber Rattlers (20 of them)*

Cameron Garfield – Aint No Rest For The Wicked, by Cage the Elephant
Tony Pechek – Hillbilly Shoes, by Montgomery Gentry
Mike Walker – Paper Planes, by MIA
Jason Rogers – Forever, by Drake (CENSORED/RADIO EDIT)
Robbie Garvey – Hero, by Skillet
Reggie Keen – Speakers Goin Hammer, by Soulja Boy
TJ Mittlestaedt – California Love, by Dr. Dre
Carlos George – Bulto, by Los Pepe Doble
Eric Marzec – Dragula, by Rob Zombie
Jimmy Nelson – Sound of Madness, by Shinedown
Daniel Britt – Country Boy, by Justin Moore
Matt Miller – Lose Yourself, by Eminem
Charly Bashara – Right Now, by Van Halen
Thomas Keeling – ET, by Katy Perry
Nick Shaw – On To The Next One, by Jay Z
Tyler Thornburg – Electric Ave, by Eddy Grant
Greg Hopkins – Work, by Gangstarr
Greg Holle – New York New York, Frank Sinatra
Stosh Wawrzasek – Crowd Chant, by Joe Satriani
Tyler Cravy – We R Who We R, Ke$ha

This is a serious list.

My only problem is that Thornburg is not scheduled to pitch at home until the next home stand.
I may be ready to pitch when Bashara’s music hits.
When Cravy or Holle come out of the bullpen, I may break out my Jim Ross impression and say…”MY GOD! THAT’S GREG HOLLE’S MUSIC!”  or “WAIT A MINUTE! CRAVY’S COMING OUT TO THE MOUND!  MY GOD! WHAT A NIGHT!!”

Like I said at the Leadoff Experience last night, “It going to be an interesting year.”

*I’ll update this post when the other players get their music.

Media Day clearing house

Mike Woods of the Post Crescent has a story on Austin Ross, the Opening Day Starting Pitcher for the Rattlers.

Channel 2 has their story here

Channel Five has their story here

Fox 11 has their story here

Justin Hull of AM1570 The Score has video of his interviews with Matt Erickson, Jimmy Nelson, Tyler Thornburg, & Cameron Garfield.

The Timber Rattlers Pitching Rotation

Just got out of a quick meeting with Timber Rattlers pitching coach Chris Hook.

Here is how the pitching rotation for the 2011 pitching rotation will start the season:

RHP Austin Ross
RHP Matt Miller
RHP Jimmy Nelson
LHP Del Howell
RHP Tyler Thornburg / RHP Dan Britt

Rattlers fans will see Ross start Opening Night against the Cougars.  Miller is scheduled for Friday night.  Nelson and Howell are set for Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Thornburg and Britt will work in tandem for at least the near future and their first scheduled outing is for 4/11 at Cedar Rapids.

Startin’ to come together, Pepper…Startin’ to come together.

Your 2011 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

Sorry for the formatting.  It looked really good in courier new.  Click on the .pdf link at the bottom and let me know how it works.  This is the way I’ll be posting the Game Notes for 2011.   Click the individual names for the page of that player.

Yes, I know.  There are 27 players on the roster and 25 is the limit for the active roster.  There are a couple of moves…and probably a number change or two before Thursday.  BUT….Here are the players who are on the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers 2011 Opening Day Roster:

#  Player                         B/T  HT/WT       Acquired
10 Charly Bashara L/L    6’1”/200      NDFA ‘10
36 Daniel Britt R/R   6’4”/190      29th round ‘10
25 Tyler Cravy R/R   6’3”/196      17th round ‘09
1 Brian Garman L/L   5’11”/203    17th round ‘10
16 Greg Holle R/R   6’8”/240     11th round ‘10
26 Del Howell L/L   6’4”/200      15th round ‘09
18 Thomas Keeling L/L   6’2”/188      18th round ‘10
39 Damon Krestalude R/R   6’4”/185      17th round ‘08
22 Eric Marzec R/R   5’11/217      30th round ‘10
23 Matt Milller R/R   6’6”/220       5th round ‘10
20 Jimmy Nelson R/R   6’6”/245        2nd round ‘10
12 Austin Ross R/R   6’2”/194        8th round ‘10
30 Tyler Thornburg R/R   6’0”/188        3rd round ‘10
40 Stosh Wawrzasek R/R   6’0”/249      16th round ‘08

#  Player                          B/T  HT/WT     Acquired
17 Cameron Garfield R/R   6’1”/195      2nd round ‘09
19 Tony Pechek B/R   6’2”/201    NDFA ‘10
28 Tyler Roberts R/R   6’1”/228   10th round ‘09

#  Player                         B/T  HT/WT     Acquired
7 Carlos George R/R   6’2”/160    46th round ‘08
15 Cody Hawn L/R   6’1”/215        6th round ‘10
5 Greg Hopkins R/R   6’1”/195    24th round ‘10
6 TJ Mittelstaedt L/R   5’10”/185  44th round ‘10
9 Jason Rogers R/R   6’2”/267   32nd round ‘10
3 Nick Shaw L/R   6’0”/161    25th round ‘10
33 Mike Walker L/R   6’4”/206   14th round ‘10

#  Player                        B/T  HT/WT     Acquired
2 Robbie Garvey L/L   5’9”/170    NDFA ‘09
11 Reggie Keen R/R   5’11/176    NDFA ‘10
21 Franklin Romero R/R   5’11/180     20th round ‘09

Matt Erickson
Pitching Coach: Chris Hook
Hitting Coach: Dusty Rhodes
Athletic Trainer: Jeff Paxson
Strength & Conditioning: Tim Gifford


Timber_Rattler_Roster_OPENING DAY 2011

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