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Wednesday’s Highlights and three lists – August 22, 2012

Cedar Rapids 1
Wisconsin 5
Boxscore | Game Story

Told you it was a great night for baseball!

List #1
Timber Rattlers Team Home Runs:
2005 – 101
2012 – 96 (with 12 games remaining)
1998 – 93
1999 – 90
2000 – 90
1996 – 84
2010 – 81
2004 – 79
1997 – 79
2003 – 77
2011 – 76
2001 – 74
2006 – 71
2007 – 71
2009 – 62
2002 – 61
2008 – 60
1995 – 55

List #2
Nick Ramirez Walks in July, 2012:
July 15 @ Fort Wayne – 1st inning against Cody Hebner
July 18 v. Great Lakes – 6th inning against Raydel Sanchez

List #3:
Nick Ramirez Walks on August 22, 2012 vs. Cedar Rapids:
1st inning against Frank Di Jiulio
4th inning against Frank Di Jiulio
7th inning against Joe Melioris
8th inning against Brandon Lodge

Highlights for August 22, 2012:

Monday’s Highlights

Peoria 1
Wisconsin 8
Boxscore | Game Story

The first pitch for Tuesday’s game is in less than 12 hours.

Kyle from Brew Crew Ball was at the game and filed this report with quotes and features and details.  Head over there, please.

Sleep fast, everyone.  See you in the morning. 

Monday’s Highlights:

Video Highlights for August 19, 2012

Peoria 4
Wisconsin 3
Boxscore | Game Story

Wes Darvill was due against Wisconsin.  He had a two-out RBI single in the eighth inning to drive in a big insurance run.  Why do I say he was due?  This tweet from @PeoriaChiefs answers: Wisconsin had retired Darvill 32 straight AB dating to 4/13 before RBI single, which came off the only LHP on Wis roster. 4-2 Chiefs in 8th.  Darvill is now 2-for-40 in ten games against the Timber Rattlers.

This is a picture taken with Ben McMahan at the plate in the ninth inning:

Five minutes later, it was pouring rain. Fifteen minutes later, there was hail. Thirty minutes later, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Apologies for the brevity of these postgame reports of late.  If you have been listening for the last week, you will know that I am fighting a horrible cold/cough.  Plus, I drove to Beloit on my own and there’s a combo of night game, day game, night game, day game with very little time for sleep.

The machine does break down occasionally.  Trying to fine tune it for the last few regular season games and the postseason.

Sunday’s Highlights

Timber Rattlers highlights – August 18, 2012

Chiefs 9
Rattlers 2
Boxscore | Game Story

A few thoughts.

Peoria scored six of their nine runs with two outs.

Here’s a sneak peek for the game notes tomorrow (and a hat tip to the Rattlers official scorer for this):

TRIPLE DOUBLE:  Ben McMahan hit his 11th triple of the season on Friday night.  McMahan also has 20 doubles and 11 home runs this season.  He is the second Rattler to have double digits in doubles, triples, and homers for a season.  The other player to record a “triple-double”  in those three offensive categories is Chris Colton.  In 2004, Colton had 18 doubles, 11 triples, and 12 homers.

Looking back at some old Appleton Foxes seasons on, we couldn’t find any players who had reached double digits in doubles, triples, and homers.

Colton had 15 stolen bases in 2004.  McMahan has eight steals this season.  Keep your eye on that one.

Not making the game notes tomorrow, but obvious on the results for the night, but Jorge Soler is pretty good.  4-for-5, long homer, rocket double, stolen base, two RBI.

Get them tomorrow.

Saturday’s Highlights

Nine after 9 for August 13, 2012

Clinton 4
Wisconsin  7
Boxscore | Game Story

Series win!

  1. The Timber Rattlers played five three-game series against Clinton in 2012.  The Rattlers went 12-3 against the LumberKings, a potential playoff opponent. Wisconsin took two of three from them in this series.
  2. Matt Erickson was ejected in the second inning.  He thought that Kevin Rivers was offered with a bunt attempt on a pitch that hit the Clinton batter.  This was the second game in a row that the Rattlers manager disagreed with the call by this umpiring crew on that same kind of call.  On Sunday, Chris Taylor tried a sacrifice bunt and was hit on the hand.  It was ruled a hit batsman and Erickson thought that call was wrong.  On Monday, Matt disagreed with the call and apparently said a magic word after the base umpire declined to rule that Rivers attempted to bunt. That got him run from the game.
  3. Wisconsin scored two more runs in the first inning.  They have outscored opponents 86-49 in the first inning this season.
  4. I mentioned this on twitter, but it’s worth a mention here for those of you who who do not follow me.  Yadiel Rivera had a 12-pitch at bat in the second inning.  He was down 0-2 after swinging at the first two pitches – the second on a check swing that he didn’t think was a swing.  From there the sequence went: foul, ball, foul, ball, ball, foul, foul, foul, foul, grounder to third.  It may have ended in a 5-3 grounder, but that kind of at bat was still good to see from Rivera.
  5. I’ve mentioned the number of times Brandon Macias has been hit this season – 20 and counting.  But, it’s time to mention how many times he has hit back.  Macias went 2-for-5 with two singles on Monday to give him 113 hits this season.
  6. Greg Hopkins with two more RBI on Monday.  He’s at 46 on the season now and had five in the last two games.  If Hopkins gets hot – like we have seen him get over the last two season, that will be a great thing for the Timber Rattlers.
  7. Nick Ramirez walked twice and was walked intentionally one time in the game.  He also drove in his 60th run of the game.  He continues to put together a very nice season.
  8. Eric Semmelhack scattered six hits, a walk, and a hit batsman over five innings to get his second win with Wisconsin. Semmelhack mixed in five strikeouts.
  9. Congratulations to Mark Williams.  He is now a 2-time Midwest League Pitcher of the Week.  The award was announced late in the afternoon and there was a note added on to the game story.  I did want to mention it here, too.  Williams 2 games, one start, one complete game. 8 innings pitched, six hits, 13 strikeouts and 1-0.

Monday’s Highlights:

Highlights for August 12, 2012

Clinton 9
Wisconsin 4
Boxscore | Game Story

Bronson is just chillin’.  I’m taking the lead from Bronson.  Now. Where’s my bandana?

A few notes on Sunday’s game:

  • Good to see Greg Hopkins hit a homer and drive in three runs.  It was his first since June 9 and – more importantly – it was his first since he missed all that time after being hit in the head by a pitch on June 30.  If the Rattlers are going to make a run in the playoffs, they will need Hopkins.
  • David Goforth set a single game high as a pro for strikeouts in a game with six.  But, he also walked five and gave up five runs on eight hits.  He just didn’t look comfortable today.  He’ll turn it around.
  • Do you think Clinton was a little fired up to play this weekend?  They had scored 28 runs on 79 hits in the first 12 meetings with the Rattlers.  In the first two games against the Rattlers in this series, they have scored 17 runs on 27 hits.  That’s a little ridiculous….and not the cool kind of ridiculous.
  • Cameron Garfield with two more hits and his hitting streak has reached five games.  He is 9-for-18 in that streak.  That’s .500, right?
  • Unrelated to the game, I just want to thank the Petersons and Duane Cravy for their thoughtful gifts today.  They were unnecessary and unexpected, but very much appreciated.  Thank you.  I’ll get some pictures of them up on twitter later.
  • Get some sleep. Another game tomorrow.

Sunday’s Highlights:


Highlights for August 11, 2012

LumberKings 8
Timber Rattlers 9
FINAL – 13 innings
Boxscore | Game Story

Saturday’s Highlights:

Quick turnaround for the day game on Sunday so….

That was walkoff win #10 for the Rattlers this season.  The only team from the west they did not walkoff this season was Quad Cities.

That was the third walkoff hit for Nick Ramirez this season.  His others:
May 16 vs Burlington for a 5-4 win in ten innings
May 20 vs. Kane County for a 7-6 win in nine innings

A fireworks show at Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium may not start after 11:00pm.  Ramirez delivered the game winning hit at 10:55pm.  Thanks, Nick.

Get some sleep.

Nine after 9 for August 10, 2012


Game one:
Cedar Rapids 4
Wisconsin 6
Box Score | Game Story

Game one highlights:



Game two:
Cedar Rapids 0
Wisconsin 2
Boxscore | Game Story

Game two highlights:


  1. Sweeeeeep!
  2. The fast start in game one helped a lot, I am thinking and credit must given to Rattlers manager Matt Erickson.  He put a defensive-centric lineup on the field for game one and said that they would score some runs, too.  Lo, the manager has spaketh.  Maybe he does know what he is doing.
  3. Ben McMahan has NINE triples this season.  He is tied with Chadwin Stang for the team lead – and for third in the Midwest League – in that category.
  4. Shaun Marcum had 40 pitches to work with on Friday night.  He used 36 of them and 26 were strikes. Marcum is scheduled to pitch in Beloit on August 15 as the starting pitcher.
  5. STOSH! stays ridiculously good.  He pitched another 1-2/3 scoreless innings and pitched around a couple of walks for his third save of the season.  His scoreless streak has reached 18-2/3 ininngs with seven straight scoreless games.  His mustache has reached awesome.
  6. Props must be given to the prognosticating prowess of pitching coach David Chavarria, too.  He brought up Mark Williams to start game two despite Friday being Chad Pierce’s turn in the rotation.  It was noted that – in his last two relief appearances – Williams only went one inning in one and two innings in the other.  He was asked how many innings would be able to go, “All seven”.  As it is spoken so shall it be done.
  7. Williams wasn’t overpowering, but he did move the ball around a lot on the Kernels hitters.  High and Low. Inside and Out. They were swinging and Williams was missing bats.  A lot of them.  Of his eleven strikeouts, only one was looking.  That’s good. Right?
  8. Brandon Macias was grazed by a pitch in the fourth inning of game two.  It was the 19th time he has been hit by a pitch this season.  He broke the Timber Rattlers single season record for being hit by a pitch.  I made kind of a big deal about it in the game two highlights.  Totally worth it.
  9. The shift is ridiculous.  But, so help me, it works.  It also drives Cedar Rapids hitters crazy. In the sixth inning of game one, Gary Mitchell was up with the tying runs on base and two outs.  He hit a grounder to the right of second base, but Yadiel Rivera was right there, I mean, RIGHT THERE to handle the routine grounder.  An inning earlier, Adrian Williams was playing short right and Frazier Hall and Zach Borenstein both hit grounders right to Williams for 4-3 ground outs.  They both went back to the dugout shaking their heads and muttering to themselves.

Highlights for August 3, 2012

Burlington 1
Wisconsin 0
Boxscore | Game Story

More fun than a fire truck full of mascots:


Friday’s Highlights:

Highlights for August 2, 2012

Burlington 1
Wisconsin 3
Boxscore | Game Story

Ball game!

Three numbers:
17 as in 17 game hitting streak for Chadwin Stang
11 as in 11 homers for Yadiel Rivera
1 as in one Midwest League win for Eric Semmelhack

I may return to this later tonight.  For now, there is a big pile of laundry with my name on it.  Enjoy the highlights:


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