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Tuesday afternoon – Postgame post for August 6, 2013

Tuesday afternoon,
I’m just beginning to see, now I’m on my way
It doesn’t matter to me, chasing the clouds away. 
– Moody Blues

Hobbs Johnson gets out of a bases loaded jam in the 7th.

Hobbs Johnson gets out of a bases loaded jam in the 7th.

Beloit 5
Wisconsin 8
Boxscore | Game Story

There was no comeback hangover like last time.  The Timber Rattlers scored five in the ninth to win a game against Burlington on July 28, but lost 5-1 to the Bees on July 29.

The Rattlers scored five runs in the ninth inning on August 5 to beat Beloit and scored six runs in the first inning on August 6 to jump out to a big lead and hold on for their third win in a row.

Michael Reed now has a 12-game hitting streak after a 3-for-4 day (with two doubles, a walk, and three runs scored) on Tuesday.  He has raised his average to .311.  For now he has jumped from a tie for ninth into seventh place.  That’s just behind Brandon Drury (.314) and just ahead of Corey Seager (.309).

Your Victor Roache update. 0-for-1 with a sacrifice fly for his 63rd RBI of the season, a strikeout, and two walks. 

Did you know….Tyler Roberts is hitting .289 in 25 games for the Rattlers this season?  His two run double gives him ten RBI this season.

Jorge Lopez with five solid innings.  The only negative was the home run by Renato Nunez, that included an epic batflip up the third base line.  But, he got out of a sticky situation in the first inning and pretty much cruised through the rest of his performance.

In the first game of the series against Beloit, the Rattlers committed three errors and took the loss.  In the last three games of the series with Beloit, the Rattlers committed a total of one error and won all three games.   The DEUCE you say, sir!?!?!

Long day. Short night. Hitting the road to Peoria on Wednesday morning.  This is a huge road trip for the Rattlers.  Get after it.


Absolutely ridiculous – Postgame post for August 5, 2013

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. – Marilyn Monroe

Ann Mollica Photo

This is Alfredo Rodriguez heading for home with the wining run. Is that a Matt Erickson fist pump? It sure looks like it

Beloit 5
Wisconsin 6
Boxscore | Game Story

I guess lightning DOES strike twice in the same place.

Look. I don’t know. I really don’t know.  How do you write about a game like tonight?

Let’s work our way forward with what happened before the game today.  And I’ll give you a headsup on some stuff to watch for on Brewers Live for the Fox Sports Wisconsin pregame show.

Sophia Minnaert was at the ballpark early today and did a series of interviews with:

  • Orlando Arcia
  • Tyrone Taylor
  • Lance Roenicke
  • Victor Roache
  • Matt Erickson

She said that they will be turning those interviews into some stories to air on the pregame show.   She also did an interview with Kate Geenen, who is in charge of the English class for the Spanish speaking players.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing how those pieces turn out for the broadcast.

Tyler Wagner and a GO:FO of 9:2 and mixed in four strikeouts.  He looked like he has most of the season.  Really good.  In the episode of Field Pass that is airing right now,  Wagner talks a bit about fielding his position.  He made some nice plays in the game to help himself out.  He also kept the pitch count down and did the whole “pitch to contact” thing.

Victor Roache. The homer in the ninth. By Grabthar’s hammer! It was an 0-1 curveball that he put into orbit.

I was talking with Austin Ross about Roache after batting practice and asked him, “How would you pitch him?” “I wouldn’t  give him a breaking ball. That’s for sure.”  Shhhhh. Don’t tell anyone.

Roache has one homer in each of the last three games.   He has six hits during a four game hitting streak those hits are: Three homers, a triple, a double, and a single. 

Still, that home run in the ninth was only one run and the Rattlers were down 5-2.  But, Wisconsin had Beloit right where they wanted them.  Just remember back to July 28, 2013.

Great to see Chris McFarland come through with a hit to keep the ninth inning going.  It was a bit of a roller coaster for McFarland on the night.  A great defensive play in the first, an RBI single in the fourth, an error that let the go ahead run score in the top of the eighth.  Then, the single in the ninth.  That ninth inning single led to…

Orlando Arcia watch the highlight and watch where he lines that double to right.  Remember, he just turned 19.

Teams that run and try to take the extra base on the opposing team talk about putting pressure on the defense.  That’s exactly what Alfredo Rodriguez did in the ninth after Reed’s single tied the game.  First, that ball barely made the outfield grass.  Second, Rodriguez saw third base uncovered and kept going.  The pitcher got over there, but the throw was off and since the catcher was covering home plate, there was no one to back up that wild throw.  Rodriguez scored and the Rattlers have won two straight. 

Sleep fast, Timber Rattlers. 12:05pm first pitch on Tuesday.

Photo by Jake

Look at how high Garrett Cooper gets in the background.

Photo by Ann Mollica


Storming the plate.

Storming the plate.

Look out, Mike Reed! There are some people looking for you.

Look out, Mike Reed! There are some people looking for you.

Photo by Jake

Bear Hug!

How in the hell did Arcia get there first?

How in the hell did Arcia get there first?

Ann Mollica photo

Easy! Easy! He just got off the DL!

Photo by Jake

Smiles, everyone. Smiles!

Highlights. Apologies for the blown call on the game-winning play:

Seashells and Balloons – August 4, 2013

Seashells and balloons – Al McGuire

Walt Simonson's representation of Victor Roache's 7th inning home run on Sunday.

Walt Simonson’s representation of Victor Roache’s 7th inning home run on Sunday.

Beloit 1
Wisconsin 6
Boxscore | Game Story

Seashells and Balloons in Al McGuire-speak meant Victory and Happiness.  One seashell with lots of balloons on Sunday for the Timber Rattlers.

I am tempted to just put up that panel, the highlights, and a photo of the high five line after the game.  But, what kind of obsessive curator would I be if I did that?

Eric Semmelhack’s July had four very forgettable starts sandwiched between two pretty good ones.  His August has started out very good.  He threw strikes (78 pitches-49 strikes). He didn’t give up a home run (He had allowed 6 in July).  He didn’t walk a batter (First walk-free game in 9 second half starts).  He picked up his first win since April 25.   Nice outing for Semmelhack.

Chris McFarland with a great piece of hitting in the bottom of the fourth inning.  He got pitched away and he went away with it to fire down the line in right to send Max Walla home for with the tying run.

We’ll get to the Roache home run in a moment.  But, look at his RBI double in the fifth.  Breaking ball low and away and he hits the ball on one hop off the wall in left-center.  Natural, ridiculous power.

I mentioned this on twitter, but watch the home run by Roache (Around :44 on the highlights at the bottom of the post).  It cleared the scoreboard…ALL OF THE SCOREBOARD…Then, watch the reaction of his teammates as he heads back to the dugout (Starting around 1:10 or so)…It starts with the look on Garrett Cooper’s face as if he is thinking, “I gotta follow THAT?”  Then, look for the smiles on the faces of Tyrone Taylor, Alfredo Rodriguez, Adrian Williams.  They know.

Parker Berberet extended his current hitting  streak to 19 games with a homer in the seventh.  It was the second day in a row he has extended the streak on his last at bat.  Something has clicked for Berberet in the last three weeks and it’s great to see.  He has worked hard on the catching part of his game and now the hitting is coming around for him.  Back on July 7, Berberet went 0-for-2 with a walk and a sacrifice fly at Burlington.  His average dipped to .230 with an OBP of .312 and a SLG of .352.  This 19-game hitting streak has given him a slashline of .268/.345/.421.  It’s impressive and I think that it’s made people take notice.

Taylor Wall cruised against the first seven hitters he faced.  Then, two singles and a walk loaded the bases.  one out, bases loaded, Rattlers up 6-1.  That brought David Chavarria out to the mound.  Chavy doesn’t go out to the mound often.  So, when he does take notice.  I like to think that he went out and said, “Ok, double play ends the game. Let’s get it on the first pitch and go home.”  He’s that good.

High fives for everyone!

August 4 2013 006
Sunday’s Highlights:

Time will not delay – Postgame post for August 3, 2013

You may delay, but time will not. – Benjamin Franklin



Beloit 9
Wisconsin 6
Boxscore | Game Story

So close. So close.

And yet, it didn’t have to come down to that near-miss in the ninth.

The fifth inning was the Rattlers season in miniature. It featured:

  • A leadoff homer
  • Two errors that started jump started the inning
  • A walk to load the bases
  • A bases loaded walk to force in a run

Timber Rattlers pitchers have allowed 27 home runs to start innings this season
Timber Rattlers fielders have committed 139 errors this season
Timber Rattlers pitchers have walked 407 batters, including eight with the bases loaded.

Beloit had the leadoff man reach in six of the nine innings on Saturday.  I’m going to get into a little something here with stats.  So settle in for a bit….

According to the up-to-date stats at my disposal, opposing teams are hitting .272 (221 hits in 812 at bats) when they leadoff an inning against the Timber Rattlers.  Additionally, Wisconsin pitchers have issued 108 leadoff walks and eleven opponents have been hit by a pitch to leadoff the inning.  That does not include the anyone reaching on errors to start innings.  That would be the opposing leadoff batter reaching base 340 times by hit, walk, or hit batsman.

That seems like a lot.


Parker Berberet had four hard-hit balls on the evening.  A line drive to short, a deep fly to the track in left, a hard shot on which the Beloit third baseman made a nice play, and the two-out RBI single in the eighth.  His hitting streak has reached 18 games.

Orlando Arcia also had a nice night at the plate.  The triple was stung, but the plate appearance that I liked the most was the 4-pitch walk in the ninth.  Beloit tried to get Arcia to chase something and he didn’t because he knew that the Rattlers needed base runners.  He took the walk and that set up the inning.

Speaking of nice plate appearances…Michael Reed fell behind Chris Lamb 0-2 to start the eighth.  He fouled of five pitches as he worked the count full and eventually drew a walk.  He came around on the two-out double by Garrett Cooper.

The home run by Victor Roache in the second inning made me a little giddy.  Because all I could think of was:

Krakadoooum!!!!!!That’s 16 homers for Roache with 29 games remaining.

Unfortunately, both Quad Cities and Peoria won on Saturday night.  The Rattlers keep slipping way back in the division race and now face a 9-1/2 game deficit to Quad Cities for the division.  Peoria extended their wild card lead over the Clinton (A Loss on Saturday) to one game.  Burlington (A Win on Saturday) is two games behind Peoria.  The Rattlers are four games behind in the wild card.

Sneak peek at Sunday’s game.  Dylan Covey is the scheduled starting pitcher for the Snappers.  Here’s are two links from 2010 for some backstory on his connection to the Timber Rattlers.

Brewers use top pick on prep righty Covey

Fate, system conspire to hurt Dylan Covey

Saturday’s Highlights:

Lightning does not strike twice – Postgame post for July 29, 2013

Lightning does not strike the same place twice – Proverb



Burlington 5
Wisconsin 1
Boxscore | Game Story

Sorry about Sunday. I went home and sat down before starting on the post. Next thing I knew it was 5am.

For some quotes on Sunday’s comeback, here’s the Post-Crescent article by Mike Woods.

On to Monday.

Anyone who thought the Timber Rattlers would rally from a 5-1 deficit in the bottom of the ninth inning for the second game in a row against the Burlington Bees was not watching Monday’s game.

Patrick Lowery had 80 pitches through eight innings. He had a three-ball count on one hitter before the ninth.

Orlando Arcia had a eleven-pitch at bat in the bottom of the ninth. He fouled off five different 2-strike pitches to run the count full before popping out to the catcher.

Lowery ended the night with 95 pitches (67 strikes), six strikeouts, no walks.

Funny thing from before the game. Garrett Cooper and Victor Roache were on separate teams for a competition of situational hitting drills during batting practice. Cooper hit a moon shot to left as the last hitter for his side to give his team the lead. Roache was the last hitter for his side and he hit one off the middle of the batting screen over the wall in center. Cooper was given one more swing for his team….and he crushed another home run past the scoreboard in left-center.

Then, Cooper homered in the bottom of the fifth to tie the game. No doubt.

Unfortunately, that was about the only offense the Timber Rattlers had in the game.

Parker Berberet singled after the home run by Cooper to extend his hitting streak to 13 games. On the defensive side, Berberet committed his first error of the season as a catcher. Heck, that’s his first error of the season. Monday was his 43rd game as a catcher. He has also played 15 games at first base. That streak is more impressive than the current hitting streak.

That was a weird series for the Rattlers. They committed six errors on Saturday and won 9-3. Have I mentioned that they scored five runs in the bottom of the ninth inning for a 6-5 win on Sunday? They were in the game on Monday until they committed three errors in the sixth. The Rattlers committed eleven errors in a three-game series and took two of three.

The lineup was a last minute thing on Monday. Michael Reed was out for the fourth game in a row and Tyrone Taylor needed a break from the field. The decision was to put Adrian Williams in center for the first time since last season. No word on Reed, but the team just passed the 100 game mark. It’s like hitting the wall in a marathon….or so I’m told…for players who have never been through a full season.

For example: Monday was game #101 for the Timber Rattlers. Taylor has played in 98 of those games: 86 in center, seven as the DH, three in left, and two as a pinch runner.

The Rattlers lost ground on Quad Cities and Peoria. The QC holds the 2nd half division lead after a 4-1 win at Beloit on Monday. Peoria got out to the early lead at home against Kane County and beat the Cougars 14-1.

Rattlers (15-21) at Kane County (10-25)
Peoria (19-17) at Quad Cities (20-15)
Beloit (20-16) at Clinton (16-20)
Cedar Rapids (25-11) at Burlington (14-21)

Chance to pick up ground on someone in one of those playoff spots for the next four days because – and I’m pretty confident in saying this – either Quad Cities or Peoria will lose over the next four days. Time to go to work.

Monday’s Highlights:

No matter how improbable – Postgame Post for July 28, 2013

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. – Sherlock Holmes

Line drive to right off the bat of Garrett Cooper in the bottom of the ninth....

Line drive to right off the bat of Garrett Cooper in the bottom of the ninth….

Burlington 5
Wisconsin 6
Boxscore | Game Story

Game winner!

Game winner!

I’ll update this post later tonight. Right now enjoy much better pictures and ignore the goofball calling the highlights who can’t keep his own players straight in his mind.


A better angle on the winning run (Photo by Ann Mollica).

A better angle on the winning run (Photo by Ann Mollica).

Jorge Lopez got there first.

Jorge Lopez got there first. (Photo by Ann Mollica)

Then, everyone else got there.

Then, everyone else got there.(Photo by Ann Mollica)

Sunday, July 28, 2013 Highlights:

The best defense – Postgame post for July 27, 2013

The best defense is a good offense – Sun Tzu….or someone like that.

I'm pretty sure this is the RBI single by Victor Roache in the 5th inning.

I’m pretty sure this is the RBI single by Victor Roache in the 5th inning.

Burlington 3
Wisconsin 9
Boxscore | Game Story

The Rattlers had six errors on Saturday night. It was not pretty. But, Jorge Lopez and Taylor Mangum dealt with it and picked up their teammates.

For example: It’s the top of the third inning. Pedro Toribio has just doubled with two outs to drive in the run that made the score 3-1. Wade Hinkle reaches on the first of two errors by Orlando Arcia. That puts the tying runs on base. Lopez froze the next batter for strike three to get out of the inning and the Rattlers lead was still 3-1.

In the past we’ve seen the opponents start to build on that error and it starts pouring like an avalanche; coming down the mountain.


Wisconsin had that lead thanks to Victor Roache. Take a look at the home run in the highlights. KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS! There was no doubt about it.

He also had two singles, a walk, two runs, and a total of three RBI. After he scuffled a bit in the Clinton series, this was a big performance by Roache. Home Run Tracker at 15. RBI Tracker at 57.

The walk, by the way, was a 4-pitch walk and the Burlington pitcher wanted nothing to do with Roache in that at bat. There were two outs and none on when Roache walked. Then, Mike Garza walked on four pitches. Then, Garrett Cooper tripled to right-center and the Rattlers were up 5-1.

Cooper had three of hard hit balls for a double, a triple, and three RBI. The other hard hit ball was a 5-3 double play with the bases loaded an no outs to get a run home from third. Great to see him back in the lineup.

Parker Berberet extended his hitting streak to 11-games with his two-run home run in the fifth. That’s the second longest hitting streak on the team this season.

Get ’em again tomorrow.

July 27, 2013 Highlights:

We remember our sufferings – Postgame post for July 26, 2013

We forget our pleasures, we remember our sufferings. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

I thought this was a pretty cool picture.

I thought this was a pretty cool picture.

Clinton 3
Wisconsin 1
Boxscore | Game Story

Cicero also said something about Brevity being the best recommendation of speech….With that in mind.

Letting you know this up front, I made a mistake in the original game story. I originally wrote that three Clinton pitchers did not retired the side in order on the night. Tyler Pike did get a 1-2-3 inning in the bottom of the fifth. I tried to edit the story to reflect that change.

Wisconsin (1-for-9) and Clinton (1-for-14) combined to go 2-for-23 with runners in scoring position in the game. That’s amazing.

Parker Berberet has quietly put together a 10-game hitting streak. He is 11-for-35 during this streak.

Tyler Wagner threw 80 pitches. It was 40 strikes and 40 balls. He walked five and battled through 5-1/3 innings. He Tyler Wagner threw 80 pitches. It was 40 strikes and 40 balls. He walked five and battled through 5-1/3 innings. Wagner left with the bases loaded with one out in the sixth and the team down 1-0. Then, ….

Harvey Martin did a really nice job getting out of the sixth inning. Bases loaded with one out and he got back-to-back popouts to end the frame to keep the game a 1-0.

Chris McFarland nearly put the Rattlers back to even in the seventh inning. His line drive was slicing away from the right fielder, who made a sliding catch to keep Adrian Williams at second and Alfredo Rodriguez at first. It was nice to see him deliver the single to drive in Tyler Roberts in the bottom of the ninth to avoid the shutout.

Speaking of Adrian Williams.  Check out the highlights for some stellar plays by Williams as the shortstop tonight.  Tip of the cap to AW.

The Rattlers begin a three game series with the Burlington Bees on Saturday night. Both teams are 13-20 in the second half. Both teams trail Quad Cities for the top second half playoff spot by 5-1/2 games. Both teams trail Peoria for the second half wild card spot by four games. Clinton stands between the Rattlers and the two playoff teams.

Saturday’s Western Division Schedule:
Burlington (13-20) at Wisconsin (13-20)
Clinton (16-17) at Cedar Rapids (22-11)
Kane County (9-23) at Peoria (17-16)
Quad Cities (18-14) at Beloit (19-14)

That sets the stage for the weekend pretty well.

Friday’s highlights with some good defense:

Hope and invention – Postgame post for July 25, 2013

Man is a creature of hope and invention, both of which belie the idea that things cannot be changed. – Tom Clancy

This turned into a force out at second.

This turned into a force out at second.

Clinton 5
Wisconsin 1
Boxscore | Game Story

Tough night started with a 102-minute rain delay.  The rain – and pretty severe rain at that – was out there and the front office didn’t want to take the chance of starting the game and having to stop the game.  That would have burned the starting pitchers and it wouldn’t have been right.  An impossible decision.  Call it the “Kobayashi Maru”.

Eric Semmelhack had a tough night, too.  He gave up eleven hits in five innings and a pair of long home runs.  He’s given up 15 home runs in 94-1/3 innings pitched this season.  And yet…he had opportunities to limit damage.  Eight of the eleven hits he gave up came with two outs.  Three of the five runs allowed came with two outs.

The offense was quiet most of the night.  They did not have two runners on base in the same inning until the ninth.

Weird – and almost identical – plays involving Parker Berberet and Max Walla in the second and seventh innings.  In both innings, Max struck out on a pitch in the dirt.   Berberet took off for second and was out at second.  It was not a caught stealing, but it was a strike-em out, throw-em out double play.

Rodolfo Fernandez had a good outing with three scoreless innings.  He pitched around a one out error in the eighth to keep the score at 5-1.

Taylor Wall with another scoreless inning.

In the pennant race, Quad Cities (Lost); Peoria (Won); Burlington (Won).  Rattlers tied with Burlington again at 4-1/2 games behind Quad Cities and 4 games behind Peoria.

Get them tomorrow.

Thursday’s Highlights:

We have met the enemy – Postgame post for July 24, 2013

We have met the enemy and they are ours. – Oliver Hazard Perry

Last out.

Last out.

Clinton 1
Wisconsin 9
Boxscore | Timber Rattlers Game Story | story

Preston Gainey gave up a first inning single, walked three, and struck out one in seven innings. Pitch to contact indeed!

Clinton did help him out a few times. He was 3-0 about five times…maybe six. Twice a LumberKing took a swing on the 3-0 pitch. A couple of times he cam back to get the batter on a 3-2 pitch.

His defense helped him out a few times. Alfredo Rodriguez made a great play on the first batter of the game. Gainey snared a liner up the middle for an out in the third. Rodriguez grabbed a liner and turned it into a double play in the sixth. Orlando Arcia made a nice grab of a line drive in the second.

Side note: Those first three defensive plays mentioned in the last paragraph were made against Jamodrick McGruder, the leadoff batter for the LumberKings. McGruder is now 0-for-22 in nine games for Clinton. Dude.

In all, Gainey made 82 pitches (44 strikes) to set his professional high for innings pitches in a game. I’ll let him tell you about it in the story linked up top.

“I’ve been focusing a lot on my mental approach to pitching, just kind of relaxing,” he said. “A lot of times, I catch myself trying to do too much. I overpitch, almost, and try to be too perfect. Tonight, I was relaxed and throwing the ball over the plate.”

Pitch to contact.

The team is hitting .304 and has scored thirty – 30 – runs in the last give games.   The team batting average is up another point to .257.    Keep climbing up that hill.

The best thing about Monday’s game was that Wisconsin scored early and kept adding on to that lead.  There was no sitting on the lead like those games in Dayton.

Tyrone Taylor was hit by pitches twice in this game.  That makes a total of 12 times this season. 

Pssssst….Max Walla walked twice on Wednesday.  He doubled once and scored three runs.

Let’s just focus in on the Wild Card part of the pennant chase for the Timber Rattlers tonight.  Peoria beat Cedar Rapids 8-7 in ten innings; Burlington lost to Quad Cities; and Kane County lost to Beloit. 

  1. Peoria: 16-15 (–)
  2. Clinton: 14-17 (-2.0)
  3. Wisconsin: 13-18 (-3.0)
  4. Burlington: 12-19 (-4.0)
  5. Kane County: 7-23 (-8.5)

Still some work to do.  It starts on Thursday.

But first….Highlights!

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