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One imagines – Postgame Post for July 15, 2013

One is never fortunate or as unfortunate as one imagines. – Francois de La Rochefoucauld

July 15 2013 006

Lake County 2
Wisconsin 6
Boxscore | Game Story

I’ll have more later. Stuff to do now.


Johnny Hellweg pitched six innings.  Kyle from Brew Crew Ball was at the postgame press conference and has comments from Hellweg:

He classified the outing as a game where he was “just trying to work on some stuff.”

“(I was) trying to treat some of the guys like they were different hitters, trying to put big leaguers in their shoes,” Hellweg said. “Trying to execute some pitches that I would have if they were different guys.”

Click the link for all of the comments.

It probably should have been a scoreless six innings for Hellweg.  But, Adrian Williams lost a popup in the Sun with two outs and the bases loaded in the top of the sixth.  That allowed two runs to score.  It didn’t help that Hellweg walked a batter with two outs to load them up in the first place.  In the end it didn’t matter….because….

How many times this season has one Timber Rattlers error led to a big inning for the other team?  You don’t need to answer.  It’s rhetorical.  Besides it’s probably less than it seems.  It was nice to see the tables turn as Wisconsin scored four unearned runs after a dropped fly ball in right field during the bottom of the fifth.

The Rattlers started getting some hits after that dropped fly ball.   Williams lined a double to left.  Reed singled off second base.  Taylor ripped a triple. Garrett Cooper knocked in his first run as a Rattler.  That made the score 6-0.

Even after the Captains scored their two runs in the sixth, the game never felt like it was in danger.  Taylor Wall had a nice bounce back outing after taking the loss in the game to Fort Wayne on Friday.  Wall went three innings for the third time this season and picked up his fifth save of the season.

Taylor made a great catch to end the game.  See it in the highlights.  Great read.  Great speed.

Skipping back to the second inning for a second.  One of the topics covered occasionally in this series of posts is something called dirtball reads.  That would be reads by base runners on pitches in the dirt and if they think they can move up a base or not by getting a good jump.  Mike Garza had a great read on a pitch in the dirt in the second.  He took off on a pitch that didn’t get that far away from the catcher, but he just beat the throw.  He scored on a Victor Roache double to put the Rattlers up 1-0. 

The Timber Rattlers won the game by four runs.  That is the largest margin of victory for them since they won 11-5 at Kane County on June 15.

By the way, the Timber Rattlers went 4-for-6 with runners in scoring position.

Bus leaves for Bowling Green tomorrow morning.  I’ll be on twitter and probably working on a post or two during the ride.  Next game is Wednesday. 

Monday’s Highlights:

Hurt – Postgame post for July 14, 2013

I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that’s real –
Hurt, Johnny Cash version

Jorge Lopez...He deserved a better fate.

Jorge Lopez…He deserved a better fate.

Lake County 4
Wisconsin 3
Boxscore | Game Story

Logan Vick had two of the three hits off Jorge Lopez on Sunday.  Both came on two strike pitches.  The first, a looper to center, was not hit hard.  The second would have been a home run had it been hit about four feet to the left.  Vick’s seventh inning double hit off the 16′ high batter’s eye in center.  A little bit to the left and it’s in the Lake County bullpen for a home run.

But, that’s just nitpicking at the start by Jorge Lopez.  It was his second start to reach in which he pitched a total of seven innings.  He has seven quality starts in his last nine outings.    This is the second time he has allowed one run in a start and wound up with a no decision.  His development from start-to-start has been fun to watch.

Taylor Mangum with a tough ninth inning…a tough outing really.  He had retired 19 straight batters over two appearances coming into Sunday’s game.  It reached 20 when he got the first out of the eighth.   Not sure what happened in the ninth.  The home run really didn’t matter because the lead was still 3-2.  But, a single and an RBI double tied the game.  Then, a double up the first base line gave the Captains the lead.

About that play that gave Lake County the lead.  I saw the ball hit the line about 20 feet in front of the first base bag. Then, I checked the plate umpire for the call.  He ruled it fair.  I checked the replay and you could see Mangum pointing foul.  Matt Erickson came out to talk about the play for a long time.  Not an animated argument, but just a discussion with the plate umpire.  Remember, on a play like that, it’s a fair ball of if the ball crosses the base…even if the ball lands in foul territory.

Just a reminder.  The plate umpire on Sunday was the plate umpire on Friday when that close 3-2 pitch went for ball for to let the TinCaps score the go ahead run.  Just something to file away for later.

Victor Roache had another rough day in the field.  Two errors in left field as he had trouble picking up base hits to his backhand.  The second error was on the double by Eric Haase.  That error sent the go ahead run to third instead of holding Haase at second base.  He has four errors in left over the last two games.

Victor Roache also destroyed another baseball.  It was his tenth home run of the season, his third since last Monday, and his second in as many days.  I thought that he would cash in his chance in the ninth when he was at the plate with two outs as the winning run.  But, it wasn’t to be for him.  There will be another shot later this season and he will take advantage.

Garrett Cooper had a little more time to get into game preparation.  Yesterday, he spent most of the day traveling from Montana to Appleton and I’m just guessing that had a factor in his 0-for-5 debut on Saturday.  On Sunday, he drew a walk and singled through the right side of the infield to go 1-for-2.  We’ll see how this goes.

A few extra runs would have been good, but the Rattlers had one hit after the Parker Berberet home run in the fifth.  That would be the single by Walla with one out in the ninth.

Clinton won again on Sunday.  Peoria won, too.  The Rattlers now trail Clinton by two games for the Wild Card and they are behind Peoria by a game.

Johnny Hellweg gets the start for the Timber Rattlers on Monday afternoon at 12:05pm.  The last time Hellweg pitched at Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium was August 16, 2010 when he was a member of the Cedar Rapids Kernels.  He tossed two innings, allowed one hit, walked one, and struck out three.  In that game, Hellweg pitched the eighth inning with the Rattlers leading 10-7, the Kernels scored four runs in the top of the ninth inning to take an 11-10 lead, and Hellweg pitched a scoreless bottom of the ninth to slam the door.

I’ve always hated that game.

Get the Captains tomorrow.

Sunday’s Highlights:

To expect the unexpected – Postgame post for July 13, 2013

To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect. – Oscar Wilde

Raise your hands if you just hit a walkoff home run.

Raise both arms if you just hit a walkoff home run.

Lake County 4
Wisconsin 6
Boxscore | Game Story

Rodolfo Fernandez has showed what he is capable if glimmers.  One inning at a time or one or two batters at a time.  He has never put it all together…until Saturday night.  That was outstanding.  He threw every pitch that he wanted to for a strike on Saturday.  And he didn’t get flustered in the top of the ninth on the dropped fly ball that put the lead runner on second base with no outs.  Nope.  He just struck out the 2,3, & 4 hitters to get out of the inning.  In all, Fernandez tossed four scoreless innings, walked one, allowed one hit and struck out eight. 

How good was his stuff?  Of the eight strikeouts Fernandez recorded, five were came on called strike three.


Got. Him. Looking.

Got. Him. Looking.


Tyler Wagner. That is gutting out eight innings.  The kid gives up eleven hits, works out of a bases loaded jam in the first, and went into shutdown mode after the fourth inning.  I interviewed Wagner for the next edition of Timber Rattlers Field Pass and talked to him about the ‘Forget You’ theory of pitching that David Chavarria talks about often.  That being…No MLB pitcher throws a shutout every time they take the mound.  So you have to be: Oh, you scored a run here.  Forget you. I’m going to make my pitches and do my job and make sure you don’t get another.  Wagner responded that the toughest thing about moving from closing at Utah to starting in the Brewer system is remembering that if you give up a run early in the game, it’s not over.  Minimize the damage and keep the offense in the game.

PS to the pitching part of this post:  Rattlers pitchers today had a combined K:BB of 16:2

Chris McFarland extended his hitting streak to seven games with his RBI triple in the second inning.  He is 10-for-27 during the streak and he continues to hit the ball hard, too.

Speaking of streaks, the Timber Rattlers have at least one triple in each of their last five games.

If ever a foul ball needed to go on the highlights, Max Walla’s foul in the middle of the game was it.  He crushed a ball over the bridge from the berm to the home run porch and over the huge inflatable slide on the flat part of the ground back in the play area.  Had it been straightened out….I might have had the same reaction I did on the Victor Roache home run in the third….

Krakadoooum!!!!!!Victor Roache had a rough night in left field.  He committed two errors and misplayed a couple of balls.  But, watch that home run in the highlights.  That chuckle from me because it was so ridiculous at how far it went and how effortless the swing was.  

I was kidding Michael Reed the other day about him having triple speed and triple power.  Guess I’ll have to take that back.  Totally worth it.  No doubt on his first home run of the season and first in over a year.  Outstanding.

This last part will bring joy to some areas of the internet.  Orlando Arcia walked to start the bottom of the 12th.  The Rattlers did not have Reed bunt.  Arcia stole second.  The Rattlers did not have Reed bunt.  They let him swing away.  Look at what happened.

Saturday’s Highlights:

Missing pieces – Postgame post for July 12, 2013

A false move here, a stumble there
A box of letters and a lock of hair
That’s all that’s left when i turn out the light
I count the missing pieces every night
John Hiatt, Missing Pieces

Max Walla is about to drive in a run in the bottom of the eighth inning.

Max Walla is about to drive in a run in the bottom of the eighth inning.

Fort Wayne 8
Wisconsin 6
Boxscore | Game Story
FINAL – 13 Innings

It’s late. This is going to be a little short, but I;ll try to be informative.

The Rattlers had chances. But, Holy Rawlings, the TinCaps make some plays that are tough to make in a normal situation and they made them with the game on the line.  They were:

  1. Domoromo throwing out Garza at the plate to keep the Timber Rattlers from scoring the tying run in the bottom of the eighth
  2. Mallex Smith, who was playing deep in no doubles, raced into to make a great catch on Roberts for the first out of the bottom of the ninth.
  3. Domoromo made a great running catch back towards the left field corner to rob Taylor of a game winning hit in the ninth
  4. Smith, who was playing way over in right-center, sprinted to left-center to deny Williams of at least a double with one out in the tenth.
  5. Adamson charged in from right to make a sliding catch to keep Roberts from driving in the winning run in the tenth.
  6. Tyler Stubblefield made a stop on a wicked, slicing one-hopper from Taylor in the eleventh.  If the ball gets by him, Rodriguez scores the winning run from second.  Instead, Stubblefield turned it into an inning-ending double play.

As a wise man once said: They other guys get paid to make plays, too….I think it was William Tecumseh Sherman, but I couldn’t find the quote online.  Like I said…it’s late.

The Timber Rattlers were hot about a couple of calls by the umpires in the game, too.  Roache, a right-handed batter, was rung up on a close check swing by the base umpire, who is stationed on the infield grass between second and third with runners on first and second, for strike three and the final out of the ninth with the winning run in scoring position.  The other pitch was the 3-2 pitch to Domoromo from Wall with the bases loaded in the top of the 13th that was called a ball and walked in the go ahead run.  It was close….really, really close.

Max Walla 4-for-6.  Second four hit game of the season for him.

Alfredo Rodriguez 3-for-6 with a perfect squeeze bunt.

Mike Strong may have given up a run in the first inning that he worked, but after that he went into shutdown mode.  He received a nice hand from the crowd when he left in favor of Jono Armold with two outs in the top of the eleventh.  Strong’s Line: 4-2/3 3H, R, BB, 5K.

In case you are looking at the play-by-play and wondering how the Rattlers got the last out of the top of the 13th.  Here’s what happened: Fort Wayne had runners at the corners.  Wall, a lefty, was on the hill and threw to first base on a pick off.  The runner at third broke for the plate.  Garza threw a strike to the plate and the out was recorded.  The damage had been done, but it was a nice play.

The thing that really stings with the loss to the TinCaps on Friday was that Quad Cities, Clinton, and Peoria all lost. The River Bandits are now 12-8; Quad Cities and Clinton are now 10-11.  A win by the Rattlers would have got them to 10-11; tied with Peoria and Clinton and 2-1/2 games behind the QC. Instead, they are 9-12 and exactly where they were when the games started on Friday.  There are still 49 games left in this half, but this is a game that could stand out later in the half.  Let’s hope not.

Lake County is in for three games from Saturday through Monday.

Friday’s Highlights:

Energy and Persistence – Postgame Post for July 11, 2013

Energy and persistence conquer all things. – Benjamin Franklin

July 11 2013 011

Fort Wayne 3
Wisconsin 6
Boxscore | Game Story

There was a point in Thursday’s game where Leonard Lorenzo could have let the game get out of hand.  It was the fourth inning.  Luis Domoromo had just tripled with one out.  The TinCaps were up 3-2.  In the past few weeks, he has given up that run and more after it.  On Thursday, he struck out the next batter and got a grounder to short to strand Domoromo at third and keep the Rattlers within a run.  He was rewarded.

Tyler Roberts has discovered right field!  To describe Country as “pull-happy” over the past few seasons would be an understatement.  “Pull-only” may be more accurate.  On Wednesday, he had a sharp single to right.  On Thursday, he doubled down the line in right and singled up the first baseline to drive in the two runs that gave the Rattlers a 4-3 lead in the bottom of the fourth.  He went 2-for-4 for the second game in a row and it was his fourth multi-hit game since joining the Rattlers at the start of the second half.

Harvey Martin is – according to the radar at the stadium – in the low 90’s with his fastball.  His command was a bit off in the first inning, but – thanks to Parker Berberet going to the plate on a slow chopper to first – managed to work a scoreless sixth inning despite two walks and a hit.

Jono Armold is also in the low 90s.  He got a fortunate bounce off his leg for the second out of the ninth inning and closed out the TinCaps for his third save of the season.  He has moved his scoreless innings streak to 8-1/3 innings over his last eight relief appearances.  He has not allowed a run in his last seven appearances (7-2/3 innings total).

Tyrone Taylor came in on a sinking liner to make a diving catch in the top of the fifth.  Three pitches later he raced back to the track to make another catch. He has become so much more confident in his routes.  Both were great catches.  It is so much fun to watch him play.

Alfredo Rodriguez with a line drive homer that was a homer because he hit it to the right spot of the field.  As I said on the air, distance wasn’t the problem.  The only question was if it would be high enough to clear the 8′ wall. See the result in the highlights below.

We have a nominee for at bat of the season.  Victor Roache. He was at the plate to lead off the fifth inning against Colin Rea.  Wisconsin was up 5-3.

  1. Foul (0-1)
  2. Swinging Strike (0-2)
  3. Foul (0-2)
  4. Ball (1-2)
  5. Foul (1-2)
  6. Foul (1-2)
  7. Foul (1-2)
  8. Foul (1-2)
  9. Ball (2-2)
  10. Foul (2-2)
  11. Ball (3-2)
  12. Foul (3-2)
  13. Foul (3-2)

Sweet lord…This was beautiful.

Oh, and Victo Roache went 3-for-4 with an RBI and a walk in this game.

Also, I have a new favorite Parker Berberet photo:

Photo by Ann Mollica

Got him at the plate!

Thursday’s Highlights:

See them driven before you – Postgame post for July 3, 2013

To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women. – Conan the Barbarian

Got. Him. Swinging!

Got. Him. Swinging!

Kane County 2
Wisconsin 4
Boxscore | Game Story

To pick a completely arbitrary date on the season for Jorge Lopez…Including May 23 [the date he tossed six no-hit innings at Quad Cities] Lopez has made seven starts.  He has gone at least six innings in six of those starts and all six of those starts are quality starts.  Tonight, everything was working.  If the first half was building confidence, I think the foundation is set.  Time to start framing up the structure.

Seven innings on Wednesday makes the longest start of his career.  He struck out five, walked one, and showed great control.  Plus, he kept the pitch count relatively low.  Lopez was at 98 pitches/65 strikes.  I don’t have time to check this, but I think that this was his best pitch:strike ratio of the season.  His fast ball was 91-92 and he showed the “Knee-buckling curve” that Baseball America mentioned in their Prospect Handbook for his scouting report.  Keep going.

Victor Roache with a single, double, triple, and run scored, two RBI.  He hit the ball hard on all three hits.  He came up in the eighth with a chance for the first cycle in Timber Rattlers history.  But, he popped out on a 2-0 pitch.  That was the only ball he didn’t hit hard on the night.  Keep going.

Mike Garza with a 3-for-4 night.  You might have missed this, but Garza now has 17 multi-hit games this season and has raised his average to .287.  Only Tyrone Taylor and Michael Reed have higher batting averages on the team now.  Despite the error (His 14th of the season) on the throw that allowed the Cougars an unearned run in the third inning, Garza still made some really nice plays and keeps improving.

Parker Berberet hustled to beat out a potential inning ending double play in the bottom of the fourth inning.  Watch the play in the highlights near the end of the entry.  Michael Heesch had to leap for the ball and I think that was what threw off the timing of the play.  But, still…Berberet beat the play to get the run home.  Hustle!

Taylor’s hitting streak ended, but he drew a walk in a key spot and scored on the triple by Roache to put the Rattlers up 3-2.  The hitting streak is over…so what.  Walks work. Walks can win games.

The two runs for the Cougars came as Dan Vogelbach first hit against the shift and then over it.  He also hit against the shift for a hit in the eighth inning.  But, if a hitter like Vogelbach is hitting against a shift to get on base…let him do that.

Taylor Mangum with low a 90s fastball and good breaking stuff.  Two scoreless innings out of the bullpen and save number four.  This is nice.

So, the Rattlers are 5-8 on the half after winning four of five from Kane County.  Remember. They were 0-6.  A long, long way to go in this half BUT, the Clinton LumberKings are the wild card in the second half.  They fell to 6-7.  The Peoria Chiefs are 5-8, too.  The Timber Rattlers are only one game out of a playoff spot after an 0-6 start.

Wisconsin hits the road for the next five games.  They will take on the Cedar Rapids Kernels for two games and Burlington for three games.  The Rattlers have lost six straight to Cedar Rapids (1-7).  The Rattlers are 3-3 against Burlington (1-2 at Burlington).  Cedar Rapids is already in the playoffs as the first half wild card in the Western Division, but are 11-2 in the second half.  Burlington missed the playoffs in the first half and is 2-11 in the second half.

Get them tomorrow at 5:05pm.


Photo by Ann Mollica


Pitching is…. – Postgame post for July 2, 2013

Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing. – Warren Spahn

Tyler Wagner's Day

Tyler Wagner’s Day

Kane County 3
Wisconsin 5
Boxscore | Game Story

Tyler Wagner was outstanding on Tuesday. He took advantage of Kane County being aggressive and hit his spots. How aggressive were the Cougars? Wagner had 65 pitches (45 strikes) over SEVEN innings. Part of that is the whole “pitch to contact” theory. Part of it was the Cougars were going up there hacking.

This ought to get your attention: Wagner’s GO:FO on Tuesday was 19:2……NINETEEN:TWO. THAT, Tyler Wagner, keep doing THAT!

Wagner broke at least three bats and was backed up by some outstanding defense. In the first inning alone: Tyrone Taylor threw out Albert Almora trying to stretch a single into a double, Mike Garza made a nice play to cut down a runner at the plate, and Adam Giacalone made a nice pick that turned into a 3-1 putout. Plus, Wagner and Chris McFarland covered for Giacalone on a grounder that the first baseman missed and turned it into a 4-1 putout.

Plus, Wagner pitched to the shift against Dan Vogelbach. The Rattlers moved their second baseman (Williams in the third and McFarland in the sixth) to short right when the left-handed Vogelbach was at the plate. Both times, he sent a grounder that normally would have been an easy single. Both times, Vogelbach was out 4-3 because he hit the ball right to where the defense was playing him. That is hitting your spots.

Bravo to Chris McFarland and Adrian Williams as they had to make some adjustments after Orlando Arcia left the game in the bottom of the fourth (More on that in a moment). McFarland went to second and Williams moved to short for the top of the fifth. Both made some fine defensive plays. The one Williams makes on Candelario in the seventh is in the highlights. So, is the game ending 4-6-3 double play.

Orlando Arcia tripled to right to drive in the run that put the Rattlers up 3-2 in the bottom of the fourth inning. He was at third with one out. The Cougars brought the infield in to get the out at the plate. Tyler Roberts hit the ball right at the Kane County shortstop. Arcia, who took off on contact, was out by about 20 feet at the plate. He tried to slide in, but the Cougars catcher had completely blocked the plate. Arcia wound up sliding into the shin guards and he was in some pain. He needed assistance to get off the field. Here’s all I have on the situation:


If there is more that I am allowed to give tomorrow, I’ll share.

Tyrone Taylor has speed and is not afraid to use it. He reached on a bunt single in the first inning. That hitting streak has reached 16 games. Stay hot!

Did you notice that Mike Garza had three hits today? His triple was to the gap in right-center exactly against the way Kane County was playing him. He cruised into third with his sixth triple of the season.

The Kane County outfield was playing shallow on Michael Reed in the seventh inning. He may not have a home run this season, but playing that shallow with runners on first and second, I even noted that before the double. I said something like: Boy, Kane County’s outfield is really playing shallow for Reed….Hmmmm.”

One note to, um, note…The Timber Rattlers could have tacked on to their lead in the eighth inning as they picked up three straight singles to load the bases with no outs. Unfortunately, the Rattlers didn’t score there. Fortunately, they didn’t need that extra insurance, but they ave got to start getting those runs home when those opportunities are there.

Jono Armold faced one batter and got two outs on three pitches. He got Contreras to hit into the game-ending double play. He earned his first professional save.


Based on redemption – Postgame post for July 1, 2013

Most action is based on redemption and revenge, and that’s a formula. Moby Dick was formula. It’s how you get to the conclusion that makes it interesting. – Sylvester Stallone

High Fives!

High Fives!

Kane County 3
Wisconsin 4
Boxscore | Game Story

Parker Berberet was at the plate in a key situation on Sunday afternoon and struck out to end the game. He’s back in the bottom of the seventh inning on Monday as the tying run with two outs and a runner at first. He drills the first pitch of the at bat for a home run. That little piece of redemption was satisfying to see.

It didn’t matter that it’s a new month for Tyrone Taylor. He roped an RBI double in the first inning to drive in Orlando Arcia to put the Rattlers up 1-0.

I saw something in the stats that caught me off guard. Victor Roache stepped up with the bases loaded in the bottom of the eighth. Prior to that at bat, he was 1-for-5 with four strikeouts. He fell behind 0-2 in the count, but got the bat on the ball to put it deep enough to score Alfredo Rodriguez for the go ahead run.

If you were counting, yes, the Rattlers scored three runs in on one hit in their final two at bats.

Eric Semmelhack was solid. It looked like he would get out of the second and third innings without any damage, but he couldn’t get the third out before the damage was done. He went into lockdown mode in his last four innings of work and let the offense get back into the game.

Opponent Note: Oliver Zapata has eight RBI in seven games against the Timber Rattlers this season. He had five RBI in 12 games against the Timber Rattlers last year. Just noting it.

Martin Viramontes was on point on Monday. Six batters up, six batters down. Looked good and was throwing his pitches for strikes. Viramontes had been in a tandem with Wagner for the last few games. But, look for him to get more regular work out of the bullpen now that he is out of that tandem. Not two days in row yet, but look for him a little more often.

Tyler Wagner will get the start for the Rattlers on Tuesday. Be there.

Highlights (Please excuse the quality of call on the Taylor RBI double. I wasn’t having a stroke. I’m just that bad sometimes.):

Much higher quality on this Military Appreciation Video from Matt Erickson and his players:

Photo Credit: Ann Mollica


What we could become – Postgame post for June 30, 2013

The important thing is this: to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Find the ball.

Find the ball.

Kane County 4
Wisconsin 3
Boxscore | Game Story

I figured this was a record, I just wasn’t sure until I check the MWL Record Book:

Oh, by the way….

The Timber Rattlers had four sacrifice bunts as a team.   Chris McFarland also had a sac bunt in the second.  The Midwest League record for sacrifice bunts by a team is still safe.  Rest easy, 1949 Belleville Stags of the predecessor Mississippi-Ohio Valley League.  Your seven sacrifice bunts in a game on July 24 of that year is still untouched by those who seek to match it!

In the game story, I alluded to a pair of times Victor Roache was robbed of RBI.  Now, I will mention them and explain.  BULLET POINTS!

  • In the first, Roache drilled a line drive to center with Tyrone Taylor on second base and one out.  Roache crushed a line drive to center, but Oliver Zapata made a great running catch to rob Roache.
  • In the seventh, there were runners on first and second with one out.  Roache sent a hard grounder up the middle that looked like it would go through for an RBI single.  Gioskar Hernandez made a diving stop and flipped to second for the force out.

Michael Reed with a nice game: 2-for-3, stolen base, two walks, two runs.  But, he bit on a fake and got caught in the bottom of the seventh.  This was right after Roache had grounded into the force play at second.  Roache was at first and Reed was at third with two outs and Parker Berberet at the plate.  Roache took off for second base on the 0-2 pitch and was trying to draw a throw to get in a rundown to allow Reed to make a break for the plate.  Wilson Contreras faked hard on a throw to second and Reed made his move to the plate.  But, he was too far off the bag and Contreras threw to third for the pickoff to end the inning.

Speaking of Contreras, it looked like Harvey Martin struck him out in the top of the seventh.  Here’s the situation: Bases loaded, two outs, Rattlers lead 3-2 and Martin has Contreras in an 0-2 hole.  He fired a pitch that looked like strike three to end the inning.  But, the pitch was called a ball.  Contreras singled on the very next pitch to knock in the tying run.  Isn’t it always the way?

Now for your RDA of Tyrone Taylor:  He went 1-for-3 with a double, an RBI, a hit batsman, and a walk.  His hitting streak has reached 14 games (25-for-58, .431).  This streak is the longest active streak in the MWL and tied with several other players for the second longest streak in the MWL this season.  Only Devon Travis of West Michigan has a longer streak (21 games).

Taylor wraps up his month of June (25 games) with eye-popping numbers.  42-for-96 (.438).  Nine doubles, a triple, three home runs, 13 RBI, 20 runs, six HBP, 10 walks and an OPS of 1.159.  Oh, and he only struck out nine times.  

Where are my Brewers Minor League Player of the Month nomination forms?

The Timber Rattlers had some really nice defense on Sunday. 

In the highlights, you will see:


  • Parker Berberet diving catch on a line drive (BTW, just his 9th game at first this season)
  • Heads up defense by Orlando Arcia as he covers third for a routine 5-3-6 double play as a runner took off for third after Garza made a nice play off the base.
  • Great  stop, turn, leap, throw by Rodriguez
  • And a nifty 4-6-3 double play


Get them tomorrow.

Insane on proper occasions – Postgame Post for June 29, 2013

No man is sane who does not know how to be insane on proper occasions. – Henry Ward Beecher

Chris McFarland scores the winning run on Saturday.

Chris McFarland scores the winning run on Saturday.

Another photo? Sure. Jorge Lopez was coaching first base. That’s why he’s wearing a helmet and coming into the celebration from first base.

Go crazy, Rattlers.

Go crazy, Rattlers.

I think Tyler Wagner is trying to suplex Orlando Arcia in this photo.  I think.

This was just about what was going on in my head after Saturday's game.

This was just about what was going on in my head after Saturday’s game.

Kane County 9
Wisconsin 10
FINAL – 11 Innings
Boxscore | Game Story

I really don’t know what I can add to the game story and the highlights.  Plus, that game was crazy.  But, I’ll give it a shot.

Preston Gainey made the longest start of his professional career with his 6-1/3 innings on Saturday night.  He scattered nine hits…Well, that’s not exactly true.  He gave up three hits in the first inning and didn’t allow a run; two hits in the third with only one run scored against him; and three hits in the seventh inning.  That would be a burst of hits.

The KEY for Gainey on Saturday night was his control.  He walked one batter.  ONE. Well done.

In the bottom of the third inning, Orlando Arcia got a 2-0 pitch in a spot where he could drive it…Look at the highlights to see where he drove it for his 3-run double.

Chris McFarland is starting to come around.  He was hitting .234 after the first half.  He is 7-for-18 in the second half to bump his average up to .250.  Really, really nice game for him on Saturday with two hits, two RBI, three runs scored, and a walk.  His error in the field came as he tried to field a grounder off the bat of Dan Vogelbach as he was positioned like this:

That's him in short right field.

That’s him in short right field.

Tyrone Taylor’s hitting streak almost came to an end on Saturday.  He was 0-for-3 heading into his plate appearance in the eighth.  Then, he got hit by a pitch.  The Rattlers were up 6-3 so it looked like he wouldn’t get a chance to hit again.  Then, he got a chance to hit again.  He singled to left to drive in the tying run.  Streak moves to lucky 13!

If you would like some quotes from Gainey, McFarland, and manager Matt Erickson about Saturday’s game, head over to this post on Brew Crew Ball. Kyle has some good stuff in there…stuff like:

“I actually told [McFarland] today before the game I like the way his body language is,” Erickson said. “He looks like he’s a little more confident than he was a month, a month and a half ago. It was good to see him get good at bats today. He took a good batting practice today, I liked the way he went about his preparation and ground balls. So a lot of times if your preparation is good your games are good, and hopefully he can continue to get that kind of feeling on a daily basis.”

We’ll see you tomorrow afternoon!


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