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Notes and Highlights on a Friday – October 24, 2014

Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis take a look at the Brewers prospects in the Arizona Fall League with a special focus on former Timber Rattlers Tyrone Taylor (’13) and Clint Coulter (’13, ’14):

Check the daily game notes for the AFL here.

Glendale, the team with the Brewers prospects, are 7-6-1 and leading the West Division. Glendale hosts Salt River today at 2:35pm CDT. According to the scoreboard page, Mike Strong (’12, ’13) is a scheduled reliever for Glendale today. Click that link later today for the rest of the starting lineup.

I’ll have a more complete winter league update on Monday, but looking at yesterday’s action in the AFL saw Glendale win 2-1. Wei-Chung Wang (’14) earned the win. Tyler Wagner (’13) got the save.

Time to take a look at the Timber Rattlers Alumni as batters with the Brewers.

Khris Davis (2010): 144 games, .244/.299/.457, 22HR, 69RBI

Scooter Gennett (2010): 137 games, .289/.320/.434, 9HR, 54RBI

Carlos Gomez (2012): 148 games, .284/.356/.477, 23HR, 73RBI

Jonathan Lucroy (2012): 153 games, .301/.373/.465, 13HR, 69RBI

Martin Maldonado (2009): 52 games, .234/.320/.387, 4HR, 16RBI

Jason Rogers (2012): 8 games, 1-for-9, 0HR, 0RBI

Marco Estrada (2013): 3-for-32, 2RBI

Mike Fiers (2009): 1-for-17

Jimmy Nelson (2011): 3-for-21 with a double off Clayton Kershaw?!

Alumni Birthdays:
October 24:
Hunter Brown (’02) – 35
Eric Morgan (’95) – 42
Daryl Robinson (’88, ’89) – 47

October 25:
Tyler Roberts (’11, ’13) – 24
Clint Nageotte (’01) – 34
Gerald Eady (’98) – 39
Kevin Hickey (’79) – 58
Don Eddy (’69) – 68
Richard Hunt (’60) – 74

October 26:
Robbie Dominguez (’08) – 29
Chad Fillinger (’04, ’05) – 32
Harry Chappas (’76, ’78) – 57
Alan Kristowski (’66) – 71

Back on October 20 – October 7, 2014

The Arizona Fall League begins today.  The Milwaukee Brewers Prospects will be playing for the Glendale Desert Dogs.

The former Rattlers on the Desert Dogs roster include:

Brooks Hall
Mike Strong
Tyler Wagner
Wei-Chung Wang

Tyler Wagner in 2013

Tyler Wagner in 2013

Catcher: Shawn Zarraga

Infielder: Nick Ramirez

Outfielder: Tyrone Taylor

Tyrone Taylor in 2013

Tyrone Taylor in 2013

Pitching Coach: Chris Hook

Glendale hosts the Mesa Solar Sox today at 2:35pm CDT.  According to this boxscore, Taylor will leadoff and play center and  Nick Ramirez will bat seventh and play first base for Glendale.

The Arizona Fall League will be used as a laboratory for the new Pace of Game Initiative.  Click that link to read the full story.  A few of the rules:

A hitter must keep one foot inside the batter’s box throughout his plate appearance. Exceptions include a foul ball or a foul tip, a pitch forcing the batter out of the batter’s box, a request for time out being granted, a wild pitch or a passed ball and several others.

Intentional walks will no longer include the pitcher lobbing four balls outside the strike zone. Instead, the manager will signal to the home-plate umpire and the batter will take first base.

Each team will be permitted three “timeout” conferences covering any meeting involving pitchers and catchers, managers, coaches and batters. Timeouts during pitching changes and those that result from an injury or other emergency will not be counted toward the limit.

More at the link.

As someone who had some experience with a pitch clock – many years ago in the Northern League -this is all well and good…But, it all comes down to enforcement.  And as someone who has experienced the “Keep One Foot In” rule….oh, brother…From Top Five Tuesday: Weird Endings…

1.) April 30, 2007 – Backstory: Before the 2007 began, Minor League Baseball tried to initiate some policies that would speed the game. Umpires, players, and coaches were informed before the start of the season that if a batter needed a little time between pitches, they could only move one foot out of the batter’s box. If a batter walked completely outside the box with both feet, a strike would be called. Now, let’s fast forward to the bottom of the ninth inning at Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium in late April of 2007.   Leury Bonilla, who had homered in the bottom of the seventh inning off Dragons reliever Pedro Viola, stepped to the plate with Wisconsin trailing 3-1. Bonilla was the tying run in the bottom of the ninth due to Ogui Diaz reaching first on a two-out error on Dayton third baseman Juan Francisco. Bonilla was down in the count 0-1 to start. Plate umpire Alex Ortiz called the next pitch from Viola a strike to run the count to 0-2. Bonilla thought it the pitch should have been called a ball. He decided to collect himself instead of saying anything to Ortiz. Unfortunately, Bonilla took a couple of steps out of the right-handed batter’s box as he walked up the third base line. Ortiz immediately called a strike on Bonilla. That strike just happened to be strike three. The final out of the game came on a called third strike that was never even thrown to the plate.

Yeah. Let’s NOT have that happen again.

I am going to be taking some time off from work.  I will be gone the rest of this week and all of next week.  The next post on the blog will be on Monday, October 20.  Some of the features on the website will be returning that week, too.

The Timber Rattlers alumni in the NL Central (Not including Brewers):
Luis Valbuena (’06): 149 games, .249/.341/.435, 16 HR, 51 RBI

Manny Parra (’11): 53 games, 0-3, 1 Save, 4.66ERA, 36.2IP, 18BB, 34K

Alumni Birthdays:
Henry Pawlowicz (’65) – 68
Danny Rourke (’69-’71)- 67
Dan Head (’01, ’02) – 36
Hunter Morris (’10) – 26

Hunter Morris rounds the bases after one of his nine home runs with the Timber Rattlers in 2010. (Credit: PSB Photo)

Hunter Morris rounds the bases after one of his nine home runs with the Timber Rattlers in 2010. (Credit: PSB Photo)

I, for one, welcome our new overlords – October 6, 2014

The Royals and Orioles completed sweeps in the ALDS setting up an ALCS matchup that is interesting.  Imagine, if you will, it’s 1976 to 1983.  Imagine how much fun an Orioles-Royals ALCS would have been in that timeframe.  But, they were never opponents.  The Royals won the AL West from 1976-1978 (losing to the Yankees each time), again in 1980 (Beating the Yankees), and in 1984 (Losing to the Tigers).  The Orioles won the AL East in 1979 (Beating the Angels) and 1983 (Beating the White Sox).

Hail, Royals

Hail, Royals


Lorenzo Cain as a Timber Rattler in 2009

Adam Jones as a Rattler in 2004

Adam Jones as a Rattler in 2004

Lorenzo Cain (’09) had a some great catches – again – to help the Royals move on with their Game Three win over the Angels:

Meanwhile, the Orioles beat the Tigers 2-1 to gain the ALCS.  Adam Jones (’04) loves it! BUT, he also realizes that they aren’t done yet.

In news involving more recent Timber Rattlers, The Baseball America Chat about their Top 20 Prospect for the MWL was held on Friday (Link is behind subscriber wall).  There was only one question involving a 2014 Timber Rattler and it was about pitcher Taylor Williams, who did not make the list:

Curious (Wisconsin): What did evaluators see that kept Taylor Williams off this list?

J.J. Cooper: He might have made the list in a thinner league. Just the depth of the league. He’s a future power reliever in a league where relievers have a real tough time making the list.


Clint Coulter is still making news in Instructional League:

In instructional league this fall, the Brewers have begun a long-discussed position change for Coulter. Director of player development Reid Nichols said Coulter has settled into right field and has also seen time at first base and third base.

One of Coulter’s best tools has always been his strong arm, which Nichols said is one of the reasons a switch to right field can work.

“He’s picked it up well,” Nichols said. “He gets good jumps on balls off the bat, which is unique for a guy going out there for the first time.

“He fits the best there of everywhere we’ve seen him.”

There is more at that link on some possible future Timber Rattlers players.

Here’s a look at Timber Rattlers Alumni who played in the NL West this year:

Adam Moore (’06): 9 games, 2-for-10, 2B, 0HR, RBI

Rene Rivera (’03): 103 games, .252/.319/.432, 11HR, 44RBI

Carlos Triunfel (’07): 12 games, 2-for-15, HR, RBI

JJ Putz (’00): 18 games, 1-1, 6.59ERA, 13.2IP, 6BB, 14K

Ryan Rowland-Smith (’03): 6 games, 0-0, 4.91ERA, 7.1IP, 4BB, 9K

Alumni Birthdays for October 6:
George Weimer (’70) – 65
Randy Goodenough (’88) – 49
Derrick Gutierrez (’01) – 36
Andy Barb (’07) – 30
Victor Diaz (’14) – 21

Victor Diaz

Victor Diaz

Possible Future Rattlers – October 3, 2014

The Baseball America chats about their Top 20 lists for the Pioneer League and Arizona League happened earlier.  The Q & A of the Brewers farmhands:

Bill Mitchell on the Arizona League Chat:

Jacob Gatewood (Nearby): It’s my 19th birthday today. A spot on your top 20 list would have made for a nice present. Just sayin’. Anyway, do you see me being able to improve my plate discipline next year as Joey Gallo did this year?

Bill Mitchell: Jacob Gatewood, the Brewers compensation round pick, shows plus raw power at the plate and the potential to stay at shortstop. He’s got some swing mechanics to work on and needs to make better contact in order to get to his power potential. Definitely a work in progress. But I wouldn’t want to compare Gatewood to Joey Gallo at this point.

Ben (Leland Grove): Medeiros and Touki had their struggles in the AZL, from what I’ve read. Who would have ranked higher for you, and who will climb through the minors faster?

Bill Mitchell: Both first-round picks (Arizona’s Touki Toussaint and Milwaukee’s Kodi Medeiros) struggled at times in their pro debuts, mostly with commanding their pitches and trying to do too much out of the gate. I probably would have ranked Touki the highest of the two. While Medeiros will be given every chance to start, there are still a significant number of scouts that believe his future will be in the back end of the bullpen.

Dave (Appleton, Wi): How close were the Brewers other top picks Medeiros and Gatewood from making the list?

Bill Mitchell: I’ve already addressed Medeiros and Gatewood in previous questions. To clarify, Medeiros came up just a fraction of an inning short of having enough playing time to qualify for the list but likely would have ranked in the 11-20 range. Gatewood was on my 21-30 group of prospects this year.

Steve (Madtown): I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Brewers that you got a good look at not on the list. Medeiros, Gatewood, Denson (if you saw him on rehab), Lara? Thanks

Bill Mitchell: I’ll briefly divert from AZL discussion to address one name you mention— Gilbert Lara — primarily because I think he could be a player that we’ll be talking about on next year’s chat. Lara is a 16-year-old shortstop who signed with the Brewers for just over $3 million in July. He’s playing with the Brewers instructional league team right now and has been the talk of Arizona so far. Still very raw approach at the plate and the swing needs lots of work, but this kid has some serious pop.

Bill Mitchell also had the Pioneer League Chat:

Warren (New London): I liked Brandon Diaz last year in the Arizona League. He got off to an excellent start here and then tailed off quite a bit, and I’m wondering what Pioneer League observers think of him.

Bill Mitchell: Brandon Diaz just missed the list. The 2013 8th round pick is a nice centerfielder with twitchy athleticism who barrels up the ball. He has above-average speed with good instincts on the basepaths. Diaz projects as a fourth or fifth outfielder, and I like his chances to getting there.

Dave (Appleton): What were the differences for Devin Williams this year as opposed to last year?

Bill Mitchell: Williams, the Brewers 2nd round pick in 2013, improved his slider this year, but the biggest change came with maturity and understanding the professional game. It was a real up and down season for the right-hander, but results improved significantly in the second half of the Pioneer League season. He still has a lot of work to do, especially in improving the fastball command, but his performance in August is a positive sign.

Dave (Appleton): Better pitching prospect for the Brewers, Devin Williams or Kodi Medeiros?
Bill Mitchell: Definitely Medeiros. His stuff is better, although like many young pitchers he’s got to get better command. I said in my recent AZL chat that many scouts still believe he will wind up in the back end of the bullpen, but he’s a starter for now.

Dave (Appleton, WI): What happened to Tucker Neuhaus this year? From just looking at his stats this year, it looks like he really struggled.

Bill Mitchell: I didn’t get favorable comments from scouts on Neuhaus’ performance at the plate and his name didn’t come up in prospect discussions with the managers. He’s gotten too big to handle shortstop, so there will be much more pressure on his bat to develop as a third baseman.

In the AL Division Series games, last night, the Orioles won big and the Royals won in extra innings.

How about these catches by former Rattler Lorenzo Cain?

Former Rattler Chris Tillman (’07) was the winning pitcher for the Orioles and talks with the media after the game.

Here’s Tillman striking out the side first inning:

Looking at today’s playoff pitching matchups. There are a few of today’s starters who pitched against the Rattlers.

Yordano Ventura, who gets the start for the Royals tonight, pitched for Kane County in 2011. In two starts against the Rattlers, he did not allow a run on four hits and two walks over nine innings with 15 strikeouts. He did not have a decision in either game.

Clayton Kershaw starts for the Dodgers tonight. He was a member of the Great Lakes Loons in 2007 and made one start against the Rattlers on May 8 at Great Lakes. Kershaw got the win as he allowed two runs on five hits with two walks and eight strikeouts over 5-2/3 innings. The Rattlers scored two runs off Kershaw in the second inning, but the Loons scored five – two earned – in the fourth off Steve Richard.

Time to take a look at Rattler Alumni in the AL East:

Adam Jones (’04): 159 games, .281/.311/.469, 29HR, 96RBI

Blue Jays:
Brett Lawrie (’09): 70 games, .247/.301/.421, 12HR, 38RBI

Red Sox:
David Ortiz (’96): 142 games, .263/.355/.517, 35HR, 104RBI

Blue Jays:
Jeremy Jeffress (’10): 3 games, 0-0, 10.80ERA, 3.1IP, 3BB, 4K

Shawn Kelley (’07, ’08): 59 games, 3-6, 4 saves, 4.53ERA, 51.2IP, 20BB, 67K

Jake Odorizzi (’10): 31 games, 31 starts, 11-13, 4.13ERA, 168.0IP, 59BB, 174K

Oh, an Odorizzi pitching highlight?

Michael Pineda (’08): 13 games, 13 starts, 5-5, 1.89ERA, 76.1IP, 7BB, 59K

Matt Thornton (’99, ’00): 46 games, 0-3, 2.55ERA, 24.2IP, 6BB, 20K

Chris Tillman (’07): 34 games, 34 starts, 13-6, 3.34ERA, 207.1IP, 66BB, 150K

Gotta share these other Shawn Kelley videos:

Alumni Birthdays for October 3:
Peanut Williams (’98, ’99) – 37
Brent Matheny (’03, ’04) – 35

Alumni Birthdays for October 4:
Bill O’Donnell (’58) – 80
Delwyn Young, Sr (Hitting Coach, ’93) – 51
Francisco Laureano (’67) – 47
Emmerson Bello (’98) – 37
Brock Griffin (’03) – 35
Jose Sanchez (’10) – 26

Alumni Birthdays for October 5:
Frank Henderson (’88, ’89) – 46
Chad Weisner (’95) – 43
Russ Koehler (’97, ’98) – 40

Rattler Alumni Update: End of Winter Leagues

I really just wanted to type the phrase “End of Winter” in the title because it’s -8 this morning.


The Perth Heat swept the Canberra Cavalry 2 games to none in the Australian Baseball League’s Championship Series with a 14th inning walkoff win in game one and a 2-1 win in game two.

No Timber Rattlers were involved, but former Brewers reliever Graeme Lloyd is the pitching coach for the Heat.

The Caribbean Series wrapped up with Mexico defeating Puerto Rico 7-1 in the Championship Game.  Three ex-Rattlers were on the team from Puerto Rico that made it through the Round Robin part of the tournament with a 2-2 record and beat Venezuela 2-0 in the Semifinal Game before losing to Mexico in the Final.

Joel Pineiro ('98) made his Winter League debut for the season with Ponce in Puerto Rico.

Joel Pineiro (’98) lost to Cuba in the round robin without allowing an earned run.

Puerto Rico (3-3):
Jeff Dominguez: 6 games; .143/.294/.214; 0HR, 0RBI
Martin Maldonado: 6 games; .174/.174/.217; 0HR, 2RBI
Joel Pineiro: 2 games, 2 games started; 0-1, 0.00ERA; 11.2IP, BB, 4K, 0.94WHIP

Timber Rattlers Alumni Report – Winter League games through 1/5/14

Here we are with the first post of 2014.  What does the field look like on my first day of work in the New Year?

This is what below zero looks like!

This is what below zero looks like!

Ugh.  I will do you a favor and not take a photo of any temperature gauges to post here.  Let me just say that it is really, really cold.

Instead, a look at the Rattler alumni playing in the winter leagues…where it is much, much warmer.

I thought so.

Most of the active winter leagues have moved on to the playoffs.  The only league still in its regular season is in Australia.  This will be the final report with the regular season stats for the leagues in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela.  Playoff stats for former Rattlers will be added in this week..where applicable.

Venezuela Regular Season:
Aguilas del Zulia (34-29):
Austin Bibens-Dirkx: 3 games, 2 games started; 1-0, 2.38ERA; 11.1IP, 3BB, 4K; 1.32 WHIP

Bravos de Margarita (23-40):
Hunter Morris: 3 games; .091/.091/.091, 0HR, 0RBI
Renee Cortez: 13 games; 1-1, 9.37 ERA; 16.1IP; 10BB, 7K, 2.08 WHIP

Cardenales de Lara (28-34):
Oswaldo Navarro: 33 games; .258/.340/.382; 2HR, 16RBI
Luis Valbuena: 34 games; .311/.440/.467; 4HR, 16RBI
Jose Escalona: 14 games, 2 starts; 0-1, 7.11 ERA; 19.0IP; 13BB, 15K, 1.89 WHIP
Caesar Jimenez: 15 games; 0-3, 6 Saves, 8 Save Opportunities, 3.86 ERA; 16.1IP, 6BB, 15K, 1.29 WHIP
Jose Jimenez: 24 games; 1-1, 6.39 ERA; 12.2IP; 4BB, 12K, 1.34 WHIP

Caribes de Anzoategui (39-24):
Luis Oliveros: 2 games; 0-for-5

Leones del Caracas(34-29):
Mike Fiers: 5 games, 4 starts; 0-1, 11.05 ERA; 7.1IP, 5BB, 11K, 2.45 WHIP
Juan Ovalles: 2 games; 0-0, 27.00 ERA; 0.1IP; 0BB, 0K, 9.00 WHIP

Navagantes del Magallanes (33-30):
Carlos Maldonado: 18 games; .250/.370/.333; HR, 7RBI

Tirburones de La Guaira (32-31):
JC Ramirez: 5 games, 0-1, 8.31ERA; 4.1IP, 6BB, 4K, 3.00WHIP

Algodoneros de Guasave (25-27):
Kalian Sams: 22 games; .192/.300/.410; 4HR, 13RBI

Tomateros de Culican (25-27):
Alex Liddi: 25 games; .239/.273/.391; 3HR, 11RBI
Johan Limonta: 16 games; .164/.215/.197; 0HR, 5RBI

Yaquis de Obregon (27-41):
Rafael Neda: 1 game; 0-for-3

Dominican Republic:
Aguilas Cibaenas (31-19):
Edward Paredes: 11 games; 0-1, 3.86; 4.2IP; BB, 6K, 1.29 WHIP
Juan Sandoval: 24 games; 1-0, 0 saves, 1 save opportunity, 1.99 ERA; 22.2IP; 4BB, 10K, 1.24 WHIP

Estrellas de Oriente (19-31):
Juan Diaz: 28 games; .191/.247/.294; HR, 4RBI

Gigantes del Cibao (22-28):
Carlos Peguero: 7 games; .296/.387/.556; 2HR, 7RBI

Leones del Escogido (31-19):
Leury Bonilla: 1 game; 1-for-2
Jeremy Jeffress: 2 games, 2 games started; 0-1, 5.79ERA; 4.2IP, 6BB, 14K, 1.29 WHIP

Tigres del Licey (29-21):
Sean Halton: 15 games; .327/.410/.538; HR, 11RBI
Carlos Triunfel: 28 games; .176/.228/.2846; HR, 2RBI

Toros del Este (18-32):
Jason Rogers: 13 games; .235/.304/.314; HR, 5RBI

Puerto Rico:
Cangrejeros de Santurce (18-22):
Jeff Dominguez: 38 games; .265/.322/.371; HR, 12RBI
Yadiel Rivera: 2 games; .200/.200/.200; 0HR, RBI
Miguel A. Martinez: 9 games; 0-0, 0 saves, 1 save opportunity; 3.75ERA; 12.0IP, 5BB, 9K; 1.58 WHIP

Criollos de Caguas (14-15):
Bobby Livingston: 3 games, 2 starts, 1-0, 3.72ERA; 9.2IP, 4BB, 4K, 1.14 WHIP
Efrain Nieves: 10 games, 6 starts; 3-1, 3.41ERA; 31.2IP, 17BB, 28K; 1.45 WHIP

Gigantes de Carolina (19-21):
Justin Souza: 11 games; 1-2, 3 saves, 5 save opportunities, 5.73 ERA; 11.0IP; 7BB, 5K; 2.00 WHIP

Indios de Mayaguez (21-19):
Martin Maldonado: 28 games; .271/.354/.329; HR, 11 RBI
Hiram Burgos: 11 games; 8 starts, 2-2, 1.40 ERA; 38.2IP, 12BB, 35K, 0.96 WHIP

Leones de Ponce (21-19):
Rene Rivera (2 teams): 31 games; .171/.216/.232; HR, 9RBI
Joel Pineiro: 5 games, 5 starts 2-0, 3.12 ERA; 26.0IP, 5BB, 11K, 1.08 WHIP

Melbourne Aces (17-17):
Eric Marzec: 10 games; 0-2, 0 saves, 2 save opportunities; 6.39ERA; 12.2IP, 6BB, 16K, 1.50 WHIP

Sydney Blue Sox (16-18):
Craig Anderson: 9 games, 9 starts; 4-4, 3.30 ERA; 60.0IP, 13BB, 36K; 1.38 WHIP


Dominican Republic Round Robin:

Aguilas (3-5):
Edward Paredes: 6 games; 1-0, 0.00 ERA; 4.0IP, BB, 4K, 0.25 WHIP
Juan Sandoval: 2 games; 0-0, 0.00 ERA; 1.2IP, 2BB, K; 1.80 WHIP

Leones (6-2):
Jason Rogers: 3 games; .200/.250/.200; 0HR, RBI

Tigres (4-4):
Carlos Triunfel: 1 game; 0-for-1

Puerto Rico Round Robin:

Criollos (1-2):
Bobby Livingston: 1 game, 1 start; 0-1, 13.50 ERA; 2.0IP, 3BB, 0K, 3.50 WHIP

Indios (3-0):
Martin Maldonado: 3 games; .091/.231/.091; 0HR, 0RBI

Leones (2-1):
Jeff Dominguez: 3 games; .250/.308/.500; 0 HR, RBI
Rene Rivera: 3 games; .333/.455/.444; 0 HR, 0 RBI
Joel Pineiro: 1 game, 1 start; 0-0, 1.50 ERA; 6.0IP, 3BB, 3K, 0.50 WHIP

*-No active alumni in the Mexico Round Robin or the Venezuela Round Robin.

Rattlers Alumni Report – Through games of….

There appeared to be some issues in the Winter Leagues over the weekend with some stats not being reported…All of the Winter Leagues.  It appears these statistics are through games of either Friday or Saturday and several teams have only two or three games in the stats.

There are also some issues here in Northeast Wisconsin.  It’s cold and there’s snow on the ground and I’m sick of it already.



New players to add to the report this week: BOBBY! Livingston is in Puerto Rico, Eric Marzec is in Australia, and JC Ramirez is in Venezuela.


Aguilas del Zulia (24-27):
Austin Bibens-Dirkx: 1 game; 0-0, 5.40ERA; 1.2IP, BB, 0K; 3.00 WHIP

Bravos de Margarita (20-30):
Hunter Morris: 3 games; .091/.091/.091, 0HR, 0RBI
Renee Cortez: 13 games; 1-1, 9.37 ERA; 16.1IP; 10BB, 7K, 2.08 WHIP

Cardenales de Lara (24-26):
Oswaldo Navarro: 29 games; .288/.374/.425; 2HR, 16RBI
Luis Valbuena: 23 games; .322/.427/.471; 3HR, 13RBI
Jose Escalona: 13 games, 2 starts; 0-1, 7.50 ERA; 18.0IP; 12BB, 15K, 1.94 WHIP
Caesar Jimenez: 10 games; 0-1, 4 Saves, 5 Save Opportunities, 3.38 ERA; 10.2IP, 4BB, 10K, 1.03 WHIP
Jose Jimenez: 17 games; 1-1, 6.75 ERA; 8.0IP; 2BB, 8K, 1.50 WHIP

Leones del Caracas(25-26):
Mike Fiers: 4 games, 2 starts; 0-1, 12.79 ERA; 6.1IP, 4BB, 10K, 2.37 WHIP
Juan Ovalles: 2 games; 0-0, 27.00 ERA; 0.1IP; 0BB, 0K, 9.00 WHIP

Navagantes del Magallanes (27-24):
Carlos Maldonado: 10 games; .233/.385/.267; 0HR, 4RBI

Tirburones de La Guaira (26-23):
JC Ramirez: 3 games, 0-0, 9.00ERA; 2.0IP, 3BB, K, 3.50WHIP

Algodoneros de Guasave (25-27):
Kalian Sams: 22 games; .192/.300/.410; 4HR, 13RBI

Tomateros de Culican (25-27):
Alex Liddi: 25 games; .239/.273/.391; 3HR, 11RBI
Johan Limonta: 16 games; .164/.215/.197; 0HR, 5RBI

Dominican Republic:
Aguilas Cibaenas (25-15):
Edward Paredes: 7 games; 0-1, 7.71; 2.1IP; BB, 2K, 2.14 WHIP
Juan Sandoval: 20 games; 1-0, 0 saves, 1 save opportunity, 2.45 ERA; 18.1IP; 3BB, 6K, 1.42 WHIP

Estrellas de Oriente (14-27):
Juan Diaz: 27 games; .172/.232/.234; 0HR, 3RBI

Gigantes del Cibao (18-23):
Carlos Peguero: 7 games; .296/.387/.556; 2HR, 7RBI

Leones del Escogido (26-15):
Leury Bonilla: 1 game; 1-for-2

Tigres del Licey (24-17):
Sean Halton: 15 games; .327/.410/.538; HR, 11RBI
Carlos Triunfel: 20 games; .184/.245/.306; HR, 2RBI

Puerto Rico:
Cangrejeros de Santurce (12-16):
Jeff Dominguez: 26 games; .214/.290/.310; 0HR, 6RBI
Yadiel Rivera: 2 games; .200/.200/.200; 0HR, RBI
Miguel A. Martinez: 8 games; 0-0, 0 saves, 1 save opportunity; 4.09ERA; 11.0IP, 5BB, 7K; 1.73 WHIP

Criollos de Caguas (14-15):
Efrain Nieves: 8 games, 5 games started; 2-1, 3.96ERA; 25.0IP, 15BB, 25K; 1.52 WHIP
Bobby Livingston: 1 game, 0-0, 0.00ERA; 1.0IP, 0BB, 0K, 1.00 WHIP

Gigantes de Carolina (13-13):
Justin Souza: 11 games; 1-2, 3 saves, 5 save opportunities, 5.73 ERA; 11.0IP; 7BB, 5K; 2.00 WHIP

Indios de Mayaguez (16-13):
Martin Maldonado: 17 games; .204/.290/.278; HR, 7 RBI
Hiram Burgos: 8 games; 5 starts, 0-1, 1.99 ERA; 22.2IP, 11BB, 24K, 1.24 WHIP

Leones de Ponce (15-13):
Rene Rivera (2 teams): 20 games; .184/.226/.286; HR, 9RBI
Joel Pineiro: 2 games, 2 games started; 1-0, 0.00ERA; 9.0IP, 3BB, 9K, 0.67 WHIP

Melbourne Aces (10-9):
Eric Marzec: 3 games; 0-0, 4.15ERA; 4.1IP, BB, 6K, 1.75 WHIP

Sydney Blue Sox (10-9):
Craig Anderson: 6 games, 6 starts; 2-3, 3.15 ERA; 40.0IP, 11BB, 25K; 1.43 WHIP

Alumni Report – April 15, 2013

This is a list of most of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Alumni.  There is a link to the Brevard County Manatees stats page and you can take a look at all the ex-Rattlers on that team.

If a player has played at two levels (Like: Josh Prince at Milwaukee & Nashville) this season, he is listed at the highest level reached.

Players who made MLB rehabilitation appearances with the Rattlers are also included on this list.  They are in italics.

Raul Ibanez is the only former Appleton Fox on this list.

Note that David Ortiz and Brett Lawrie are on minor league rehab assignments for Boston and Toronto.

MLB Hitters:
Asdrubal Cabrera (Cleveland)
Lorenzo Cain (Kansas City)
Khris Davis (Milwaukee)
Greg Dobbs (Miami)
Carlos Gomez (Milwaukee)
Raul Ibanez (Seattle)
ibanez94Adam Jones (Baltimore)
Jonathan Lucroy (Milwaukee)
Martin Maldonado (Milwaukee)
Josh Prince (Milwaukee)
Michael Saunders (Seattle)
Matt Tuiasosopo (Detroit)
Luis Valbuena (Chicago – NL)

MLB Pitchers:
Scott Atchison (New York – NL)
Phillippe Aumont (Philadelphia)

Phillipe Aumont in 2008.

Phillipe Aumont in 2008.

Dave Bush (Toronto)
Mike Fiers (Milwaukee)
Jim Henderson (Milwaukee)
Felix Hernandez (Seattle)
Jeremy Jeffress (Toronto)
Shawn Kelley (New York – AL)
Mark Lowe (Los Angeles – AL)
Eric O’Flaherty (Atlanta)
Manny Parra (Cincinnati)
Wily Peralta (Milwaukee)
Photo Credit: WM Glasheen
JJ Putz (Arizona)
Rafael Soriano (Washington)
Matt Thornton (Chicago – AL)
Chris Tillman (Baltimore)
Anthony Varvaro (Atlanta)

AAA – Hitters:
Denny Almonte (Tacoma)
Jeff Clement (Rochester)
Juan Diaz (Columbus)
Joe Dunigan (Tacoma)
Scooter Gennett (Nashville)
Sean Halton (Nashville)
Rob Johnson (Memphis)
Alex Liddi (Tacoma)

Alex Liddi as a Timber Rattler in 2008.

Alex Liddi as a Timber Rattler in 2008.

Carlos Maldonado (Syracuse)
Adam Moore (Omaha)
Hunter Morris (Nashville)

Hunter Morris rounds the bases after one of his nine home runs with the Timber Rattlers in 2010. (Credit: PSB Photo)
Israel Nunez (Leones de Yucatan)
David Ortiz (Pawtucket)
Joey Paciorek (Nashville)
Carlos Peguero (Tacoma)
Oscar Ramirez (Petroleros de Minatitlan)
Rene Rivera (Tucson)
Carlos Triunfel (Tacoma)

AAA – Pitchers:
Nathan Adcock (Omaha)
Hiram Burgos (Nashville)
Kyle Heckathorn (Nashville)
Cesar Jimenez (Lehigh Valley)
Jake Odorizzi (Durham)
Photo Credit: Patrick S. Blood
Ryan Rowland-Smith (Pawtucket)
Caleb Thielbar (Rochester)
Justin Thomas (Sacramento)
Tyler Thornburg (Nashville)
Sean White (Albuquerque)

AA – Hitters:
Leury Bonilla (Jackson)
Kentrail Davis (Huntsville)
Jair Fernandez (Tennessee)
Brock Kjeldgaard (Huntsville)
TJ Mittelstaedt (Huntsville)
Jason Rogers (Huntsville)
Nick Shaw (Huntsville)
Mike Walker (Huntsville)
Shawn Zarraga (Huntsville)

AA – Pitchers:
Austin Bibens-Dirkx (New Hampshire)
Ryan Feierabend (Frisco)
Brian Garman (Huntsville)
Greg Holle (Huntsville)
Thomas Keeling (Huntsville)
Brett Lorin (Mobile)
Santo Manzanillo (Huntsville)
Eric Marzec (Huntsville)
Casey Medlen (Huntsville)
Andy Moye (Huntsville)
Edward Paredes (Akron)
JC Ramirez (Reading)
Adrian Rosario (Binghamton)
Juan Sandoval (Montgomery)
RJ Seidel (Huntsville)
Alan Williams (Huntsville)

Brevard County Manatees

A-Advanced – Hitters:
Cutter Dykstra (Potomac)
Robbie Garvey (Rancho Cucamonga)
Brett Lawrie (Dunedin)

A-Advanced – Pitcher:
Efrain Nieves (Dunedin)


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