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Walkoff Wednesday (2006 season)

It’s Walkoff Wednesday on Rattler Radio.

The 2006 season takes center stage this week.  This team may not have made the playoffs.  This team may have lost a team record 86 games.  But, they were involved in a lot of close games.

These close games included twelve walkoffs – six for and six against.  There were also four walkoff homers – three four and one against.

A very rare walkoff is included in the Rattlers list.  A walkoff home run to end a game and a no-hit bid.

Alex Gary, Eddy Hernandez, and Bryan Sabatella from the '06 Rattlers.

Alex Gary, Eddy Hernandez, and Bryan Sabatella from the ’06 Rattlers.

Timber Rattlers Walkoffs (6):

DATE: April 19
OPPONENT: Southwest Michigan Devil Rays
BATTER: Bryan Sabatella
PITCHER: Greg Dupas
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Southwest Michigan 3, Timber Rattlers 2 in the bottom of the 9th
GAME WINNING PLAY: Two runs score when third baseman Matt Devins threw wildly to first to get Sabatella on what would have been the final out of the game.
FINAL SCORE:  Timber Rattlers 4, Southwest Michigan 3
NOTES: The Rattlers were down 3-0, but scored twice in the eighth and got the two-run gift in the bottom of the ninth to win the game.  Eddy Hernandez, who was hit by a pitch with one out, scored easily from third.  Pinch runner Alex Gary raced home from first base with the winning run.

DATE: May 21
OPPONENT: Burlington Bees
BATTER:  Ron Garth
PITCHER:  Eliezer Garcia
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 3-3 in the bottom of the 11th
GAME WINNING PLAY: Ron Garth’s pinch-hit leadoff home run!
FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 4, Burlington 3
NOTES: Ron Garth is awesome!  The Rattlers were wearing their Pink Jerseys on this Sunday because the date they were to wear them (May 14) was rained out. 

DATE: July 17
OPPONENT: Swing of the Quad Cities
BATTER: Eddy Hernandez
PITCHER:  Jason Cairns
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 12th
GAME WINNING PLAY: A two-out RBI single by Eddy Hernandez scored pinch runner Alex Gary with the winning run.
FINAL SCORE:  Timber Rattlers 2, Quad Cities 1
NOTES: The names Alex Gary and Eddy Hernandez are sure popping up a lot in 2006.

DATE: July 25
OPPONENT: South Bend Silver Hawks
BATTER: Alex Gary
PITCHER: Kyler Newby
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 6-6 in the bottom of the 10th
GAME WINNING PLAY: Pinch runner Juan Guzman scored from third on a wild pitch
FINAL SCORE:  Timber Rattlers 7, South Bend 6
NOTES:  The Rattlers mounted their game winning rally without putting a ball in play during the entire tenth inning.  Johan Limonta walked to start the inning.  Guzman went all the way to third on an errant pickoff throw by Newby.  Then: Intentional walk to Ron Garth; Strikeout of Travis Scott; Intentional walk to Jeff Flaig; Wild pitch on a 1-0 pitch to Gary gets Guzman home.

DATE: August 6
OPPONENT: Beloit Snappers
BATTER: Johan Limonta
PITCHER: David Shinskie
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 10-10 in the bottom of the 9th
GAME WINNING PLAY: Johan Limonta hits a game winning solo homer!
FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 11, Beloit 10
NOTES: Beloit had tied the game 10-10 with a two-out, two-run home run by Tarrence Patterson in the top of the eighth.

DATE: August 25
OPPONENT: Clinton LumberKings
BATTER: Curtis Ledbetter
PITCHER: Jake Rasner
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Scoreless tie in the bottom of the 8th
GAME WINNING PLAY: Curt Ledbetter with a solo home run!
FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 1, Clinton 0
NOTES: This game was scheduled for seven innings because the game on August 24 had been suspended and needed to be completed on August 25.  But, that’s not the important part of this game.  The important part of this game was that Jake Rasner had a no-hitter going through seven innings.  He had faced one over the minimum.  A runner had reached on an error in the third, but was erased on a double play.  Johan Limonta had reached on a walk in the fifth for the other Wisconsin base runner.  But, the LumberKings offense could not score on five hits through the first seven innings or with the bases loaded and no outs in the eighth.  Ledbetter ended the game – and the no-hit bid – with a home run on the first pitch of the eighth.


DATE: April 11
OPPONENT: Beloit Snappers
STADIUM:  Pohlman Field
BATTER: Eric Lis
PITCHER: Ruben Flores
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF:  Timber Rattlers led 10-9 in the bottom of the 12th
FINAL SCORE: Beloit 11, Timber Rattlers 10
GAME WINNING PLAY:  Two-run home run by Eric Lis.
NOTES:  This game was…frustrating.  JB Tucker broke an 8-8 tie with solo homer in the top of the ninth off Eddie Morlan.  Edgar Guaramato came on in the bottom of the ninth and it went like this: Hit Batsman, Wild Pitch, Walk, Error on Guaramato on a sac bunt that allowed the tying run to score, and intentional walk to load the bases.  How the game didn’t end in the ninth is a miracle.  Tuckner led off the twelfth with his second homer of the game and the Rattlers were up 10-9.  But, Ruben Flores allowed a single to Paul Kelly and the home run to Lis.

DATE: May 29
OPPONENT: Burlington Bees
STADIUM: Community Field
BATTER: Miguel Vega
PITCHER: Ruben Flores
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 2-2 in the bottom of the 10th
FINAL SCORE: Burlington 3, Timber Rattlers 2
GAME WINNING PLAY: Flores threw wildly to first on a dribbler up the third base line.  Chris McConnell scored from second as the ball rolled down the right field line.
NOTES:  The Burlington Bees have a copyright on this Walkoff play.  Every time a team wins on an E-1 Throwing © the Bees get $10.  It’s the law.

DATE: July 2
OPPONENT: West Michigan Whitecaps
STADIUM: Fifth Third Ballpark
BATTER: Cory Middleton
PITCHER: Lance Beus
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 4-4 in the bottom of the 10th
FINAL SCORE: West Michigan 5, Timber Rattlers 4
GAME WINNING PLAY: Bases loaded RBI single by Middleton with two outs scored Cameron Maybin with the winning run.
NOTES:  The Timber Rattlers tied the game 4-4 on a three-run home run by Alex Gary in the top of the ninth inning. 

DATE: July 3
OPPONENT: Southwest Michigan Devil Rays
STADIUM: C.O. Brown Stadium
BATTER: Cesar Suarez
PITCHER: Austin Bibens-Dirkx
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Timber Rattlers 4, Southwest Michigan 3
FINAL SCORE: Southwest Michigan 5, Timber Rattlers 4
GAME WINNING PLAY: A two-out, two-run double by Cesar Suarez.
NOTES: The Rattlers were behind 3-2 in the top of the ninth inning when Eddy Hernandez hit a two-run home run to put the Rattlers in front. This was the second day in a row the Rattlers lost on a walkoff.  This loss dropped the Rattlers to 2-12 in the second half of the 2006 season.  It was also their fifth straight loss in what turned out to be a nine game losing streak.

DATE: July 23
OPPONENT: Burlington Bees
STADIUM: Community Field
BATTER: Josh Johnson
PITCHER: Lance Beus
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 10th
FINAL SCORE: Burlington 2, Timber Rattlers 1
GAME WINNING PLAY:  E-1 Throwing ©
NOTES: I was serious about that whole copyright thing.  This time, the first two batters reached in the bottom of the tenth.  Josh Johnson bunted up the third baseline.  Bues fielded and fired wildly to first allowing Valentino Arce to score the winning run.

DATE: August 30
OPPONENT: Peoria Chiefs
STADIUM: O’Brien Field
BATTER: Yusuf Carter
PITCHER: Ruben Flores
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 7-7 in the bottom of the 10th
FINAL SCORE: Peoria 8, Timber Rattlers 7
GAME WINNING PLAY: Bases loaded RBI single by Carter scored Jesus Valdez with the winning run.
NOTES: The Rattlers led 7-6 in the bottom of the ninth.  Brian Kappel hit Valerio Heredia to start the inning.  Heredia stole second, went to third on a sac bunt, and scored the tying run on a single by Kyle Reynolds.

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Odds and Ends for November 1

Lots of stuff to catch up on today.

Congratulations to former Timber Rattlers shortstop Adam Jones.   The Orioles centerfielder won an American League Gold Glove.

Jones, 27, who was voted Most Valuable Oriole for the second straight year, capped his best major league season with his second Gold Glove. He was the only AL center fielder to play in all 162 games and led them in putouts (439), marking the second time in three years he was the league leader in putouts at his position. He also ranked second in range factor per game (2.75) and third in assists (seven) among AL center fielders.

Jones also inspired – by way of jersey selection – Maryland’s own Greg Merson to win the Main Event of the World Series of Poker!

This is from Tuesday night. He wore the orange Adam Jones jersey on Monday. You could see the number 10 on the front of the orange jersey, but this picture is much cooler. Trust me. He’s wearing #10.

A 24-year-old Maryland poker professional won the World Series of Poker main event Wednesday, outlasting his final opponents in a marathon card session of nearly 12 hours for the $8.53 million title.

Greg Merson emerged with the title before dawn in Las Vegas after a session that proved to be a showcase for his skills amid the unpredictability of tournament no-limit Texas Hold ‘em. On the last hand, Merson put Las Vegas card pro Jesse Sylvia all-in with a king high. Sylvia thought hard, then called with a suited queen-jack.

You can see the “Jones”  and #10 on the back of the jersey at about 7:58 of this video clip from the broadcast.

Speaking of videos:

Here are a few pictures from next week’s episode:

One elevator shaft/Stairwell

Bathrooms are being renovated, too.

Work has begun on the home team clubhouse, too.

Have you seen the video of Jim Irwin conducting an interview at Goodland Field from the year 1968? You should.

The Timber Rattlers have opened a merchandise kiosk at Fox River Mall.  It is located on the main corridor just past Northwoods Cafe food court.

PSSSSST!!!! It's by the Sunglass Hut!

New Fox River Mall Kiosk.

The Food Court is close. Very close.

A view from the other side.

Walkoff Wednesday (2001 season)

It’s a Walkoff Wednesday on Rattler Radio. Let’s head back to the 2001 season. The Timber Rattlers won 84 games during the regular season. That still stands as a club record. The ’01 Rattlers won seven games in walkoff fashion. However, most notable were the reactions of Timber Rattlers pitchers who were on the mound for three of the four times the team lost on a walkoff during that season.

Timber Rattlers Walkoffs (7)


These Rattlers figured into some of Wisconsin’s seven walkoff wins in 2001.

DATE: April 13 (Game 2 of doubleheader)
OPPONENT: Beloit Snappers
BATTER: Joe Rodriguez
PITCHER: Victor Cordero
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 3-3 in the bottom of the 7th
GAME WINNING PLAY: J-Rod, two-run home run with no outs
FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 5, Beloit 3:
NOTES: The Rattlers tied the game 3-3 on a two-out RBI single by Pedro Liriano in the bottom of the sixth.  Joe Rodriguez was the cleanup batter in this game.  The notable Brewers farmhand for the Snappers in this game would be Dave Krynzel.

DATE May 4 (Game 1 of doubleheader):
OPPONENT: Clinton LumberKings
BATTER: Bill Martinez
PITCHER: Antonio Garris
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Scoreless tie in the bottom of the 7th
GAME WINNING PLAY: An errant pickoff throw to first by catcher Drew McMillan with the bases loaded allowed Pedro Liriano to score the winning run.
FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 1, Clinton 0
NOTE: That last play needs explanation, yes?  Here’s the spot.  Wisconsin starting pitcher Rett Johnson has gone seven shutout innings and allowed four hits.  Clinton starting pitcher Luke Lockwood allowed three hits and no runs over the first six innings.  In the seventh, a leadoff walk is followed by a strikeout and Liriano forcing the leadoff batter at second base on a grounder.  Mark Carrol reaches on an error and Joe Dusan walks to load the bases.  This puts Lockwood over 100 pitches.  Antonio Garris enters the game to face Guillermo “Bill” Martinez.

The count is 1-1 and Garris gets strike two on Martinez.  McMillan sees Dusan wandering away from first base on the pitch and tries to pick the Rattler runner off to send the game to extra innings.  The ball sails down the right field line. Liriano scores. Rattlers win.

This game should tip you off that the Rattlers went 12-0 against Clinton in 2001.

DATE: May 15
OPPONENT: Fort Wayne Wizards
BATTER: John Castellano
PITCHER: John Stone
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 2-2 in the bottom of the 17th inning!
GAME WINNING PLAY: Castellano hits a two-out solo home run!
FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 3, Fort Wayne 2 in 17 innings.
NOTE: The score had been tied 2-2 since JJ Furmaniak hit a home run in the top of the seventh inning.  Stone, a catcher, had pitched a 1-2-3 16th and had retired the first two batters in the 17th.  Then, Castellano blasted a  1-0 pitch over the wall in left to end the game at 11:17pm after four hours and forty minutes.

DATE: May 17
OPPONENT: Fort Wayne Wizards
BATTER: Pedro Liriano
PITCHER: Bryan Gaal
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 3-3 in the bottom of the 9th
GAME WINNING PLAY: Pinch-runner Jamal Strong scores from third on wild pitch*.
FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 4, Wizards 3
NOTE: Strong entered the game as a pinch runner for Dusan, who had singled off Roger Luque with two outs.  Then, Blake Bone was hit by a pitch.  Gaal entered the game for Luque.  My scorebook gets a little foggy from that point.  The day-by-day on Strong has him stealing a base.  Gaal does not give up a hit, but throws a wild pitch.  I’ll need to look this one up on the micorfilm, but it is possible that Strong stole third and scored on a wild pitch by Gaal.  I’ll come back to this one later.

DATE: June 12 (Game 2 of doubleheader)
OPPONENT: Lansing Lugnuts
BATTER: Ariel Durango
PITCHER: Ferenc Jongjean
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Lansing 4, Timber Rattlers 1 in the bottom of the 7th
GAME WINNING PLAY: Ariel Durango hits a two-out GRAND SLAM!
FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 5, Lansing 4
NOTE: The Rattlers were down 4-0 heading to their last at bat of the game.  Todd Wellmeyer had pitched six shutout innings and allowed two hits while striking out eleven.  Lawrence Alvarez entered the game and got the first two outs.  Wil Quintana walked on four straight pitched.  Jake Daubert singled on an 0-2 pitch.  Mark Carroll drove in Quintana with a single.  Dusan walked on a 3-2 pitch.  All of a sudden the bases are loaded.  Jongjean, the Lugnuts closer, comes in to face Durango, who had hit six homers in 117 games for Wisconsin in 2000 and had just been demoted from San Bernadino.  Durango hit the first pitch from Jongjean just over the wall in left-center for a game winning grand slam.  Of course he did!

DATE: June 13
OPPONENT: Lansing Lugnuts
BATTER: Mark Carroll
PITCHER: Eric Albright
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 7-7 in the bottom of the 9th
GAME WINNING PLAY: Carroll singles to drive in Wil Quintana.:
FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 8, Lansing 7
NOTE: The Rattlers trailed 4-5 heading to the bottom of the ninth.  Quintana tripled to drive in the tying runs.  Daubert was walked intentionally.  Then, Carroll delivered the game winning single.

DATE: July 30
OPPONENT: South Bend Silver Hawks
BATTER: Jamie Bubela
PITCHER: Aric LeClair
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 3-3 in the bottom of the 9th
GAME WINNING PLAY: Jamie Bubela singles with two outs and the bases loaded to drive in Derrick Gutierrez with the winning run.
FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 4, South Bend 3
NOTE: Gutierrez, the 8th hitter in the order, doubled with one out.  Cody Sundbeck struck out the next batter.  He walked Liriano intentionally, but walked Durango to load the bases.  LeClair entered the game and Bubela singled on an 0-1 pitch to get the win for Wisconsin.

Opponent Walkoffs (4)

DATE: April 30 (Game 2 of doubleheader)
OPPONENT: Quad City River Bandits
STADIUM: Black Hawk Community College Field
BATTER: Luis Maza
PITCHER: Tim Burton
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 6-6 in the bottom of the 7th
GAME WINNING PLAY: Bases loaded single by Luis Maza scores pinch runner Rafael Boitel.
FINAL SCORE: Quad City 7, Timber Rattlers 6
NOTE: Burton hit Kevin West to start the inning.  Then, there was a sacrifice bunt and an intentional walk to set up the double play.  Burton got the grounder for the double play, but it was booted for Wisconsin’s fourth error of the game and loaded the bases.  Maza fouled off three two strike pitches before singling to drive in the winning run.

Burton got pretty good distance on the full water cooler that he punted after he walked off the field that day.

DATE: July 1
OPPONENT: Burlington Bees
STADIUM: Community Field
BATTER: Ben Cordova
PITCHER: Aaron Taylor
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 9th
GAME WINNING PLAY: Cordova RBI single with bases loaded and one out scores Darren Fenster with winning run.
FINAL SCORE: Burlington 2, Timber Rattlers 1
NOTE: The Timber Rattlers led 1-0 heading to the bottom of the ninth inning.  Aaron Taylor, a tall right-hander with a fastball in the high 90’s, had been dominant since joining the team.  I remember telling Bees announcer Randy Wehofer before the series started that he would see something special when Taylor got into a game.  Derrick Van Dusen and John Butler had allowed no runs on three hits and combined for 12 strikeouts over the first eight innings.  Taylor came in for the ninth and gave up a single, got a foul pop, and another single.  Then, he hit a batter on an 0-2 pitch to load the bases.  Odannis Ayala took a very close 3-2 pitch for ball four to force in a run.  I remember Taylor being really upset with plate umpire Ria Cortesio’s call.  Cordova ended the game with a single to drive in the winning run.

Taylor got pretty good distance as he threw a baseball on the screen behind home plate as he walked off the field.

DATE: July 21
OPPONENT: Michigan Battle Cats
STADIUM: C.O. Brown Stadium
BATTER: Henri Stanley
PITCHER: Chad Wiles
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 2-2 in the bottom of the 10th
GAME WINNING PLAY: Stanley’s bases loaded single scores Jason Maule with the winning run.
FINAL SCORE: Michigan 3, Timber Rattlers 2 in ten innings
NOTE: Maule singled to start the tenth.  Wiles threw wildly to first on a pickoff attempt and – on the same play – Castellano threw wildly to second in an attempt to get Maule there.  That put Maule on third with no outs.  Wiles intentionally walked the next two batters.  Stanley singled to end the game.

DATE: August 12
OPPONENT: Fort Wayne Wizards
STADIUM: Memorial Stadium
BATTER: Chris Fears
PITCHER: Chad Wiles
SCORE BEFORE THE WALKOFF: Tied 6-6 in the 10th
GAME WINNING PLAY: Two-out RBI single by Chris fears scores JJ Furmaniak
FINAL SCORE: Fort Wayne 7, Timber Rattlers 6 in ten innings
NOTE: The Rattlers trailed 5-2, but scored once in the eighth and twice in the ninth to take a 6-5 lead.  But, the Wizards tied the game on a Craig Thompson RBI double in the bottom of the ninth.  In the tenth, Wiles walked Furmaniak to start the inning.  The Wizards shortstop stole second with two outs and went to third when Rattlers second baseman Ariel Durango missed the throw from the plate..  Fears, who had scored the tying run in the ninth as a pinch runner, drove in the winning run with a single.

Wiles broke his pitching hand when he punched the dugout wall after he walked off the field.

Next week: 2002

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1994 Foxes Home Games (#1 – April 14 v. Fort Wayne)

Mehring Monday has the details on what this is.

Click for the PDF of the scoresheets of the Home opener for the 1994 Appleton Foxes. AKA: The Goodland field debut of Alex Rodriguez.



Walkoff Wednesday (2000 Season)

I believe that I have caught up with all the walkoffs (for and against the Rattlers) from 2005 through the end of the 2012 playoffs.

Now that there is a little time, it is worth looking back at the other seasons in Timber Rattlers history to find ALL of the walkoff plays.  As you can tell from the title of the post, this will be posted on Wednesdays.


Timber Rattlers Walkoffs (9)

You’re going to see Ryan Christianson’s name a lot in this post.

DATE: April 8
OPPONENT: Beloit Snappers
BATTER: Unknown
PITCHER: Fontella Jones
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 7-7 in the tenth

FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 8-7 in ten innings
NOTE: I was not at this game. At the time I was also the radio announcer for the Green Bay Gamblers of the United States Hockey League.  The Gamblers were in the midst of their run to the Clark Cup Championship that year and Greg Hofer was filling in for me on the Timber Rattlers broadcasts.  I’ll try to remember to get back to this one at some point before the 2013 season.

DATE: June 15
OPPONENT: Michigan Battlecats
BATTER: Ryan Christianson
PITCHER: Darwin Peguero
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 3-3 in the 15th

GAME WINNING PLAY: RBI double by Christianson knocks in Shawn McCorkle in the bottom of the 15th.
FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 4-3
NOTE: This is not the last time you will see Christianson’s name in this post.

DATE: June 25
OPPONENT: South Bend Silver Hawks
BATTER: Gorky Estrella
PITCHER: Wellington Cepeda
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Rattlers trailed 5-2 in the ninth
GAME WINNING PLAY: Estrella hit a two-out GRAND SLAM!!! in the bottom of the ninth.

FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 6-5
NOTE: Jose Valverde (yes, Jose Valverde, currently of the Detroit Tigers) retired the first two batters in the bottom of the ninth inning.  Then, he walked the next three batters on 3-2 counts to load the bases.  Cepeda relieved and allowed the game-winning grand slam.

DATE: July 16
OPPONENT: Dayton Dragons
BATTER: Ariel Durango
PITCHER: David Huggins
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 1-1 in the ninth
GAME WINNING PLAY: Durango’s two-out single with the bases loaded drives in Oscar Ramirez.

FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 2-1
NOTE: The Rattlers trailed 1-0 heading into the bottom of the ninth inning.  Dayton walked Chris Snelling with two outs and runners at second and third to face Sheldon Fulse.  Huggins walked Fulse to force in the tying run.  Durango singled in the winning run two pitches after the walk to Fulse.

DATE: July 18
OPPONENT: Burlington Bees
BATTER: Ryan Christianson
PITCHER: Andre Simpson
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 6-6 in the ninth

GAME WINNING PLAY: Christianson lifted a sacrifice fly to score Justin Leone from third base
FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 7-6
NOTE: That would be two for Christianson

DATE: July 25
OPPONENT: Clinton LumberKings
BATTER: Oscar Ramirez
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 3-3 in the ninth
GAME WINNING PLAY: Oscar Ramirez draws a bases loaded walk with two outs to force in Ryan Christianson with the winning run.
FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 4-3
NOTE: The Rattlers trailed 3-2 heading into the bottom of the ninth inning.  Orlando Hernandez tied the game with an RBI single.  The LumberKings walked Sheldon Fulse intentionally to load the bases with one out.  Neu struck out Ariel Durango, but walked Ramirez for the game winning run.

DATE: August 15
OPPONENT: Cedar Rapids Kernels
BATTER: Ariel Durango
PITCHER: Palmer Ebanks
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 2-2 in the ninth

GAME WINNING PLAY: Ariel Durango’s double with one out scores Sheldon Fulse
FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 3-2
NOTE: Durango had an even bigger game-winning hit in 2001. Consider that a tease for next week.

DATE: August 22
OPPONENT: Fort Wayne Wizards
BATTER: Ryan Christianson
PITCHER: Cliff Bartosh
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: 0-0 in the ninth
GAME WINNING PLAY: Ryan Christianson singles with the bases loaded and no outs to drive in Michael Abate.

FINAL SCORE: Timber Rattlers 1-0
NOTE: Another appearance for Christianson

DATE: September 1
OPPONENT: Peoria Chiefs
BATTER: Ryan Christianson
PITCHER: Scott Layfield
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 6-6 in the ninth
GAME WINNING PLAY: Peoria first baseman Travis Bailey dropped a two out popup off the bat of Ryan Christianson.  This allowed Shawn McCorkle to score the game winning run.
NOTE: The Timber Rattlers trailed the game 6-5 heading to the bottom of the ninth.  Chris Snelling tied the game with a bases loaded sacrifice fly moments before Christianson took his turn at the plate.

Opponent Walkoffs (3)

DATE: May 16
OPPONENT: Peoria Chiefs
STADIUM: Pete Vonachen Stadium
BATTER: Gregg Clark
PITCHER: Julio Mateo
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 9-9 in the ninth:

GAME WINNING PLAY: Gregg Clark hit a one out solo homer off Mateo.
FINAL SCORE: Peoria 10-9
NOTE: The Timber Rattlers trailed 9-0 after the bottom of the third inning.  They rallied with six runs (four on a grand slam by Chris Snelling) in the fifth, two in the eighth, and an RBI single by Oscar Ramirez in the top of the ninth to tie the game.:

DATE: August 11
OPPONENT: Lansing Lugnuts
STADIUM: Oldsmobile Park

BATTER: Ryan Gripp
PITCHER: Aquilino Lopez
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 3-3 in the ninth:
GAME WINNING PLAY: Ryan Gripp hit a solo home run with two outs off Lopez.

FINAL SCORE: Lansing 4-3
NOTE: Lopez appeared in 39 games during the 2000 season.  He started five and relieved in 34.  This game against the Lugnuts was his only loss of the season (6-1 with 17 saves).

DATE: September 5
OPPONENT: Kane County Cougars
STADIUM: Elfstrom Stadium

BATTER Francisco Ferrand
PITCHER: Erik Grunwald
SCORE BEFORE WALKOFF: Tied 1-1 in the tenth:
GAME WINNING PLAY: Francisco Ferrand doubles with no outs to drive in Matt Frick with the winning run.

FINAL SCORE: Kane County 2-1 in ten innings
NOTE: This was Game One of the First Round playoff series between the Rattlers and Cougars.  Wisconsin would rally to win Game Two and Game Three at home to advance to the Western Division Finals.

Sad news

The 1964 MWL Champion Fox Cities Foxes. Dave May is in the top row, second from the left.

Former Fox Cities Foxes outfielder Dave May passed away last weekend.

The New Castle [Delaware] native and William Penn High graduate who played 12 seasons of major league baseball died Saturday. May, who was living in Bear, had been battling cancer.

But before he departed, sons Dave Jr., now a Toronto Blue Jays pro scout, and Derrick, the St. Louis Cardinals minor league hitting coordinator, marveled at the outpouring of affection that accompanied his final days.

“The last week he got so many phone calls,” said Derrick, who played 10 major league seasons himself. “I never realized how many people he’s impacted, not only around here but people in baseball. Dusty Baker called and Cito Gaston, Willie Horton, Ralph Garr and all these people called just to help him out. He and Johnny Briggs were best friends for 40 years.”

May spent part of the 1963 season and all of the 1964 season in Appleton with the Foxes.  At the time, Fox Cities was affiliated with the Baltimore Orioles.

May had an amazing season with the Foxes in 1964 to help them win their first Midwest League Championship.  He led the Midwest League in hitting with an average of .368.  That average is still an Appleton Professional Baseball record.  He also hit 14 homers, drove in 74 runs, stole 36 bases, and had an OPS of 1.004 in 518 plate appearances over 122 games.

It should not be a surprise that May was named the MVP of the Foxes in 1964

In the one game playoff against the Clinton C-Sox in 1964, May went 3-5 and scored a pair of runs in an 8-5 Foxes win.  Flashback Friday covered the 1964 Championship Game in Clinton last November.

The Milwaukee Brewers picked up May in a trade during the 1970 season and he was an early star on those Milwaukee teams.  May was an American League All-Star in 1973 with the Milwaukee Brewers. 

He was traded to Atlanta after the 1974 season for Hank Aaron and spent a few years in Atlanta.  May would go on to Texas and return to the Brewers for a brief time in 1978.  Here are his Baseball Reference pages: Majors | Minors.

He was a fun player to cheer for on those early Brewers teams.  So was his friend Johnny Briggs:

“He was a good guy, a good friend, somebody you could talk to about anything,” said Briggs, now 68 and living in his hometown of Paterson, N.J. “He didn’t like arguing. I didn’t like arguing. He had a great attitude. He was never the type of guy who was patting himself on the back all the time. Guys liked him because of who he was. He performed on the field and he patted everybody on the back.”

After his playing career, May coordinated officials for New Castle County Parks and Recreation’s sports leagues and also worked for House of Flowers doing arrangements and deliveries. But he could often be found watching a youth baseball game, standing along a fence, regaling in conversation.

Sympathies to his family and if they happen to read this, Dave May is remembered fondly in Appleton.

Thanks to Brew Crew Ball for sharing this news in Tuesday’s Frosty Mug or I would have missed this.

Lineups & Game Notes for September 8, 2012 – Western Division Finals

Getting ready for Game One!

Timber Rattlers Lineup:
Brandon Macias – 3B
Chadwin Stang – RF
Ben McMahan – LF
Nick Ramirez – 1B
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Mike Garza – DH
Carlos George – CF
Rafael Neda – C
Adrian Williams – 2B

Wisconsin Starting Pitcher:
Chad Thompson

LumberKings Lineup:
Jamal Austin – CF
Dan Paolini – 2B
Ji-Man Choi – 1B
Ramon Morla – 3B
Kevin Rivers – LF
Jabari Blash – RF
Guillermo Pimentel – DH
Mike Dowd – C
Ryan Brito – SS

Clinton Starting Pitcher:
Rusty Shellhorn

Previous Postseason Meetings:

2005 Western Division Finals: (Wisconsin was a Seattle affiliate, Clinton was a Texas affiliate)
September 10, 2012 – Game One
Wisconsin 8
Clinton 7 (10)
Boxscore | Game Story
WP: Justin Jordan
LP: Matt LaMacchia

Timber Rattlers Home Runs:
Matt Clement (2), Chris Colton

September 11, 2005 – Game Two
Clinton 0
Wisconsin 16
Boxscore | Game Story
WP: Cibney Bello
LP: John Bannister

Timber Rattlers Home Runs:
Mike Wilson, Matt Tuiasosopo

Timber Rattlers Game Notes:

Follow tonight’s game (6:30pm CDT first pitch):
Radio: AM1280,  WNAM
Internet Audio: WNAM Website (Click Listen Live Tab) (free)

A (brief) history of Game Threes & Game Fives

This series against the Burlington Bees is the 17th playoff series in Wisconsin Timber Rattlers history. Tonight will be the ninth decisive game in the history of the club.  The Rattlers are 3-5 (2-5 at home)  in decisive games in the playoffs.

Here are the previous Game Threes (or Game Fives) in Rattlers history:

September 5, 1996 – First Round Game Three
Peoria 1
Wisconsin 5

September 8, 1996 – Semifinals Game Three
Wisconsin 4
Quad City 3

September 10, 1998 – First Round Game Three
Rockford 4
Wisconsin 2

September 18, 1999 – Finals Game Five
Burlington 13
Wisconsin 4

September 7, 2000 – First Round Game Three
Kane County 3
Wisconsin 5

September 10, 2000 – Western Finals Game Three
Beloit 12
Wisconsin 5

September 9, 2005 – First Round Game Three
Beloit 2
Wisconsin 4 (10 innings)

September 17, 2005 – Finals Game Five
South Bend 4
Wisconsin 0

A look back at the 1999 MWL Finals between Wisconsin and Burlington

The 2012 first round playoff meeting between the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (At the time an affiliate of the Seattle Mariners) and the Burlington Bees (At the time an affiliate of the Chicago White Sox) is not the first time these franchises have butted heads in the Midwest League postseason.

Burlington and Wisconsin met in the 1999 Midwest League Championship series.  The Bees won the best-of-five series 3-2.

If you look at the dates, it is almost exactly 13 years ago that these two teams played for the pennant.

GAME ONE – September 14, 1999:
Wisconsin 2
Burlington 8

Winning Pitcher: Geronimo Mendoza
Losing Pitcher: Enmanuel Ulloa

Wisconsin Home Run: Craig Kuzmic

Key Moments:  The Bees scored six runs in the bottom of the eighth inning to break a 2-2 tie.

Attendance: 724

GAME TWO – September 15, 1999
Wisconsin 0
Burlington 2

Winning Pitcher: Edwin Almonte
Losing Pitcher: Jeff Heaverlo

Key Performances:  Almonte pitched a complete game for the Bees.  Heaverlo allowed three hits in eight innings.  Both Bees runs in the game (one in the third and one in the eighth) were unearned.

Attendance: 955

GAME THREE – September 16, 1999
Burlington 3
Wisconsin 4
12 innings

Winning Pitcher: Clint Chrysler
Losing Pitcher: Brannon Whatley

Wisconsin Home Runs: Craig Kuzmic and Fernando Espino

Key moments: Craig Kuzmic doubled in a run to tie the game 2-2 in the bottom of the eighth.  He had his RBI double off Mark Buehrle.  Kuzmic homered – on a 1-2 pitch with two out –  in the bottom of the tenth inning to tie the game 3-3.  Fernando Espino hit his walkoff home run to win the game in the bottom of the twelfth.

Attendance: 726

GAME FOUR – September 17, 1999
Burlington 2
Wisconsin 4

Winning Pitcher: Justin Smith
Losing Pitcher: Jason Stumm

Wisconsin Home Run: Craig Kuzmic

Key Moments: Rattlers scored three runs in the first inning off Stumm.  Kuzmic homered in the eighth inning for a little insurance.

Attendance: 906

GAME FIVE – September 18, 1999
Burlington 13
Wisconsin 4

Winning Pitcher: Matt Ginter
Losing Pitcher: Aaron Looper

Wisconsin Home Runs: Juan Silvestre and Alan Zambrano

Key Moment: Game tied 3-3 with one out in the top of the eighth inning.  Bees have runners on first and second.  Ender Gonzalez singles to left. Juan Silvestre comes up throwing to the plate. Carlos Maldonado catches the ball and lets the runner slide into the tag.  Umpire Ryan West calls the runner safe.  Pandemonium ensues. Rattlers manager Steve Roadcap is ejected from the game.  Bees score two more runs in the eighth and add seven in the ninth.

Attendance: 1,223

Every Timber Rattler All-Star since 1995

This post is “Exactly What It Says on the Tin

There have been 89 Timber Rattlers named as All-Stars since 1995.
Fifteen Timber Rattlers have been starters in Midwest League All-Star Games
Three times Rattlers managers have been in charge of the Western Division All-Stars (1996, 1997, 2005)
Two Timber Rattlers have been the winning pitcher of the MWL All-Star Game (1997, 2004)
One Timber Rattler has hit a homer in the MWL All-Star Game (2011)
One Timber Rattler was a 2-time MWL All-Star (1997, 1998)

Seven of the eight Timber Rattlers All-Stars for the 2012 game.

Starters are denoted in bold italics

1995 @ West Michigan (1):
Pitcher Mariano Santana

1996 @ Wisconsin (8 + manager)
Catcher Karl Thompson
Infielder David Ortiz
Infielder Jose Amado
Infielder Joel Ramirez
Outfielder Luis Tinoco
Outfielder Scott Smith
Pitcher Brett Iddon
Pitcher Greg Wooten
Manager Mike Goff

1997 @ Lansing (4 + manager)
Infielder Luis Figueroa
Designated Hitter Jason Regan
Pitcher Joe Mays
Pitcher Denny Stark (Winning Pitcher)
Manager Gary Varsho

1998 @ Clinton (6):
Third Baseman Luis Figueroa
Outfielder Mike Marchiano
Pitcher Ryan Anderson
Pitcher Lesli Brea
Pitcher Gil Meche
Pitcher Joel Pinero

1999 @ Lansing (4):
Pitcher Aaron Looper
Pitcher Chris Mears
Pitcher Melqui Torres
Pitcher Enmanuel Ulloa

2000 @ Kane County (3):
First Baseman Shawn McCorkle
Outfielder Chris Snelling
Pitcher Aquilino Lopez

2001 @ Dayton (7):
Outfielder Jamie Bubela
Catcher Mark Carroll
Infielder Pedro Liriano
Outfielder Jamal Strong
Pitcher Rett Johnson
Pitcher Kevin Olore
Pitcher Chad Wiles

2002 @ Lansing (4):
Outfielder Shin-Soo Choo
Third Baseman Greg Dobbs
Pitcher Juan Doñe
Pitcher Ramon Royce

2003 @ West Michigan (8):
Outfielder TJ Bohn
Infielder Matt Hagen
Infielder Corey Harrington
Catcher Rene Rivera
Pitcher TA Fulmer
Pitcher Cesar Jimenez
Pitcher Bobby Livingston
Pitcher Ryan Rowland-Smith

2004 @ Cedar Rapids (2):
Pitcher Ryan Feierabend (Winning Pitcher)
Pitcher Brian Stitt

2005 @ Peoria (7 + manager):
Infielder Asdrubal Cabrera
Infielder Yung Chi Chen
Catcher Rob Johnson
Infielder Matt Tuiasosopo
Outfielder Josh Womack
Pitcher Cibney Bello
Pitcher Chad Fillinger
Manager Scott Steinmann

2006 @ Quad Cities (4):
Outfielder Casey Craig
Third Baseman Ron Garth
Pitcher Edgar Guaramato
Pitcher Harold Williams

2007 @ Kane County (2):
Pitcher Andy Barb
Pitcher Joe Kantakevich

2008 @ Great Lakes (4):
Second Baseman Edilio Colina
Infielder Juan Diaz
Pitcher Phillippe Aumont
Pitcher Travis Mortimore

2009 @ Clinton (5):
Catcher Corey Kemp
Infielder Brett Lawrie
Pitcher Jim Henderson
Pitcher Daniel Meadows
Pitcher Wily Peralta

2010 @ Fort Wayne (4):
Left Fielder Khris Davis
Second Baseman Scooter Gennett
Pitcher Nick Bucci
Pitcher Jake Odorizzi

2011 @ Quad Cities (4):
Designated Hitter Chris Dennis (Home Run)
Infielder Mike Walker
Pitcher Austin Ross
Pitcher Tyler Thornburg

2012 @ Kane County (8):
Second Baseman Greg Hopkins
Catcher Rafael Neda
Shortstop Yadiel Rivera
Infielder Jason Rogers
Pitcher Drew Gagnon
Pitcher Seth Harvey
Pitcher Tommy Toledo
Pitcher Mark Williams


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