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The week for Rattlers alumni

Former Timber Rattlers pitcher Mark Lowe makes a pitch during the eighth inning of Game Three of the 2011 World Series. Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Still one ex-Rattler active in the World Series.  Mark Lowe (’05) is with the Texas Rangers and he was asked to get three outs in the eighth inning of Saturday’s St. Louis slaughter of the Rangers.

He got those three outs, but also allowed a run on two hits with a strikeout.

In international competition news, the baseball tournament at the Pan American Games are wrapping up in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Canada and the United States are into the semifinal round.  Canada, with three ex-Rattlers on the roster, face Mexico tonight.  The US take on Cuba at 2:00pm today.  Puerto Rico, with two former Rattlers on the roster, are playing Panama right now…for 7th place?

Brock Kjeldgaard (’09): 3 games; 3-for-8, 0 HR, 3RBI
Jim Henderson (’09): 2 games, 0-0, 16.27ERA, 2BB, K
Nick Bucci (’10): has not pitched

Puerto Rico:
Jeffrey Dominguez (’06): 3 games, 1-for-9, 0H, 2RBI
Efrain Nieves (’10): 1 game, .2IP, BB, 0K

Now to the Fall/Winter Leagues.

Arizona Fall League:

Kentrail Davis (’10): 10 games, .290/.421/.484; 1 HR, 2 RBI
Scooter Gennett (’10): 10 games, .381/.458/.595; 2 HR, 7RBI
Adam Moore (’06): 6 games, .130/.231/.174; 0 HR, 4RBI

Santo Manzanillo (’10): 3 games, 0-1, 6.75ERA, 2.2IP, 2BB, K
Daniel Meadows (’09): 5 games, 0-0, 2.57ERA, 7IP, 4BB, 2K
Casey Medlen (’11): 3 games, 1-0, 4.15ERA, 4.1IP, BB, 5K
Cody Scarpetta (’09): 3 games, 2 starts, 0-1, 18.00ERA, 4IP, 9BB, 3K
Tyler Thornburg (’11): 3 games, 1-0, 3.38ERA, 5.1IP, 4BB, 3K
Jed Bradley (we can hope): 1 game, 0-0, 0.00, 0BB, 0K

Nathan Adcock (’08): 2 games, 2 starts, 1-1, 7.11ERA, 6.1IP, 3BB, 10K
Jeremy Jeffress (’10): 5 games, 0-0, 6.35ERA, 5.2IP, 4BB, 6K

Dominican League:

Edward Paredes (’08): 3 games, 0-1, Save, 9.00ERA, 2IP, BB, 2K
Juan Sandoval (’03): 3 games, 1-0, 3.00 ERA, 3IP, 0BB, 3K

Leury Bonilla (’07): 2 games, 0-for-1
Juan Diaz (’08): 6 games .095/.095/.095 0HR, 0RBI

Carlos Peguero (’07): 7 games, .393/.452/.857 3 HR, 7 RBI

Jorge Sosa (’01): 2 games, 2 starts, 0-0, 1.13 ERA, 8IP, 3BB, 8K

Rene Rivera (’03): 1 game, 3-for-3
Carlos Triunfel (’07): 2 games, 1-for-4
Santo Manzanillo (’10): 1 game, 0.0IP, BB

Venezuelan League:

Daniel Carroll (’08): 1 game, 1-for-3
Alex Liddi (’08): 10 games, .194/.342/.355 HR, 4RBI
Oswaldo Navarro (’05): 10 games, .265/.350/.412 HR, 5RBI
Michael Saunders (’06): 10 games, .143/.318/.286, HR, 3RBI
Luis Valbuena (’06): 11 games, .250/.386/.417 0HR, 3RBI

Caesar Jimenez (’03): 1 game, 0-0, *.**ERA, 0.0IP, 0BB, 0K

Carlos Maldonado (’99): 7 games, .125/.333/.188, 0HR, 0RBI

Austin Bibens-Dirkx (’06): 2 games, 1 start, 0-1, 3.38ERA, 5.1IP, 4BB, 4K
Jose Escalona (’08): 1 game, 0-0, 27.00ERA, 0.1IP

Luis Oliveros (’02): 2 games, .333/.500/.333 0HR, 4RBI
Mike Wilson (’05): 7 games, .080/.233/.200, HR, 2RBI

Lorenzo Cain (’09): 9 games, .212/.333/.333, HR, 2 RBI
Bryan LaHair (’04): 10 games, .308/.426/.821 6 HR, 9 RBI

Edgar Trejo (’08): 3 games, .200/.333/.200, 0 HR, oRBI

October 20th in the Arizona Fall League

Thursday was not a good day for ex-Timber Rattlers starting pitchers in the Arizona Fall League.

Nathan Adcock (’08) was the starting pitcher for Surprise and took the loss as Salt River won 7-2.  Adcock was the starter and allowed five runs on five hits with two walks and three strikeouts.  Adcock is 1-1 in two starts down in the AFL.

The really bad news was in Peoria’s 10-9 loss to Phoenix.  Cody Scarpetta (’09) faced seven batters in the first inning for Peoria and did not retire any of those batters.  He allowed four hits and three walks.  Phoenix hit a pair of homers, including a grand slam, to grab a 7-0 lead.  Scarpetta is 0-1 with an 18.00 ERA in the AFL.

There was good news on other fronts in that game for Peoria.

Scooter Gennett (’10) went 3-for-5 with three runs scored, a double, a walk, and three runs scored.  Gennett’s slash line is: .417/.488/.667

Daniel Meadows (’09) pitched two innings and allowed a run on two hits.

Jed Bradley, one of Milwaukee’s first round picks in the 2011 draft, made his Arizona Fall League debut.  He worked the sixth inning.  Here is how it went:

Phoenix Top of the 6th
Pitcher Change: Jed Bradley replaces Daniel Meadows.
Rob Segedin grounds out, second baseman Scooter Gennett to first baseman Matt Adams.
Kevin Ahrens grounds out, shortstop Wilfredo Tovar to first baseman Matt Adams.
Roberto Perez flies out to center fielder Logan Schafer.

Good start for Bradley.

Peoria is at Salt River tonight at 8:35pm CDT

Fall/Winter League Updates

After a break of a few days, let’s take a look at how ex-Rattlers are faring in the current active Fall/Winter Leagues.  That would be the Arizona Fall League, the Dominican Winter League, and the Venezuelan Winter League.

Two other leagues will be starting soon.  The Puerto Rico Baseball League will start on November 4.  The Australian Baseball League officially starts on November 3.  There are a couple of exhibition games planned over the next few weeks.

Also, note that Santo Manzanillo has moved from the Arizona Fall League to pitch for Licey in the Dominican Republic.

Arizona Fall League:

Peoria Javelinas:
Kentrail Davis (’10): 7 games, 7-for-25; .280/.400/.400 2 SBs, RBI
Scooter Gennett (’10): 6 games, 9-for-27; .333/.400/.630 2HR, 6RBI
Adam Moore (’06): 5 games, 3-for-19; .158/.273/.211 0HR, 4RBI

Santo Manzanillo (’10): 3 games, 0-1; 6.75ERA; SAVE; 2.2IP, 2BB, K
Daniel Meadows (’09): 4 games, 0-0; 1.80ERA; 5IP, 3BB, 2K
Casey Medlen (’11): 1 game; 0-0, 5.40ERA; 1.2IP; BB; K
Cody Scarpetta (’09): 2 games; 1 start; 1-0; 2.25ERA; 5.1IP; 4BB, 3K
Tyler Thornburg (’11): 3 games; 1-0; 3.38ERA; 5.1IP; 4BB, 3K

Surprise Saguaros:
Nathan Adcock (’08): 1 game; 1 start; 1-0; 0.00ERA; 3IP, BB, 7K

Venezuelan Winter League:

Daniel Carroll (’08): 1 game, 1-for-3; .333/.333/.333
Alex Liddi (’08): 5 games; 2-for-16; .125/.300/.188
Oswaldo Navarro (’05): 6 games; 4-for-20; .200/.227/.350; HR; 5RBI
Michael Saunders (’06): 5 games; 4-for-18; .222/.391/.500; HR; 3RBI
Luis Valbuena (’06): 6 games; 5-for-20; .250/.318/.500

Carlos Maldonado (’99): 4 games; 0-for-10; .000/.167/.000

Austin Bibens-Dirkx (’06): 1 game; 1 start; 0-1; 6.00ERA; 3IP, BB, 2K
Jose Escalona (’08): 1 game, 0-0, 0.00, 0.1IP

Edgar Trejo (’09): 1 game; 0-for-2; .000/.333/.000

Mike Wilson (’05): 3 games; 2-for-8; .250/.500/.675; HR, 2 RBI

Lorenzo Cain (’09): 6 games; 7-for-23; .304/.429/.478; HR, 2 RBI
Bryan LaHair (’04): 6 games; 9-for-24; .375/.464/1.083; 5 HR, 7 RBI

Dominican Winter League:

Edward Paredes (’08): 1 game; 0-0, SAVE, 0.00, .2IP, 2K
Juan Sandoval (’03): 1 game; 1-0; 0.00; 2IP, 3K

Leury Bonilla: 1 game; defensive replacement
Juan Diaz (’08): 2 games; 0-for-7; .000/.000/.000

Carlos Peguero (’07): 3 games; 4-for-12; .333/.429/.500; 2 RBI
Wily Peralta (’09): 1 game; 1 start; 0-1; 9.00ERA; 3IP, BB, K

Jorge Sosa (’01): 1 game; 1 start; 0-0; 0.00ERA; 4IP; BB, 2K

Carlos Triunfel (’07): 1 game; 0-for-1; .000/.000/.000
Santo Manzanillo (’10): 1 game; 0-0, *.**; 0.0IP, H, R

Beloit won’t be the same

A new chapter in The Neverending Story.

 Vohs leaves Snappers after 11 years

Jeff Vohs worked his way up from intern to general manager of the Beloit Snappers in just four years, then hung onto the job for seven more seasons.

Wednesday, however, came the news Vohs will step down and leave baseball for the world of banking.

“It’s been fun,” Vohs said. “It’s always been a challenge and that’s what I liked about the job. In terms of my family, however, it was time to move on. I’m glad I’m staying in the area. Beloit has definitely grown on me.”

The Snappers also announced Wednesday that Assistant GM Matthew Bosen has been named the organization’s 10th GM in its 30-year history.

“Over the last four years, I’ve learned a great deal about the proper way to run the Snappers from Jeff (Vohs), I appreciate all the knowledge that he’s passed on to me that he’s picked up throughout his 11 years,“ said Bosen. “I’d like to thank the Board of Directors for giving me this chance to run the organization.”

I’ve know Jeff for a long time and I wish him the best of luck.

New Stadium?  Stadium news?

“The Board keeps working on that project,” Vohs said. “I’ve always focused on what needs to be done here. Since we have a small front office, we can’t commit time to that project and make sure we stay viable in our current ballpark situation. I hope things get better in the economy and something gets done with a new stadium. But Matt will have to do the same thing I did — focus on Pohlman Field.”

In other news, I see that winter baseball has begun in Venezuela.

Ex-Rattlers in action so far are:

Alex Liddi (’08)
Oswaldo Navarro (’05)
Michael Saunders (’06)
Luis Valbuena (’06)

Carlos Maldonado (’99)
Austin Bibens-Dirkx (’06)

Lorenzo Cain (’09)
Bryan LaHair (’04)

Mike Wilson (’05)

Busy day in the IBAF World Cup on Thursday with doubleheaders all around.

Canada 7, Venezuela 0

Brock Kjeldgaard (’09): 1-for-3, RUN, 2 RBI, HR

Brock Kjeldgaard is greeted at home plate after another homer in the World Cup

Canada 4, South Korea 0

Kjeldgaard: 0-for-3

Netherlands 2, Australia 1

Kalian Sams (’07): 0-for-3

Netherlands 4, Cuba 1

Sams: 1-for-3, RUN, 2 RBI, HR

Kalian Sams (No. 35) is congratulated by his teammates after a home run against Cuba...HOME RUN...AGAINST CUBA!!


According to this, the Dutch are through to the Gold Medal game.  Either Canada or Cuba will face them for the Championship.  How big of a deal is that?  According to this…The Netherlands is the first team from Europe in 73 YEARS to compete for the Gold Medal at the IBAF World Cup…73 YEARS!


Surprise 6, Phoenix 2

Nathan Adcock (’08): 3IP, H, 0R, BB, 7K

Mesa 6, Peoria Javelinas 3

Scooter Gennett (’10): 0-for-4, RUN
Daniel Meadows (’09): IP, 2H, R, 2BB

A good day in the Arizona Fall League has a story on yesterday’s win by Peoria over Mesa.

After the Solar Sox scored twice in the bottom of the second, the Javelinas picked up the pace in the fourth and fifth opposing reliever Bruce Pugh (Twins), who was tagged with his first loss. Kentrail Davis (Brewers) tripled home Zelous Wheeler (Brewers) and Juan Lagares (Mets) plated Scooter Gennett (Brewers) with a two-run homer.

Gennett and Davis, Milwaukee’s No. 4 and 6 prospects respectively, went a combined 5-for-8 at the plate. Gennett is batting .421 through four AFL games.

For Wednesday’s game, Gennett went 3-for-5 with a double and a run and Davis was 2-for-3 with a triple, a run, and an RBI.

There was a file photo of Scooter Gennett that went with the story.

Scooter Gennett rounds third after a home run in the Arizona Fall League. photo by James that one.

If you are looking for an update on the World Cup down in Panama, don’t. The entire Wednesday schedule was rained out.  It looks like there are doubleheaders scheduled for today and tomorrow.  All of the games are scheduled for seven innings.


Nick Bucci as a pitcher for the Timber Rattlers in 2010. (Photo by Patrick S. Blood)

Pool play has concluded in the IBAF World Cup in Panama.  Seven former Rattlers participated in Pool play.  Only four are moving on to Round two.  Canada and the Netherlands are both through to the round that starts today.  Puerto Rico and Taiwan are heading home after round one.

Here are the stats for the ex-Rattlers who played in this international competition:

Brock Kjeldgaard (’09): 6-for-24 (.250), 3 2Bs, HR, 3 RUNS, 6RBI, 10BB, 12K
Nick Bucci (’10): GS, 5IP, 2H, 0R, BB, 7K, 1-0, 0.00ERA
Jim Henderson (’09): 3Gs, 4IP, 2H, 0R, 2BB, 2K, 0-0, 0.00ERA, SAV

Puerto Rico:
Jeff Dominguez (’06): 5-for-21 (.238), 2 2Bs, 2 RUNS, 2RBI, BB, 2K
Efrain Nieves (’10): 2 GS, 9.2IP, 6H, 5R, 4ER, 6BB, 15K, 1-1, 3.72ERA

Kalian Sams (’07): 2-for-11 (.182), 2 RUNS, 3 BB, 4K

Kuo Hui Lo (’07): 7-for-23 (.304) 2 2Bs, RUN, 2RBI, 3K

Canada plays Australia today, South Korea tomorrow, & Venezuela on Thursday
The Dutch have South Korea today, Australia tomorrow, & Cuba on Thursday

The Netherlands and Canada both play at 2pm today.  Here is a link to the round two schedule and scoreboard.  To follow the play-by-play of a game, click on the GTK link next to the game.

In non-Rattler news at the World Cup, USA plays Cuba tonight at 7:30pm.  Click that link and check that one out to see how the US does in that big game.

The Arizona Fall League is in its second week.  The Peoria Javelinas are 2-4 in their first six games.  Ex-Rattlers for the Javs are:

Kentrail Davis (’10): 4-for-15 (.267) RUN, 2 BBs, 5K, 2 SB
Scooter Gennett (’10): 5-for-14 (.357) 3 RUNS, 2 HRs, 6 RBI, BB, 4K, SB
Adam Moore (’06): 1-for-7 (.143) RUN, RBI, 2 BB, 4K

Santo Manzanillo (’10): 2 games, 1.2IP, 2H, 3R, ER, 2BB, K, 0-1, 4.50ERA
Daniel Meadows (’09): 2 games, 3IP, 2H, R, 0ER, BB, 2K, 0-0, 5.40ERA
Cody Scarpetta (’09): GS, 2IP, 2H, R, 2BB, 3K, 0-0, 4.50ERA
Tyler Thornburg (’11): G, 1.1IP, H, 2R, 2BB, 0-0, 13.50ERA

Game #7 for the Javelinas is today at 2:35pm CDT against Phoenix.  Click here for the scoreboard and follow along on gameday.

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