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Brick says, “Hello.”

Time for a visit from our friend Brick, the Bad Weather Hating Bactrian

Brick, the Bad weather Hating Bactrian is very angry with this weather.

Brick, the Bad weather Hating Bactrian is very angry with this weather.

Mehring would post a photo or something, but …. Oh, Perry the Postponement Penguin has something to say.

Sorry, folks, park's closed.  Moose outside shoulda told ya.

Sorry, folks, park’s closed. Moose outside shoulda told ya.

What I think that means is Monday’s game was called due to rain. Doubleheader on Tuesday. Game one starts at 5:05pm.

Hopefully, it doesn’t look like this:

April 28 rainout

Anyhow…here are the details.

And here is a picture of the home field of the Timber Rattlers when it’s nice out…

Recycled. Sorry. Running late.

Recycled. Sorry. Running late.

Lord, let it be nice again soon.

A look at the home opener

Rained out on the second day of the home schedule….Let’s get this out of the way….


Perry the Postponement Penguin says, "No game tonight."

Perry the Postponement Penguin says, “No game tonight.”

Thanks, Perry.  Hopefully we won’t need you much this season.  (Fingers Crossed)

It’s time you met another member of the Mehring Menagerie.  Keep it brief, Brick:

Brick, the Bad weather Hating Bactrian is very angry with this weather.

Brick, the Bad weather Hating Bactrian is very angry with this weather.


And for photographic proof:

I am already sick of seeing the tarp on the field.

I am already sick of seeing the tarp on the field.

Plenty of media in attendance for the home opener and here are links to the different stories.  For those of you outside the greatest state in the Union….those people in the parking lot are tailgating.  It was 42 degrees:

FOX 11 had story this from Alex Ronallo and this series of pictures.

WBAY’s Emily Matesic filed this story before the game on the renovations while Tricia Whitaker had these stories on the preparations by the players and coaching staff.

WFRV’s Bret Lemoine was at the game and had a report.  You can see the text of the report at this link, but the video has been replaced by highlights of last night’s game.

NBC26 was here. I saw them. I just can’t find their stuff online right now

Tim Froberg of The Post-Crescent has this article with video of an interview with Clint Coulter.  Wm. Glasheen documented the night in photographs.

If you want a little baseball mixed in with this post, here is Kyle from Brew Crew Ball with an Opening Day Notebook , Kevin from Cream City Cables with an article on Mitch Haniger and Coulter, and Alec from Brewers Rumors filed this game story.

That will do it for today.  Think warm thoughts, Timber Rattlers fans!

Game Notes for August 4, 2012

Rain in Beloit.

Pregame on field work has been canceled for tonight’s game.  The Timber Rattlers are not going to be at the ballpark until around 4:30 or 4:45.

The forecast was calling for some severe thunderstorms to hit Beloit right around this time (4:15-4:30), but the possibility of clear skies for game time on a fireworks night is out there, too.  As of now, wait and see….Let’s get Brick out here just to make it official:

Brick the Bad Weather Hating Bactrian sez, “I hate bad weather. Just because I haven’t been around that much this year doesn’t mean you should have forgot that main thing about me. I mean…it’s my gosh darn name!

When the lineup is available – or, if there is any news, I’ll update the post.

Here are the game notes to help you kill a little time:

UPDATE: Lineup & Pitchers added

Tonight’s Lineup:
Brandon Macias – 3B
Carlos George – CF
Greg Hopkins – 2B
Nick Ramirez – 1B
Ben McMahan – LF
Mike Garza – DH
Max Walla – RF
Rafael Neda – C
Yadiel Rivera – SS

Wisconsin Starting Pitcher:
Matt Miller

Beloit Starting Pitcher:
Jason Wheeler

Follow tonight’s game (7:00pm CDT first pitch):
Radio: AM1280,  WNAM
Internet Audio: WNAM Website (Click Listen Live Tab) (free)

I don’t believe that record is kept.

You are all very funny people….asking me what the Midwest League record is for doubleheaders.

I really don’t have any idea and I don’t want to look it up…

Carl, the Rain-Hating Camel sez, "This weather is quite horrible."

I mean I guess that I could, since I don’t have anything else to do tonight…

Brick, the Bad weather Hating Bactrian is very angry with this weather.

But, then, I would just get depressed and no one would want that…

Telemachus, the tarping tapir, wants you to know that the tarp is on the field. But, it should be off later tonight.

Once the Sun comes out and the flowers are in bloom and there is actual baseball with one game played in a day and we can all laugh about this…

Fairfax, the field conditions ferret, says that the weather may be bad, but the field will be in great shape for the doubleheader on Wednesday.

Then, maybe I can look it up.

Perry, the Postponement Penguin, says he hasn't been around much doing his job lately because he just couldn't deal with it. But, maybe if he could show up this one time that would put a stop to this madness.

Until then… Just get some rest.  It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow.

Tyler Thornburg gets the start in game one.  Austin Ross gets the ball in game two.

Rainy Saturday

The tarp is on the field at Time Warner Cable Field on Saturday, April 16, 2011. It won't be coming off today.

Well. It is April in the Midwest League.  That doesn’t make it okay to have two rain outs in a row.  Friday’s game is already scheduled as part of a doubleheader on Sunday.  Today’s postponement will need to be made up as part of a doubleheader in Peoria later this half.  Wisconsin heads down there twice in the half.  The first time is May 24-26 and the second is June 14-16.

More on that later.

As far as I know, the Rattlers will stay with Del Howell for game one and Tyler Thornburg for game two.  The Chiefs will most likely stay with Cam Greathouse for game one.  Game two may still be Graham Hicks.  Stay tuned for more on this.

Now, without further delay, here is Brick, the Bad-Weather Hating Bactrian to try to scare away this crummy weather.  Brick is a little upset to be awakened this early on a Saturday morning, so he is probably not going to say anything.  But, his image should be enough for today.

Brick, the Bad-Weather Hating Bactrian says that he hates this bad weather.

Meet an old…character

Good morning.  I almost wrote “Meet an old friend.” But if there is one character on the old Rattler Radio on blogspot I didn’t want to bring over here it was him.  Today, however, he needs to be here.  Dear readers, Brick, the bad-weather hating Bactrian:

Spring, eh?

Mehring took a couple of pictures this morning.  He managed to hold down the shaking to get those pictures today. He is going to post them in the next, er, ah, post.

I demanded the time today because of how much I hate bad weather.  But, what I really hate is bad weather after a stretch of good weather.  Especially when that good weather has wiped out just about every last piece of evidence that there was bad weather.

I don’t believe in Hope…If I had my way, the phrase would be hope in one hand and…well, you know the rest. So, let me close this by saying I hate this weather. I want it to be warm and I never want to be on this blog again.

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