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It has been a busy day

Hmm.  Where to start?

How about right here.

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers announced today an exciting new way for fans to experience Rattlers baseball through their mobile devices while they are at Time Warner Cable Field.

The team held a press conference at the stadium today to demonstrate a new mobile web site application that will change the way fans connect to the team, the game, their fellow fans, and the experience of being at the game.

What does that mean? Head over to this .pdf at the Rattlers website for the PowerPoint presentation of Rattlers In Game.  Then, check out the Rattlers In Game website.  It’s just a countdown now, but it will go live soon.

Earlier today at the Post Crescent website Timber Rattlers president Rob Zerjav and some radio announcer were guests on NEWSMAKERS.  It streams on a loop, so if you pick it up in the middle watch it all the way around.

There are a lot of other things going on here at the stadium.  I left the battery to my camera at home in the charger in the luggage that I haven’t unpacked yet…So, the progress report on the snow and the new construction by the dugout will have to wait.

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