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Do your worst – Post postponement post for June 12, 2013

What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes. You must look into that storm and shout as you did in Rome. Do your worst, for I will do mine! – Edmond Dantes, The Count of Monte Cristo

Perry the Postponement Penguin sez: No game on Wednesday in Beloit.  Doubleheader on Thursday with game one starting at 4:30pm.  Hiram Burgos was scheduled to make the start on Thursday.  He will probably start one of the games, but it had to be decided which game it would be.  Austin Blaski will start the other game.

Sorry, folks, park's closed.  Moose outside shoulda told ya.

Sorry, folks, park’s closed. Moose outside shoulda told ya.

Wow. Thanks, Perry. You pretty much stole one of the reasons I was going to do this post.

Before you give the Snappers any grief for calling the game when it looked like this around 4:30 this afternoon:

Storm clouds rolling in, but not raining.

Storm clouds rolling in, but not raining.

It looked like THIS at about 6:30 tonight:

June `12 2013 008
Oh, you want to see if it’s raining?
June `12 2013 009
Yeah. It’s raining.
June `12 2013 010
And dark and not stopping any time soon.

I’d like to think that it’s honest and insightful reporting that allowed Rattler Radio to finish 5th on the list of MiLB Pro Blogs for the month of May.  But, I really know that it’s the weather photos and my menagerie of weather related animal familiars that really brings in the traffic!  Right, Carl?

Carl the Rain Hating Camel says, "I hate rain. It shouldn't rain today. It had better stay away or I will be very angry."

Carl the Rain Hating Camel says, “I hate rain. It shouldn’t rain today. It had better stay away or I will be very angry.”


Lineup & Game Notes for Game Two MWL Championship Series – September 13, 2012

For the Fort Wayne perspective on Game One, here’s Mike Couzens on It’s All Relative.

For the Fort Wayne perspective on Wednesday’s game winning run, check out the highlights from

As to today…

Carl the Rain Hating Camel says, “I hate rain. It shouldn’t rain today. It had better stay away or I will be very angry.”

Fort Wayne Lineup:
Travis Jankowski – CF
Jace Peterson – SS
Yeison Asencio – RF
Travis Whitmore – DH
Lee Orr – 1B
Austin Hedges – C
Duanel Jones – 3B
Kyle Gaedele – LF
Tyler Stubblefield – 2B

Timber Rattlers Lineup:
Brandon Macias – 3B
Chadwin Stang – CF
Ben McMahan – LF
Nick Ramirez – 1B
Cameron Garfield – DH
Yadiel Rivera – SS
Max Walla – RF
Rafael Neda – C
Carlos George – 2B

Fort Wayne Starting Pitcher:
Colin Rea

Wisconsin Starting Pitcher:
Chad Pierce

Fort Wayne Game Notes:
FortWayne091312 vs Wisconsin

Wisconsin Game Notes:

Follow today’s game (12:05pm CDT first pitch):
Radio: AM1280,  WNAM
Internet Audio: WNAM Website (Click Listen Live Tab) (free)
Internet Video: MiLB.TV (Subscribers only)

Lineup & Game Notes for April 15, 2012

Carl, the rain hating camel.

Greetings, Rattlers fans! I’m Carl, the rain hating camel.  I just wanted to let you all know that there is a bit of a drizzle falling over Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium, but it should be moving through and you will hear the call of PLAY BALL! very soon.

The grounds crew put the tarp on the field last night.  They dumped the water off the tarp at 10am and all of that water has been soaked up by the intricate drainage system under the field.

Long story short: Today’s game is still scheduled to start at 1:05pm and it’s going to be a great day for baseball.

Now, to the various data that you need to prepare for the game.

Sunday’s Lineup:
Carlos George 2B
Brandon Macias 3B
Chadwin Stang RF
Jason Rogers DH
Greg Hopkins 1B
Yadiel Rivera SS
John Dishon LF
Tyler Roberts C
Adrian Williams CF

Wisconsin’s Starting Pitcher:
Andy Moye

Peoria’s Starting Pitcher:
Willengton Cruz

Wisconsin’s Game Notes:

Peoria’s Game Notes:

To follow today’s game listen on AM1280, WNAM, on their internet feed, or watch on MiLB.TV.

Lineup and Game Notes: April 28, 2011

I would have put a picture up, but…oh, wait…

Carl, the Rain Hating Camel, says that he hates rain! You are not surprised by his appearance...are you?

Tonight’s Rattlers lineup:

Reggie Keen           CF
Nick Shaw               2B
Cody Hawn             1B
Mike Walker           DH
Greg Hopkins         3B
Robbie Garvey      LF
Tyler Roberts           C
Carlos George        SS
Franklin Romero  RF

Tonight’s Starting pitcher:
Matt Miller

Tonight’s game notes:  RattlersGameNotesApril28

I don’t believe that record is kept.

You are all very funny people….asking me what the Midwest League record is for doubleheaders.

I really don’t have any idea and I don’t want to look it up…

Carl, the Rain-Hating Camel sez, "This weather is quite horrible."

I mean I guess that I could, since I don’t have anything else to do tonight…

Brick, the Bad weather Hating Bactrian is very angry with this weather.

But, then, I would just get depressed and no one would want that…

Telemachus, the tarping tapir, wants you to know that the tarp is on the field. But, it should be off later tonight.

Once the Sun comes out and the flowers are in bloom and there is actual baseball with one game played in a day and we can all laugh about this…

Fairfax, the field conditions ferret, says that the weather may be bad, but the field will be in great shape for the doubleheader on Wednesday.

Then, maybe I can look it up.

Perry, the Postponement Penguin, says he hasn't been around much doing his job lately because he just couldn't deal with it. But, maybe if he could show up this one time that would put a stop to this madness.

Until then… Just get some rest.  It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow.

Tyler Thornburg gets the start in game one.  Austin Ross gets the ball in game two.

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