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A modified quote for icy stadium pictures

“It tasks me; it heaps me; I see in it outrageous strength, with an inscrutable malice sinewing it. That inscrutable thing is chiefly what I hate; and be the white winter agent, or be the white winter principal, I will wreck that hate upon it.”

Imagine me saying this as I am dressed as Ricardo Montalbán in The Wrath of Khan. You’ll get the general idea of my feelings today.

Before we get to the pictures of a stadium that encased in ice, let’s get a report from Fairfax, the Field Conditions Ferret. Fairfax, what do you have for us today?

Icy. The field conditions are icy today.  What the heck do you think they would be, Mehring!?

Icy. What the heck do you think they are, Mehring!?

Thanks for that very accurate report, Fairfax.

And to make it official….

Perry the Postponement Penguin says, "No games tonight."

Perry the Postponement Penguin says, “No games tonight.”

It makes sense that Perry the postponement penguin would be a little more professional in these conditions that a ferret.

To the photos!

It’s all a matter of perspective.

For example:


Icy trees.

Icy trees.

Pretty depressing:

Same angle.  Not zoomed in on the trees.

Same angle. Not zoomed in on the trees.

Here’s something from the same spot, just crouched down on the steps to include the railing:



From the front of the stadium:

It's NOT December...Darn it!

It’s NOT December…Darn it!

The entire front entrance:

Deep sigh.

Deep sigh.



Nope. Just the ballpark.

Nope. Just the ballpark.

Beaches are supposed to be warm:

Supposed to be warm.

Supposed to be warm.

More?  You want more? I’ll give you more!

From beyond the Rattlers bullpen.

From beyond the Rattlers bullpen.

Picnic tables.  Those are things that are acquainted with summer.

Picnic tables. Those are things that people think about when they think summer.

Cold winter fingers Will not release their tight grasp On my aching heart

Cold winter fingers
Will not release their tight grasp
On my aching heart

Deeeeeep Siiiiigh.

Deeeeeep Siiiiigh.

The Rattlers will try to play the Kane County Cougars tomorrow.  Think warm thoughts.

I don’t believe that record is kept.

You are all very funny people….asking me what the Midwest League record is for doubleheaders.

I really don’t have any idea and I don’t want to look it up…

Carl, the Rain-Hating Camel sez, "This weather is quite horrible."

I mean I guess that I could, since I don’t have anything else to do tonight…

Brick, the Bad weather Hating Bactrian is very angry with this weather.

But, then, I would just get depressed and no one would want that…

Telemachus, the tarping tapir, wants you to know that the tarp is on the field. But, it should be off later tonight.

Once the Sun comes out and the flowers are in bloom and there is actual baseball with one game played in a day and we can all laugh about this…

Fairfax, the field conditions ferret, says that the weather may be bad, but the field will be in great shape for the doubleheader on Wednesday.

Then, maybe I can look it up.

Perry, the Postponement Penguin, says he hasn't been around much doing his job lately because he just couldn't deal with it. But, maybe if he could show up this one time that would put a stop to this madness.

Until then… Just get some rest.  It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow.

Tyler Thornburg gets the start in game one.  Austin Ross gets the ball in game two.


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