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Post Number 800!

I didn’t realize that ‘Rattler Radio’ was nearing the 800 mark until a couple of days ago.  I thought about a big post that covered the blog since moving over from the old site.  But, I woke up to this:

Snow's gonna snow.

Opening Day will get here. Trust me.

Keep in mind that Monday looked like this:

There CAN be no snow in February. See!

Sigh.  55 days to Opening Day.  That was enough to get me down just a little bit.  So, here are a few prospect links and a Flashback Friday supplement to this week’s column.

Prospects: has this Top 20 list.  Potential Rattlers – and I stress “Potential” Rattlers – for 2012 on that list are #2 Jed Bradley, #3, Taylor Jungman, #11 David Goforth, & #12 Yadiel Rivera. also has this organizational preview for the 2012 Brewers minor leaguers.

“I think last year, we were better than we thought we would be,” [Reid] Nichols said. “This year, I am optimistic and I feel good about the year. We have some players that will contribute. We have players that will be recognized by baseball.”

In addition to [Wily] Peralta and [Jed] Bradley, the organization has players like infielder Scooter Gennett, right-handed pitchers Taylor Jungmann and Tyler Thornburg along with infielder Taylor Green making strides.

The newly revamped Disciples of Uecker has a Top 30 List for Brewers Prospects.




Brew Crew Ball has been doing Community Prospect Ratings for #1 through #17.

It should not be a surprise that former Timber Rattlers pitcher Wily Peralta is #1 on all three lists.

And now a word from our sponsor: Timber Rattlers Fandemonium starts next Wednesday (2/15).  Click here for the details.

This week’s Flashback Friday is a reprint of a combination season review (1987)/season preview (1988) from the 1988 Appleton Foxes souvenir program.

The cover of the 1988 program was part of the series that were designed and drawn by Paul Birling.  I believe that I have called them LeRoy Neiman-esque.

The cover of the 1988 Appleton Foxes souvenir program.

Other Paul Birling covers on this blog are: 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, & 1992.  As noted elsewhere, the Foxes modified the 1991 cover for use again in 1994.  Like so:


The 1991 Foxes Program cover celebrates the 100th Anniversary of pro baseball in Appleton.


Just enough changes from 1991. This might make a good Spot the Difference for after the 2012 season.

And that would be post number 800!  Thank you for coming back for more during the long offseason.  Things will be picking up in the next few days and there will be no let up until the end of the Timber Rattlers schedule is done.

Flashback Friday Supplemental: January 20, 2012

There is nothing that I do not like about the cover of the 1993 Appleton Foxes Program cover.

A fox standing on a pier...A left-hand hitting fox standing on a pier. Drawn by Dave Taylor

This week’s Flashback is posted over and it is a little history about baseball in Appleton.

Flashback Friday Supplement (1/13/12)

Here are a few photos that go with today’s Flashback Friday on the home page:

This man looks like the founder of a baseball league. Photo Credit: Heath Baseball Museum

The 1964 Foxes featuring Sparky Lyle. Photo Credit: Heath Baseball Museum

The 1980 Wisconsin Rapids Twins featuring a young Mr. Met: Photo Credit: Heath Baseball Museum

Odds & Ends

Claudio Liverziani's 1997 Timber Rattlers baseball card

This week’s Flashback Friday is up on the home page.  It’s the story of Italian Claudio Liverziani.  Interesting story.

There were three former Timber Rattlers taken in the 2011 Rule 5 draft.  Two of them were picked in the major league part and one was in the minor league part.  All three had very brief stints with the Rattlers

The minor leaguer was Fabian Williamson, who had a blink and you’ll miss it performance with the Timber Rattlers in 2007.  No. Seriously. He pitched six shutout innings against the Kane County Cougars on September 3, 2007 and that was his only appearance as a Rattler.  He spent the ’08 season with Pulaski and was traded to the Red Sox for David Aardsma before the 2009 season.  Then, in 2010, Williamson went to Oakland for Eric Patterson.

Now, the Texas Rangers have picked him up.

The two former Rattlers who were taken in the MLB part of the draft were Brett Lorin (By Arizona from Pittsburgh) and Erik Komatsu (By St. Louis from Washington).

Lorin joined the Rattlers during the 2008 season after being a fifth round pick of the Mariners that year.  He went 0-2 in eight games (six starts).  In 2009, he started the season in Clinton before being traded (along with Nathan Adcock, Jeff Clement, and two others) to the Pirates organization 9for Jack Wilson & Ian Snell) during the second half of the season.

Komatsu was the starting right fielder for the Rattlers on opening night, 2009.  However, it was an injury-plagued year for Komatsu and he played just 26 games for the Rattlers.  This past summer, the Brewers sent Komatsu to the Nationals for Jerry Hairston, Jr.

This Baseball America blog post has a reaction from Lorin and comments about Komatsu.

[Lorin profiles] as a back-of-the-rotation starter, and was selected by the Diamondbacks, the 11th player selected. Lorin was sleeping at his parents’ California home when he was picked; he said one of his parents woke him up to give him the news, and Arizona assistant GM Billy Ryan called him soon thereafter to welcome him to the organization.

“I thought I might get picked,” said Lorin, a 6-foot-7, 245-pounder with three average pitches who went 7-6, 2.84 at high Class A Bradenton in the Pirates organization this year. “It’s huge, it’s really exciting to get a chance to go to major league camp and have a shot to make the major league club. I’m going to bring my work ethic and do everything I can mentally and physically to give myself that chance.”

On a day when they lost Albert Pujols to the Angels in free agency, the Cardinals took outfielder Erik Komatsu from the Nationals system; Washington had just acquired him in July from the Brewers for Jerry Hairston Jr. Cardinals farm director John Vuch said the club’s scouts saw Komatsu enough to slot him as a fourth outfielder with a solid lefthanded bat. Komatsu has a .302/.389/.434 career slash line in the minors and spent 2011 in Double-A.

Last item today is about two former Rattlers who will participate in the Australian Baseball League All-Star GameDenny Almonte (’08) and James McOwen (’07).

According to that link, Almonte is an: RBI machine from the Seattle Mariners organisation set an ABL record eight RBIs in one game last week.

McOwen gets no such description in the article.

The game is December 21 at Barbagallo Perth Ballpark.

Flashback Friday Supplement for 3/4

You never know what you are going to find when you go looking for a certain set of facts.

One of the projects this offseason was to collect the old box scores (or at least scores) from Timber Rattlers history.  I have been mostly successful on that account.  However, whenever I discovered a story that might be of interest, I made sure to save it for use in a Flashback Friday column.

Today’s Flashback, which will be posted at the Timber Rattlers home page soon, is a story about two sluggers on the 1996 squad.  (ADDED: Flashback Friday is posted.)
ariasvickerscards.jpgOn the left is Randy Vickers.  On the right is David Arias.  Everyone knows the story of David Arias…Ortiz.  Vickers was traded to the Mets after 51 games with the Rattlers in 1996.  He was out of baseball after the 1997 season.

I did a quick google search to find out why.  You will see why in the NOTES section of this week’s Flashback.  Make sure to read it.  Link available when it is posted.

Flashback Friday Supplement for 2/18

This picture is from an old program.  I had to crop it down to fit it for this Week’s Flashback Friday (link available when it is posted LINK POSTED), but I wanted to post the whole thing here because there is nothing that is not awesome about it.  Click for a much, much larger version.

Full Goodland Field….Awesome!

Kids peeking over the fence over by the scoreboard…Awesome!

Kids peeking under the fence at the right…Awesome!

The whole picture…Awesome!

Flashback Friday Supplement for 12/10

Flashback Friday will be posted at the home page in a bit is now posted.

Here are a few pictures to go along with the Flashback, which is about the pre-game events before Opening Day, 1940. That would be the first Opening Day in Appleton Papermakers history.

And this is Eddie Dancisak, the first manager in Appleton Papermakers history.  He also played for the Papermakers.

Eddie Dancisak.jpgYes, that has been traced/outlined for definition. Photoshop was very rudimentary back in 1940.

One of the ads on the page with the story in today’s Flashback is for Marvels Cigarettes. It looks a little like this one:MarvelCigarettes.jpg

Flashback Friday Supplement for 11/19

No-no November continues this week with a look back at R. Wayne McCauley’s no-hitter for the Foxes against the Quincy Cubs on June 17, 1972.  The gem occurred in the first game of a doubleheader at Goodland Field.  There will be a link to the Flashback on the main website when the story is posted.  (AND HERE IT IS!)

The best picture that I could find of McCauley is at the bottom of this post on the 1970’s All-Decade Team.

Here is the boxscore from his no-hitter game.

Quincy – 0

..................AB R H BI
Gonzalez, SS.......2 0 0 0
Corey, CF..........2 0 0 0
Watson, 2B.........3 0 0 0
DeMichele, LF......3 0 0 0
Crews, 1B..........2 0 0 0
White, RF..........2 0 0 0
Aranzamendi, 3B....2 0 0 0
Gaudioso, C........2 0 0 0
York, P............2 0 0 0

Appleton – 2
..................AB R H BI
Rourke, 3B.........3 0 1 0
Buskey, SS.........3 1 1 0
Bridges, 2B........1 0 0 1
L. Johnson, 1B.....3 0 2 0
J. Johnson, LF.....3 0 0 0
Norton, CF.........3 0 1 0
B. Johnson, RF.....3 0 0 0
Reynolds, C........3 1 1 0
McCauley, P........2 0 1 1

.....................R H E
Quincy...000 000 0 – 0 0 2
Appleton 000 011 x – 2 7 0

E – Aranzamendi, 2
2B – Reynolds, McCauley
DP – Quincy 1
LOB – Appleton 4, Quincy 1
SB – Bridges
..........IP H R ER BB..K
McCauley 7.0 0 0..0..2 10
York.....6.0 7 2..1..1..5

TIME: 1:36
ATTN: 1,817

Flashback Friday Supplement for 11/12

This is a picture of Mickey Abarbanel:


Abarbanel was the left-handed, fire-balling ace of the Fox Cities Foxes in 1966.  As part of No-no November, this week’s Flashback Friday takes you back to his No-hitter against the Wisconsin Rapids Twins on May 28, 1966.

That piece will be going up on the main website soon.  There will be a link when it is ready.

UPDATE: Here is the link and – as mentioned at that link – here is the boxscore from that chilly May evening at Goodland Field:

May 28, 1966 at Goodland Field

Wisconsin Rapids – 1
................AB R H BI
Carter, CF.......4 0 0 0
Vessell, RF, P...4 0 0 0
Nettles, 2B......4 0 0 0
King, 1B.........4 0 0 0
McPhee, SS.......2 1 0 0
Free, 3B.........3 0 0 0
Counsell, LF.....1 0 0 0
Fuchs, LF........1 0 0 0
Littlejohn, C....1 0 0 0
Perez, C.........1 0 0 0
Lea, P...........0 0 0 0
McGroarty, P.....1 0 0 0
Rodriguez, P.....1 0 0 0
Brantley, P......1 0 0 1
Connolly, RF.....0 0 0 0

Fox Cities – 9
................AB R H BI
Kristowski, 2B...5 1 1 0
Maness, 3B.......4 2 1 0
Jones, 1B........3 2 1 0
Melton, RF.......4 2 2 5
Fitzmorris, SS...5 1 1 0
Lolich, LF.......5 1 1 1
Cottrell, CF.....3 0 1 1
Von Eps, C.......5 0 2 2
Abarbanel, P.....3 0 0 0
...............................R..H E
Wisconsin Rapids 000 000 010 – 1..0 3
Fox Cities.......450 000 00x – 9 10 1
E – King, Free, Abarbanel, McPhee. 2B – Fitzmorris, Melton, Von Eps. HR – Melton. LOB – FC 11, WR 3. SB – Maness

....................IP H R ER BB SO
Abarbanel (W, 5-1) 9.0 0 1..0..3 12

Lea (L) ...........0.2 5 4 3 0 1
McGroarty..........3.1 4 5 5 5 3
Rodriguez..........2.0 1 0 0 1 1
Brantley...........1.0 0 0 0 0 0
Vessell............1.0 0 0 0 0 1

PB – Littlejohn, Perez; U – Gassner, Steiner; Attendance – 322; Time – 2:25

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