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Brewers Sunday Jerseys for 2015

A big “Thank you” to Emily Deem of FOX 11’s Good Day Wisconsin for coming to the ballpark this morning to get everyone ready for the 2015 Timber Rattlers season.

Emily was nice enough to help Hilary Bauer, our on-field emcee, model the Brewers Sunday jerseys that the Timber Rattlers will be wearing this season.

Brewers Sunday Jersey 2015

“Thank you” to Fox Sports Wisconsin Girls Chyna and Sage for being here today as well.  They were good sports in showing off the On-Wisconsin Burger and many more of our new food items for 2015!
Good Day Wisconsin

The Season is Coming!

Alumni MLB Debut for April 3:
Jermaine Clark (’98) – for Detroit Tigers in 2001

Alumni Birthdays:
David Gonzalez (’92) – 45
Andre Rabouin (Pitching Coach ’88-90) – 65

A workout….with food

The Timber Rattlers food & beverage department gave a workout to their new Steak, Rattle, & Grill stand at lunch on Monday.

Here is the grill on the day after the workout..

Cooling down.

Cooling down.

It was a busy place as the front office gave it a try.

Behind the grill.

Behind the grill.


Getting in line.

Getting in line.

I wasn’t going to have anything yesterday, but the tempting smells from the grill were driving me to distraction.  So, I had the Chicken Philly and asked for bacon on my sandwich…After a moment of hesitation, they complied…because Mehring is always….I mean, the customer is always right!

It was delicious and I recommend that you try anything from the grill when you come out to a game this season!

Steak, Rattle, & Grill is located on the first base concourse, just before the Brew City Grill!

Cooling down.

Make your plans!

Alumni Birthdays for March 31:
Brett Lorin (’08) – 28
Randy Robinson (’86) – 48
Andrew Latchic (Manager, ’47) – Would have been 92

Andrew Latchic, 85, of Allentown, passed away Thursday, March 26, 2009 in his home. He was the husband of Marie (Gabler) Latchic for 63 years. Born in Cambridge, Ohio, he was the son of the late Andrew and Mary (Saltis) Latchic.

Andy was a professional baseball player and played for the Boston Red Sox organization and Philadelphia Phillies organization.

After his baseball career, he worked as a sales rep for the former Horlacher Brewery and retired as a sales rep from Rueben H. Donnelly.

The Stands

Timber Rattlers Executive Chef Tim Hansen got some press from the Green Bay Press-Gazette on Sunday.

Another sandwich going bolder this year is the On Wisconsin. Last year’s version included a burger, split brat, cheese curds and cheese sauce. This year fans will find all those ingredients plus a beer battered onion ring and fried sauerkraut. Before Hansen got to work creating the sandwiches for a photo shoot earlier this week, he admitted that this was the first time the On Wisconsin Burger would be fully assembled and I was going to be the first person to take a bite.

The fried kraut is a milder version of its normally pungent self and blends well with the hint of beer from the onion ring batter. Even kraut haters won’t be put off by its presence in this sandwich.

Those who define bolder in terms of heat, rather than size, can try the Flamethrower, a chicken sandwich topped with brisket, smoky ghost pepper cheese and a Sriracha aioli. The ghost pepper is the big brother of habanero and jalapeno when it comes to heat.

Photos of the sandwiches at the link!

Yes, Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium is now snow-free…

March 16a

But, what about the stands?  Are they snow-free, too?  Yes!  Yes, they are!

March 16b

March 16c

March 16d

Get here soon, Opening Day!

Alumni Birthdays for March 16:
Pat Dunham (’99) – 39
Chad Strickland (’91, ’92) – 43
Richard Baumhoefner (’51) – Would have been 85

Chad Strickland 91

Busy weekend for food

The Timber Rattlers received a lot of attention for something other than baseball.

Last Thurday, Chef Tim Hansen unveiled the Grilled Cheese Bacon Cheeseburger.  Reaction was…interesting.

The following day, Chef Tim Hansen presented America with the Big Mother Funnel Burger:

Reaction was…more interesting.

Here is a round up of the various media that jumped on the proverbial food truck:

WISC-TV Madison’s Channel 3000, which ties in Tim’s creation with those of the Madison Mallards: Meaty mashups fair game at Cheese State ballparks’s Extra Mustard!!!…which uses a photo of West Michigan’s stadium???: Brewers minor league team plans to sell heart-stopping burgers’s Cut4: The Timber Rattlers are making dreams come true with their funnel cake cheeseburger

The Sporting News!: Minor league team unveils ridiculous funnel cake and grilled cheese hamburgers

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s MKE Diner Blog: At Fox Cities Stadium, a funnel-cake burger for Timber Rattlers fans

Big League Stew: Wisconsin Timber Rattlers to debut funnel cake cheeseburger

The Post-Game: Brewers’ Minor-League Team Debuts Two Mouth-Watering Bacon Cheeseburgers LOOK: Class A Timber Rattlers bringing the ridiculous burgers in ’15

The WASHINGTON FREAKING POST!!!!: Minor league baseball team debuts funnel cake bacon cheeseburger

USA Today: Minor league baseball team unveils funnel cake bacon cheeseburger

And that’s just the beginning. I have a feeling there will be a few stories on Chef Tim in the next week or so. Stay tuned.

Alumni Birthdays for March 2:
Ryan Moorer (’09) – 29
James Ward (’76) – 60


You had me at grilled cheese

Chef Tim has topped himself:

The genius is in the simplicity of combining two great things.

Are you following @ChefTimHansen yet?  You really should be. You’ll know what to expect before the season starts.

Stuff like…Darren Rovell picking up the tweet and generating non-Llama and non-dress buzz on twitter:


Alumni Birthdays for the weekend:

Alumni Birthdays for February 27:
Brandon Moore (’14) – 23
Carlos Triunfel (’07) – 25
Mike Triessel (’93) – 44


Alumni Birthdays for February 28:
Evel Bastida-Martinez (’04, ’06): 36
Jeffrey Haas (’92) – 44
Charlie Eisenreich (’87) – 51
Jim Jirschele (Coach ’90, ’91) – 56

Mike Jirschele, 1990.

Mike Jirschele, 1990.

Alumni Birthdays for March 1:
Collin Hinds (’95) – 41
Carlos Gonzalez (’87) – 47
Jeff Holly (’72, ’73) – 62
Arthur Howard (’52) – Would have been 83

Carlos Gonzalez in 1987

Carlos Gonzalez in 1987


The healthy option won at West Michigan.  The forces of darkness have made their first breakthrough.  Walking Spaghetti was kneecapped…Meat Salad was tossed…Bologna Lollipop was licked…Meat Man Parfait was, um, parfaited.

Online voting for the Fifth Third Ballpark food item contest has come to a close, and a winner has been chosen. “Chicks with Sticks,” a healthy option consisting of fresh sliced vegetables with a hummus (made from “Chick” peas) or optional ranch dipping sauce, is the winner and will be on the menu for fans to purchase at Whitecaps games this season.

Chicks with Sticks received 31% of the votes from the top 10 finalists’ contest. Second place in the voting was the Meat Salad, a seven-meat treat, with 27% of the vote. The third place vote-getter was the Walking Spaghetti, a 16-inch loaf of Cole’s garlic bread loaded with spaghetti, meatballs, marinara and cheese, weighing in with 15% of the vote. None of the remaining seven options received more than 5% of the votes (Mac ‘N Cheese Burger Burrito, Honey Bun Burger and Bologna Lollipop – 5%; Sonoran Dog and Big O Sandwich – 4%, Meat Man Parfait – 3% and Duck Hog Frog Dog – 1%).

Lisa Baird of Jenison submitted the Chicks with Sticks entry. Her idea was inspired from her own switch to healthy eating after recently joining Weight Watchers.

“I thought, ‘What on earth could possibly be served in this type of venue that wouldn’t be heavy, and would be portable?’ I had recently switched from eating pita chips and hummus to eating healthier veggies and hummus, and it made perfect sense,” said Baird. “It’s portable, it’s sharable, it’s a win-win for everyone. I was trying to be cute and clever with the name – it’s not the most outrageous food, but it can still be fun! I know I’ll be eating my share of Chicks with Sticks at the ballpark this season!”

Just for using the phrase ‘win-win’ the winning selection should be disqualified and BOTH Meat Salad and Walking Spaghetti should be added to the menu.

And that is my opinion…

Am I serious? Am I joking? I leave it to you…the readers at home to decide.

Oh, West Michigan, youve done it again!

First they brought you the Swimming Pig.  Then, they brought you the Fifth Third Burger!

Among the food dishes that the West Michigan Whitecaps are looking at bringing in this season:

Walking Spaghetti – Love spaghetti but hate the hassle of using a plate? The Whitecaps understand your frustration, so we’ve replaced the archaic concept of a plate with the innovative idea to carry this Italian delight around on garlic bread. We smother the giant 16-inch loaf of Cole’s garlic bread with a pound of spaghetti, meatballs, a quart of marinara and a pound of cheese, and now it’s Walking Spaghetti. Magnifico! And at a ******** 5,630 calorie count, it dwarfs the relatively slender Fifth Third Burger, which weighs in at 4,889 calories.

Spaghetti.jpgOh, you want a bigger picture? Here is this one from Amanda Loman of The Grand Rapids Press.

WalkingSpaghetti.jpgI have enough carbs to run a marathon after just looking at that picture.

Then – also from Amanda Loman – there is this…


Bologna Lollipop – No, that’s not a misprint. And it’s exactly what you’d imagine. Bologna? Check. Stick? Check. Put the five-inch diameter, inch-thick slice of fried bologna on the stick and you’ve got a bologna lollipop.

Elvis approves. You must go to the link up to that takes you to the Whitecaps website to see the other eight items that are up for vote. It’s almost too bad that the Rattlers don’t go to West Michigan in the regular season for 2011.

Its pretty much the same at the minor league level

I am a few days late to this, but I saw this on the new Peanuts and Cracker Jack blog at and wanted to share this post about how the Brewers get balanced and nutritious meals from their clubhouse.

The comforting smell of bagels and Belgian waffles greets the Brewers as they open the clubhouse doors every morning.  On their way in to the locker room, they pass a kitchen stocked and ready with a hearty, continental breakfast.

Since arriving from the off-season, each player has taken special attention to diet.  They make sure to arrive at least an hour early to fill their plates with the freshly-prepared food.

Infielder Luis Cruz starts every day with a bowl of granola topped with strawberries, bananas and yogurt to keep his first meal light.  He enjoys the healthy cuisine after spending winter at home in Mexico with greasier foods.

“You want to eat the best stuff for your body,” Cruz says.

Leslie Bonci, the team nutritionist, helps plan the players’ meals.  She works with the home clubhouse assistant, Matt Smith, to provide high carb meals before games and high protein after.  She will arrive at the spring training facilities on Saturday to meet with players and staff to develop a general nutrition concept for the team.

The nutritionist on staff for the Timber Rattlers would be the trainer, the strength and conditioning coach, and the clubhouse manager.  But they do follow direction from up the ladder on healthy eating.

If you walk through the clubhouse at Time Warner Cable Field there are bowls of fruit, oatmeal packets, and various other healthy options for breakfast.  After batting practice on the evening of a night game, there are various healthy options for a pregame meal.  After the game – or after their post-game workouts, there are some good food options for players.

A little plug for the Peanuts and Cracker Jack blog.  Tom Haudricourt is the lead Brewers beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  But, since Anthony Witrado left the paper, the Journal-Sentinel needed some help.  They decided to bring seven students from the Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Journalism to complement the coverage the events of Spring Training.  So far, so good. 

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