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Notes and Highlights on a Friday – October 24, 2014

Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis take a look at the Brewers prospects in the Arizona Fall League with a special focus on former Timber Rattlers Tyrone Taylor (’13) and Clint Coulter (’13, ’14):

Check the daily game notes for the AFL here.

Glendale, the team with the Brewers prospects, are 7-6-1 and leading the West Division. Glendale hosts Salt River today at 2:35pm CDT. According to the scoreboard page, Mike Strong (’12, ’13) is a scheduled reliever for Glendale today. Click that link later today for the rest of the starting lineup.

I’ll have a more complete winter league update on Monday, but looking at yesterday’s action in the AFL saw Glendale win 2-1. Wei-Chung Wang (’14) earned the win. Tyler Wagner (’13) got the save.

Time to take a look at the Timber Rattlers Alumni as batters with the Brewers.

Khris Davis (2010): 144 games, .244/.299/.457, 22HR, 69RBI

Scooter Gennett (2010): 137 games, .289/.320/.434, 9HR, 54RBI

Carlos Gomez (2012): 148 games, .284/.356/.477, 23HR, 73RBI

Jonathan Lucroy (2012): 153 games, .301/.373/.465, 13HR, 69RBI

Martin Maldonado (2009): 52 games, .234/.320/.387, 4HR, 16RBI

Jason Rogers (2012): 8 games, 1-for-9, 0HR, 0RBI

Marco Estrada (2013): 3-for-32, 2RBI

Mike Fiers (2009): 1-for-17

Jimmy Nelson (2011): 3-for-21 with a double off Clayton Kershaw?!

Alumni Birthdays:
October 24:
Hunter Brown (’02) – 35
Eric Morgan (’95) – 42
Daryl Robinson (’88, ’89) – 47

October 25:
Tyler Roberts (’11, ’13) – 24
Clint Nageotte (’01) – 34
Gerald Eady (’98) – 39
Kevin Hickey (’79) – 58
Don Eddy (’69) – 68
Richard Hunt (’60) – 74

October 26:
Robbie Dominguez (’08) – 29
Chad Fillinger (’04, ’05) – 32
Harry Chappas (’76, ’78) – 57
Alan Kristowski (’66) – 71

Back on October 20 – October 7, 2014

The Arizona Fall League begins today.  The Milwaukee Brewers Prospects will be playing for the Glendale Desert Dogs.

The former Rattlers on the Desert Dogs roster include:

Brooks Hall
Mike Strong
Tyler Wagner
Wei-Chung Wang

Tyler Wagner in 2013

Tyler Wagner in 2013

Catcher: Shawn Zarraga

Infielder: Nick Ramirez

Outfielder: Tyrone Taylor

Tyrone Taylor in 2013

Tyrone Taylor in 2013

Pitching Coach: Chris Hook

Glendale hosts the Mesa Solar Sox today at 2:35pm CDT.  According to this boxscore, Taylor will leadoff and play center and  Nick Ramirez will bat seventh and play first base for Glendale.

The Arizona Fall League will be used as a laboratory for the new Pace of Game Initiative.  Click that link to read the full story.  A few of the rules:

A hitter must keep one foot inside the batter’s box throughout his plate appearance. Exceptions include a foul ball or a foul tip, a pitch forcing the batter out of the batter’s box, a request for time out being granted, a wild pitch or a passed ball and several others.

Intentional walks will no longer include the pitcher lobbing four balls outside the strike zone. Instead, the manager will signal to the home-plate umpire and the batter will take first base.

Each team will be permitted three “timeout” conferences covering any meeting involving pitchers and catchers, managers, coaches and batters. Timeouts during pitching changes and those that result from an injury or other emergency will not be counted toward the limit.

More at the link.

As someone who had some experience with a pitch clock – many years ago in the Northern League -this is all well and good…But, it all comes down to enforcement.  And as someone who has experienced the “Keep One Foot In” rule….oh, brother…From Top Five Tuesday: Weird Endings…

1.) April 30, 2007 – Backstory: Before the 2007 began, Minor League Baseball tried to initiate some policies that would speed the game. Umpires, players, and coaches were informed before the start of the season that if a batter needed a little time between pitches, they could only move one foot out of the batter’s box. If a batter walked completely outside the box with both feet, a strike would be called. Now, let’s fast forward to the bottom of the ninth inning at Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium in late April of 2007.   Leury Bonilla, who had homered in the bottom of the seventh inning off Dragons reliever Pedro Viola, stepped to the plate with Wisconsin trailing 3-1. Bonilla was the tying run in the bottom of the ninth due to Ogui Diaz reaching first on a two-out error on Dayton third baseman Juan Francisco. Bonilla was down in the count 0-1 to start. Plate umpire Alex Ortiz called the next pitch from Viola a strike to run the count to 0-2. Bonilla thought it the pitch should have been called a ball. He decided to collect himself instead of saying anything to Ortiz. Unfortunately, Bonilla took a couple of steps out of the right-handed batter’s box as he walked up the third base line. Ortiz immediately called a strike on Bonilla. That strike just happened to be strike three. The final out of the game came on a called third strike that was never even thrown to the plate.

Yeah. Let’s NOT have that happen again.

I am going to be taking some time off from work.  I will be gone the rest of this week and all of next week.  The next post on the blog will be on Monday, October 20.  Some of the features on the website will be returning that week, too.

The Timber Rattlers alumni in the NL Central (Not including Brewers):
Luis Valbuena (’06): 149 games, .249/.341/.435, 16 HR, 51 RBI

Manny Parra (’11): 53 games, 0-3, 1 Save, 4.66ERA, 36.2IP, 18BB, 34K

Alumni Birthdays:
Henry Pawlowicz (’65) – 68
Danny Rourke (’69-’71)- 67
Dan Head (’01, ’02) – 36
Hunter Morris (’10) – 26

Hunter Morris rounds the bases after one of his nine home runs with the Timber Rattlers in 2010. (Credit: PSB Photo)

Hunter Morris rounds the bases after one of his nine home runs with the Timber Rattlers in 2010. (Credit: PSB Photo)

I, for one, welcome our new overlords – October 6, 2014

The Royals and Orioles completed sweeps in the ALDS setting up an ALCS matchup that is interesting.  Imagine, if you will, it’s 1976 to 1983.  Imagine how much fun an Orioles-Royals ALCS would have been in that timeframe.  But, they were never opponents.  The Royals won the AL West from 1976-1978 (losing to the Yankees each time), again in 1980 (Beating the Yankees), and in 1984 (Losing to the Tigers).  The Orioles won the AL East in 1979 (Beating the Angels) and 1983 (Beating the White Sox).

Hail, Royals

Hail, Royals


Lorenzo Cain as a Timber Rattler in 2009

Adam Jones as a Rattler in 2004

Adam Jones as a Rattler in 2004

Lorenzo Cain (’09) had a some great catches – again – to help the Royals move on with their Game Three win over the Angels:

Meanwhile, the Orioles beat the Tigers 2-1 to gain the ALCS.  Adam Jones (’04) loves it! BUT, he also realizes that they aren’t done yet.

In news involving more recent Timber Rattlers, The Baseball America Chat about their Top 20 Prospect for the MWL was held on Friday (Link is behind subscriber wall).  There was only one question involving a 2014 Timber Rattler and it was about pitcher Taylor Williams, who did not make the list:

Curious (Wisconsin): What did evaluators see that kept Taylor Williams off this list?

J.J. Cooper: He might have made the list in a thinner league. Just the depth of the league. He’s a future power reliever in a league where relievers have a real tough time making the list.


Clint Coulter is still making news in Instructional League:

In instructional league this fall, the Brewers have begun a long-discussed position change for Coulter. Director of player development Reid Nichols said Coulter has settled into right field and has also seen time at first base and third base.

One of Coulter’s best tools has always been his strong arm, which Nichols said is one of the reasons a switch to right field can work.

“He’s picked it up well,” Nichols said. “He gets good jumps on balls off the bat, which is unique for a guy going out there for the first time.

“He fits the best there of everywhere we’ve seen him.”

There is more at that link on some possible future Timber Rattlers players.

Here’s a look at Timber Rattlers Alumni who played in the NL West this year:

Adam Moore (’06): 9 games, 2-for-10, 2B, 0HR, RBI

Rene Rivera (’03): 103 games, .252/.319/.432, 11HR, 44RBI

Carlos Triunfel (’07): 12 games, 2-for-15, HR, RBI

JJ Putz (’00): 18 games, 1-1, 6.59ERA, 13.2IP, 6BB, 14K

Ryan Rowland-Smith (’03): 6 games, 0-0, 4.91ERA, 7.1IP, 4BB, 9K

Alumni Birthdays for October 6:
George Weimer (’70) – 65
Randy Goodenough (’88) – 49
Derrick Gutierrez (’01) – 36
Andy Barb (’07) – 30
Victor Diaz (’14) – 21

Victor Diaz

Victor Diaz

Lineup & Notes for May 25, 2014

A great day for baseball!

May 25 Ballpark

But, first a few things from last night:

5/24 Pregame interview with Matt Erickson (Discussing the David Denson injury and other things):

Pregame Photos:
May 24 Miller Park 002

May 24 Miller Park 003

May 24 Miller Park 004

May 24 Miller Park 006

Rafael Neda Home Run:

May 24 Miller Park 009

On to today with a 2:00pm first pitch:

Broadcast Information:

Radio: AM1280, WNAM – Pregame 1:40pm
Internet Audio: IHeartRadio

Timber Rattlers Lineup:

May 25 Lineup

Timber Rattlers Starting Pitcher: Barrett Astin
LumberKings Starting Pitcher: Lars Huijer

Timber Rattlers Game Notes: RattlersGameNotes May 25 2014
Clinton LumberKings Game Notes: Clinton 5.25.14


Spring Training Highlights for Alumni

Garrett Cooper (’13) drove in Hunter Morris (’10) against Cleveland on Sunday in one split squad game:



Jason Rogers (’11, ’12) made a pair of defensive gems in the same game:

Scooter Gennett (’10) homers against the Padres last Friday:

Khris Davis (’10) talks with Dan Pleasac of MLB Network:

Jim Henderson (’09) and Hunter Morris (’10) talk about their progress this spring:

Let’s leave with one more Jason Rogers highlight. This is his RBI single from last Wednesday:

Rattlers Alumni – 2013 MLB Regular Season

The regular season – except for that tiebreaker game between Detroit Texas and Tampa Bay tonight – of Major League Baseball is done.

Let’s take a look at how the 47 Rattlers – and two Foxes – who played in MLB during the 2013 season did.  This may take a while to load. Where possible, I have added at least one highlight from to the Appleton pro baseball alumni.

The 25 hitters stats are: Games; BA/OBP/SLG; HR; RBI

The 24 pitchers stats are: Games; Games Started; W-L; Save; ERA; IP; BB:K

Players in italics are in the tiebreaker game or the playoffs for 2013

Players who made their MLB Debuts in 2013 are in BOLD

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Players like Khris Davis & Scooter Gennet (Photo Credit: Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

Asdrubal Cabrera (’05) – CLE: 136G; 242/299/402; 14HR, 64RBI

Lorenzo Cain (’09) – KC: 115 G; 251/310/348; 4HR, 46RBI

Shin- Soo Choo (’02) – CIN: 154G; 285/423/462; 21HR, 54RBI

Khris Davis (’10) – MIL: 56G, 279/353/596; 11HR, 27RBI

Greg Dobbs (’02) – MIA: 114G; 228/303/300; 2HR, 22RBI

Scooter Gennett (’10) – MIL: 69G; 324/356/479; 6HR, 21RBI

Carlos Gomez (’12) – MIL; 147G; 284/338/506; 24HR, 73RBI

Sean Halton (’10) – MIL; 42G; 238/291/396; 4HR, 17RBI

Raul Ibanez (’94) – SEA: 124G; 242/306/487; 29HR, 65RBI

Rob Johnson (’05) – STL: 20G; 171/237/257; 0HR, 2RBI

Adam Jones (’04) – BAL: 160G; 285/318/493; 33HR, 108RBI

Brett Lawrie (’09) – TOR: 107G; 254/315/397; 11HR; 46RBI

Alex Liddi (’08) – SEA: 8G; 059/111/118; 0HR, 0RBI

Jonathan Lucroy (’12) – MIL: 147G; 280/340/455; 18HR, 82RBI

Martin Maldonado (’09) – MIL: 67G; 169/236/284; 4HR, 22RBI

Adam Moore (’06) – KC: 5G; 300/364/400; 0HR, 0RBI

David Ortiz (’96) – BOS: 137G; 309/395/564; 30HR, 103RBI

One more from Big Papi:

Carlos Peguero (’07) – SEA: 2G; 333/429/833; 1HR, 1RBI

Josh Prince (’09) – MIL: 8G; 125/222/250; 0HR; 0RBI

Rene Rivera (’03) – SD: 23G; 254/268/328; 0HR, 7RBI

Alex Rodriguez (’94) – NYY: 44G; 244/348/423; 7HR, 19RBI

Michael Saunders (’06) – SEA: 132G; 236/323/397; 12HR, 46RBI

Carlos Triunfel (’07) – SEA: 17G; 136/152/159; 0HR, 2RBI

Matt Tuiasosopo (’05) – DET: 81G; 244/351/415; 7HR, 30RBI

Luis Valbuena (’06) – CHC: 108G; 218/331/378; 12HR, 37RBI

Scott Atchison (’99) – NYM:  50G, 0GS; 3-3, 4.37ERA; 45.1IP; 12:28

Phillippe Aumont (’08) – PHI: 22G, 0GS; 1-3, 4.19ERA; 45.1IP; 13:19

Hiram Burgos (’10) – MIL: 6G, 6GS; 1-2, 6.44ERA; 29.1IP, 11:18

Dave Bush (’09) – TOR: 1G, 0GS; 0-0, 15.00ERA; 3,0IP; 1:1

Michael Fiers (’09) – MIL: 11G, 3GS; 1-4, 7.25ERA; 22.1IP; 6:15

Johnny Hellweg (’13) – MIL: 8G, 7GS; 1-4, 6.75ERA; 30.2IP, 26:9

Felix Hernandez (’03) – SEA: 31G, 31GS; 12-10, 3.04ERA; 204.1IP; 46:216

Jeremy Jeffress (’10) – TOR: 10G, 0GS; 1-0, 0.87ERA; 10.1IP; 5:12

Caesar Jimenez (’03) – PHI: 19G, 0GS; 1-1, 3.71; 17.1IP; 10:11

Shawn Kelley (’08) – NYY: 57G, 0GS; 4-2, 4.39ERA; 53.1IP; 23:71

Shaun Marcum (’09) – NYM: 14G, 12GS; 1-10, 5.29ERA; 78.1IP, 21:60

Jimmy Nelson (’11) – MIL: 4G, 1GS; 0-0, 0.90ERA; 10.0IP; 5:8

Eric O’Flaherty (’05) – ATL: 19G, 0GS; 3-0, 2.50ERA; 18.0IP; 5:11

Jake Odorizzi (’10) – TB: 7G, 4GS; 0-1, 1SV, 3.94ERA; 29.2IP; 8:22

Manny Parra (’11) – CIN: 57G, 0GS; 2-3, 3.33ERA; 46.0IP; 15:56

Wily Peralta (’09) – MIL: 32G, 32GS; 11-15, 4.37ERA; 183.1IP; 73:129

JJ Putz (’00) – ARZ: 40G, 0GS; 3-1, 6SV, 2.36ERA; 34.1IP; 17:38

JC Ramirez (’08) – PHI: 18G, 0GS; 0-1, 7.50ERA; 24.0IP; 15:16

Rafael Soriano (’00) – WAS: 68G, 0GS; 3-3, 43SV, 3.11ERA; 66.2IP; 17:51

Caleb Thielbar (’10) – MIN: 49G, 0GS; 3-2, 1.76ERA; 46.0IP; 14:39

Tyler Thornburg (’11) – MIL: 18G, 7GS; 3-1, 2.03ERA; 66.2IP; 26:48

Matt Thornton (’00) – CHW: 40G, 0GS; 0-3, 3.86ERA; 28.0IP; 10:21
Matt Thornton (’00) – BOS: 20G; 0GS; 0-1, 3.52ERA; 15.1IP; 5:9

Chris Tillman (’07) – BAL: 33G, 33GS; 16-7, 3.71ERA; 206.1IP; 68:179

Anthony Varvaro (’07) – ATL: 62G, 0GS; 3-1, 1SV; 2.82ERA; 73.1IP; 25:43

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations – Postgame Post for July 22, 2013

It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him. ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

I need to start bringing a photographer on these road trips.  This could have been an awesome shot of HR #1 for Roache.

I need to start bringing a photographer on these road trips. This could have been an awesome shot of HR #1 for Roache.

Rattlers 9
Dayton 10
Boxscore | Game Story

Victor Roache Highlight #1: Three-run home run in the first. (HR #13)

Victor Roache Highlight #2: Grand slam (HR #14 – Michael and Toby from the office? Really, Dayton?)

From the story:

Since the All-Star break, he’s felt like a different hitter and the results have reflected that. Thirty games into the second half, Roache has slugged eight homers with a .298 average and .908 OPS. Seven of those homers have come in July, when he’s hitting .321 with a 1.037 OPS in 20 games.

The difference for Roache has been pitch recognition, and those improvements have been driven by two factors.

“I think part of it is repetition,” he said. “I’m finally getting at-bats, and I’m feeling more confident in the box. I have an understanding of how the pitchers are pitching to me.

“I’ve also been tweaking my swing, keeping my front shoulder in and trying to land my front foot flat and square so I’m not spinning out with my front side. That’s allowed me to see the ball better and make more consistent swings.”

Go read it all.

To document the rest of his at plate appearances:

  • Walked in the fourth with one out.
  • Hit line drive about ankle high that the shortstop picked off the dirt in the seventh
  • Was walked intentionally with one out in the ninth as the tying run

On the six games of the road trip Roache was 12-for-25 (.480) with four home runs, a double, and eleven RBI.  He struck out seven times, but four of them came in that one game at Bowling Green.

Fans, you’re going to want to get out to the stadium and see if this hot streak continues on Wednesday.

Wisconsin goes 1-5 on the road trip.  They could have easily gone 5-1.  They were tied 2-2 in the to the bottom of the seventh at Bowling Green on July 17, led Bowling Green 5-4 heading into the bottom of the ninth on July 18, led Dayton 4-0 after the top of the first inning on July 21, and led Dayton 8-1 after the top of the second on July 22.

There were so many chances to end innings or limit the damage or just do something, anything to keep the Dragons from coming back on Monday night.  But, it just didn’t happen.  Three errors, a bases loaded walk, a bases loaded hit batsman, and a wild pitch to score the go ahead run.  Also, the Rattlers didn’t have a hit from the second inning to the eighth inning.  That’s just letting a team hang around to come back and get you in the end.

Kudos to Tyrone Taylor on a great throw to the plate to keep the Dragons from getting a fifth run in the eighth inning.  He pegged out Winker at the plate to end the inning and kept the score at 10-9.

In the ninth they tying run was at third with two outs and Parker Berberet was at the plate…and…and…And this is how the game ended.

*sigh*….Are we home yet?

Series Finale – Postgame post for June 3, 2013

A stroke of the brush does not guarantee art from the bristles. – Ambassador Kosh

A run scored on this play.

A run scored on this play.

Peoria 11
Wisconsin 7
Boxscore | Game Story

The Rattlers will be working on their bunt defense…a lot…the next time they are on the field for early work. There were three crucial errors on sacrifice bunt attempts by the Chiefs in the series. The mixup in the top of the first inning occurred when no one was covering first base. The mixup in the fourth occurred when there was miscommunication on who would get the ball. Then, the throw to first was hurried and wound up with an error.

I will take some of the blame for the balk. Nathan Baliva, the announcer for the Chiefs, and I were talking before the series started about how we hadn’t seen anyone try that bluff to third this season. Didn’t think that it would be a lefty that would do that.

In Wisconsin’s win against the Chiefs during this series, they had no errors. In their three losses against the Chiefs during this series, Wisconsin committed eight errors.

Peoria scored….calculating…..calculating…..22 runs with two outs during the four game series….22 out of 35 runs.  I don’t know what that means…..but, I don’t think that it’s good.

Michael Reed reached base three times and doubled and stole a base and scored two runs. His average is up to .289. His OBP is up to .355. Oh, and his hitting streak is up to eight games (10-for-37).

Tyrone Taylor with a two-hit game…again. He’s tied with Reed for the most multi-hit games (13) on the 2013 Timber Rattlers squad.

Mike Garza with another triple. He’s got three this season.

Taylor Mangum with a 1-2-3 9th, including two strikeouts.

Welcome back to the lineup, Brent Dean! 2-for-4 with a double and a run scored.

The Rattlers went down swinging. Facing an 11-3 deficit in the bottom of the eighth, some teams would just say, “The HECK with this. There’s an off day tomorrow. Hit the showers and get out of here. That didn’t happen. I doubt if it will happen as long as Matt Erickson is in charge.

Monday’s Highlights:

Not the night – Postgame Post for June 1, 2013

No man’s error becomes his own Law; nor obliges him to persist in it.  – Thomas Hobbes

Just showing the condition of the field after the deluge had moved through the area.

Just showing the condition of the field after the deluge had moved through the area.

Peoria 8
Rattlers 1
Boxscore | Game Story

Great job by the Timber Rattlers grounds crew and front office staff.  They got the tarp on the field just before the sky opened and dropped an incredible amount of water in a short amount of time.  Then, everybody worked to get the diamond ready to play.  Teamwork by the front office to get this game in and keep the crowd entertained during the almost ninety minute delay from the scheduled start of the game to the actual start of the game.

The Rattlers really let a chance go by to score a run in the first inning.   First and third with no outs. No runs.

There was a feeling of deja vu in the fifth inning.  Austin Blaski threw the ball away to third base on a sacrifice bunt.  A good throw gets the out.  But, two runs scored on the play.  Blaski committed the same error twice in a game against the Quad Cities River Bandits on May 16.

This one’s for some of you.  The Chiefs had runners on first and second with no outs in the fifth.  Their 4, 5, & 6 hitters all bunted.  The two runs scored on the throwing error.  The next batter struck out when he fouled off a bunt with two strikes.  The next batter popped the bunt out to Blaski on the mound.

Speaking of three in a row, Peoria scored three runs on three straight two out singles in the sixth inning to push their lead out to 5-1.  The Chiefs have scored 19 runs in this series.  Thirteen of those runs have come with two outs. 

Michael Reed extended his current hitting streak to six games with his single in the first. 

Max Walla has six hits since returning to the Timber Rattlers.  He has two doubles and a triple out of those three hits.

There were a couple of plays tonight where I was at a loss for words.  Runners at first and second with two outs in the fifth inning.  They already had three runs in and Blaski was trying to get out of the inning.  Charlie Tilson sent a grounder to short.  Arcia looked to third. Then, looked to second. The, looked to first.  He never threw the ball and Tilson reached on a fielder’s choice.

The dropped popup in the sixth came on the last pitch that Blaski made and should have got him out of the inning. was … I don’t know.  Mike Garza charged down from third base and was maybe 25 feet from the plate.  The ball went into and out of his glove.  The runner scored from second.  That was the second straight two out error in that inning.

It was a frustrating evening all around for the Rattlers.  Five walks, four errors, a hit batsman, and an 0-for-7 night with runners in scoring position.

Get ’em tomorrow.

Saturday’s Highlights:

A Tale of Two Games – Postgame post for May 31, 2013

Nothing that we do, is done in vain. I believe, with all my soul, that we shall see triumph. ― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

It was a beautiful night for a game.

It was a beautiful night for a game.

Peoria 11
Wisconsin 5
Boxscore | Game Story

It was the best of times (Rattlers up 5-1 after the fifth inning).  It was the worst of times (Peoria scores ten runs over their final four innings to beat the Rattlers 11-5).

Damien Magnifico racked up the pitch count – 90 in 5 innings.  Five of his six strikeouts came on 3-2 pitches.  But, he still looked good, went after hitters, and was in line for his sixth win of the season.

The Rattlers missed an opportunity to score some runs in the early.  In the first innings, they had first and third with one out.  In the second inning, they had second and third with no outs.  They did not score in either inning.

Victor Roache reached base four times on Friday.  A catcher’s interference in the second, a double in the fourth, a homer in the fifth, and a hit batsman in the seventh.  That was the second time he’s reached on catcher’s interference this season.  The double was scalded down the third base line.  The homer was a high towering drive to left that cleared the wall for his sixth homer of the season.  Roache now leads the Rattlers in homers.

Adam Giacalone had his tenth double of the season and a single for a multi-hit game.  He’s hitting the ball well and starting to get some of those hard hit balls to fall in for hits. 

Any one of the following three things could have led to Peoria’s comeback:

  • They scored six unearned runs
  • The scored eight runs with two outs
  • They were 6-for-15 with runners in scoring position

Wisconsin’s pitchers made good pitches that turned into these slow grounders off the bat of the Peoria hitters that turned into hits or runs.  Let’s look at that eighth inning rally that tied the game.

  • Leadoff walk
  • Slow roller to short for an infield single
  • Sacrifice bunt
  • Slow grounder to third. Throw home off target. That ties the game

That’s the tying run scoring without the ball leaving the infield.  The leadoff walk did Rodolfo Fernandez no favors, but those two dribblers led to the first run and eventually two more as Jacob Wilson singled for two RBI later in the frame.

Get ’em tomorrow.  Game time is 6:35pm.

Friday’s Highlights:

That's an RBI single by Max Walla to put the Rattlers up 2-1.

That’s an RBI single by Max Walla to put the Rattlers up 2-1.

We had a bagpiper at the for St. Patty's Day in May.

We had a bagpiper at the for St. Patty’s Day in May.

The Diamond Dancers even did a jig.

The Diamond Dancers even did a jig.

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