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April 18, 2012 Highlights

Burlington 6
Wisconsin 10
Boxscore | Game Story

Bus leaves for Grand Rapids very, very early on Thursday for a six game road trip.

Pitching matchups for the two series are:
THU, 4/19: @West Michigan RHP David Goforth (1-0, 3.00) v. RHP Brennan Smith (1-0, 0.00)
FRI, 4/20: @West Michigan RHP Andy Moye (0-0, 0.00) v. RHP Wilsen Palacios (0-0, 3.38)
SAT, 4/21: @West Michigan RHP Matt Miller (0-2, 6.30) v. RHP Josue Carreno (0-2, 5.54)
SUN, 4/22: @South Bend RHP Drew Gagnon (0-0, 2.00) v. RHP Jeff Shields (0-2, 1.42)
MON, 4/23: @South Bend RHP Mark Williams (0-1, 2.77) v. LHP John Pedrotty (0-0, 4.44)
TUE, 4/24: @South Bend RHP David Goforth (1-0, 3.00) v. RHP Jesse Darrah (1-1, 4.50)


Highlights for April 17, 2012

Drew Gagnon laughs at 38 degree wind chill.

Game one:
Burlington 5
Wisconsin 1
Boxscore | Game Story

Game two:
Burlington 0
Wisconsin 2
Boxscore | Game Story

Highlights (from both games):

Highlights for April 15, 2012

Sunday’s Final:

Peoria 5, Rattlers 3 in 11 innings
Game Story | Boxscore

Tommy Toledo profile on the Post-Crescent Website. Well worth the click plus…The Tebow question:

Q: You were at Florida the same time as Tim Tebow. Was there such a thing as Tebow mania in Gainesville?

A: “Everybody was a Tebow fan. I’m a diehard Tebow fan. I was there watching the Gators and he was just awesome to follow. He was an unbelievable player to watch and we definitely looked up to him, too.”

Q: Did you ever meet him?

A: “Yeah, I met him a couple of times. He actually came to the baseball field a few times because his roommate, Riley Cooper, was on the baseball team. So we actually got to hang out with him and meet him a few times.”

Highlights…and still removing the bugs

I could really use a few preseason broadcasts to smooth out the rough edges of the day.

I THINK that I have a solution to the dropouts on the radio signal….Well, maybe not. I was just testing it and …. ARGH!

The production crew had some issues last night and my audio did not get to the highlights.  But, they did get a few to put together:

The Post-Crescent story

Once I get back into the swing of things I’ll be back with the post-game thoughts post.

Right now, I just want to thank everybody for coming out to the game last night.  The attendance was 4,576. That is the second largest home opener for the Rattlers. Only the 2009 opener of 5,487 was a bigger first night.

Let’s have some fun this year.

Plays of the Year

I meant to do this earlier today, but I slept in for a little longer than usual.  Then, we had a front office review meeting for most of the day.

The boys in the production booth put together the top ten offensive and the top ten defensive plays of the year.  Or, as I like to call it, “A bunch of plays where I sound like a raving lunatic.”*

Top ten Defensive Plays of the Year:

Top ten Offensive Plays of the Year:

Oh, you probably should have turned the speakers on your computers down a bit.

*-The production crew has another name for “Plays were Mehring sounds like a lunatic.”  That name is Tuesday.

Postgame Thoughts (August 15, 2011)

Good mood! Brats! For Everyone!

Wisconsin 7, Quad Cities 5
Boxscore | Game Story

  • I wouldn’t characterize Miller as completely wild today.  Yes, there were some pitches that were well outside the strike zone, but several early pitches were borderline. That just built on itself.
  • It must be a thing with Miller and the River Bandits.  Two starts vs. QC: 6.2IP, 2H, 2R, 13BBs, 6 K.
  • Britt & Williams were workman-like in their relief outings.
  • Rosario wasn’t exactly Rosario the Ridiculous – meaning his stuff wasn’t ridiculous – in the eighth.  But, in the ninth,  you bet.
  • Speaking of ridiculous…check out the two defensive plays by the Rattlers at the end of the highlight reel.
  • Rattlers pitchers did the job today and stranded 12 Quad Cities runners in the game.
  • Meanwhile, the Rattlers went 3-for-6 with a runners in scoring position.
  • And one of those as at bats without a hit was an error that would have got a run home anyway.
  • Plus, TJ Mittelstaedt’s sacrifice fly got a run home, too.
  • Great to see Reggie Keen with solid contact and a key hit today.  He laced that triple in the fifth to put the Rattlers up 3-2.
  • Nice reaction by the Rattlers fans in the bottom of the eighth inning. Nick Ramirez sent a high fly to center, but Nick Longmire lost the ball in the Sun.  The ball looked like it was going to drop.  Then, out of nowhere — well, technically from way over in right field — Chris Edmondson flashes into the picture and makes a diving catch.  The fans gave a nice ovation to Edmondson for the catch.
  • The Rattlers wrap up the 18-game season series with the River Bandits 9-9.
  • I really can’t believe that there only seven home games left in the regular season.
  • Off day on Tuesday.  Then, it’s off to Peoria for three and Burlington for four games.
  • The scheduled Rattlers starting pitchers for the road trip*:
    WED: LHP Del Howell @PEO
    THU: RHP Jimmy Nelson @PEO
    FRI: RHP Eric Arnett @PEO
    SAT: RHP Brooks Hall @BUR
    SUN: RHP Matt Miller @BUR
    MON: LHP Del Howell @BUR
    TUE: RHP Jimmy Nelson @BUR
    *-Subject to change
  • Enjoy the highlights:

Postgame thoughts (August 14, 2011)

He's got it!

Wisconsin 12, Quad Cities 3
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Now, THAT is how you follow up getting shutout!
  • Before getting to the offense, let’s hear it for Brooks Hall.
  • I believe that I have used the made up word “Pitchability” and the old west prospector word “Gumption” to describe Hall.
  • Both words still stand after today.
  • Bases loaded w/ no outs in the 2nd: one run; two on in the 3rd: 0 runs; leadoff 2B in the 4th: 0 runs; 1 out 2B in the 5th: 0 runs
  • Very nice.
  • Speaking of very nice, TJ Mittelstaedt officially broke out of his slump today.   Before this game, he was 1-for-34 with one RBI for the month of August.  Today: 3-for-5 with a homer, and four RBI.
  • By the way, Mittelstaedt with 10 homers and 20 stolen bases this season.
  • Nick Ramirez also drove in four runs on Sunday and continues to scald the baseball.
  • Jason Rogers double in the sixth would have been a homer…if the wall in left were 8′ high.
  • I think that Rogers has hit at least four – maybe five – balls off the top tier of the wall in left field at home.  He’d be at about nine or ten homers on the season.
  • But, that doesn’t matter when you can beat out infield singles to let the go ahead score!
  • Rattlers hitting with runners in scoring position on Sunday: 9-for-16.
  • Rattlers w/ RISP and 2 outs on Sunday: 6-for-9
  • I’ll need to check with someone, but I think that’s pretty good.
  • Seth Lintz with 9-2/3 scoreless innings over seven outings for the Rattlers.
  • Oh, Lintz w/ four walks and nine strikeouts in those 9-2/3 innings.
  • I also saw a 94mph in there for him, too.
  • Miller Time on Monday afternoon.
  • Enjoy the highlights.

Postgame Thoughts (8/13/11)


Quad Cities 6, Wisconsin 0
Boxscore | Game story

  • Eric Arnett with a quality start tonight. 6IP, 4H, 3R, 3BB, 7K. I saw the velocity tick up to 93 on one of those seven strikeouts.
  • Unofficially: 86 pitches (54 strikes)
  • Five of the River Bandits runs came on two out hits
  • The Rattlers had four hits, but stranded 10 runners in the game
  • Franklin Romero Jr with his first walk at home this season
  • The song to start and end the fireworks display tonight were awesome!



  • A concept for a future fireworks display. Just play the whole Princes of the Universe song with the ending from the first Highlander film playing on the video board.  Then, just as Connor wins…cut away to the Space Oddity video.
  • Not to get all Peter King-ish here, but Christopher Lambert is immensely underrated.
  • Sure, he seems to wind up using a sword in movies that in makes no sense for his character to use a sword.
  • Like Knight Moves, The Hunted (1995), and To Kill A Priest.
  • Well, maybe not that last one, in which he plays a priest in the Polish Solidarity movement…and is really quite good.
  • Get ’em tomorrow.

Postgame thoughts (8/11/11)

Good times never seemed so good.

Beloit 6, Wisconsin 4
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Missed opportunities tonight.  Both in the game and in the standings.
  • Kane County and Clinton both lost and Beloit picks up ground on both.
  • Nick Ramirez was striking the ball with authority tonight.  Both of his hits were smacked.  He just missed on a home run in the sixth as he pulled the ball just foul to right.  Then, he drew a walk.
  • Reggie Keen with two hits AND two very nice catches.  You’ll see both catches on the the highlights
  • For 70’s night, the players went with 70’s music for their intro music….
  • Mike Brownstein went 0-for-5 on the night.  He had “More Than A Feeling” by Boston.
  • Brownstein may now hate the band Boston almost as much as I do.
  • I hate the band Boston…a lot…A. Lot.
  • The Rattlers keep swinging until their final out again.  Down 6-3 with two outs and none on in the bottom of the ninth.  Macias singles. Keen singles. Shaw singles! Macias scores! Winning run to the plate….
  • But, it didn’t happen tonight.
  • A bit off topic here, but every time  I had to say the name O’Rourke for the Beloit starting pitcher, I think of this classic John Wayne movie.  Now, I want to watch that movie again.
  • Seth Lintz has pitched two more scoreless innings with a pair of walks and a strikeout.
  • Lintz for the season: 8.1IP, 3H, 3BB, 8K
  • Velocity was good, too.
  • Earlier today, I taped a few segments to Timber Rattlers Field Pass.  The show should debut on Sports32 on August 23rd.  Interviews with Matt Erickson, Charlie Greene, and Matt Miller.
  • I was trying to figure out how many years we have been doing Field Pass, a show that started out on Cable Access.  I think it was 2003…maybe 2003….
  • During the off-season, they may need to put up video on youtube of Mirror Universe Mehring (I had a goatee for the playoff run) interviewing Jeff Clement in one of his first days in a Timber Rattlers uniform.

Postgame thoughts (August 11, 2011)

Miller time!

Rattlers 3, Snappers 1
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Give me a break. I waited 115 games before using “Miller time!” in a Matt Miller start.
  • Very nice outing for Miller and a nice job regrouping after the first two batters of the game.
  • He got ahead of the first Beloit batter 0-2, then threw seven straight outside the strike zone.
  • Then, after a strike on the 3-0 pitch to the second batter, there was ball four.
  • Yes, I realize that some of those pitches were probably intentionally outside the zone to try to get the batter to chase because the last thing you want to to groove a pitch.
  • But, Miller looked visibly frustrated after walking the first two batters.  Then, he got a visit from pitching coach Chris Hook. Then, Miller settled in.
  • A couple of very nice defensive plays were needed.
  • In the top of the second, Beloit had runners at the corners and one out.  Miller to struck out Daniel Santana. Then, the runner at first took off for second on a pitch to Kyle Knudson.  Knudson hit a fly ball to center.  The runner didn’t realize it was a fly ball and was late getting back to first.  Stang’s throw to first was in time to double off the runner before the runner from third could tag and score.
  • Add another outfield assist when Daniel Ortiz singled in the the seventh, but was not expecting Mittelstaedt to throw behind him for a 9-3 putout.
  • Chad Stang drove a home run in the bottom of the first inning to put the Rattlers up 2-1.
  • Mike Brownstein stayed hot with two more hits and an RBI.  He is 15-for-33 (.455) with nine RBI in his last ten games.
  • Brownstein also has at least one hit in 14 of his last 15 games.
  • In the eighth, Alan Williams picked up a strikeout and an assist on the final out.  He had time to get to a ball that had popped in front of the plate on strike three.  Just a routine K, 1-3 putout.
  • Speaking of strikeouts, Rosario…Ridiculous…He struck out the side in order on 11 pitches.
  • The final strike (a ridiculous curve on an 0-2 pitch) froze Tyler Grimes.  Grimes disagreed with the strike call.
  • Watch the highlights and You Make the Call! on that final pitch.
  • Frankly, it’s the drop that throws him off…I think.
  • There are 25 games left.  There was some good news since the Chiefs and the Kernels both lost.  That puts the Rattlers in fifth place all by themselves.  The win moves the Rattlers to within a game of the Snappers for fourth place.  Wisconsin still trails Clinton for the Wild Card by five games.  But, just keep moving up the ladder and see what happens.


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