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Postdoubleheader post (May 21, 2011)

Game one Highlights:

Game two Highlights:

Game one:

Rattlers 4, Bees 3
Game Story | Boxscore

Game two:
Bees 10, Rattlers 4
Game Story | Boxscore

  • Game one
  • Brooks Hall looked good tonight.  A high school draft pick from 2009 comes in and goes five innings, allowed three runs on six hits, and struck out three.
  • All three runs and five of the six hits came in the third inning.  I wouldn’t consider any of the hits “screaming mimis” nor would I consider any of them “seeing-eye singles”.
  • Hall was sitting at 88-89 and his change-up was particularly effective tonight.  He threw 76 pitches and 50 of them were strikes.  He was behind in the count maybe five times in the game.  I thought it was a nice debut outing.
  • Especially the way he got out of a self-made jam in the fifth inning.  He got the first two outs rather quickly, but a walk and a hit batsman (on an 0-2 pitch no less) brought Yordy Cabrera to the plate.  The Brewers Prospect got over on the A’s prospect by spotting a 1-2 fastball perfectly on the inside corner for a called third strike.
  • Eric Marzec is now at 12 scoreless innings over seven outings in April.
  • Chris Dennis with his third triple of the season.  He also knocked in TJ Mittelstaedt with a single to put the Rattlers up 4-3.
  • Game two
  • Oh, what could have been.  Bases loaded one out, two runs in up 3-1, with the Bees defense reeling due to three, count them THREE errors in the frame.  But, a popout and a strikeout end the inning.
  • Then, the fourth inning happened….
  • I watched the Bees in the first two and a half games of this series and wondered how they had won 29 games.  I watched them in the top of the fourth and wondered how they had lost 12.
  • Now…they did get help – and a lot of it – from the Rattlers in that inning.  But, they saw the opening, pushed through, and made it bigger.
  • Damon Krestalude was the special guest starting pitcher for the Timber Rattlers today.  His last outing prior to game two was May 9.  It lasted 2/3 of an inning.  He made it to the fourth, but gave up a single and a double to the first two batters.  He left after that.  He had tossed 67 pitches (36 strikes) in those 3+ innings.
  • Tom Keeling has been pretty solid out of the bullpen for the last few appearances.  But, there was something a little off today.  He walked the first batter he faced on four pitches.  A sacrifice fly was followed by a two-run triple, a hit batsman, another four pitch walk, an RBI single, a K, and a walk to force in a run.
  • Then, Brian Garman came in to walk in another run on four pitched.
  • WALKER, TIMBER RATTLER! He crushed a pitch for a home run to the beach in right-center in the fifth. HR #7
  • A meteor striking the earth didn’t kill the dinosaurs. It was a Mike Walker Home Run that traveled back in time and caused the Chicxulub impact crater.
  • TJ Mittelstaedt. Knuckleball. Awesome.
  • A bullpen so depleted that they have to turn to a knuckleballing infielder/outfielder…Not awesome.
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Saturday, May 21. A Day In The Life of the Tarp at Time Warner Cable Field.
    On the field from 12pm until 4:30pm
    Off the field from 4:30pm until 12am
    On the field right now
  • It’s not the tarp’s fault. It’s nobody’s fault.  But, saints preserve us, this is getting old.
  • I think that I may actually sound like a human being on the broadcast tomorrow instead of Tommy Tighe impersonating Paul Harvey trying to do a David Lee impression of young George Bailey saying, “Please don’t hit my sore ear again, Mr. Gower.”
  • For the second game in a row, I have no idea who is to be the starting pitcher for the Rattlers.  Add in the fact that I don’t know who will be starting for the Bees later today.  In the words of Count Mondego in the film ‘The County of Monte Cristo” after the Countess Mondego let’s him know that she is onto his unfaithfulness…”It’s actually quite… liberating. Wouldn’t you say?”
  • When I roused myself from my medicine induced haze this morning, I caught the end of an Australian Rules Football game on ESPN 2.  I feel like that football must fell – if it could feel – after a full game.

Postgame Post (May 20, 2011)

Victory leap! Is Nick Shaw out-jumping Yadiel Rivera or did I just take this picture at a weird time?

Rattlers 4, Bees 3
Boxscore | Game Story

Video Highlights:

  • That was a much needed home run by TJ Mittelstaedt.  Both for himself and for the Rattlers.  For the team because it gave them the lead against the team with the best record in the Midwest League.  For the dirtbag because he had been 3-for-16 in his last six games without an RBI.
  • This needs to be said about TJ Mittelstaedt home runs, when he hits them, they travel.  That home run he hit in Quad Cities back on May 3 wound up on the top of one of the Tiki huts in right field.  The one tonight went deep onto the Miller High Life Home Run Porch, well beyond the 360′ sign.
  • Yes, My voice cracked. Twice. I really hate this freaking cold!
  • One other note on Mittelstaedt.  That RBI single in the second impressed me more than the home run.  He got a 2-2 change-up, stayed with it, and lined a single to center.  That is one of the textbook definitions of how to hit that pitch.
  • Does TJ stick with the TV Theme Song he used for a walkup song tonight?
  • I talked with Matt Erickson before the game and he said that they needed Charly Bashara go deep into the game…no matter what.  That no matter what meant that if the game went south, the lefty out of Northeastern would have to “wear it” in baseball parlance.  Thankfully that didn’t happen and Bashara recorded a quality start.  With all of the turmoil in the OMYGOD DID YOU, PRINCE!!!!!??!?! DID YOU!!!???  YOU DID!!!!
  • Sorry, where was I?
  • Oh, right….With all of the turmoil in the Timber Rattlers rotation right now, expect Bashara to make at least one more start…Maybe next Wednesday in the doubleheader at Peoria.
  • Doubleheader.  There’s another word I don’t want to hear again.
  • Tyler Cravy found another gear after giving up those two hits to start the seventh inning.  Five K’s in two innings  Three looking.  You can see why he struck out so many at Napa Valley College and why the Brewers drafted him.
  • You know who – besides me – was happiest about the 1-2-3 9th inning for the save by Greg Holle?  Greg Holle.  Look at the emotion after the strikeout to end the game.
  • Those are not old highlights.  Yadiel Rivera and Nick Shaw continue to make web gems (please do sue me, espn) on a nightly basis.
  • Reggie Keen picked up his eighth outfield assist.  This one may have been more due to luck that a great arm.  Runners at first and second, Yordy Cabrera doubles to left-center.  Keen misses both cutoff men, the ball bounces to Hopkins in short left.  Hopkins throws a strike to the plate to get the runner trying to score from first.  Luck is where preparation meets skill or something like that.
  • Reggie really didn’t do anything easy tonight.  As you see in the highlights, he stole third, but took off early and if the pitcher makes a good throw Keen is out.  But, the throw was rushed and Keen scores.
  • Reggie also with 17 stolen bases on the season.
  • I’d like to be able to tell you who will be starting for the Rattlers over the next few days.  I THINK that Brooks Hall is supposed to start tomorrow and I THINK it is supposed to be game one.  But, game two?  I don’t know.  Sunday? I don’t know.  Monday?  That would be Happy Austin Ross Day!
  • Just pointing this out. The Timber Rattlers are 22-18 after 40 games.  They are four games over .500 for the first time since the end of the 2005 season.
  • No updates on Matt Miller or Cody Hawn.  Maybe tomorrow.
  • The best way to get rid of a phrase or a song that has been buzzing around in your head is to share it with someone.

Postsweep Post (May 19, 2011)

Video Highlights

Game one:

Game two:

Not available yet.  Please check and click on 2011 Game highlights.  I’ll update with the video in the morning.

As promised:

Game one
Rattlers 6, Snappers 1
Boxscore | Game Story

Game two
Rattlers 4, Snappers 3
Boxscore | Game Story

Game one:

  • Tyler Thornburg 6IP, 0R, 7K and his third straight win.
  • I had Thornburg at 50 pitches through four innings in game one.  To put that in perspective, he was at 79 pitches through four innings in his last start.  It helped quite a bit that he was ahead 0-2 on a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of hitters tonight.
  • A little surprised when he did not come back out for the seventh inning.  I did not get a chance to ask why, but in the grand scheme of things does a 7-inning complete game shutout in the Midwest League help Tyler Thornburg when he gets the Big Leagues.
  • Yes. I said “when”, not “if”.
  • He helped himself with that athletic play on the double play to end the fifth inning.
  • I would guess that Chris Dennis has his confidence back.  He was so confident that he would score from second on Mike Walker’s single to left in the third inning that he blew through Matt Erickson’s stop sign.  The Rattlers manager could have brought down a couple of those big gates with the flashing lights and ringing bells at railroad crossings and Dennis still would have thought he could beat the train.
  • That being said,  Dennis was 3-for-3 with two runs and an RBI in game one.
  • Walker, Timber Rattler doesn’t need confidence. He is confidence.  3-for-3, 2 runs, 2 RBI, AND a SB
  • Take another look at that game-ending double play from game one.  Rivera, yes, I’ve come to expect that from Rivera at short.  But, when you see TJ Mittelstaedt hang in there to turn it, keep in mind that he has started all of ZERO games at second base this season.  That, my readers, is the definition of a “Dirtbag”.
  • I saw a lot…and I mean A LOT…of interest  about Cody Hawn on twitter and some of the minor league sites tonight.  Here is the timeline:
    1. Cody Hawn starts at DH in his usual #3 slot in the batting order
    2. Cody Hawn scores from first base on a Chris Dennis 2B in the third inning
    3. Greg Hopkins pinch-hits for Hawn in the 5th inning
    4. Cody Hawn does not start at 1B or DH in game two of the twinbill
    5. That is about it.  Hawn had played in the first 38 Timber Rattlers games this season.  If there are any updates that I can give, I will pass them along.

    Game two:

  • I don’t know what happened to Matt Miller.  He gave up a ground rule double to the second batter he faced.  Then, trainer Jeff Paxson, pitching coach Chris Hook, and manager Matt Erickson headed out to the mound.  I saw Miller wince once as he turned to go back to the mound, but he was not allowed to throw any pitches to show that he was okay.  The just walked him back to the dugout from there.  I did not receive an update during the game.  If there are any updates that I can give, I will pass them along.
  • Jameson Dunn.  I said in the game story that he was a little shaky, but that may have been an exaggeration.  He allowed both inherited runners to score, but one was on a grounder and one was on a potential inning-ending double play that Nick Shaw couldn’t turn because – and I am just guessing here – that his tag of the 6’7, 270-something Michael Gonzales may have disrupted his throw to first base.
  • STOSH!  3IP, H, 2BB, 6K…Imagine what he could do if he started out 0-1 on most of his hitters.  I am not kidding when I say that he was 1-0 on the first six batters he faced in the game.  He had to have been at 1-0 on 8 of the 12 Snappers he faced.
  • BONUS STOSH! The Canucks are up 2-0 on San Jose in the Western Campbell Conference Finals.  I think he went three innings tonight so he could somehow find a way to follow game three on Friday night.  There’s a lot more privacy in the bullpen.
  • Eric Marzec has now made six outings in May, pitched 10 innings, and allowed ZERO runs.  That save tonight was his first as a professional.
  • Dennis drives in two more, including the game winning run in the fourth.  He did stop at third after coming around from first base on Walker’s double in the third.
  • Although, I am still trying to wrap my head around that play that scored the winning run.  This is how I wrote it up in the game story.Dennis was at the plate with Yadiel Rivera at third and Keen at first. Dennis hit a flyball to shallow center and Wang Wei Lin came on to make a diving catch. Rivera tagged and scored. However, Keen, who went halfway to second on the flyball, thought the ball had been caught and did not see or hear the out call by the base umpire. Keen headed to second base as the throw went home to catcher Matt Parker.Gonzales, the first baseman for the Snappers, was not covering first base since he was the cutoff man on the throw home. Parker realized the that the catch had been made before Keen. This allowed Parker to begin sprinting for first base and eventually just barely beat Keen to the bag to double him off first to end the inning with an odd 8-2 double play.And since Rivera scored before the final out had been recorded, the run counted to put the Rattlers up 4-3.
  • Not sure if Reggie didn’t see the out call because he sure as heckfirethought that he saw the ball hit the ground.  His vantage point was just about as good at the base umpire who made the call.Miscellaneous
  • There was a little confusion before the game today.  First, Zach Braddock was supposed to start game two.  Then, an hour later he was not going to start.  Then, Brooks Hall was placed on the roster and Del Howell went on the DL.  Then roughly 10 minutes before I went on with the pregame show Jimmy Nelson and Hall were moved to the Helena roster*.  Damon Krestalude came off the DL and Dunn was transferred to the Rattlers.
  • Just a guess, but there will probably be more roster moves coming up in the next day or two.  Because Hall was scheduled to pitch one of the games against Burlington this weekend.
  • *-meaning do not read too much into these moves.  Remember that the Rattlers are in a stretch of 12 games in 8 days…or to really shock you 7 games in four days.
  • I would love to give you the probable rotation for the Rattlers series with Burlington (and the Bees rotation, too).  But, everything is off kilter.  It is still Charly Bashara on Friday.  Saturday was supposed to be Del Howell/TBA. Sunday was Nelson. Monday was Ross.  As of now, the only one that I certain of is Bashara on Friday an Ross on Monday.
  • The Rattlers are 21-18 after 39 games this season.  Just for reference:
    2010: 13-26
    2009: 18-21
    2008: 19-20
    2007: 11-28
    2006: 17-22
    2005: 21-18
    2004: 17-22
  • Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am dehydrated, my throat is sore, my nose is stuffed up, and yet I am not even close to tired.  But after a sweep of the Snappers by the Rattlers, I don’t mind at all.  Has anyone seen Broomy McSweep?

Postdoubleheader post (May 18, 2011)

Sorry. If you heard the games yesterday or if you listen to the highlights below, you’ll realize why this is so late.

Game one Highlights:

Game two Highlights:

  • Austin Ross. That is all
  • Greg Holle got it done
  • Chris Dennis crushed that homer in the first game
  • Only a great diving play by Gunner Glad in the bottom of the seventh inning kept the Rattlers from the sweep
  • That play robbed Dennis of the game-winning hit in both games
  • Dan Britt retired 15 in a row after the third inning.
  • It’s weird when you talk about an extra-inning game ending in the eighth.
  • Two more today.

Postgame post (May 17, 2011)

The Timer Rattlers and the Snappers observe a moment of silence before Tuesday's game at Time Warner Cable Field to honor Harmon Killebrew. Killebrew spent many years with the Twins. Beloit is the Midwest League affiliate of Minnesota.

Beloit 7 @Wisconsin 0
Boxscore | Game Story

  • Zach Braddock is just waiting for the okay from the doctors to get back with the Big League club. He looks ready.  Tonight he pitched three scoreless, hitless innings, walked one, and struck out a pair.
  • Manuel Soliman struck out 11 over six innings and gave up just two hits.
  • HOWEVER, the Rattlers had two on with one out in the first and two on with one out in the fourth.  Wisconsin went 0-for-6 with runners in scoring position and stranded nine runners in the game,
  • ADDITIONALLY, as you can imagine with some many strikeouts, there were no productive outs tonight.  None of the outs with runners in scoring position moved a runner along to the next base.
  • In the last two games, Wisconsin has scored one run on seven hits and they have struck out 28 times.
  • Think about that.  28 strikeouts.  That is one more K than the number of outs needed in for one game.
  • Nelson did a nice job getting ahead of hitters in the game.  But, he walked three batters on 3-2 pitches.
  • If Wisconsin gets through the fifth inning without allowing a run, it would at least have not been as lopsided.  But, with two outs and none on base, Nelson gave up a double, a walk, and back-to-back singles to see the game turn from a 3-0 game to a 5-0 game.
  • I am not being sarcastic about Brian Garman as the player of the game tonight.  As Tony Pechek said on the interview on Sunday, “THAT’S the Brian Garman who pitched in Helena last year.”  It should continue.
  • Great. wanted to talk to Soliman after the game tonight.  That makes two stories on the opposing starters at Time Warner Cable Field over the last four games.
  • Shake it off. Doubleheader tomorrow.  Game one is an Austin Ross start.  Game two is Dan Britt.  Come on out for the twinbill on Wednesday starting at 12:05pm
  • Regarding tomorrow…Happy North Day!  Why Happy North Day?
    Q: How did you get your middle name of North?
    A: “I get that a lot. That’s my dad’s middle name, too, but it is his mom’s maiden name. She was one of four sisters. Obviously, the name wasn’t going to continue, so my grandmother gave my dad the middle name of North and then they in turn gave it to me. So we’ll probably just keep going from here on, keep the name in the family.”
  • Happy North Day!  I know it’s an early start on Wednesday, but let’s see if we can get #HappyNorthDay trending.
  • Sorry.  Too much cough medicine…and cold medicine…and cough medicine…and cold medicine…and cold medicine….and cough/cold medicine.
  • Highlights…We Got defensive highlights!  You can sense the catch by Keen even with the net support in the way.

Postgame post (May 10, 2011)

Video Highlights:

Rattlers 4, Kernels 1
Boxscore | Game Story

  • For the prospect watchers out there, Yadiel Rivera got the start at short and looked very good on defense.  Strong, accurate throws to first and solid work around second on the 3-6-3 double play turned with Cody Hawn in the fifth inning.  And his throw home on the relay to get the runner at the plate in the first inning…HOLY MACKEREL!  I mean it’s the first higlight in the video above.  Go watch it if you haven’t already.  Now…Rivera at the plate…
  • …His single in the sixth was right back through the middle…He struck out swinging on his other two at bats.
  • Still some work to do for Rivera.  But, who doesn’t need to work on some things at this level.
  • Del Howell walked one batter tonight. That is all.
  • Okay, maybe not. Howell was 13-1 in ground out/fly out ratio.  Since, I saw a question somewhere…The other balls put in play against Del were: Ground single into left…Ground double down the third base line…Home run…ground ball kicked for an E-3…Line drive single to center…fly ball single to right…
  • I’m not up on this GO/AO ratio but there were two popups that were not included in the AO part of the ratio..13/3? Still not bad. Right?  These new stats are tough.
  • Since coming off the disabled list, Eric Marzec has pitched six scoreless innings, allowed two hits, walked three, and struck out nine.
  • Franklin Romero has an 11-game hitting streak.  His RBI single in the second inning tied the game.  During his streak, Romero is 16-for-41 (.390).  The only other current hitting streak that is longer than Romero’s is the 13-gamer that belongs to Micah Gibbs of Peoria.
  • A few games ago, I compare the Rattlers offense to the Badger basketball team. Tonight was an example of that.  Drought conditions despite favorable scoring conditions for a long time.  Then…Mike Bruesewitz for three….Book it!…Jordan Taylor drives the lane! YES!…Jon Leuer….GOT IT!…Time out Indiana!
  • Playing the role of Mike Bruesewitz for three was Chris Dennis whose two-run triple put the Rattlers up 3-1.  Jordan Taylor was played by Mike Walker’s RBI single.  Greg Hopkins should have been Jon Leuer tonight with an RBI double, but since it was a ground rule double Walker had go back to third base.
  • I want to be Matt Lepay….for just one day. Can you tell?
  • I feel old because when I saw Braulio Pardo as the catcher for the Cedar Rapids Kernels, I thought of Don Pardo.
  • Jimmy Nelson’s turn tomorrow.

Highlights and bloopers

I leave it to you to decide which is the highlight reel and which is the blooper reel

Interviews and Highlights

There should have been highlights from Monday’s game on this list, but the internet connection at the hotel has been horrible.

Matt Erickson pregame interview from Sunday in which we recap the first month of the season and various other things:

Sunday’s game highlights featuring all three outfield assists in the Rattlers win:

Monday’s pregame interview with Charly Bashara, Sunday’s winning pitcher:

Postgame thoughts – April 30, 2011

Clinton 5, Rattlers 2
Boxscore | Game story

  • What do ya know? There CAN be games played two days in a row in Wisconsin.
  • Jimmy Nelson with a 13:1 GO/AO ratio. That’s very good.  It will pay off for him.
  • The Rattlers were 2-for-12 with runners in scoring position and left 13 runners on base.
  • Twelve hits for the Rattlers. Eight of them came with two outs.  Only one hit came at the start of an inning.
  • I don’t know what happened on that play at the plate in the top of the 7th. I went back and checked the video and it appeared that Roberts looked up as if the ball was hit in the air. It did not look like he was expecting a throw from Hawn for the play at the plate.  It was weird.
  • The team went 2-4 in the six games on the homestand.
  • On to the QC and Beloit for a six road trip.

Speaking of the Quad Cities series, here are the scheduled pitching matchups and the game times:

SUN: RHP Dan Britt v. LHP Kevin Siegrist @5:00pm
MON: RHP Tyler Thornburg v. RHP Zach Russell @11:00am
TUE: RHP Austin Ross v. RHP Trevor Rosenthal @6:30pm

Post doubleheader thoughts (April 29, 2011)

Before we get started, the tarp went on the field after game two.

Please let it come off before the game tomorrow.  Please.

Game one
Rattlers 5, Clinton 0
Boxscore | Game story

Game two
Clinton 6, Rattlers 1
Boxscore | Game story

Game one was a Chili’s ‘Rattlers Win, You Win’ victory.  On the way out of the stadium, you should have received a coupon good for Free Chips and Queso at the Appleton Chili’s located at 1170 N. Casaloma Drive near Fox River Mall.

To the musings of a madman’s mind

  • A lot has been made about the speed of the Timber Rattlers outfielders.  But how about those arms.  Reggie Keen with an outfield assist in both games.  Franklin Romero with on in game two.
  • Granted, the base running of the LumberKings was not good…but, still….WOW.
  • I feel bad for Cameron Garfield. In game two, he gets back behind home plate for the first time since getting off the disabled list and…I’ll let Mike Woods (@Floridagators59) take it away with the following tweets
  • Catcher Cameron Garfield, 2nd-round pick of Brewers in 09, looks to have suffered knee injury Had to be helped off field after play at plate
  • There was no collision, looks to have caught a cleat. Scream was pretty loud. Tough break for Garfield. Good thing, he’s just 19
  • Well, I’m not sure if any time is a good time to get a knee injury for a catcher, but if I hear anything else I’ll try to let you know.
  • Speaking of health updates here is Jason Rogers (@jasonrogers3000): chilling in arizona, getting ready for my surgery next wednesday, rehabbing for 6-8 wks, then back to wisconsin!!!
  • Get well soon, Jason.  Hurry back. The weather will be much better when you get back here. I guarantee it.
  • Our usually on top of it music crew missed it with Forrest Snow on the mound for Clinton in Game two of the doubleheader.
  • How do they miss a chance for Informer
    You know say daddy me snow me-a (gonna) blame
    A licky boom-boom down
    ‘Tective man he say, say Daddy Me Snow me stab someone down the lane
    A licky boom-boom down
  • I mean really.
  • Cody Hawn on the home run board with a line drive homer to left.  Opposite field homers are a good sign…Or so I’ve heard.
  • Helllllloooooo, Matt Miller!  I can’t wait to see how he pitches when he gets in a groove of pitching every five days instead of having to wait 10 days and then wait another six.
  • Seriously.  I had Austin Ross at 106 pitches (69 strikes) in his 7 inning complete game on Wednesday.  Miller was at 84 pitches (61 strikes) for his complete game on Friday.
  • Miller struck out six and walked one.  This is the Matt Miller that went 9-2 in the Pioneer League (playoffs included) last season.
  • Friday’s attendance: 4,062.  The front office really needed that

Friday Night Videos:

Game one highlights:

Game two highlights:

Pregame interview with Austin Ross:

  • Sleep fast. Day game tomorrow!
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