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Big surprise

Get this…The Royals really like Jeremy Jeffress

Ned Yost, now the Royals’ skipper, was managing the Milwaukee Brewers when they made the right-handed Jeffress a first-round Draft choice in 2006.

“When I saw him before, he had very raw stuff, coming at you with a 101, 102 mph fastball,” Yost said. “Decent breaking ball, command was an issue for him, like it is for all young pitchers. But he’s definitely refined his command to the point where he throws a lot more strikes with that really good stuff. He’s impressive so far.”

What about this “exploding” stuff?

“It jumps on you. There’s a difference,” Yost said. “There are guys that throw hard, but you can see it the whole way. When it comes out of his hand, it just like gets there and goes ‘shhhhhhhhhhmp!’ You think you see it, but you don’t see it.”

That’s the hope anyhow and, if enough batters don’t see it, Jeffress is likely to be part of the Royals’ bullpen this year.

Questions and Ratings for Jeffress

Jonathon Mayo noted 20 prospects who stood out in the just completed Arizona Fall League.  Jeremy Jeffress (’10) made #7 on his list:

7. Jeremy Jeffress, RHP, Milwaukee Brewers: An abundance of power arms was a strength of this AFL crop, and Jeffress was the best of the bunch, hitting triple-digits often, even in the Rising Stars Game. Command’s still an issue, but he’s got “future closer” written all over him.

Jeffress also receives a six-pack of questions from Adam McCalvy.  Go read it all, but this is my favorite part:

5. What’s one part of your offseason that you think people would be surprised about?

Jeffress: I’m a golfer. I have a little driving range back home [in South Boston, Va.] that I own, so I go out and hit a lot. My dad built it from the ground up with me and my older brother, Freddie. I go down there a lot during the offseason and help out. I own some land as well. Those are some of the investments I made after signing with the Brewers. My mom wouldn’t let me spend it on cars and things like that.

Jeffress wows the crowd

John Steinmiller of the Milwaukee Brewers was down in Arizona and caught the performance of Jeremy Jeffress at the Rising Stars (aka Arizona Fall League All-Star) Game on Saturday.

John (who blogs with Caitlin Moyer at John & Cait…Plus Nine) has a report on the pitching of Jeffress:

The crowd rose to its feet and cheered his final pitch of the inning to strike out Brandon Laird that read 101 mph on the stadium scoreboard.  Earlier in the at bat, the scoreboard read 99 and “00” for 100.

“I don’t know if I had ever received an ovation like that,” said Jeffress. “The home run was a bigger deal than me hitting 100 tonight.  That won us the game which is the most important thing.  I was just trying to get the outs, hit my spots and I really let it go.  I guess it’s the All-Star game and everyone is watching, so why not?”

Jeffress pitched one inning, struck out two, walked one and allowed one hit.

Yep. Why not?  Awesome!

Topic: Jeremy Jeffress

Interesting stuff on twitter over the weekend about Jeremy Jeffress.

First there was this from ESPN Insider Jason Grey, who was at the Surprise game on Saturday night.

Jeremy Jeffress hitting an easy 98 tonight with lots of 96 and 97

That would be 98, 97, and 96mph.  Then, there was this from Keith Law in response to a question from one of his followers:

I think he’s a reliever. RT @NateHuiras: @keithlaw Think Jeffress can make it as a starter?

Lastly, Jim Breen of Bernie’s Crew chimed in with this thought.

Law opined that Jeremy Jeffress will be a RP in future. Absolutely
true. Still think he should start ’11 as a SP in Triple-A

I agree with Jim on this one.  Jeffress should get a chance to prove himself as a starter.

There was a point in time that I thought I wasnt going to make it

Here is a very nice article on Jeremy Jeffress in The Gazette-Virginian, his hometown newspaper.

Jeremy Jeffress lauded for completing a major step in baseball career

Jeremy Jeffress’ right hand got a big workout Thursday night.

It wasn’t from firing 100-mph fastballs, but rather from shaking hands and signing autographs.

by family, church members and close friends that have helped him
throughout his life, Jeffress was all smiles as he circulated among the
gathering during an informal meal at a local restaurant.

He autographed baseballs and photos, posed for pictures and shook a countless number of hands.

On Friday morning, South Boston Mayor Carroll Thackston presented him an Adjutant General’s Medal for excellence and leadership.

was quite a homecoming for Jeffress, who picked up his first career
Major League Baseball pitching victory Sept. 24 while pitching in a
relief roles for the Milwaukee Brewers.

“I’m so glad to see the
people that came out, see the people who have supported me through all
of the things I’ve been through,” Jeffress said.

“There was a
point in time that I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I’m so gratified
for everybody that has stuck behind me, and for all of the prayers,
phone calls and text messages. I thank them from the bottom of my

This is why I believe that Jeffress is going to make it.  Here is another:

Having been with the Brewers for a little over a month has given
Jeffress a good deal of insight into what is expected of a player when
he makes it to the Major League club.

“During September, I was able to see everything I needed to see,” said Jeffress.

know that from now on, I have to work to stay there. I know the level I
have to be able to perform at. I know I have to work hard and do
whatever it is they want me to do in order to stay there.”

Go ahead and read it all.

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