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Lineup and Game Notes – August 25, 2016

Final game of the homestand is tonight.  First pitch is 7:05pm.
August 25 Blog Photo 1

If you can’t make it out to the ballpark, there are several ways to catch the action. MyNEW 32’sSports Showdown will televise the game starting at 7:00pm. The radio broadcast is on 1280 AM, WNAM starting with the pregame show at 6:45pm. The game is also available on the internet through IHeartRadioTuneIn, and MiLB.TV.

Thursday’s Lineup:
August 25 2016 Lineup

Starting Pitchers:
PEO: John Kilichowski
WIS: Conor Harber

Game Notes:
PEOPeoria Chiefs August25GameNotes
WISRattlersGameNotes August 25 2016

Bonus Audio Highlight from last night:


August 25 Blog Photo 2

The 2nd Greatest Easter

Yesterday’s Timber Rattlers comeback was fun.

Check out the photos from story at

Or, just take a look at the one on the Rattlers facebook page that shows the joy of winning an early season game.

The Rattlers celebrate Parker Berberet's game winning hit against the Cedar Rapids Kernels on April 7, 2012

The comeback made me flashback to a certain game in Brewers history.  And I wrote about it on the old blog in 2006.  Here is a repost of my thoughts about the 2nd Greatest Easter Ever:


The Greatest Easter is obvious to all who believe. The second greatest is a distant second, but it is still worth remembering on a baseball blog.

Brewer fans already know where this is going. Easter Sunday. April 19, 1987.

The game was on the radio out on the porch of my parent’s house. We had some family over for a little holiday lunch. It was 4-1 in the bottom of the ninth inning and the Rangers led the Brewers. It looked like there was no way the Crew would rally and the season opening winning streak would end at eleven.

Mitch Williams (yes, that Mitch Williams) walked Glen Braggs, gave up a single to Greg Brock, and retired Cecil Cooper. That’s when Bobby Valentine (yes, that Bobby Valentine) brought in Greg Harris to face Rob Deer. An 0-1 breaking ball was almost hit out of the County Stadium to tie the game at 4-4. The crowd was going nuts in the background as Bob Uecker made the call.

“I don’t remember running the bases,” Deer said. “I got back to the on-deck circle and everybody was jumping all over me.”

The jumping wasn’t over.

Harris struck out rookie B.J. Surhoff but walked Jim Gantner on a 3-2 pitch. That brought up Sveum, a switch-hitter batting left.

The count again went to 3-2 and Harris threw a fastball. This time the blast was a line drive that rocketed into the right-field bleachers.

Make that 6-4 — and 12 straight.

The roar that followed lasted for several minutes as Sveum was called out of the clubhouse for two curtain calls and then a third along with Deer.

“This is the greatest day of my life,” Deer said. “This is the funnest game I’ve ever played in.

“I know how those guys feel winning a World Series. That’s 10 times more than this, but I don’t know how anybody can feel any better than I did walking into this locker room.”

Or any better than Brewers fans did walking out of County Stadium that Easter Sunday.

That start of the trip around the bases that Deer doesn’t remember was captured for the cover of Sports Illustrated:

Rob Deer!

After that it was a few ham sandwiches, a nap, and THE TEN COMMANDMENTS on ABC. All-in-all, a pretty good Easter. Right, Chuck?

Behold His mighty hand!



The only thing that I will add to my thoughts from the original post is this: It’s hard to believe that Easter Sunday, 1987 was 25 years ago.

Read up on Day One

Mehring in Arizona: Day One was posted last night.

No problem finding the hotel either…until I pulled into the parking lot. I was blinded by the sun as I was facing west and trying to find a parking spot. Suddenly, I saw a figure dart out in front of me. I slammed on the brakes. The figure began walking towards me on the passenger side of the car. As the figure stepped out of the setting sun, I recognized…Pitching Coach Chris Hook. Yep, almost hit him and the season hasn’t even started.

Click the link for the rest.

Podcasting and bracketing

Head over to Bernie’s Crew for their fourth podcast.I don’t know why, but they talk to me at the very end. 

The gang also handles questions in their mailbag, the starting rotation for the Brewers and various other topics.

Don’t forget that Prospect Madness continues over there.

Today’s matchups are:

#5 D’Vontrey Richardson v. #13 Daniel Meadows (vote until 2pm).

#6Mike McClendon v. #3 Logan Schaefer (vote until Friday at 8:30pm).

A word about an Annual

I received an offer from Brian Carriveau of CheeseheadTV (and various other websites) to write an article for the Maple Street Press Milwaukee Brewers Annual 2011.

My article is about the relationship between the Timber Rattlers and the Brewers.  But, there is so much more in the annual.  The top Brewers bloggers on the web all contributed articles.  I have been paging through my advance copy in my free moments over the last few days and there is a lot of great stuff.

This is being mentioned today because today is the day that Maple Street Press is starting to ship the Annual.  It will be on newsstands on March 1, but you can order it right now and it will be sent out to you.

Here is the link to order it

I am just going to steal the table of contents from Jaymes at The Brewers Bar.  Nice work on that, Jaymes. Thank you.

Turning Up The Heat
by Kyle Lobner
After a busy offseason, take a player-by-player look at the roster to see how the Brewers size up heading into 2011.

An Aggressive New Direction
by Drew Olson
Ron Roenicke is bringing a different brand of baseball to Milwaukee.

Past And Present
by Jaymes Langrehr
Take a “big-picture” look at the direction of the Brewers organization.

Stocked Up On Talent
by Kyle Lobner
With several new roster additions, the Brewers are hoping to avoid the same old results.

Know Thy Enemy
by Tony Wilson
Look at the NL Central, including last year’s division-winning Reds, the always dangerous Cardinals, and the rival Cubs.

Carving His Own Niche
by Jordan Schelling
only his fifth year in the major leagues, Ryan Braun is becoming one of
the best known figures in Brewers franchise history.

A Contending Rotation
by Brian Carriveau
Thanks to Shaun Marcum and Zack Greinke, the Brewers boast one of baseball’s best rotations.

Back In The Booth
by Drew Olson
Bob Uecker’s absence in 2010 only underscored how much he means to the Brewers.

Success Is A Relief
by Brian Carriveau
The Brewers bullpen has Milwaukee poised to contend this coming season.

Identity Building Exercise
by Nicholas Zettel
The 2011 season will go a long way toward determining how good several of the Brewers’ star players become.

Looking For Leather
by Jaymes Langrehr
Just how bad was the Brewers defense in 2010?

A Lead-off Profile
by Jack Moore
Statistics show that Rickie Weeks was born to lead off.

Farm Report
by Ryan Topp
Take a look at the inner workings of the Brewers farm system.

The Future Of The Franchise
by Jim Breen
Check out the minor league prospects bubbling just beneath the major league surface.

Forging A Friendship
by Chris Mehring
With two seasons under their belt, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers are earning their keep as a member of the Brewers farm system.

Brewing Up Memories
by Jason Wilde
As Miller Park celebrates its 10th season, look back on some of the park’s most memorable moments.

Team Streak
by James Wold
Juan Nieves’ no-hitter to Paul Molitor’s 39-game hitting streak, the
1987 Brewers were one of hte most remarkable teams in franchise history.

Larger Than Life
by Mike Johnson
CC Sabathia only spent about three months in Milwaukee as a member of the Brewers. But what an amazing three months it was.

Needs More Uecker
by Scott Vander Helden
Introducing “Word Association: Milwaukee Brewers Last Names Edition.”

The road ahead

Somewhere in all of the football excitement over the last few weeks…

…we slipped under the 60 days left until Opening Day mark.

I guess it’s time to get serious.

And by serious, I mean to ask of there is anyone out there in the Rattler Radio readership who might be interested in a fantasy baseball league?  Let me know over at my twitter feed.  Also, if there are any Midwest League announcers out there that read this and are interested in an announcers league let me know.

There is a lot to do:

History project
PLAYBALL! articles
Media Guide
Various releases (There should be one a week for awhile*)
Various articles for the website
Spring Training trip
Various other random tasks

A lot of those deadlines are March 1.  If I read my calendar correctly – that means I have even less than 60 days to wrap up some of these projects.  WHEEEEE!

The blog will be kept up to date as best as possible over the next two months.  I am planning on a return of This Week in Timber Rattlers Baseball (man, I miss The Sports Bubbler) once the season starts.

There are a few other ideas percolating around my brain for features this season…should be fun.

One other note.  I see that Rattler Radio cracked the Top 40 (at #40) for January in the MLBlogosphere.  I also see that The Watson Files (#34) and The Lumber Blog (#30) are still in front of me, too.

Lots of work to do.

Not a bad Monday


Thanks to The Kid for taking this picture with the scope on his sniper rifle. I want to thank him for not pulling the trigger, too.

He must have had a good shot up in the balcony.

This is me on stage at Perry Hall during my lecture at UW-Fox Valley yesterday.

The talk was lightly attended (I wonder why…No, I don’t actually wonder at all), but it seemed to go over pretty well.

A thank you to Kyle from Brew Crew Ball and his wife for making the trip over to hear me ramble on for 45 minutes.

The odd thing about the lecture was that John Wollner was in the audience.  John was the president of the Foxes/Timber Rattlers during the late-Goodland Field/early Fox Cities Stadium era of Appleton Professional Baseball.  That era figured heavily into the talk.  He didn’t correct me on anything substantial.

However, he did admit to me that he preferred this as the team name and logo when Fox Cities Stadium opened…

He was surprised that the artwork for that had been saved. He also laughed along with the rest of the audience when I showed the slide that included this logo.

I am glad for that.

Exploring the space

Monday’s Lecture at Perry Hall on the UW-Fox Valley Campus is getting closer.

I am headed over there today to get a feel for the room and go through some of the technical aspects of giving a PowerPoint presentation……yes, I said it.

If you click on the Perry Hall link, you will get a feel for the room as well.

After being on stage today, The following things might happen on Monday:

I will bring along one of my John Hiatt CD’s and lip sync his greatest hits for 45 minutes.  Because Perry Hall looks like a place that John Hiatt would rock.

I will confidently give a cogent presentation and say “What happened? I blacked out.” when it is done.

I will perform the theme from Mighty Mouse and go on to read from The Great Gatsby.

Gotta dance.

You might learn a little something.  And learning is half the battle….or something.

What better way to spend next Monday?

Yes, what better way to spend the Monday after the Super Bowl than to head over to the UW-Fox Valley for a lecture on the history of the Timber Rattlers?

I mean you will either be still partying after a Packers win over the Steelers in the Super Bowl, but still…it isn’t often…aside from the 140 games during a season…that you will be able to see Mehring misstate facts, mispronounce names, and generally act like a know-it-all.

Oh? Didn’t I mention? I am giving the lecture at noon in Perry Hall on the UW-Fox Valley Campus.

From the news release:

Menasha, WI – The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley resumes its stimulating and acclaimed Scholars Series on Monday, February 7, when the campus hosts Chris Mehring, who will be presenting, “The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers and Professional Baseball in the Fox Cities.” Mehring’s presentation takes place between noon and 1:00 p.m. in Perry Hall, within UWFox’s new Communications Arts Center.

Mehring has been the radio announcer for the Timber Rattlers since 2000. He is also the author of “Rattler Radio,” a blog, he says, that can tell you more about him than any “official” biography. He worked for the team in corporate sales before moving into his current role as Director of Media Relations and previously held positions with the Green Bay Gamblers, the University of Wisconsin-Superior, the Duluth/Superior Dukes, and a radio station in Sheboygan.


The Scholars Series presentations are free and open to the public, with unreserved seating. For more information about “The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers and Professional Baseball in the Fox Cities,” contact Dave Hager, director of University Relations at UWFox.

They also managed to get the best picture that has been taken of me in the last 15 years…which I am not going to share here.  But, click on this link…it must have been the photographer. 

Anyways, the lecture is free. It should be good for a laugh. And you might learn something about how I get over my crippling stage fright every day. Which just got worse because I clicked on that Perry Hall link and…Great Gorman Thomas that place looks huge!

See you Monday.

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