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It won’t just be tickets on sale this Saturday

Just a friendly reminder that single game tickets for the 2016 Timber Rattlers season will be on sale this Saturday starting at 10:00am.

You will be able to order tickets online or over the phone at (920) 733-4152 or (800) WI-TIMBER.

If you have already ordered ticket packages for the 2016 season, you can come out to the stadium and get them.

But, you probably know this already.  This post is to tell you something that you don’t know until you read it here.

These will be for sale on Saturday from 10:00am to 3:00pm on a first come, first serve basis.

On Sale 4

Trust me…there will be more than one of each available.

The Timber Rattlers are replacing the lockers in the home clubhouse and several of the old lockers will be available to fans for $50 each:

On Sale 3

The team is also replacing some of their picnic tables and several of the old picnic tables will be available to fans for $20 each:

On Sale 2

See you Saturday!

Korfball (?) and Alumni Birthdays – December 5, 2014

I was cleaning out the basement last week and I found the 1970’s version of the least for me: The World of Sports Sport Cards collection.

I will be sharing some of these cards during the offseason….Cards like this one on Korfball.  Korfball?  KORFBALL:

No Backboard! Co-ed teams!

No Backboard! Co-ed teams!


Learn about KORFBALL!

Learn about KORFBALL!

As always, click for the larger version.  I don’t know why Korfball hasn’t caught on in the USA.

Alumni Birthdays for December 5:
Scott Abell (’92) – 45
John Papa (’60) – 74
Ed Kowalski (’42) – Would have been 92

UPDATED: A post to be named later…

The announcement regarding the Brewers Sundays Jerseys for 2011 will be made in about 30 minutes.

It will be made over at the main website, but I will have the images here.

UPDATE: Okay.  The announcement has been made.

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers will be wearing a piece of their parent club’s history – with a local twist – during Sunday games at Time Warner Cable Field this season. In 2011, the Rattlers go back to the era when Hank Aaron and Robin Yount were teammates by wearing jerseys based on the home jerseys of the 1975 Milwaukee Brewers.

The white jerseys with blue and gold trim will have “RATTLERS” written across the chest in the original font of the 1975 Brewers. The team will wear these jerseys as part of Brewers Sundays during the 2011 season.

Here are the images of the jerseys:
2011 Brewers Sunday Jersey Front.png

2011 Brewers Sunday Jersey Back.pngFrom Sports Illustrated: This is how those 1975 jerseys looked on Hank Aaron:

A few notes

Wow.  It’s really quiet as far as baseball news goes…

In Australia the ABL Championship Series began and Adelaide beat Perth 4-3.

Former Rattlers outfielder Jamie McOwen (’07) has been playing for Adelaide all season and he went 1-for-4 with an RBI in the win over Perth.

Have you seen Collector’s Corner this week? Jay does a nice job on the best and worst autographs in recent Timber Rattlers history.  It is a feature that Ben Hill calls a “Unique topic and well done”.

And great news for the Radio part of this Rattler Radio blog.  The Timber Rattlers and WNAM have signed an extension that continues their partnership through the 2016 season.

Why don’t you head over to the facebook pages for the Rattlers and WNAM and become fans…if you aren’t already?

Lastly, here is your Flashback Friday supplement.  Head over to and see Goodland Field as it was and as it is.  Just click through to see all of the pictures of the home of the Foxes.

Have a great weekend everyone.

And into the New Year we go!

I took a little time away from the blog to regroup.  Just needed to recharge and get ready for the stretch of days ahead because I am hoping for daily updates both here and on the main website between now and the end of the 2011 season…which I am hoping extends into the playoffs for the first time since 2005.

The big news today is the announcement of the 2011 Coaching Staff for the team.  Matt Erickson is the manager.  Chris Hook is back as the pitching coach.  Long time college baseball coach Dusty Rhodes is the new hitting coach.  Jeff Paxson returns as the athletic trainer and Tim Gifford is the new strength & conditioning coach.

Click the link for full information, including a quote or two from the new manager.

Congratulations to Jeff Isom on the new gig in Brevard County.  He shouldn’t have to worry about getting snowed out on Opening Day, 2011 down in Florida.

There was a day before the end of the year that had roster moves involving three former Timber Rattlers catchers.

Rob Johnson (’05) was traded from the Mariners to the Padres.

Carlos Maldonado (’99) signed with the Nationals again.

Rene Rivera (’03) signed with the Twins.

In other transaction news, Anthony Varvaro (’07) was designated for assignment by the Mariners after they signed Miguel Olivo.

Just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy.  I spent a few days down at the library going through old results of the Timber Rattlers.  The plan is to either build a website…kind of like or…with Timber Rattlers results.  Or to have expand the history section of the 2011 Media Guide.  There are a few more seasons to go and not a lot of time.  But, I’ve made a good dent.

There are a few other projects in the works that should be a lot of fun as the off-season rolls towards the start of the season.  Keep your eyes open.

On a kind of personal note, I just booked my trip to Spring Training in Arizona.  The plan is to head down to Maryvale a week later than last year.  So, I’ll have various photos, interviews, and published pieces for you in late March.

That should be enough for now.

Tomorrow, I’ll have a post that looks at how former Rattlers have done in the various winter leagues, the Cover Post, the media reaction to Matt Erickson’s new job, and the return to the usual nonsense.

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