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Extra Wild Card?

Interesting piece by Dave Brown over at Big League Stew about the possibility of adding a second wild card to both leagues in MLB.

He takes a look back to see which teams would have made the playoffs had there been a second wild card ever since the start of the current playoff format back in 1995.  He also has a lede that does what it is supposed to do…grab you attention!!!

If Bud Selig’s new round of playoff expansion is motivated by another sinister and unstated goal —
to give the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox more chances to win the
World Series — the honchos at Major League Baseball probably ought to
think of another way.

By checking regular-season win-loss records
since 1995, the overlords would find that the Red Sox and Yankees would
have made the playoffs only one additional time each because of an extra wild
card spot. Both of those instances came in the past three years — the
Red Sox this season and the Yankees in ’08.

On two other
occasions, the Red Sox finished with the best record among non-playoff teams, but
would have needed tiebreakers to make the playoffs. And only one other
AL East team — the 1998 Toronto Blue Jays — would have benefited from a second wild card spot.

So, the Yankees and Red Sox franchises in this way aren’t much
different from the Angels, Indians and Athletics; those teams “missed out” on
two AL playoff spots apiece since ’95.

You’re going to have to go to the article to see which team would have made the playoffs the most as the second wild card had there been one since ’95.

I don’t see how adding a second wild card is going to do anything (I believe one person on twitter said the tagline for a potential matchup between two wild cards should be: Stay tuned for a matchup between two teams that weren’t good enough to win their division!) that is good.

Almost everything that I think about an expanded playoff format for MLB was said by Duk in this other post at Big League Stew.  It is titled: Wait: Baseball is serious about this expanded playoff thing?

You will want to click on that last link for a good read.

A few for the morning

Still getting the hang of the new place, but it seems to be working pretty well. The plan is to have a full slate of posts starting next week.  Right now, I am in the process of moving my office at the ballpark to the radio booth full time.  I figured that since I spend most of my time out there, might as well make it permanent.


I missed a former Rattler on the roster of a playoff team.  But, that is only because he was activated yesterday after the post went up on the blog. (I like that excuse. I may need to use it again at some point in the future.)

Mark Lowe (’05) came off the 60-Day DL yesterday and faced the Mariners…which is a little weird…but, this entry on Buster Olney’s twitter feed caught my eye.

Scouts raving
about the Rangers’ Mark Lowe, who made his first outing since May and
was clocked 94-95. Could be a factor in october.

The Dallas Morning-News is a little bit more…subdued.

The Rangers activated right-hander Mark Lowe from the 60-day disabled list, and he pitched one inning against the Mariners, allowing one hit and striking out two.

It was Lowe’s first appearance since May 2, as he underwent surgery on his lower back in June.

“It’s good to be around the team again,” Lowe said. “The only
thing I can do is go out and do my job and let the people that
make the decisions make the decisions.”

Lowe is expected to pitch Friday and Sunday, and the Rangers haven’t ruled him out as a playoff option.

“He’s got two more chances,” Washington said. “We’ll see how it goes.”

Speaking of pitching, remember Leury Bonilla? He was a position player for the Rattlers in 2007 and picked up a save in a game at Fort Wayne…Don’t ask. It was an odd game.

Well, I missed this in the scramble and the downtime at the end of the season.  He played all nine positions in the final game of the regular season for the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx.

His box score line is pretty impressive, reading CF-LF-RF-2B-SS-3B-1B-C-P as he worked his way around the diamond.

Once he got to the mound in the ninth, he needed only 10 pitches to
close out Chattanooga and wrap up a comfortable 8-0 win for West Tenn.
He even collected a strikeout in the process, but that batter, Jamie
Pedroza, shouldn’t feel too bad. Bonilla actually has something of a
record as a strikeout pitcher, with eight strikeouts in 5 1/3 career innings

Though others have accomplished the nine positions in nine innings feat
before Bonilla, he’ll be the last West Tenn Diamond Jaxx player to
accomplish the feat. For after Sunday’s game, the franchise announced it will be known as the Jackson Generals starting next spring.

He also homered and had a sacrifice fly in the game.

Into the postseason

There are two playoff spots left in the National League (the West & the Wild Card).

Of the six teams already in the 2010 MLB playoffs, four have players with some experience playing for the Timber Rattlers (or the Foxes).

New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez (Foxes, ’94)
Minnesota Twins: Brian Fuentes (’97)
Tampa Bay Rays: Rafael Soriano (’00)
Philadelphia Phillies: Raul Ibanez (Foxes, ’94) & Greg Dobbs (’02)

The Cincinnati Reds and the Texas Rangers have no ex-Rattlers players on the roster.

Of the three National League teams still alive for the postseason (Atlanta, San Francisco, & San Diego), only Atlanta Braves (with Eric O’Flaherty…and Menasha native Erik Hinske) has an ex-Rattler on their roster.

Speaking of Hinske, check out this post at Big League Stew on Hinske and his big hit for the Braves last night and for his propensity in appearing in the World Series and for a very accurate Back to the Future II reference.

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