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Not Hoth, but an incredible simulation

Monday’s game with the Lansing Lugnuts has been postponed.

Go figure:

April 14 2014 001
If this keeps up, I’ll have to call on Carl or Brick…I really don’t want to do that.
Doubleheader on Wednesday.  Details here.
For your baseball fix, talked with Clint Coulter after Sunday’s two-homer, 4RBI game.   Here is a link to the article.

“Sandy [Guerrero]‘s always saying ‘suave,’ meaning ‘easy,’ and Jeremy [Reed]‘s always saying ‘easy power, let it come easy,'” Coulter said. “Me being a strong guy and an aggressive guy, I want to go get the ball, and that’s kind of counterintuitive to what hitting is about. You’ve got to let it come to you, so I’ve just been working on staying back and letting it come to me and let my power actually work, which I think is what’s been happening lately.”

More at the link.

You may be reminded of The Empire Strikes Back. But, for me another movie comes to mind. The Dirty Dozen is one the all-time greatest movies.  Today, Mother Nature is Major Reisman as played by Lee Marvin.  I am Posey as played by Clint Walker.  Our relationship is best dramatized in this scene:


Photos from around the ballpark today
April 14 2014 006
April 14 2014 002
April 14 2014 003
April 14 2014 004
April 14 2014 005
Stop. Pushing.

Compare & Contrast: Bobble Anything

The Bobbleheads:

Embedding is not quite working the way I want it to for the original clip, so click on Boombox Serenade below for Lloyd Dobler in all his glory:

In my opinion, The Sure Thing is a much better John Cusak movie than Say Anything. I would also accept Better Off Dead.  One holdout in the office prefers One Crazy Summer.  I cannot persuade this person to reconsider this heresy.

Compare & Contrast: Bond

The new Opening Day Bobblehead Video is online:


Here is the scene from the original:

Compare & Contrast: Western Style

This week, three Opening Day Bobbleheads, recreate the three-man duel from the end of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Here is the original in all of it’s glory.

The part the bobbleheads recreate begins around 2:29 or so.

Who needs to talk to get the point across? Awesome scene!  Awesome movie!

Compare and Contrast: Miracle

The Opening Day Bobbleheads recreated the speech by Herb Brooks before the game against the Soviets.

Here is the original.

The bobbles took it from about the 1:50 mark of the original.  There was a sudden inspiration to add a certain bobblehead at the end as Craig Patrick that brought the whole thing together.

YOU were meant to be here on Opening Day.

I am ready for Opening Day now!

I am also ready to beat the Soviet Union at hockey.  Weird, eh?

Compare & Contrast

Timber Rattlers video:


The inspiration:


I am told that there are a few more bobble-centric videos to be produced in the next few weeks.

Game notes and Game one lineup April 22, 2011

Community Field, home of the Bees, waits for tonight's doubleheader

I have not heard anything, so I am guessing that the game one lineup for the doubleheader today is the same as it was last night.

Nick Shaw             2B
Reggie Keen         CF
Cody Hawn           1B
Jason Rogers       LF
Mike Walker         DH
Greg Hopkins        3B
Tyler Roberts         C
Carlos George       SS
Franklin Romero RF

Starting Pitcher:
Matt Miller

That being said.  The tarp for the field has some damage to it.  It leaked a bit.

The infield took some water.

The Burlington grounds crew was just having a discussion with Aaron Nieckula, the manager of the Bees, about the topic of the infield.  Or at least I am guessing that is what they were talking about since they were standing right by it and doing a lot of pointing.  I’m pretty sure that Aaron was not regaling them with the tale of him sliding around the infield here when he was the manager of the Cougars and was having an animated discussion with an umpire a couple of years ago.

The condition of the infield may be moot.  More rain is scheduled in the forecast…I’m sorry did I say rain?  I meant thunderstorms are forecast for 6pm.

Tonight’s game notes are here.  A few slight changes have been made: RattlersGameNotesApril22

Check back here, @CMehring, @TimberRattlers, or Rattlers Facebook for updates on the game status.

IMMEDIATE UPDATE: It’s raining…again.  The tarp is going on the field…again.  Now, excuse me while I look for a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. A live chicken would be too much…today. In a few days, we might have to talk that one through for a bit.

Wherever it is, it is

Dan Merklinger, a Rattler in 2009, started the Arizona Fall League season with the Surprise Rafters.  Now, he has channeled Buckaroo Banzai after moving to the Phoenix Desert Dogs.

The Seton Hall alum began the fall with Surprise, but got an opportunity to start more consistently with Phoenix. It was an easy decision to switch teams, especially since it wasn’t really made by him.

“I was basically told by the Brewers and my coaches, and I said fine, I’ll just do whatever they want,” he said. “I’ll play wherever. Wherever it is, it is.”
Merklinger, who appeared at three levels in the Minors in 2010, joined fellow lefty Brewers prospect Lucas Luetge on the Dogs staff.

“The Phoenix team was down on pitching and I’ve been a starter all year, so it was a good opportunity for me to start in the Fall League,” he said. “It’s different — you’re always more comfortable with teammates you’ve been playing the season with, but I don’t have a problem getting along with anyone. Everyone’s been real nice and warm here.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the Buckaroo Banzai reference…first, I pity you. Second, the quote Wherever it is, it is reminded me of Peter Weller’s second best role (behind RoboCop, of course) because he says: No matter where you go, there you are at the start of this scene:

It was the 80’s. You could get away with stuff like that. And end credits like this.

By the way, I am still waiting for Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League.  I am also still wondering if Jeff Goldblum kept the cowboy outfit after the shooting of the film wrapped.


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