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Win Probability Chart – Cleveland v. New York Playoff Game from Major League

The Mehring Monday column that explains this is over at the main Timber Rattlers website.

First, here are the two images that show the wrong linescore from late in the game.  The first image is from the top of the ninth just after Harris gives up the double to Sazlo:

Screenshot 2016-01-30 20.29.30
The second image is from the bottom of the ninth, just before The Duke faces Willie Mays Hayes:
Screenshot 2016-01-30 20.39.20
No one should have had a hit after the Clu Heywood struck out to end the top of the ninth.  Whoops!

Here’s the win probability chart for the game.  To see the biggest plays from the game, read the column.

Major League Win Probability chart

To give you a hint of the play that affected the outcome of the game the most:

Cerrano HR


Appleton Pro Baseball Birthdays – February 1:
Vernon Slater – 46
Bill Kostich – 45
Earl Goodwin – Born 1928

Appleton Pro Baseball Birthdays – January 31:
Taylor Brennan – 24
Caleb Thielbar – 29
Fred McNair – 46
Lowell Schellhase – Born 1920

Mehring Monday: A long time ago

Apologies for posting this to the blog instead of the website, but I have been having some issues with the software to publish it to there.
Mehring Monday December 14 2015

The image for this week’s Mehring Monday should tip you off as to my plans this week because the only way to prepare for this weekend is to go old school.

The new Star Wars movie is out later this week. I won’t be attending for a midnight showing on Opening Night. I’ve done that once* and that was way too many people for my liking.
Yes, those are VHS tapes of the original movies…or Episodes IV, V, & VI. I just couldn’t get into the prequels because….well….prequels. I mean come on. Plus, there are, what, a total of four memorable scenes from the prequels.

I will need to watch these again because they are not the versions that George Lucas fooled around with after they were originally released. In other words, Han shoots first and Anakin’s Force Ghost is played by Sebastian Shaw…um….spoilers for a 38-year-old movie.

The movies have never strayed too far from my memory because of the Star Wars Night the Timber Rattlers have done every season for the last several seasons at the ballpark. As a brief aside (and to fill this week’s baseball requirement) the Timber Rattlers will host Star Wars Night on Saturday, June 4.

Every time we unveil the jerseys for Star Wars Night and every time the characters are here I am taken back to the first time I saw the first movie.

The movie premiered on May 25, 1977, but it didn’t turn up until a few weeks later in my hometown’s one screen Ford Theater**.

We went to a small diner to grab something to eat before the show and had seen the commercials and heard the buzz, but were still a little unsure as to what the movie would be like.

Pardon the phrase here, but kids today don’t know how good they have it for special effects in movies. Prior to the first movie, a special effect for a spaceship was pretty much this.

We just didn’t want Star Wars to be that – and it wasn’t. There was something perfect about it for an 8-year-old.

A lot has changed between the first time I saw that movie and now. For example, that diner in my hometown is now a travel agency. I couldn’t see Episodes V and VI at the Ford Theater because it became a XXX movie theater, which is something that was just weird and something that we don’t normally talk about or mention to outsiders… Anyways, that theater is now a Vape Shop and HVAC dealership.

I am hoping that this new movie is good and carries on the spirit of the originals. Speaking of which, I need to find my VCR.

*-It was The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Totally worth it!
**-Not that one.  That one was called Ford’s Theater.

Baseball Halloween – October 31, 2014

A little cool and breezy today at the ballpark.  The weather seems appropriate since Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend.

Ballpark October 31 2014Cool looking sky though.

This has been out there for awhile, but I don’t think I have posted it here yet.  The 2015 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers schedule is set.  Game times for the home games are on the schedule here:  2015 Schedule

Individual game tickets won’t be available until about March of 2015, but you can find out about and purchase group outings, miniplans, and season tickets at this link.

To get into the spirit of Halloween, but to also keep in mind that Baseball is the main reason for this blog, how about a scary baseball movie?

The website won’t let me embed the trailer and this movie must be really obscure if it’s NOT on YouTube. So here is the trailer to NIGHT GAME!

Night Game

Okay…maybe not scary…but, that trailer is a really good time capsule of the weird ’80s vibe most popular culture had going at the time. Yes…That is the Astrodome….and those are the Astros.  The synopsis?  This is from Wikipedia, but I won’t link it or reveal the ending.

A number of young women are found dead on or around the beaches of Galveston and the one thing they all have in common is that they were murdered when Houston Astros ace pitcher Silvio Baretto (an amalgamation of real-life pitchers Bob Knepper and Juan Agosto) pitches and wins a night game at the Astrodome. Additionally, each victim had their throats slashed by some sort of knife or hook.

Scheider plays former minor league baseball player turned Galveston homicide detective Mike Seaver. Seaver is a staunch Astros fan and is the only person on the case who begins to realize the coincidence of the deaths coming after Sil Barretto’s night game wins in the Dome.

No. Seriously. This was a movie.  MLB must have needed the licensing $$$$ at the time to allow a movie to be made with a pitcher for the Astros to be a murder suspect.  What can I say?  The ’80s were an odd time.

Plus, I love how Mike Seaver (No, not THAT Mike Seaver) is apparently the only Astros fan on the police force.

This was not the most ridiculous plot for a Roy Scheider movie.  That award would go to The Fourth War, followed closely by Blue Thunder and Chain of Command.  Night Game barely makes the top five…only because I can’t include entire episodes of the second season of SeaQuest.

Night Game is also notable for the film debut of Renée O’Connor…best known for her role in this 90’s action TV show.

To bring this entry even more around to the purpose of this blog Juan Agosto?…He pitched for the Appleton Foxes in 1980.

Alumni Birthdays:
October 31:
Anthony Varvaro (’07) – 30
Andy Hargrove (’07) – 33
Chad Dunavan (’94) – 42
Dave McNally (’64) – Would have been 72


November 1:
Bryan Sabatella (’06) – 30
Bob Wells (’98) – 48
Jack McGowan (’60) – Would have been 78
Charles Smiley (’61) – 79

November 2:
Taylor Green (’09) – 28
Pat Rice (Pitching Coach ’96, ’97) – 51
Jorge Morales (’93) – 44
Steve Hoeme (’89, ’90) – 47
Travis Jackson (Manager ’52, ’53) – Would have been 111

Have a great weekend, everyone!  And watch out for hooks!

Not Hoth, but an incredible simulation

Monday’s game with the Lansing Lugnuts has been postponed.

Go figure:

April 14 2014 001
If this keeps up, I’ll have to call on Carl or Brick…I really don’t want to do that.
Doubleheader on Wednesday.  Details here.
For your baseball fix, talked with Clint Coulter after Sunday’s two-homer, 4RBI game.   Here is a link to the article.

“Sandy [Guerrero]’s always saying ‘suave,’ meaning ‘easy,’ and Jeremy [Reed]’s always saying ‘easy power, let it come easy,'” Coulter said. “Me being a strong guy and an aggressive guy, I want to go get the ball, and that’s kind of counterintuitive to what hitting is about. You’ve got to let it come to you, so I’ve just been working on staying back and letting it come to me and let my power actually work, which I think is what’s been happening lately.”

More at the link.

You may be reminded of The Empire Strikes Back. But, for me another movie comes to mind. The Dirty Dozen is one the all-time greatest movies.  Today, Mother Nature is Major Reisman as played by Lee Marvin.  I am Posey as played by Clint Walker.  Our relationship is best dramatized in this scene:


Photos from around the ballpark today
April 14 2014 006
April 14 2014 002
April 14 2014 003
April 14 2014 004
April 14 2014 005
Stop. Pushing.

Compare & Contrast: Bobble Anything

The Bobbleheads:

Embedding is not quite working the way I want it to for the original clip, so click on Boombox Serenade below for Lloyd Dobler in all his glory:

In my opinion, The Sure Thing is a much better John Cusak movie than Say Anything. I would also accept Better Off Dead.  One holdout in the office prefers One Crazy Summer.  I cannot persuade this person to reconsider this heresy.

Compare & Contrast: Bond

The new Opening Day Bobblehead Video is online:


Here is the scene from the original:

Compare & Contrast: Western Style

This week, three Opening Day Bobbleheads, recreate the three-man duel from the end of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Here is the original in all of it’s glory.

The part the bobbleheads recreate begins around 2:29 or so.

Who needs to talk to get the point across? Awesome scene!  Awesome movie!

Compare and Contrast: Miracle

The Opening Day Bobbleheads recreated the speech by Herb Brooks before the game against the Soviets.

Here is the original.

The bobbles took it from about the 1:50 mark of the original.  There was a sudden inspiration to add a certain bobblehead at the end as Craig Patrick that brought the whole thing together.

YOU were meant to be here on Opening Day.

I am ready for Opening Day now!

I am also ready to beat the Soviet Union at hockey.  Weird, eh?

Compare & Contrast

Timber Rattlers video:


The inspiration:


I am told that there are a few more bobble-centric videos to be produced in the next few weeks.

Game notes and Game one lineup April 22, 2011

Community Field, home of the Bees, waits for tonight's doubleheader

I have not heard anything, so I am guessing that the game one lineup for the doubleheader today is the same as it was last night.

Nick Shaw             2B
Reggie Keen         CF
Cody Hawn           1B
Jason Rogers       LF
Mike Walker         DH
Greg Hopkins        3B
Tyler Roberts         C
Carlos George       SS
Franklin Romero RF

Starting Pitcher:
Matt Miller

That being said.  The tarp for the field has some damage to it.  It leaked a bit.

The infield took some water.

The Burlington grounds crew was just having a discussion with Aaron Nieckula, the manager of the Bees, about the topic of the infield.  Or at least I am guessing that is what they were talking about since they were standing right by it and doing a lot of pointing.  I’m pretty sure that Aaron was not regaling them with the tale of him sliding around the infield here when he was the manager of the Cougars and was having an animated discussion with an umpire a couple of years ago.

The condition of the infield may be moot.  More rain is scheduled in the forecast…I’m sorry did I say rain?  I meant thunderstorms are forecast for 6pm.

Tonight’s game notes are here.  A few slight changes have been made: RattlersGameNotesApril22

Check back here, @CMehring, @TimberRattlers, or Rattlers Facebook for updates on the game status.

IMMEDIATE UPDATE: It’s raining…again.  The tarp is going on the field…again.  Now, excuse me while I look for a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. A live chicken would be too much…today. In a few days, we might have to talk that one through for a bit.

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