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Three Days to Opening Day

Opening Night is April 3.  This is what the field looks like as of noon on March 31.  There are also some photos of some new things around the park….

Like the new location for the Appleton Pro Baseball Hall of Fame.  The former Leinie’s Lodge could be called the Leinie’s Legends Lounge again.

March 31 2014 008

March 31 2014 006

Left Field Berm
March 31 2014 001

Behind Home Plate:

March 31 2014 002

From the Club Level

March 31 2014 004

Right Field Berm

March 31 2014 009

Camera Platform

March 31 2014 012

Oh, there’s still some work to do:

March 31 2014 003

But, we have TWO BIG chairs at the top of the berm in right field.

March 31 2014 010

How many days?

March 31 2014 013

Keep thinking warm thoughts, Timber Rattlers fans!  We’ll see you at Fan Fest on Tuesday and for the home opener on Thursday.

20 Days until Opening Day

In a place you only dream of, where your soul is always free
Silver stages, golden curtains, filled my head plain as could be
As a rainbow grew around the sun, all my stars above, who died
Came from somewhere beyond the scene you see
These lovely people played just for me

Now if I let you see this place where stories all ring true
Will you let me past your face to see what’s really you
It’s not for me I ask this question as though I were a king
For you have to love, believe and feel
Before the burst of tambourines take you there

Green grass and high tides forever
Castles of stone, soul and glory
Lost faces say we adore you
As kings and queens bow and play for you

- The Outlaws, Green Grass & High Tides


Before getting started, click here to see what the field looked like last week.

Here’s the pile of snow this week:


The view from the top:


I can see the warning track!!


Left Field Berm:


Behind home plate:


From the Club seats:


Right Field Berm:


Camera platform in center:


How many days?


This is one way to clear the snow.


This is another:


Play us out, boys:

27 Days to Opening Day

How high’s the snowpile, momma?
Six-feet high and rising.

The Timber Rattlers grounds crew has been trying to make some progress on the snow here at the stadium.  First they started on the concourse and this was the result.
I’m apparently six years old because I HAD to climb to the top:

This may give you a better perspective on how high the top of the pile is in relation to the roof of the Festival Foods Grill:


I got down on the field for some shots of the snow removal efforts:



Field level behind home plate:


How deep is the snow on the field?

That deep.

That deep.

The regular series of shots start here:

Left Field Berm:

Behind home plate:


Right Field Berm:


Camera Platform:


Club Level Seats:


Snow-blowing efforts:


Where does it all go?


Think warm thoughts…please.

34 Days to Opening Day

I really wanted to have a photo that showed progress.  Alas, the weather is NOT COOPERATING!

However, those of you who will be at Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium to pick up your season ticket purchases will see an area of the stadium that HAS seen progress.

The Leinie Lodge has a new coat of paint and some new lighting.

February 28 2014 004

There are more changes coming for the Leinie Lodge, but that is another series of photographs for another day.

Now, to the field shots!

Left Field Berm:

February 28 2014 001

Behind Home Plate:
February 28 2014 002

From the Club Level Seats:
February 28 2014 003

Right Field Berm:

February 28 2014 005

Centerfield Camera Platform:

February 28 2014 007

How many days?

That many days.

That many days.


41 Days to Opening Day

There was some good news this week.  The temperature got above freezing…heck, it even got above 40…on Wednesday and Thursday.

It may not look like it on the field, but you should see the snow has slid off the roof above both the first and third base concourses.

How many days until Opening Day?

Oh, Right.

Oh, Right.

Left Field Berm:

February 21 2014 001

Behind Home Plate:
February 21 2014 002
The Club Level View:
February 21 2014 003
Right Field Berm:
February 21 2014 004
Centerfield Camera Platform:

February 21 2014 005

The Season is Coming:

Snow Day

I waited most of the day today for these shots.

See, not that bad.

Nope. Not that bad at all.

Nope. Not that bad at all.

But on closer examination.

I'm really starting to hate this winter.

I’m really starting to hate this winter.

45 Days to Opening Day.

48 Days to Opening Day

I am working from home today (w/ 48 days to Opening Day), so these pictures are from yesterday (seven weeks to Opening Day) and I have some good news.   The temperature was above 20 yesterday!!!  Yep. Warmed up enough to snow.  Not as bad as the East Coast, but it was enough to add cover to the field.

Fortunately, I was busy during the heaviest snowfall on Thursday… Fortunate…Unfortunate…At this point, I don’t even know anymore.

There was an event up on the club level.  So, I couldn’t get upstairs for the shot from there…But…at this point….you can probably just click on a photo from last week  and you’ll get the idea.


Left Field Berm

February 13 2014 001 

Behind Home Plate

 February 13 2014 002

Right Field Berm

February 13 2014 003 

Center Field Camera Platform

February 13 2014 004

I heard a rumor that the temperature may actually get to to 33 on Monday!!!!  Maybe even 38 on TUESDAY!!!!!  Keep thinking those warm thoughts, Rattlers fans!

55 Days to Opening Day

The opening of this week’s update is being taken over by Bad News Barrett.

“Neuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium received NO SNOW since the field conditions update one week ago.  BUT, I’m afraid I have some BAD NEWS!  The temperatures have not risen above 20° in the last week and it was below zero again this morning.  That means you have EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT of snow as last week and you are seven days closer to the start of your baseball season.”



Let’s just get to the photos:

Left Field Berm
February 7 2014 001
Behind Home Plate from the Seats
February 7 2014 002
Behind Home Plate from the Club Level
February 7 2014 003
Right Field Berm
February 7 2014 004
Centerfield Camera Platform

February 7 2014 005Additionally, we shot video yesterday for Fang to promote the fast-approaching season to pull together a really cool idea.  But, I’m afraid I have some BAD NEWS.  The weather was so cold yesterday that the equipment malfunctioned and the video we shot was unusable.

Rattlers Alumni Report – Through Winter League Games of 2/2/14

The Caribbean Leagues have finished their playoffs and the 2014 Caribbean Series has started in Venezuela.

Meanwhile in Australia, Craig Anderson’s Sydney Blue Sox lost to Canberra in the Preliminary Finals of the ABL.

There were no ex-Timber Rattlers involved in the Venezuelan League Championship Series as Magallanes beat Caribes 4 games to 1.

The Championship Series in the Dominican Republic wrapped with Licey (w/ Rene Rivera) beating Escogido (w/ Jason Rogers) 5 games to 3.

The only two active ex-Rattlers in Caribbean Series are with Puerto Rico.  Those players are Jeff Dominguez and Martin Maldonado.

Caribbean Series....That sounds nice.

Caribbean Series….That sounds nice.

To the update!

Australia Playoffs:
Sydney Blue Sox (1-2):
Craig Anderson: 1 game, 1 start; 0-0, 2.25ERA; 4.0IP, BB, 2K, 2.25WHIP

Dominican Playoffs:
Licey (15-12):
Rene Rivera: 9 games; .259/.333/.481; HR; 4 RBI
Carlos Triunfel: 1 game, 0-for-1

Escogido (14-12):
Jason Rogers: 12 games; .167/.238/.194; 0 HR, 2RBI

Caribbean Series:
Puerto Rico (1-1):
Jeff Dominguez: 2 games; .125/.125/.250; 0HR, 0RBI
Martin Maldonado: 2 games; .125/.125/.125; 0HR, RBI

62 Days to Opening Day

January 17 was the last time I checked in on the field conditions. Since that day, the weather has stayed cold and there has been more snow…

Let’s take a look at how things stand with 62 days left until Opening Night:



From the top of the Left Field berm:
January 31 2014 001
From behind home plate:

January 31 2014 002
From the top of the Right Field berm:
January 31 2014 003
From the camera platform in Center:

January 31 2014 005

From behind the camera platform in Center:

AKA: The Loneliest Chair in the Ballpark.

AKA: The Loneliest Chair in the Ballpark.

Think warm thoughts everyone!


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