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Rule Fiving!

The Rule 5 draft took place this morning on the final day of the Baseball Winter Meetings.  If you are unfamiliar with the workings of that particular draft.  Head over to this Wikipedia page.

There were four former Timber Rattlers taken in this draft.  Two were in the major league portion.  Two were in the minor league portion.

Here is the Baseball America list of all the selections.

The ex-Rattlers taken:

Major League Portion:
Adrian Rosario (’10) by the Orioles from the Brewers
Nathan Adcock (’07, ’08) by the Royals from the Pirates

AAA Minor League Portion:
Justin Dowdy (’03) by the Giants from the Rays
Travis Scott (’06) by the Pirates from the Angels

Rosario was the #4 pick and Adcock was the #5 pick in the MLB part of the draft.  Dowdy was a late first round pick in the AAA part of the MiLB draft.  Scott was an early second round pick in the AAA part of the MiLB draft.

There will probably be analysis of these picks later today.  There will be links to those in the morning on Rattler Radio of – if you can’t wait – at some time today @TimberRattlers or @CMehring

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