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I’m #5…I’m #5…I’m #5

To start off this post right.  Thank you all for stopping by to read Rattler Radio today and in the last year.

The year-end rankings for MLBlogs were released earlier this week.  Rattler Radio is listed in the MiLB Pro category and finished 5th.  Here is the top 10 in that category as noted in this post at Blogs Central:

1. Ben’s Biz Blog
2.’s PROSPECTive Blog
3. Inside the San Jose Giants
4. Crawdads Beat
5. Rattler Radio
6. The Shuck Dynasty
7. Rollin’ with Rick PawSox
8. The Dash Board
9. 45 Miles From Fenway
10. Callis’ Corner


Benjamin Hill handled being number one in his usual manner:


But, seriously….

Rattler Radio started out over here on Blogspot on March 27, 2006 with this post.

Hold on…..This blog is going to be TEN YEARS OLD IN JUST OVER TWO MONTHS?

Whoa. I needed to get that out of my system.

I moved it over to MLBlogs in September of 2010 and it has been a lot of fun from the very start.

I have added some features over the years and will continue to look for ways to make this the place to follow the Timber Rattlers and to inform and entertain.

Thank you for being along for the last decade.  Thank you for coming back.

Appleton Pro Baseball Birthdays – January 14:
Joe White – 30
TA Fulmer – 36
Rod Myers – 43
Brian McCormack – 50
Chris Jefts – 51
Terry Forster – 64
Nielsen Cochran – 75

Happy Birthday to Terry Forster, a member of the Appleton Professional Baseball Hall of Fame!

Happy Birthday to Terry Forster, a member of the Appleton Professional Baseball Hall of Fame!

Yeah. I fell for it

@TimberRattlers was tagged in this tweet yesterday:

“Hmmm….Clint Coulter! He’s a former Timber Rattler.  Let’s see what they have to say,” I thought as I retweeted before clicking the link.

No mention of Coulter anywhere outside the list. Well played, MLB Pipeline. Well played.

Alumni Birthdays for February 11:
Kevin Robles (’00) – 37
Joe Rodriguez (’01) – 37
Arned Hernandez (’90) – 48
John Hofer (’89) – 50

Arned Hernandez

Arned Hernandez2

John Hofer 89

Prospect Madness update

The two polls that are active at Bernie’s Crew for Prospect Madness as of 11:30 this morning are:  Del Howell v Dan Merklinger and Khris Davis v. Shea Vucinich.

Head over there and click on your selections.

Prospect Madness

Bernie’s Crew has a neat little interactive way to learn about and vote for the prospects in the Milwaukee Brewers Minor League system.  I will let Jim tell you what it is all about:

I was watching the Wisconsin Badger basketball team pull out a gritty victory against the suddenly difficult Iowa Hawkeyes on Wednesday evening, when the thought struck me. Why not do a March Madness type of competition between the prospects and see which prospect is the Bernie’s Crew favorite?

The goal is to have a new head-to-head battle every day, and the winner will be decided by which prospect received the most votes from you folks, the readers. The favorite prospect will move on to the next round and will obviously keep progressing until they do not receive the most votes.

And along the way, I will provide a scouting report and background information on each of the Top 65 Prospects as the tournament progresses.

You may see the brackets for the tournament at the link up top.

Today’s matchups are:

#1 Kyle Heckathorn v. #16 Hitaniel Arias

EDIT: The Heckathorn v. Arias matchup was yesterday.  Heckathtorn has moved on to the next round.

#8 Eric Arnett v. #9 Cody Hawn

Click those votes to see the scouting reports and to vote for the player you want to see move on to the next round.

Head on over to Bernies Crew

Podcast Time over at Bernie’s Crew.

Their table of contents…Can I call it that?  Their rundown…

>>  Packers Super Bowl Victory

>>  Mailbag Questions (keep them coming!)

>>  Brewers’ Outfield Preview

>>  Minor League Sleepers

>>  Interview with Jonathan Lucroy

Enjoy the baseball talk!

Worth the read

Jim over at Bernie’s Crew has this piece that is worth the click. And seeing as how he was the guy who broke the story on the Greinke trade…oh, just go ahead.  Here is the title:

Melvin and the Brewers Not Ignoring the Future Health of the Organization

Sometimes, when passionately following a Major League Baseball
organization, one tends to overvalue that team’s players and talent.

It causes the best of us to buy into unrealistic hype surrounding
prospects.  It also causes us to demand a king’s ransom in return for
any of our prospects/players.  Ultimately, that hometown bias results in
fans positing “plausible” trade packages such as Parra/Gamel for Matt
Garza of the Tampa Bay Rays.

I found myself nudging myself further into that cozy trap on Sunday, lamenting the loss of another top prospect in Jake Odorizzi — as well as the promising trio of youngsters in Cain/Escobar/Jeffress.  Zack Greinke
is obviously a treat, but I wanted to argue the return was not worth
the overall risk to the organization due to the gutting of the minor
league system.

After 48 hours of sleeping on this trade, however, I realized the
true root of the discomfort surrounding the trade:  The discomfort was
not so much due to the fact that the Brewers were surrendering any
sure-fire stud players in the trade.  It was that the Brewers were
trading away everything they had remaining in the system.

In a pure talent-for-talent evaluation of the trade, the Brewers did
quite well.  They acquired one of the top pitchers in all of baseball
for a group of players that have been dubbed as “big league average”
again and again by scouts.  Various scouts prefer one of the four over
another and each will have his favorites, but the Brewers needed
top-flight talent to make the postseason in 2011 or 2012 — and that was
not about to come in the form of Cain/Escobar/Odorizzi/Jeffress.

No offense meant to any of the prospects mentioned above.  A
postseason berth was simply not about to happen on the backs of those
four, and that is just common sense.

Go read it all.

Three opinions on Adrian

Adrian Rosario was selected by the Baltimore Orioles #4 in the Major League portion of the Rule 5 draft yesterday.

Rosario appeared in 14 games as a reliever for the Rattlers after joining the team from Helena this season.

Here are three opinions on the newest Orioles farmhand.  I bolded and italicized part that interested me in all three.

First up, Steve Melewski, who covers the Orioles for MASN:

The Orioles certainly took a young arm, that at least on the stat sheet, looks far away from the Major Leagues.

Right-hander Adrian Rosario is just 21, from Santiago, Dominican Republic. The O’s took him in today’s Rule 5 draft with the 4th pick and he would have to stay on their 25-man Major League roster all season.

Rosario moved to Wisconsin of the Midwest League and went 4-0 with 2 saves and a 4.50 ERA. Over 32 innings, all in relief, he fanned 44 with 15 walks and a .230 average against.

In that league, right-handed hitters batted just .204 vs. him.

In 46 1/3 innings on the season, between the two levels, Rosario, who goes 6’4″ and 180 pounds, fanned 59 batters.

Next up: John Sickels of

Adrian Rosario, RHP, from Brewers: 21 year old from the Dominican Republic, posted 3.50 ERA with 59/18 K/BB in 46 innings between the Pioneer and Midwest League. Projectable and young, and dramatically improved his strikeout rate this year. Probably a long shot to stick due to lack of experience.

And Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus:

Adrian Rosario, RHP (from Brewers): Long-limbed and projectable relief type with impressive stuff; but also a player who had trouble throwing strikes in Low-A.

I agree that it will be a long shot for Rosario to stick with the Orioles Major League roster.  This reminds me of the time that the Minnesota Twins selected Ryan-Rowland-Smith in the Rule 5 draft back in 2004.

RRS went to spring training with the Twins and made it up to the end, but there was no spot for him so he was sent back to the Mariners before the season started.

I respectfully disagree

The guys over at announced their award winner for Timber Rattlers Reliever of the Year yesterday.

Continuing with our seven part series looking back on the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers 2010 season. We tabulated the votes and for the first time we don’t have a unanimous selection. Jonathan Pokorny and Jeremy Jeffress both received votes, but the winner was Andre Lamontagne.

I disagree.

Pokorny, the MWL post-season All-Star Lefthanded Reliever, inherited 35 base runners. He allowed five to score.

Pokorny, the MWL post-season All-Star Left-handed Reliever as selected by the managers of the Midwest League, converted on his first eight save opportunities. Then, he converted seven more in a row. He was two shy of tying the franchise record for saves in a season.

Pokorny struck out 87 opposing batters in 60-1/3 innings. That would be a K/9IP of…13…13?!?…13!

Pokorny held left-handed hitters to a .190 batting average.

Lamontagne was good when he was with the Rattlers.  But,he pitched just 16 games for the Rattlers this year before being bumped up to Brevard County and Huntsville.  Pokorny was here all season long, appeared in 46 games, and was THE guy in the bullpen.

And that’s what I think.

A perspective from the fans has a discussion about which Rattler they thought was the Offensive Player of the Year for 2010.  I have no problem with their choice of Khris Davis

Some of the discussion:

Up until the last few weeks of the season, I probably would have gone with Scooter Gennett, but he really slid late in the year. Khris Davis was consistently
a force in the middle of the lineup. 22 home runs is something that
has never been done before for the Rattlers and that is why I feel he
deserves this award.

Click through for all of it.

The will be announcing their defensive player of the year on Monday, October 11.  Why do I have a feeling that the initials MM will figure prominently in the decision.

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