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Old Hoss

I have been taking it easy during the last few days.  But, I found these old photos as I was arranging them for a work project today and needed to post them.

O’Brien Field, the home of the Peoria Chiefs, has a series of frames with old photographs, newspaper articles, programs, and various other miscellany in its second level hallway.

Twitter star Old Hoss Radbourn is prominently featured in one of the frames.

I’ll work on getting better pictures next season, but these should give you an idea of the man.  For right now, click on the images for a larger, um, image: 

Here is the poster in full from an angle.  He is sharing the frame with Iron Joe McGinnity.
Next is the photo of the man himself:
The caption of the photograph mentions that Old Hoss pitched for the Peoria Reds in 1878.  Here is the caption in full:
I would say that I don’t believe the bit about the ball disappearing around the corner, but I do not feel like being challenged to a duel today.

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