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Lineup & Game Notes & 1 other thing – June 16, 2016

The Rattlers are at Pohlman Field to wrap up the first half of the season.  Game time tonight is 7:00pm.

June 16 2016 Blog PhotoThe radio broadcast is on 1280 AM, WNAM starting with the pregame show at 6:40pm. The game is also available on the internet through IHeartRadio and TuneIn.

Thursday’s Lineup:

June 16 2016 Lineup

Starting Pitchers:
WIS: Freddy Peralta
BEL: Boomer Biegalski

Game Notes:
WIS: RattlersGameNotes June 16 2016

One other thing:

The one other thing is a personal milestone that I hit last night.

Last night was the 2,000th consecutive Timber Rattlers game I have broadcast.  I missed a game on Sunday, April 28, 2002 due to my other job at the time, Radio Announcer for the Green Bay Gamblers hockey team.  The Timber Rattlers played a home game against the Beloit Snappers while I was in Sioux City, Iowa for a USHL playoff game.

The Gamblers lost on Sunday and again on Monday at the old Sioux City Auditorium to be knocked out of the playoffs by the Musketeers.  I drove through the night and joined the Timber Rattlers for an 11am doubleheader in Davenport, Iowa on Tuesday, April 30 and haven’t missed a game since.

It seems odd that Game #1 of the streak and game #2,000 of the streak happened in Quad Cities, but odd would definitely describe my journey to this point.

If you have read this far, Thank you.  Enjoy the next 2,000 straight…I hope that this isn’t some type of Dorian Gray thing where mentioning it undoes the magic.

Postdoubleheader Post – Games of June 20, 2014

Game 1
Timber Rattlers 8
Burlington Bees 4
Boxscore | Game Story

Game 2
Timber Rattlers 4
Burlington Bees 1
Boxscore | Game Story

Pre-doubleheader Interview with Bees Broadcaster Michael Broskowski:

Between Games Interview with Timber Rattlers Hitting Coach Chuckie Caufield:

The Rattlers won two games on Friday at Burlington.  They were 2-7 at Burlington all of 2013.

Game 1 Starter:
Anthony Banda matched his career high for strikeouts in game as a professional as he picked up eight in five innings.

Game 2 Starter:
Zach Quintana on June 6: 1IP, 1H, 5R, 4BB, 0K …. no decision
Zach Quintana since 6/6: 8.1IP, 6H, 0R, 2BB, 8K …. two games and two wins

Game 1 Photos:

Garrett Cooper heads home after his three-run homer puts the Rattlers up 6-3.  The homer cleared the wall in center 403' from the plate.

Garrett Cooper heads home after his three-run homer puts the Rattlers up 6-3. The homer cleared the wall in center 403′ from the plate.


Banda with strikeout #8.

Banda with strikeout #8.


Rattlers celebrate after a confusing end to game one.

Rattlers celebrate after a confusing end to game one.

Game one ended on a foul pop behind first base.  The runner at first must have lost track of the number of outs because he was running on contact.  Cooper caught the ball behind first and the runners was 2/3 of the way to second base.  There was an easy flip to Trevor Seidenberger covering at first to close out the game with a FF3, 3-1 double play.

Game 2 Photos:

Quintana got a foul ball on this pitch.

Quintana got a foul ball on this pitch.


Paul Eshleman is about to throw out a runner at second by a lot....a lot.

Paul Eshleman is about to throw out a runner at second by a lot….a lot.

This is Ratterree's triple to drive in Castillo.  I'm not sure what I was going for in this shot.

This is Ratterree’s triple to drive in Castillo. I’m not sure what I was going for in this shot.

The contact play was not - repeat, NOT - on for this Coulter grounder flagged down by the shortstop with Ratterree at third.

The contact play was not – repeat, NOT – on for this Coulter grounder flagged down by the shortstop with Ratterree at third.

Got. Him. Swinging. Rattlers win.

Got. Him. Swinging. Rattlers win.




A couple of things:
Looking for insurance in the ninth, manager Matt Erickson had runners at first and third with no outs. He pulled out the safety squeeze with Angel Ortega at the plate. This is probably the fifth or sixth time the Rattlers have successfully run that play and got the result they have wanted. It was also the second time I had a feeling that they would run that play.

It cannot be stopped!

Also of note, the Rattlers did not commit an error in either game.

One last note.
I passed a personal milestone after game number one was in the books. That was game number 2000 since I took over as the Timber Rattlers radio announcer from Tim McCord for the 2000 season.

I missed a few games in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003 for hockey because I was the announcer for the Green Bay Gamblers and playoffs would get in the way of some of those early season games. But, I haven’t missed a game since early in the 2003 season and that streak is at 1,725 straight games after both games were completed on Friday.

It’s just a number…and calling 2000 games (or to be more accurate with the doubleheader in the books 2001 games) in the Midwest League game probably isn’t that big of a deal. But, it means…something. I just don’t know what that is. I do know that I’m not done yet.

Here’s to a great start to the second half.

Thank you listening.

Postgame Post – June 14, 2014

Rattlers 6
Bandits 3
Boxscore | Game Story

Matt Erickson Pregame Interview:

The Timber Rattlers have been playing some great baseball in the last two weeks.  11-1 in their last twelve games.  They have missed the playoffs in the first half, but things are definitely bright for the second half of the season.

I am looking forward to it.

But, I am not looking forward to tomorrow. Some of you may know about this and others may not. I try not to get too serious on this blog because it’s supposed to be fun and light-hearted and about baseball…and things tangentially related to baseball.

Wisconsin Dells circa 1972 or 73 with my Dad and brother.

Wisconsin Dells with my Dad and brother.

It has been difficult to be those things this season because my dad died one week before the season started and I miss him so much. I don’t want to go into it again because I think that I said everything I needed to say in this column.

But, baseball was our sport. He used to tell me stories about going in to Milwaukee to watch the Braves and how they stopped going as much when they banned carry-ins. My first glove was his Lew Burdette model.

We saw Dennis Lamp almost throw a no-hitter against the Brewers. He made sure my brother and I were members of the Brewers Pepsi Fan Club so we could go to a lot of games for not a lot of money. The red Coca Cola Bat from one of the Bat Night’s is somewhere in the basement. Barry Bonds with help from Jeff Kent and Ellis Burks ruined his 60th birthday.

Finally, we got to see them clinch the NL Central title in 2011.

Our best day ever at County Stadium was September 17, 1976. That was the night of the Brewers Salute to Hank Aaron. So many old Milwaukee Braves came back for the ceremony.

He told me about Johnny Logan and Warren Spahn and Joe Adcock and, of course Hank Aaron. I was seven and you can mark that game right there as the start of my interest in and love of baseball history.

Apologies if I have been off my game on the radio this season and if I have skipped a few days on the blog. It has been tough.  It has been getting better and – as weird as this may sound – the last two weeks of baseball have really helped.

But, I’m not looking forward to tomorrow and not just because it’s the end of a half. Sunday is Father’s Day…and it’s the first one without him.

Movember Update – Day 22

Day 22…

To donate to my Movember Page go here:

On a scale of 16-year old me and Sam Elliot as John Buford in Gettysburg, I am currently at Matthew from NewsRadio in that episode he grew a mustache:


Well, maybe not quite that thick, but it feels like it.

No one from the office has had a mustache intervention with me yet:

Also, Mr. James has not stopped by to show me the picture in his wallet that he uses to remind him not to grow a mustache.

In closing….I really miss NewsRadio.

Movember Update – Day 15

Day 15…

On a scale of 16-year old me and Sam Elliot as John Buford in Gettysburg, I am currently at Tim Locum, circa 1990:

I said Tim Locum!

I said Tim Locum!

The only difference between the me of 1990 and the Tim Locum of 1990 back in 1990?  I didn’t play basketball for the University of Wisconsin Badgers.

The only difference between the me of 2013 and the Tim Locum of 1990 today? I don’t have a mullet and I am not a member of the Badgers’ 1,000-point club.

To see my progress and to donate to the cause please head here:

Movember Update – Day 8

If you remember this Mehring Monday from October, I am taking part in Movember this year.

This is where I want to be at the end of the month:

The benchmark.

The benchmark.

Growing a mustache as a way to raise money for men’s health is pretty easy….Well, it should be.  After one week, it looks like I have the same mustache I did when I went a week without shaving at the age of seventeen…Though there appears to be more gray in the latest version.

I will do everyone a favor and not post a photo of myself on this blog.  To see it, head over to and think about donating to the cause.

Thank you.

A moment for Mark Haley

Mark Haley has been the manager of the South Bend Silver Hawks since 2005.  That was the year he and the Hawks beat the Timber Rattlers in the Midwest League Championship Series.

Haley has been a great manager with whom to deal over the last several seasons.  When the Rattlers are in South Bend, I always seem to run into him in the tunnels beneath Coveleski Stadium in South Bend on the first day of a series down there.

Oh, there have been some battles over the years but, Haley has always been a professional.

That’s why a twitter update that included a link about Haley hit me a little last night.

…fast forward to Thurs. Dec 29th, after 6 days of ups and downs with temps, BP, pain, etc. a CT scan revealed a softball size abcess in his abdomen from a perforated bowel. I arrived to his room that morning and the OR was already calling for him.  He had been back for about 10 min. It was a decision that we really had no time to think about because by now Mark was very sick and something had to be done quickly.  2 hrs later Dr. Credi and Dr. Mark Walsh spoke to me and told me that Mark had 12 inches of bowel removed, he was Septic and he was going to be in the ICU for at least a day or 2 on a ventilator and to be prepared because things would get worse before they got better.

Please click the link and read all the details.

Ben Hill had this update this afternoon with comments from the Silver Hawks.

“We’re keeping [Haley] in our thoughts and prayers. He’s a strong, tough man and we expect a full recovery,” said Silver Hawks general manager Lynn Kachmarik. “South Bend is his home, and he’s highly respected throughout the community. We’re getting so many calls and messages from people wanting to wish him well.”

We here at the Timber Rattlers wish Mark well, too.

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