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Postgame Post – June 2, 2014

Completion of Sunday’s game:
Quad Cities 7
Wisconsin 4
Boxscore | Gameday | Game Story

Regularly Scheduled Game:
Quad Cities 3
Wisconsin 4
Boxscore | Game Day | Game Story


Aramis Ramirez comments (Jerrad Radocay):

Matt Erickson comments (Jon Feyen):

Trevor Seidenberger comments (Jon Feyen):

Johnny Davis Comments (Jon Feyen):

There were some issues with the highlights loading onto YouTube.  So, here are a bunch of photos by Ann Mollica.

















Post-Suspension Post – June 1, 2014

It was all sunshine and puppies before the game today:


And Major Leaguers:


But, then it was all:

June 1 Tarp

This game was basically one strike from being official.  Then, the skies opened for a downpour that was…biblical.

The Rattlers and River Bandits will regroup and play on Monday.  The suspended game will restart at 12:05pm.  Michael Ratterree will be at second base with two outs and Jose Pena will be at the plate with a 1-2 count.  There are two outs and the River Bandits lead 3-2

There will be a 30-minute break after the conclusion of that game.  Then, there will be a 7-inning game to follow that one.

Post-appearance comments from Aramis Ramirez:

Matt Erickson’s Comments:

I’d have more, but – for some reason – it has taken me about 70 minutes to put this post together.

See you tomorrow morning.

Postgame Post – May 31, 2014

Quad Cities 4
Wisconsin 3
Boxscore | Gameday | Game Story

Postgame comments (Jon Feyen):

Matt Erickson:

Clint Coulter:

Steve Halcomb:

Photos (Ann Mollica):





Timber Rattlers Highlights:

Proposal Highlights:

Some Pregame Interviews from earlier this week:
Michael Ratterree (5/28):

Taylor Brennan (5/30):

Postgame Post – May 25, 2014

Wisconsin 3
Clinton 2
Boxscore | Game Story

May 25 2014 008Had ‘em all the way.

Final 2 outs of the game:

I don’t have a lot to add to the game story.  Just this…Did you know that four of the Timber Rattlers eight hits on Sunday were bunt singles?

And this…You can bunt three straight times and get run.

And this…Steve Halcomb tried to get a bunt down after the bunt singles by Francisco Castillo, Omar Garcia, and Johnny Davis.   He popped back to the mound.  That was four bunts in a row.  Just for kicks Clint Coulter should have dropped one down just to see what would happen.


I mentioned this story on the air today. But, wanted to share it on the blog.

Conrad Gregor of Quad Cities hit a home run on Saturday to put the River Bandits in front of the Cedar Rapids Kernels.  That was just the start of the story.

Conrad Gregor’s first home run of the season was caught on the fly Saturday night by the happiest fan at Modern Woodmen Park.

As Gregor rounded the bases following a three-run blast which put Quad-Cities ahead to stay in its 5-2 Midwest League win over Cedar Rapids, the fan standing behind the wall in the right-center power alley pumped his arms in the air, proudly waving the ball for all in the crowd of 5,494 to see.

He had his reasons.

“That was my dad,’’ Gregor explained after the River Bandits finished off the three-game sweep of the Kernels.

Would’ve been better on Father’s Day….But, the Rattlers are in Quad Cities on Father’s Day…So…good thing it happened last night.

Postgame post – May 22, 2014

Wisconsin 2
Beloit 3
Boxscore | Game Story


May 22 2014 004

Just a few thoughts:

Victor Diaz has been ridiculously good and has run a scoreless streak out to 15-1/3 innings with six more scoreless innings on Thursday.

Anthony Banda had a roller coaster performance in 2-1/3 innings.  In the seventh, he gave up two runs and it could have got away from him there, but he stranded three runners.  In the eighth, he struck out the side in order and looked really, really good. But, the walk in the ninth started the game winning rally.  The wild pitch allowed the winning run to go to third with one out and led to….

The Rattlers going to five infielders.  But, it didn’t work out tonight.  The coaches are doing whatever they can to get this thing turned around for the final 23 games of the first half.

The five infield formation wasn’t the only turn to the bizarre on Thursday.

The Timber Rattlers have a video intern who sets up cameras around the ballpark to record the players at bats and pitches and other things.  It’s a teaching tool and many teams in the Midwest League have a video intern.  He got on the bus after the game tonight and said, “Someone stole my centerfield camera tonight.”

Someone just walked around to the back of the outfield fence and took a pretty expensive camera without being seen or caught.  It didn’t necessarily have to be a fan either.  The back of the field is wide open to pedestrians and anyone can get back there.  As long as they don’t stand on something to watch the game, there’s no problem….until tonight.  If you are reading this in the Beloit area and see someone filming a birthday party with a camera that has T-RATS on the side….Ask, “Hey, there must be a pretty interesting story behind how you got that camera, eh?”

Ridiculous.  It’s like a parallel universe down here.

Let’s end on an up note.

Congratulations to Omar Garcia:


Postgame Post – May 21, 2014

Kane County 8
Wisconsin 2
Boxscore | Gameday | Game Story May 21 2014 001

Postgame Comments (Tim Froberg & Jon Feyen):
Clint Coulter:

Matt Erickson:

Photos by Ann Mollica:








Video Highlights:

Postgame Post – May 20, 2014 (Splitsville)

Game 1:
Kane County 1
Wisconsin 11
Boxscore | Gameday | Game Story

Game 2:
Kane County 1
Wisconsin 0
(9 innings)
Boxscore | Gameday | Game Story

Pre-doubleheader interview with Matt Erickson that aired between games:

Postgame Comments (Jon Feyen & Kyle Lobner):
Andy Moye:

Barrett Astin:

Matt Erickson:

PHOTOS (Ann Mollica):






Game 1 Highlights:

Game 2 Highlights:

Postgame Post – May 14, 2014

Do I need anything more than this?
Photos by Ann Mollica

Or this:


Quad Cities 1
Wisconsin 5
Boxscore | Gameday | Game Story

Pregame Interview with Paul Eshleman:

Postgame Comments (Courtesy of Jon Feyen):

Barrett Astin:

Matt Erickson:

Photos from Ann Mollica:









Postgame Post – May 13, 2014

I’m just taking a wild guess here…but I’m pretty sure that Michael Ratterree and the Timber Rattlers relievers in the bullpen have never seen a giant shopping cart before tonight.

I'm guessing that Michael Ratterree has never seen a GIANT shopping cart with people dressed as cheese spread before tonight.

At least the people dressed as cheese spread is something they’ve seen this season.

Quad Cities 4
Wisconsin 10
Boxscore | Gameday | Game Story

My Pregame Interview w/Former Appleton Fox Tim Harikkala:

Postgame Comments (Courtesy of Jon Feyen):
Michael Ratterree:

Tyler Alexander:

Matt Erickson:

Photos by Ann Mollica:






Video Highlights:

Postgame Post – May 12, 2014

Quad Cities 4
Wisconsin 3
Boxscore | Gameday | Game Story

It was 73 at gametime.  It was 54 later.  It got foggy.

Here is Trevor Seidenberger getting James Ramsay to line out to Chris McFarland in the 6th:
May 12 2014 004

Here is the shot of the field in the 9th:


May 12 2014 011

Trevor Seidenberger’s scoreless string ends at 11-1/3 on the unearned run in the top of the seventh and he takes the tough luck loss on Monday.

Chris McFarland’s hitting streak is at nine games after his two-run single in the fifth inning tied the game 3-3.

Preston Gainey was at 97 pitches (64 strikes) through 4-2/3 innings pitched.

I want to thank whatever or whomever it was that kept the rain away from the ballpark to the game to be played. The last thing anyone wanted to deal with was another doubleheader.

Dad, if it was you, thank you.

Postgame Comments:

Chris McFarland:

Matt Erickson:

For the record, the needle was at 96 & 97 for Jandel Gustave, the final pitcher for the River Bandits on Monday night.
Photos by Ann Mollica:


Video Highlights:


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