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Post Number 800!

I didn’t realize that ‘Rattler Radio’ was nearing the 800 mark until a couple of days ago.  I thought about a big post that covered the blog since moving over from the old site.  But, I woke up to this:

Snow's gonna snow.

Opening Day will get here. Trust me.

Keep in mind that Monday looked like this:

There CAN be no snow in February. See!

Sigh.  55 days to Opening Day.  That was enough to get me down just a little bit.  So, here are a few prospect links and a Flashback Friday supplement to this week’s column.

Prospects: has this Top 20 list.  Potential Rattlers – and I stress “Potential” Rattlers – for 2012 on that list are #2 Jed Bradley, #3, Taylor Jungman, #11 David Goforth, & #12 Yadiel Rivera. also has this organizational preview for the 2012 Brewers minor leaguers.

“I think last year, we were better than we thought we would be,” [Reid] Nichols said. “This year, I am optimistic and I feel good about the year. We have some players that will contribute. We have players that will be recognized by baseball.”

In addition to [Wily] Peralta and [Jed] Bradley, the organization has players like infielder Scooter Gennett, right-handed pitchers Taylor Jungmann and Tyler Thornburg along with infielder Taylor Green making strides.

The newly revamped Disciples of Uecker has a Top 30 List for Brewers Prospects.




Brew Crew Ball has been doing Community Prospect Ratings for #1 through #17.

It should not be a surprise that former Timber Rattlers pitcher Wily Peralta is #1 on all three lists.

And now a word from our sponsor: Timber Rattlers Fandemonium starts next Wednesday (2/15).  Click here for the details.

This week’s Flashback Friday is a reprint of a combination season review (1987)/season preview (1988) from the 1988 Appleton Foxes souvenir program.

The cover of the 1988 program was part of the series that were designed and drawn by Paul Birling.  I believe that I have called them LeRoy Neiman-esque.

The cover of the 1988 Appleton Foxes souvenir program.

Other Paul Birling covers on this blog are: 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, & 1992.  As noted elsewhere, the Foxes modified the 1991 cover for use again in 1994.  Like so:


The 1991 Foxes Program cover celebrates the 100th Anniversary of pro baseball in Appleton.


Just enough changes from 1991. This might make a good Spot the Difference for after the 2012 season.

And that would be post number 800!  Thank you for coming back for more during the long offseason.  Things will be picking up in the next few days and there will be no let up until the end of the Timber Rattlers schedule is done.

Flashback Friday Supplemental: January 20, 2012

There is nothing that I do not like about the cover of the 1993 Appleton Foxes Program cover.

A fox standing on a pier...A left-hand hitting fox standing on a pier. Drawn by Dave Taylor

This week’s Flashback is posted over and it is a little history about baseball in Appleton.

Thursday Program post (1992)

This would be the final original Paul Birling cover.  (The 1991 cover would be reused for the 1994 season).  It was also the final cover to feature the Royals patch since this was the final season of the affiliation between the Foxes and Kansas City.

1992cover.jpgThis is a group photo of the Board of Directors for Appleton Baseball, Inc. in 1992:

1992board.jpgGoodland Field diagram:

1992goodlandfield.jpgBonus for the Paging ad!

Here is the mileage chart/footprint for the Midwest League in 1992:

I still haven’t decided if I like the Kenosha Twins logo or if I want to laugh at it derisively.

And here is a stat sheet insert for the Foxes from the ’92 season:

1992insert.jpgPick out the major leaguers! It’s fun!

Thursday Program post (1976)

The year 1976 was the bicentennial of the United States of America.  The Appleton Foxes got right into the Spirit of ’76.

The cover:


Sadly, it would appear that Bob Koehnke’s Lounge – which became Pete’s at some point – is now closed.  Valley Northern Bank became M& I Bank in a merger.  Bohl & Maeser’s moved to Calumet Street and became a Pedorthic Center. Knight’s Jewelry is still at the same location.  Are there any more Texaco Stations?

Opening Day for the Foxes was April 17 with a home game against Wisconsin Rapids.  The Twins had their home opener on April 18 against the Foxes.  A lot of two game series in this schedule.

Thursday Program post (1993)

There is something about the 1993 Program that makes me stop and smile every time I see it.

Is it the unnamed cartoon fox drawn by Dave Taylor for the cover?  Is it the fact that the left-handed hitting, unnamed cartoon fox is drawn on a pier with the Sleeping Giant of Thunder Bay in the background?  Is it the detail of the red stirrups on the pantless, unnamed cartoon fox? I will not answer any of those questions.
93cover.jpg Is it the cartoon baseball player in the ad for American below the 1993 schedule?

Is it the hopeful writeup on the new affiliation with the Mariners?
93meetthemariners (2).jpg
Is it the “Old School” insert that was tucked inside the program? Is it the ad for TIM POWERS, DYNAMIC SPEAKER EXTRODANAIRE!!!?
93statinsert.jpgOr is it the fact that the program for 1993 was printed backwards. The binding is to the right of the cover instead of to the left. Go grab a magazine or book and look at it. You’ll see what I mean.

Whatever it is, I will freely admit that the 1993 Foxes program is my favorite of all-time.

Thursday Program post (1990)

As mentioned last week, here is a look at the 1990 Program.  Notice that this Paul Birling cover has made the Royals patch on the arm of the Foxes jersey a bit more noticeable:

90Cover.jpgI love the detail of the ball being loose so there is no doubt that the Foxes runner is safe.  Do you see the ball?  Down in the right corner of the cover near the left hand of the runner.  There is also just enough detail in the crowd to imply a good crowd at Goodland Field.

The schedule page of the 1990 program:
Mike’s Towne & Country Market is back again.

Click on that image to see some of the scheduling quirks of minor league baseball in 1990.  For example:

Opening Day for the Foxes was in Wausau on April 6.  The Home Opener was on April 7 against Wausau. 

The first scheduled off day of the 1990 season was on Sunday, May 13.  The next scheduled off day was June 25, which was the day after the first half ended.

Two game series used to drive me up the wall.  But, apparently they used to be the norm in the Midwest League.

And check out this stretch beginning Saturday, July 7:

SAT, 7/7: v. Waterloo
SUN, 7/8: @ Waterloo
MON, 7/9: @ Wausau
TUE, 7/10: OFF Day*
WED, 7/11: @ Waterloo
THU, 7/12: @ Waterloo

Google map that travel.  Keep in mind that the Foxes did not stay overnight when they played at Wausau.  So, the travel would be Appleton to Waterloo back to Appleton up to Wausau back to Appleton and back down to Waterloo.

*-This was the first scheduled off day of the second half.  The next (and last) scheduled off day of the second half would be Sunday, August 5

Thursday Program post (1987)

This 1987 program cover is the first done by Paul Birling.  You may remember the style from this post about the 1989 cover.


The 1987 season was notable in Appleton baseball history because it was the first season since 1965 in which the Foxes would not be affiliated with the Chicago White Sox.  You can kind of pick out the new parent club’s logo on the left sleeve of the Foxes player in the illustration.

That patch will be front and center in the 1990 cover.  And, I’ll share that one next week.

The White Sox wound up in South Bend, but not until 1988.  So, there was not a GRUDGE SERIES set for the ’87 season.  But, can you see something in this schedule that is unusual?

87Schedule.jpgIf you saw the * on June 14 for the scheduled doubleheader against Madison and said, “Scheduled doubleheader? What’s that? And why are they playing Madison on just that one day?” recoil in terror…Because you caught the same thing I did.

As for Mike’s Towne & Country Markets. Click the links to see what is currently at each location.

Head over to Google Maps and plug in the addresses.

You will be surprised at how close one of those locations is to Goodland Field.

Thursday Program cover post (1974)

The 1974 program cover is the same as the 1972 program cover.  The only difference is that the ’72 cover had a blue tint, while the 1974 cover had the red tint you see below.  Click all images for a larger, um, image.

74Cover.jpgHere is the schedule page from the 1974 program:


This picture of the handsome devils that made up the 1974 team is from the 1975 program, but I am including it here because…well, it belongs here.


Thursday Program cover post (1971)



and here is the schedule page from the 1971 program:


My love of rip-roaring banjo and honky-tonk piano music started at a Shakey’s Pizza.

Notice when the season starts?

The Maritime Tavern is still there.

You know what commercials I miss.  The ones with Murph and the gang from Union 76.

Nick was kind of a goof, I can believe that Murph, Jr went to college to work at dad’s 76 station, and yes. I had a crush on Jill.

Sadly, the Spirit of 76 can no longer be found on the corner of Meade and Glendale in Appleton.

Thursday Program cover post (1982)

Old-timey Sox logo…engage!

The thing that I really like about this cover is the repetition of it…Plus, the branding of the Foxes and Goodland Field as an asset to our community…Plus, the repetition of it….Plus, the way that Sox logo is so…..1982….and the repetition of it.


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