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Thursday Program cover post (1982)

Old-timey Sox logo…engage!

The thing that I really like about this cover is the repetition of it…Plus, the branding of the Foxes and Goodland Field as an asset to our community…Plus, the repetition of it….Plus, the way that Sox logo is so…..1982….and the repetition of it.

Thursday Program cover post (1998)

The 1998 Timber Rattlers program cover featured the biggest name on that season’s team.  Ryan Anderson.  He was 18 years old, a #1 pick, and tall.

1998 TimberRattlersCover.jpg
He was tall. Very tall.

But, what I wanted to point out was the layout of the ballpark. Look at the outfield fence. Not a lot going on out there compared to now.

Thursday Program cover post (1991)

This week’s program cover post is of the 1991 program.

The first pro baseball team in Appleton came into being in 1891 that is the reason for the Season of the Century tagline at the top.

Paul Birling also drew this cover for the Foxes.

The Foxes were known for saving money back in that era and they really liked this cover.  So, they reused it in 1994…without the Season of the Century tagline and with a slight color alteration to coincide with the teams affiliation with Seattle.

I really like this cover and the way that it catches all of the eras of pro baseball in Appleton.


Thursday Program cover post (1975)

Happy Thanksgiving from Rattler Radio!

To celebrate, here is the minimalist 1975 cover and a few bonus pages from the inside of that year’s program.

75Cover.jpgI don’t think that the umpire is set up properly to call the pitch a ball or a strike.

Your 1975 Appleton Foxes Radio crew and their schedule!


The full schedule and ticket prices for the 1975 Appleton Foxes.75Schedule.jpgHere is what is at 729 W. College Avenue now.

What am I most thankful for? That I get to do more than 17 games in a season and that I get to go on the road.

What do I want for Christmas? Bob Lloyd’s microphone…or a reasonable facsimile.

Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I’ll be back on Monday!

Thursday Program cover post (1989)

This week, the cover is from 1989.  At this point in Foxes history, the covers appeared to be inspired by the work of LeRoy Neimen.

Here is the 1989 cover which was created by Paul Birling.

89Cover.jpgHere is Neiman’s portrait of Mickey Mantle:

This is a print by Birling called “Baseball Classic


Thursday Program cover post (1966)

This week, we go back to the 1966 Fox Cities Foxes. This was the first season Appleton Professional Baseball was affiliated with the Chicago White Sox. Click for a larger image.


Zaug’s is located right down the road from Time Warner Cable Field.

Two notes on the program: $0.10 and cigarette vending machines at the ballpark. It was a different world, wasn’t it?

Thursday Program cover post (1981)

New feature alert! New feature alert!

The new weekly Thursday post will be an old program cover.

This week. Let’s go back to the cover for the 1981 Appleton Foxes season.  Click for a larger image. 


The signature for the artwork reads Zapp & Weber.

Zapp would be Gerry Zapp, an Appleton Baseball Club board member who designed the ‘AF’ Foxes logo.  Weber is unidentified in the program.

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