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Flashback Friday Supplemental – December 6, 2013

Flashback Friday is up on the main website.  It deals with the 1965 announcement that the Foxes would be the Midwest League affiliate of the Chicago White Sox.

One of the reasons given for the White Sox partnership with Appleton’s professional baseball team was the proximity to a Boys’ Camp run by the White Sox in Brothertown, Wisconsin.

There is a news story in the Milwaukee Journal from August 20, 1964 available on Google News about the camp receiving the blessing of the WIAA and other high school athletic associations around the Midwest.

The amazing thing about this story is that Bart Starr and Jerry Kramer tried for a camp for boys in Wisconsin during 1963 and received reluctant approval from the WIAA along with outright rejection from Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois.  They abandoned the project.

The White Sox ran some ads for the camp in the Foxes program over the years.  I have scanned in the ads from 1967 through 1970 to give you an idea of what went on there:


This is the first advertisement from a Foxes program that I could find.  It would be in the second year of the affiliation between the Foxes and the White Sox.


That photo doesn’t even get the whole complex.


They put a photo of the camp counselors…directors….coaches…staff in this ad.  But, they did not identify those in the picture.


Three three-week sessions in 1968.

So…What happened on a typical day at the camp?

That's a lot of activity.

That’s a lot of activity.


A few minor changes to the ad for this program from the previous year.

Not much

Two two-week sessions and two three-week sessions.

The director of the camp was named George Sobek.  He has a BR-Reference Bullpen page.

Sobek was later a Chicago White Sox scout from 1950 to 1984, signing Denny McLain (most notably), Steve Trout, and Mike Squires. He also managed several seasons in the Sox organization. He also scouted for the San Francisco Giants from 1985 to 1988.

Sobek was the athletic director and baseball coach at Thornton Fractional North High School in Calumet City, IL for 26 years and he directed the White Sox Boys Camp in Chilton, WI.


They didn’t mention the scout part of his job with the White Sox.


This ad added a few more photos of the actual activities at the camp.


Only three sessions for 1970, but they allowed 9-year-olds to attend.

The Boys’ Camp is no more.  Keuler’s Bar & Grill was sold in 1984.  BUT, Gobbler’s Knob is still around!

Two things:

I would love to see the Full Color Brochure that was used to promote the camp.

I want to take a trip over to Brothertown in the near future.

Thursday Program post (1980)

I just keep learning more and more as I do these posts on old Appleton Foxes Programs.  Here is the 1980 Cover:
1980foxescover.jpgJerry Zapp did many program covers – including the one above – for the Foxes. He also was the designer of the AF logo that the Foxes used.

1980zapp.jpgHere is the thing that I learned. The Goodland Field (and Appleton Baseball) attendance record was not set back in 1964…it was set in 1977 with over 9,000…9,000?…No, almost 10,000! Look at the bottom panel.
champsandattendance.jpgGuess I need to head back to the microfilm again.

The 1980 Foxes Schedule:
1980foxesschedule.jpgFrom the 1980 Appleton Foxes program here is the 1979 Appleton Foxes team photo.  If the Rattlers ever do another throwback jersey, these are the ones that they should do!  Look at how those collars FLARE!  BIG COLLARS! BRING THEM BACK!

In closing, the ‘Homer’ mascot (Front row on the left) may be the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

Thursday Program post (1978)

Gaze upon the archetypes of Pitching, Hitting, Running, and Fielding from the cover of the 1978 Appleton Foxes Program:

1978foxescover.jpgMeet Gordie Lund, the manager of the Foxes:

The list of promotions for the 1978 Foxes season is worth a look. The schedule included an appearance by Rodney Dangerfield on May 28…no…seriously…

World’s Largest Sub, Playboy Bunnies, and Horse Show & Dance are also promotions that I wish were somewhere in the archives.

Thursday Program post (1968)

The covers of the Foxes programs from 1964-1969 were about the same.  If you look back at last week’s 1964 cover before looking at the 1968 cover below, you will see what I mean.

1968foxescover.jpgAnd here is a picture of the 1967 Midwest League Champions:

1967teamphoto.jpgRemember that County Stadium was empty in 1968? Well, except for 10 Chicago White Sox games and since the Foxes were an affiliate of the White Sox, there was an order form in the program to catch those games:soxorderform.jpgAnd here is an insert from a series against Quincy from the weekend of April 28 and 29.  It is interesting that night games didn’t start until 7:45pm back in 1968.  I wonder how the “HELP — help — HELP” plea for housing worked.


Thursday Program post (1964)

I didn’t know that we had this one until I started looking this morning.  Amazing what you can find…when you are not looking for it.

The 1964 Fox Cities Foxes Program cover.  A Colossus doth bestride the Fox Cities.

1964cover.jpgAnd the staff page from the 1964 Foxes program with an ad for a typewriter rental shop.

1964staff.jpgThe honorable Mr. Mitchell looks like a mayor of the mid-1960’s, yes?

I wonder how many Foxes ran into an out trying to stretch a double into a triple at Goodland Field in an effort to get that free lunch.

Thursday Program post (1970)

This is going to be a fun one.  Click for the larger images.  Make sure to check out the .pdf files, too.

The 1970 cover with a photo of a packed Goodland Field grandstand….and the ad for Zaug’s vending…
1970foxescover.jpgNext up is this version of the Foxes honor roll…And the Cubs were on WAPL?

1970honorroll.jpgSomebody kept score during this game between the Foxes and the Clinton Pilots.  No, the person didn’t stop scoring after seven innings.  Appleton lost 1-0 on a 2-hitter in one of the games of a doubleheader.  Also, Bleier’s Bar should be familiar to Steelers fans as well as Appleton locals.

1970scorecard2.jpgHere is a fun couple of pages with pictures from Foxes History.  Make sure to click on this page for the larger images.  The team photo in front of the bus and the honorary firemen might be my favorites.  I may crop these and post the photos individually later.  But, this page is A-Level Awesome!

Here are a pair of inserts that were, um, inserted into the program.  Sorry about the extra clicks.  But, I wanted to test posting a .pdf to see how the game notes posts will look during the season.

The first one is from a game between the Foxes and the Clinton Pilots.  In 1970, the Pilots were an affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers.  Jim Slaton is listed on the roster…but as Jim Slates.


This is an insert for a series against the Danville Warriors.  Danville was a true co-op team with players from 12 different major league systems.


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