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AJ on ALL the covers

Adam Jones (’04) was recently on the cover of ESPN: The Magazine:


He is on this week’s Sports Illustrated cover:


I may have to update the old Top 5 Tuesday on SI Covers.

Sparky Lyle and Little Spark are still #1 on the list.

Sparky Lyle and Little Spark are still #1 on the list.

A few other SI covers featuring Appleton Pro Baseball Alumni:



It got him on this SI cover.

It got him on this SI cover.

Ortiz Cover


Alumni Birthdays for September 30:
Rich Dorman (’03) – 36
Edward Paredes (’08) – 28
Adrian Rosario (’10, ’11) – 25

Adrian Rosario as a Timber Rattler.

Adrian Rosario as a Timber Rattler.  He turns 25 today.

Column inches, Live streams, Clubhouses

Mike Woods has a column in The Post-Crescenttoday about the upcoming Timber Rattlers season.  I might have gone with a different picture, but…HEY!  Timber Rattlers baseball!

The place has been around since 1995 and numerous improvements have been made over the years to Fox Cities Stadium, all designed to enhance spectator enjoyment.

As a result, hundreds of thousands have walked through the gates to see the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers play.

But not everybody.

Team president and general manager Rob Zerjav said he’s still amazed at the number of folks he’ll run into who will tell him they’ve never been to a game. This season provides them with plenty of opportunities.

The boss, I mean, my boss…not THE BOSS, although that would be an awesome Clubhouse Live!…anyway, my boss was a guest on Clubhouse Live on Tuesday.  Click here for the livestream.  You may pick it up in the middle of the show, but don’t worry.  It loops back around to the start.  Make sure to follow some of the comments in the liveblog off on the right side of the page.

Next week, Matt Erickson and a Timber Rattlers player are scheduled to be on the show.  That would be next Tuesday, April 5 at The Clubhouse in the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel starting at  6:30pm.

Video from Saturday. Audio from last week.

FOX 11 was at the ballpark on Saturday. They got some video, some audio and a quote from the boss.

Speaking of the boss, he was on the radio last week with Justin Hull of The Score.

Let’s see if this whole audio file posting thingy works on this:


If this works…who knows…interviews and highlights during the season????  Let me know.

The Super Second Chance offer in the media

Our own Ryan Moede was on the radio with Justin Hull of The Score yesterday.  Here is a link to the interview.

Here is the link to the story on the Rattlers website.

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