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A moment for Mark Haley

Mark Haley has been the manager of the South Bend Silver Hawks since 2005.  That was the year he and the Hawks beat the Timber Rattlers in the Midwest League Championship Series.

Haley has been a great manager with whom to deal over the last several seasons.  When the Rattlers are in South Bend, I always seem to run into him in the tunnels beneath Coveleski Stadium in South Bend on the first day of a series down there.

Oh, there have been some battles over the years but, Haley has always been a professional.

That’s why a twitter update that included a link about Haley hit me a little last night.

…fast forward to Thurs. Dec 29th, after 6 days of ups and downs with temps, BP, pain, etc. a CT scan revealed a softball size abcess in his abdomen from a perforated bowel. I arrived to his room that morning and the OR was already calling for him.  He had been back for about 10 min. It was a decision that we really had no time to think about because by now Mark was very sick and something had to be done quickly.  2 hrs later Dr. Credi and Dr. Mark Walsh spoke to me and told me that Mark had 12 inches of bowel removed, he was Septic and he was going to be in the ICU for at least a day or 2 on a ventilator and to be prepared because things would get worse before they got better.

Please click the link and read all the details.

Ben Hill had this update this afternoon with comments from the Silver Hawks.

“We’re keeping [Haley] in our thoughts and prayers. He’s a strong, tough man and we expect a full recovery,” said Silver Hawks general manager Lynn Kachmarik. “South Bend is his home, and he’s highly respected throughout the community. We’re getting so many calls and messages from people wanting to wish him well.”

We here at the Timber Rattlers wish Mark well, too.

That will be artificial

Interesting note from the South Bend Tribune on some stadium improvements on the drawing board for the Silver Hawks.

The city’s redevelopment commission Tuesday unanimously approved a $10.2 million renovation of Coveleski Stadium.

The upgrades, if funding is approved by the common council, would include a new center-field entrance, a concourse encircling the stadium, a new adult-oriented picnic area in the left-field corner, a children’s play area in the right-field corner, a new scoreboard and sound system, and a new artificial turf playing surface.

Artificial turf? That’s interesting.

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