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Minimalist Friday

Not a lot out there today.

But, what I have comes from the Friday’s Frosty Mug post over at Brew Crew Ball.

Keith Law of ESPN has picked Wily Peralta (’09) as his top prospect in the Brewers organization.

He responds to a query as to why Peralta from Bernie’s Crew, thusly:

Seemed pretty open to me, but I feel like Peralta has the best chance to start and be more than a back-end guy.

Speaking of Bernie’s Crew.  The, um, crew of Bernie’s Crew got together and put together a real, live podcast!  There is some minor league talk in there.  Nice job, guys.  Just don’t give anybody over here any ideas.

There are 10 Timber Rattlers home games scheduled to be broadcast on Sports 32 in 2011.  Here is the schedule!

Flashback Friday will be on before noon today.

Missing games

I didn’t want it to happen, but I knew that it would.  In the crush of the season, I missed some of the games for the 1960Foxes and the 1985 Foxes.  This was either due to the day game after a night game syndrome, the early bus conundrum, or the Mehring really needed to sleep in on an off day protocol.

So, at times this off season, I will catch up on a few of those games.  One of those times is next.

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