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Brewers Sunday Jerseys for 2015

A big “Thank you” to Emily Deem of FOX 11’s Good Day Wisconsin for coming to the ballpark this morning to get everyone ready for the 2015 Timber Rattlers season.

Emily was nice enough to help Hilary Bauer, our on-field emcee, model the Brewers Sunday jerseys that the Timber Rattlers will be wearing this season.

Brewers Sunday Jersey 2015

“Thank you” to Fox Sports Wisconsin Girls Chyna and Sage for being here today as well.  They were good sports in showing off the On-Wisconsin Burger and many more of our new food items for 2015!
Good Day Wisconsin

The Season is Coming!

Alumni MLB Debut for April 3:
Jermaine Clark (’98) – for Detroit Tigers in 2001

Alumni Birthdays:
David Gonzalez (’92) – 45
Andre Rabouin (Pitching Coach ’88-90) – 65

A great day in fictional fan history

Crummy weather day in NE Wisconsin:

And it's not even the shortest day of the year yet.

And it’s not even the shortest day of the year yet.

So, let’s get somewhat tropical:

The top three fictional Detroit Tigers fans in history are:

  1. Thomas Sullivan Magnum – Magnum, PI
  2. Clarence Boddicker – RoboCop (He never misses a game)
  3. Lt. Yoshi Tanaka – Magnum, PI

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Grosse Pointe Blank, so I can’t remember if Martin Blank or Debi Newberry were Tigers fans.  They probably were, but neither would crack my top three.

Why do I bring this up today?

Because it was on December 11, 1980 that Magnum, PI debuted on CBS and introduced us to Thomas Magnum, the greatest fictional Tigers fan ever:


Just hope that he doesn’t ask you if you saw the sunrise this morning.

No Alumni Birthdays recorded for December 11.  But to catch up on a few transactions involving former Timber Rattlers:

Adam Moore (’06) signed as a minor league free agent with Cleveland
JC Ramirez (’08) signed as a minor league free agent with Arizona

Photo Credit: WM. Glasheen

Photo Credit: WM. Glasheen

Groundhog Day at the ballpark

I was out taking a few pictures of the infield at Time Warner Cable Field today to document how the recent warm weather has affected the snow cover…

So far, so good on the disappearing act, snow cover.

I noticed something in this picture that reminded me what day it was:

Click for a bigger image and look on the right at the end of the bleachers.


It’s Groundhog Day, but we do not have a Punxsutawney Phil or a Jimmy from Sun Prairie to pop out of a burrow at the ballpark to give us a weather prediction . We need to rely on someone else.

There can be no doubt.

He’s been around the ballpark for a long time and now is about the time….

I don't see a shadow...

Once again, the mysterious Range Rider sets out on another thrilling adventure with his trusted steed Thunder who…

does not see a shadow. Spring is right around the corner!

The Howling Mad Murdock Action Figure did NOT see his shadow this morning.  Alert the news crews!

Opening Day is 63 Days away. That’s just nine weeks!  It better get here soon.

Another reason to watch MLB Network

I’m sure that you already have December 15 marked on your calendar to watch MLB Network to catch the complete rebroadcast of Game Seven of the 1960 World Series.

You know? The broadcast that was thought to be lost forever.  Only to be found in the wine cellar of the Bing Crosby estate.  That one?

As if you needed another reason to watch MLB Network, catch it on Saturday, November 13 at 8pm CST for the premier of Triumph and Tragedy: The 1919 Chicago White Sox.

Aside from touching on topics that are always of interest to me, there is also the fact that is was shot at Alliant Energy Field in Clinton, Iowa.  From the L-Kings website.

“Triumph and Tragedy: The 1919 Chicago White Sox” was filmed by MLB Productions Senior Producer Jeff Spaulding in conjunction with Joe Scherrman and the “Ghost Players” of Dyersville, IA.

Alliant Energy Field was chosen as the backdrop for all action shots based on its historic dugouts, grandstand and playing surface, all perfect as a stand-in for old Comiskey Park. Ghost Players Ron (Hank) Lucas, Nic Hunt, Ted Kruse, Mike Schuster and Dubuque, IA native Nic Ungs all participated in the shoot back on September 26.

Here is a behind the scenes video.  A chance for you to see Alliant Energy Field, too.

I doubt if the victory jump at 1:34 is historically accurate. But, I’m getting into the modern day interpretation of Sherlock Holmes, so I can go with it.

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