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A look at the first four Timber Rattlers Bobbleheads of 2016

While I was recording the podcast with Kyle Lobner yesterday, the rest of the front office was taking delivery – in the driving rain – of the first four bobbleheads the Timber Rattlers will be giving away during the 2016 season.

The hard-working ticket department pulled out one of each bobblehead to allow me to take photos and share them with you here on the blog.  As always, click on the image for a full-size look.  Also, click on the links in red above each photo to order tickets to the games.

Group shot:

2016 Bobbleheads 1

Reminder of the dates and the sponsors:

2016 Bobbleheads 2

Here is the All-Fan Opening Day Bobblehead of Fang & Whiffer that will be given away  on April 9:

2016 Fang and Whiffer April 9

This is the Matt Erickson Bobblehead for April 17.  That is him in his Appleton West jersey.

2016 Matt Erickson April 17

Jason Rogers may have been traded away from the organization, but he is #TRatNation4Life.  His bobblehead is scheduled for April 30:

2016 Jason Rogers April 30

Fang & Hank is scheduled for May 15:

2016 Hank and Fang May 15

Last photo is a reminder to #VoteFang or #VoteWhiffer with a schedule of the remaining bobblehead giveaways during the 2016 season.  There is still time to purchase a bobblehead package that will guarantee your souvenir on these dates!

2016 Bobblehead Schedule

Video Tours

The production crew was busy.  They have put together videos for the various special seating areas around Time Warner Cable Field.  You may check them all out right here.

Here are the videos for the All-You-Can-Eat Section and the Miller High Life Home Run Porch.

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