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Renovation Photos from October 10, 2012

Episode Three can be found here.

We got inside the stadium to do some taping for next week.  A few photos to give you a preview of the Episode Four.

My booth.

From the press box.

All along the concourse.

January 9, 2012

October 10, 2012

From the back of the temporary offices

Renovation photos from October 3, 2012

Episode 2 of Renovation Update has has been posted to YouTube. There is a quick tour of the new front office (2350 N. Casaloma Drive, Suite #102) and a look at the progress made on the demolition. Here is the link for it.

Now, some of what you’ll see in next week’s episode:

View of the press box from the field


View of the lack of a roof on the third base concourse.


Work on the first base concourse.


The only door left standing in the front office is one in the conference room that no one ever used.


A view of what used to be the main concession stand on the third base side of the concourse.



I declare this field SNOW-FREE!

I know that I am tempting fate here, but this 60 degree weather has me a bit loopy.

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Yes. It is beautiful.

March Snowstorm

This was the photo I posted on twitter at 2:11pm as the snow started to fall in the Appleton area today:


This is a photo taken from the camera 90 minutes later:


A slightly different angle:


Better on March 2 than on April 2. At least that’s what I’m telling myself right now.

Groundhog Day at the ballpark

I was out taking a few pictures of the infield at Time Warner Cable Field today to document how the recent warm weather has affected the snow cover…

So far, so good on the disappearing act, snow cover.

I noticed something in this picture that reminded me what day it was:

Click for a bigger image and look on the right at the end of the bleachers.


It’s Groundhog Day, but we do not have a Punxsutawney Phil or a Jimmy from Sun Prairie to pop out of a burrow at the ballpark to give us a weather prediction . We need to rely on someone else.

There can be no doubt.

He’s been around the ballpark for a long time and now is about the time….

I don't see a shadow...

Once again, the mysterious Range Rider sets out on another thrilling adventure with his trusted steed Thunder who…

does not see a shadow. Spring is right around the corner!

The Howling Mad Murdock Action Figure did NOT see his shadow this morning.  Alert the news crews!

Opening Day is 63 Days away. That’s just nine weeks!  It better get here soon.


What a difference a week makes.  The slideshow begins with the photo that was taken on Monday morning. Then, a bunch of pictures from the day after the snow finally hit on Thursday…all day on Thursday:

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Have a great weekend, everyone.  Think warm thoughts.

Snowmageddon, 2012

Wisconsin. January. Snow.

It happens.

The fact that it was 50 degrees yesterday does not mean that it will not snow the rest of the winter.

This week’s Mehring Monday had a picture from centerfield to show the lack of snow.

Baseline photo of Time Warner Cable Field from January 9, 2012

Snow is falling again in Northeastern Wisconsin.  The thought came to me about documenting today’s snowfall.  The first photo was taken a little after 9am and posted on @TimberRattlers.

Here is the photo from 10am.  Will update hourly until the daylight fails.

10am January 12, 2012

Your 11am photo:

11am on 1/12/12

Next up is the noon photo:

This is from about 12:10pm on 1/12/12

1pm photo:

Here is the 1:00pm photo for 1/12/12.

Oh and it’s still snowing, too.

Here are three pictures for the 2pm update.

The field at 2pm on 1/12/12

The seating bowl at 2pm on 1/12/12

The concourse at 2pm on 1/12/12

Mother Nature is not going to make me tap.

From the front of the stadium a little past 3pm on 1/12/12

Time Warner Cable Field a little past 3pm on 1/12/12

Snowing harder, too.

Looking the other way down the concourse a little past 3pm

I’ll put this all into slideshow format later today.

Post 4pm on 1/12/12

Still a little cold. Might have been the long walk to the top of the grass seating area without a jacket.

A little blue tint to these photos since it was getting so dark.

From behind home plate a little before 5pm.

You may need to brush these off before sitting on them.

Slippery when snowy.

And that is the day in snow at Time Warner Cable Field. Plus, it’s still snowing. Can’t wait to see how much falls during the night.

Greetings from 2012

The blog has been on unofficial hiatus for the last few weeks with the lack of news…and because I was using the holiday break to recharge for the task of nonstop blogging and baseball to Labor Day and beyond.

To see the kind of year Rattler Radio had in 2011, please check out this link provided by WordPress.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by last season.  Spread the word for 2012 because there should be some neat things for you between now and Opening Day.  After Opening Day, I’ll continue with the features and add in all the Timber Rattler News that is fit to link.

To get back into the blogging habit, here is what the Time Warner Cable Field looked like today as the business office reopened for the new year.

View of Time Warner Cable Field from the left field berm

View of Time Warner Cable Field from the concourse near VIP Suite #1

As the great Jim Ross says, “Business is about to damn sure pick up!”

Stadium Snow Slideshow

The 2011 Holiday Ticket Packages are available from the ticket office.

There is some great merchandise to choose from when you order a package:

The Foxes zip up hoodie on the left is a particular favorite of mine.

Here is a direct link to the online ticket order form.

I promise not to do this too often between now and Opening Day, but here are some scenes from the stadium after the first snowfall of the season.


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Winter is coming

Winter is coming.

Taken at 10:15 on November 9.

The photo in this post was taken about an hour of this photo was uploaded to the Timber Rattlers facebook page.

Will update through the day.

And here is your update as of 2:20pm.

Accumulation. There's a funny looking word...accumulation.

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