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A little dirt

That’s what I see right around where the mound should be in this picture.
TWCField0307.JPGThat picture above. It was taken from the centerfield camera position.  The snow goes all the way to the bottom.  Yes, the thumbnail above is 450 wide by 253 high.

There is a lot of work to do between now and…31 days from now.  Please start thinking warm thoughts.

Plenty to do today

Tickets go on sale at 10am.  I’ll add the ticket link here at when it goes active.

INDIVIDUAL GAME TICKETS NOW ON SALE!  Click on the ‘T’ in the game you wish to attend and purchase your tickets.

If you have already purchased a season ticket package, you may pick up your tickets in the Leinie Lodge.

Rummage SALE! Unfortunately, you will not be first in line today.

Sign up for the Funset Boulevard Timber Rattlers Kids’ Crew.

Sign up for the Wisconsin Retirement and Insurance Advisors Silver Foxes Senior Club.

There are also National Anthem tryouts and tryouts for the On-Field Promotions Crew.

As I said. Lots to do today.

Lots of people are here already.

SaturdayMarch5 003.JPG
SaturdayMarch5 001.JPG

Here is a look at some of the items laid out for the Rummage Sale.  Not long now!
SaturdayMarch5 002.JPG

I cant see any green.

I had some plans today.  When the weekend started, I was so full of energy and ready to get back to work on Monday.  Lots to do and deadlines looming before the start of the season.  The bottom picture on this post from Friday gave me a lot of hope.

You know…Spring. Rejuvenation. Rebirth. Everything’s blooming. All that crap.

Then, I was reminded that I live in Wisconsin….and that it is still February…

022110 field photo.JPG
False hope is the worst kind of hope.

The fact that it is still snowing 24 hours after it started does not fill me with happiness.

Thursday was a very good day

Why was Thursday a very good day?  Here is a picture (as in this post) of the field that was taken yesterday around 10am.

Field photos 002.JPGHere is the result of some rain and some warm temperatures after that picture was taken:

FieldPhotos 001.JPGThe Sun is out today. I guess that makes it a pretty good day, too!  Opening Day, get here soon!

I see green! I see green!!!

And I am not taling about the batter’s eye in center field!

Field photos 002.JPG

Yesterday, the only thing that could be seen was the very top of the pitchers mound. Now…Spring is almost here!  Opening Day is just seven weeks away!

Remember, remember the First of December

With apologies to the English

Remember, remember the 1st of December
Cloud cover, snowfall, and cold.
I see all reason why cloud cover, snowfall
Will always get old.

Yes. It is snowing in Wisconsin today.  Yes. It is sticking to the ground.

Ballpark in Winter.JPG

Ballpark in Winter2.JPG

Ballpark in Winter3.JPG

No fireworks or pennies for the Guy today. Just the hope that this is a quick winter and Spring gets here early in 2011!

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