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Postgame Post – May 3, 2014

Clinton 16
Wisconsin 13
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Postgame Comments (Courtesy of Jon Feyen):

Omar Garcia:

Chris McFarland:

Matt Erickson:

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Arizona & Ratings & twitter

Down in the Arizona Fall League yesterday:

Nathan Adcock (’08) got the start for Surprise against Salt River.  Salt River won 6-2 and Adcock took the loss.

Adcock: 5IP, 10H, 5R, 4ER, 0BB, K, HR

Peoria lost 7-6 in ten innings to Phoenix.

Ex-Rattlers in action for Peoria:
Adam Moore (’06): 1-for-4
Casey Medlen (’11): IP, H, R, 0BB, 2K, HR, Loss

Brewers minor leaguers in action for Peoria:
Logan Schafer: 2-for-4, 2 RUNS, 2B,
Zelous Wheeler: 1-for-4
Jed Bradley: IP, 2H, 3R, 2ER, BB, 2K, HR

This piece has been up over at Bernie’s Crew for the last couple of days, so it’s about time I put a link to it here.  I’ll put Jim’s introduction here, but you’ll need to click the link to see how pitchers in the Brewers Minor League system are lined up by certain categories.

Every year, members of the media and fans spend far too much time breaking down the ERA of minor league pitchers.

I have yet to talk to a scout who legitimately believes ERA illustrates much of anything in terms of talent in a young pitcher. It’s all about the projectability of the stuff, the skill set on the mound, and the relative age to his opponents.

Pinpointing the ultimate projectability of a pitcher’s repertoire is an artform that is often honed, but never mastered. It’s not as objective as simply standing in the scout’s section of the ballpark with a radar gun and logging velocity readings. It’s about understanding mechanics. It’s about understanding what could be there, rather than what already is.

One of the easiest ways to grab a snapshot of the Brewers’ minor league system is to categorize them according to the three main skills on the mound: ground-ball percentage, walk rate, and strikeout rate.

Last thing today: Look at the latest Rattlers Alumni on twitter

Nick Bucci  is @nickbooch
Cameron Garfield is @CAMgGARFIELD
Maverick Lasker is @LaskerMaverick

Notes about social media numbers

The Timber Rattlers twitter account has inched up to 1,499 followers.  It was above 1,500 for a time yesterday, but…you know…SPAM followers.

The Timber Rattlers facebook page has now reached 2,830 fans.

Fang T. Rattler has 1900 friends on his facebook page.

Meanwhile, my twitter followers are stuck at 199.  Maybe I should ask the Timber Rattlers to follow me to get me to 200…


If you are on any of those social networks, think about following, liking, or, ‘friending’ soon.  There will be a lot of updates and news coming up over the next four weeks and you do not want to miss any of it.

Save the date and other items

Sorry about nothing on the blog yesterday.  But, there was nothing.  No ex-Rattlers played in the Caribbean leagues on Monday (or Tuesday) for that matter.  And nothing in my news alerts grabbed my attention.

Today, however, I have a few items that might be of interest.

#1.)  The Timber Rattlers Golf Outing for Miracle League Fox Valley is June 13.  Like the picture says, “Save the date”

#2.) The Timber Rattlers are looking for national anthem singers, members of the on-field entertainment team, and an on-field emcee for the 2011 season.  Head over here for the release and the pertinent email addresses.

#3.) The Rattlers will be at booth 502 of the Oshkosh Business Expo on January 27.  See you there.

#4.) The Rattlers (and several ex-Rattlers) will be at the Brewers On Deck event on January 30.  See you there.

#5.) Are you a fan of the Timber Rattlers on Facebook yet?  It sure would be nice to crack 3,000 and make a move to get near 4,000 by Opening Day.

#6.) Are you following the Timber Rattlers on twitter yet?  It sure would be nice to crack 1,500 followers and make a move to get near 2,000 by Opening Day.

#7.) Are you following Mehring on twitter yet?  It sure would be nice to have a follower. Right now there is a lot of Packers, Television, and Poker talk, but that should change as the season gets closer…should probably change as the season gets closer.

Old Hoss

I have been taking it easy during the last few days.  But, I found these old photos as I was arranging them for a work project today and needed to post them.

O’Brien Field, the home of the Peoria Chiefs, has a series of frames with old photographs, newspaper articles, programs, and various other miscellany in its second level hallway.

Twitter star Old Hoss Radbourn is prominently featured in one of the frames.

I’ll work on getting better pictures next season, but these should give you an idea of the man.  For right now, click on the images for a larger, um, image: 

Here is the poster in full from an angle.  He is sharing the frame with Iron Joe McGinnity.
Next is the photo of the man himself:
The caption of the photograph mentions that Old Hoss pitched for the Peoria Reds in 1878.  Here is the caption in full:
I would say that I don’t believe the bit about the ball disappearing around the corner, but I do not feel like being challenged to a duel today.

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