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Alumni Report – Through Winter League games of December 7, 2014

A fresh coat of snow on the field today.

A fresh coat of snow on the field today.

Australian Baseball League:
Sydney Blue Sox (11-9, 3rd):
Craig Anderson (’00): 5 games, 5 starts, 2-3, 3.00ERA, 33.0IP, 8BB, 29K

Melbourne Aces (7-12, 6th):
Kyle Heckathorn (’11) 3 games, 0-2, 8.10ERA, 3.1IP, 4BB, 3K

Dominican Republic:
Aguilas Cibaenas (21-15, 2nd)
Edward Paredes (’08): 11 games, 0-2, 6.75ERA, 4.0IP, 2BB, 4K
Juan Sandoval (’03): 14 games, 0-0, 3.77ERA, 14.1IP, 8BB, 12K

Estrellas de Oriente (23-14, 1st):
Juan Diaz (’08): 26 games, .234/.294/.229, 0HR, 12RBI
Ryan Rowland-Smith (’03): 7 games, 6 starts, 2-1, 3.55ERA, 25.1IP, 8BB, 12K

Gigantes del Cibao (21-16, 3rd):
Carlos Peguero (’07): 25 games, .305/.473/.610, 7HR, 17RBI

Tigres del Licey (16-21, 5th):
Carlos Triunfel (’07): 9 games, .091/.167/.182, 0HR, RBI

Puerto Rico:
Cangrejeros de Santurce (10-14, 4th):
Omar Garcia (’14): 11 games, .091/.167/.091, 0HR, 0RBI
Yadiel Rivera (’12): 24 games, .222/.289/.370, 2HR, 15RBI
Joel Pineiro (’98): 7 games, 7 starts, 1-4, 4.66ERA, 38.2IP, 6BB, 19K

Criollos de Caguas (18-8, 1st):
Efrain Nieves (’10): 6 games, 6 starts, 2-1, 4.23ERA, 27.2IP, 11BB, 13K

Gigantes de Carolina (11-13, 3rd):
Jeff Dominguez (’06): 24 games, .193/.276/.284, 2HR, 6RBI
JC Ramirez (’08): 10 games, 0-1, 3.86ERA, 11.2IP, 2BB, 12K

Indios de Mayaguez (15-10, 2nd):
Martin Maldonado (’09): 2 games, .167/.143/.167, 0HR, RBI
Jorge Lopez (’13): 6 games, 6 starts, 1-1, 1.73ERA, 26.0IP, 8BB, 25K

Aguilas del Zulia (28-16, 2nd):
Eric Marzec (’11): 9 games, 7 starts, 2-1, 2.57ERA, 37.0IP, 3BB, 24K

Bravos de Margarita (16-29, 8th):
Tyler Cravy (’12): 6 games, 6 starts, 0-4, 5.04ERA, 25.0IP, 6BB, 20K
Greg Holle (’11): 15 games, 0-2, 1 Save, 4.91ERA, 11.0IP, 7BB,2K

Cardenales de Lara (23-25, 5th):
Luis Valbuena (’06): 6 games, .174/.208/.348, HR, 5RBI
Jose Escalona (’08): 5 games, 0-0, 8.44ERA, 5.1IP, 3BB, 4K
Cesar Jimenez (’03): 13 games, 6 starts, 2-4, 3.48ERA, 31.0IP, 8BB, 29K

Caribes de Anzoategui (30-15, 1st):
Orlando Arcia (’13): 43 games, .268/.344/.470, 7HR, 26RBI

Navegantes del Magallanes (22-22, 4th):
Carlos Maldonado (’99): 18 games, .167/.310/.292, 1HR, 7RBI

Tigres de Aragua (24-21, 3rd):
Renee Cortez (’03): 20 games, 2-0, 0.53ERA, 17.0IP, 7BB, 6K

Introducing: Between Two Berms:

Alumni Birthdays for December 6:
Aubrey Waggoner (’86) – 48
Archie Slover (1913) – Would have been 122

Alumni Birthdays for December 7:
Jake Jacobs (’90) – 48
Samuel Dunbar (’66) – 68
Thomas Hinton (’47) – Would have been 90.

Hinton moved to Appleton to play baseball, met a local woman, got married, and stayed in town until his death in 2001.

Alumni Birthdays for December 8:
Julio Santiago (’05) – 29
Kirk Piskor (’91) – 45
Ted Miller (’65) – 68
Hugh Springer (’60) – Would have been 76

Fall League Wrap – November 18, 2014

Jim Callis of has this complete review of the players who stood out from the crowd in the 2014 Arizona Fall League.

This is what he notes about a pair of Brewers prospects:

Best Performance: Left-handed reliever Michael Strong recorded a 1.98 ERA, two saves and 14 strikeouts in 13 2/3 innings. He isn’t especially physical at 6 feet and 195 pounds, but he can run his fastball up to 94 mph and backs it up with a hard curveball.

Best Prospect: Outfielder Tyrone Taylor posted a .271/.315/.306 slash line and was the AFL’s toughest player to strike out, with one whiff every 13.3 plate appearances. His biggest assets are his speed, center-field defense and line-drive hitting.

In random…and I do mean random…alumni news over the past weekend.  Look at who turned up to talk to the Milwaukee Bucks before their game against the Heat in Miami on Sunday:

And what did they talk about?  Jim Paschke had this tweet:

There was a Jersey Chaser winner yesterday.

Mehring Monday looked at The Traded, the four 2014 Timber Rattlers to be traded by the Brewers this year.

The Mascots recreated a scene from A Christmas Story…really.

Alumni Birthdays for November 18:
Michael Reed (’13) – 22
Tony Butler (’07, ’10) – 27
Mike Hrynio (’04) – 32
David Ortiz (’96) – 39
Tom Gordon (’88) – 47
Don Carr (’85) – 52
Diego Melendez (’80) – 56

Tom Gordon at Goodland Field in 1988.

Tom Gordon at Goodland Field in 1988.

David Ortiz in 1996

David Ortiz in 1996

Jersey What Now? – November 13, 2014

Today seems like a good day to recap a video from the production gnomes.

Keep your eyes on @TimberRattlers and the Timber Rattlers facebook page for details on Jersey Chaser from Monday, November 17 through Friday, November 21.

Alumni Birthdays for November 13:
Chad Robinson (’10) – 27
Asdrubal Cabrera (’05) – 29
Andy Augustine (’95) – 42
Ben Lee (’87) – 47
Leslie Davis (’52) – 83

Ben Lee

Asdrubal Cabrera

Asdrubal Cabrera as a Timber Rattler in 2005.

Independent Minded – October 28, 2014

I have been waiting for awhile to use the material in this post.  Today seemed like a good day.

First, a brief time lapse video of the grounds crew prepping the field.

My choice of music for that video would have been Yaktey Sax…but that’s just me. Either selection works.

The other section of this post is material that was collected by Jay Grusznski in the second half of the 2014 Timber Rattlers season.

Jay did a lot of searching through the pages of the teams in the different independent leagues and came up with a list of former Timber Rattlers playing in those leagues.

Some of these players spent time in both affiliated ball and the independent leagues this season. If I had a heart, these guys would hold a special place in it. Why? Because – as some of you may remember – I spent three seasons as a radio announcer for the Duluth/Superior Dukes in the Northern League of Professional Baseball. Maybe one day I will share some of my photos of the stadiums of the league at the time.

American Association:
Kansas City T-Bones:
TJ Mittelstaedt (’11)
Bryan Sabatella (’06)

That time TJ Mittelstaedt pitched for the Timber Rattlers in 2011.

That time TJ Mittelstaedt pitched for the Timber Rattlers in 2011.

St. Paul Saints:
RJ Seidel (’09)

Wichita Wingnuts:
Brent Dean (’13)
Alan Williams (’11, ’12, ’13)

Laredo Lemurs:
Gerardo Avila (’06, ’07, ’08)
Seth Lintz (’11, ’12)


Grand Prairie AirHogs:
Tom Keeling (’11)

Atlantic League:
York Revolution:
Johan Limonta (’06) – All-Star
BROCK! Kjeldgaard (’09)
Zack Braddock (’11)
Cody Scarpetta (’09)

Sugar Land Skeeters:
Travis Scott (’06)
Dan Meadows (’09)

Somerset Patriots:
Jeff Dominguez (’06)
Mike Wilson (’05)

Long Island Ducks:
Brett Lorin (’08)

Bridgeport Bluefish:
Denny Almonte (’08)
Emiliano Fruto (’02)

Camden Riversharks:
Joe Dunigan (’08)
Kalian Sams (’07)


Can-Am League:
Les Capitales de Quebec:
Sebastien Boucher (’05)

New Jersey Jackals:
Joe Dunigan (’08)

Rockland Boulders:
Taylor Mangum (’13)
Chad Robinson (’10)

Taylor Mangum for the Timber Rattlers.

Taylor Mangum for the Timber Rattlers.

Frontier League:
Evansville Otters:
Chad Robinson (’10)

Lake Erie Crushers:
Juan Sanchez (’09)

Rockford Aviators:
Kyle Dhanani (’09, ’10)

Kyle Dhanani in 2010.

Kyle Dhanani in 2010.

Joliet Slammers:
Managed by Jeff Isom (’09, ’10)
Adam Giacalone (’13)
Tyler Roberts (’11, ’12, ’13)
Chadwin Stang (’11, ’12)
Santo Manzanillo (’10, ’12)



United League:
Fort Worth Cats:
Jose Duran (’09)

Not Independent League, but this seems like a good place to mention these players

Japan Central League:
Yokohama Bay Stars:
Jorge Sosa (’01)

Yakult Swallows:
Wladimir Balentien (’04)

Alumni Birthdays for October 28:
Andy Collett (’96) – 41
Lister Lespier (’72, ’73) – 61

Postgame Post – May 31, 2014

Quad Cities 4
Wisconsin 3
Boxscore | Gameday | Game Story

Postgame comments (Jon Feyen):

Matt Erickson:

Clint Coulter:

Steve Halcomb:

Photos (Ann Mollica):





Timber Rattlers Highlights:

Proposal Highlights:

Some Pregame Interviews from earlier this week:
Michael Ratterree (5/28):

Taylor Brennan (5/30):

The 2014 Intro Video

Great work by the production crew on putting together the 2014 Intro Video.  It starts with a 1995 song and works through a lot of old videos and photos to the current day.

Make sure to hit the full screen button and see how many players you can name.



I’m ready to play now. How about you?

Rattlers Alumni – 2013 MLB Regular Season

The regular season – except for that tiebreaker game between Detroit Texas and Tampa Bay tonight – of Major League Baseball is done.

Let’s take a look at how the 47 Rattlers – and two Foxes – who played in MLB during the 2013 season did.  This may take a while to load. Where possible, I have added at least one highlight from to the Appleton pro baseball alumni.

The 25 hitters stats are: Games; BA/OBP/SLG; HR; RBI

The 24 pitchers stats are: Games; Games Started; W-L; Save; ERA; IP; BB:K

Players in italics are in the tiebreaker game or the playoffs for 2013

Players who made their MLB Debuts in 2013 are in BOLD

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Players like Khris Davis & Scooter Gennet (Photo Credit: Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

Asdrubal Cabrera (’05) – CLE: 136G; 242/299/402; 14HR, 64RBI

Lorenzo Cain (’09) – KC: 115 G; 251/310/348; 4HR, 46RBI

Shin- Soo Choo (’02) – CIN: 154G; 285/423/462; 21HR, 54RBI

Khris Davis (’10) – MIL: 56G, 279/353/596; 11HR, 27RBI

Greg Dobbs (’02) – MIA: 114G; 228/303/300; 2HR, 22RBI

Scooter Gennett (’10) – MIL: 69G; 324/356/479; 6HR, 21RBI

Carlos Gomez (’12) – MIL; 147G; 284/338/506; 24HR, 73RBI

Sean Halton (’10) – MIL; 42G; 238/291/396; 4HR, 17RBI

Raul Ibanez (’94) – SEA: 124G; 242/306/487; 29HR, 65RBI

Rob Johnson (’05) – STL: 20G; 171/237/257; 0HR, 2RBI

Adam Jones (’04) – BAL: 160G; 285/318/493; 33HR, 108RBI

Brett Lawrie (’09) – TOR: 107G; 254/315/397; 11HR; 46RBI

Alex Liddi (’08) – SEA: 8G; 059/111/118; 0HR, 0RBI

Jonathan Lucroy (’12) – MIL: 147G; 280/340/455; 18HR, 82RBI

Martin Maldonado (’09) – MIL: 67G; 169/236/284; 4HR, 22RBI

Adam Moore (’06) – KC: 5G; 300/364/400; 0HR, 0RBI

David Ortiz (’96) – BOS: 137G; 309/395/564; 30HR, 103RBI

One more from Big Papi:

Carlos Peguero (’07) – SEA: 2G; 333/429/833; 1HR, 1RBI

Josh Prince (’09) – MIL: 8G; 125/222/250; 0HR; 0RBI

Rene Rivera (’03) – SD: 23G; 254/268/328; 0HR, 7RBI

Alex Rodriguez (’94) – NYY: 44G; 244/348/423; 7HR, 19RBI

Michael Saunders (’06) – SEA: 132G; 236/323/397; 12HR, 46RBI

Carlos Triunfel (’07) – SEA: 17G; 136/152/159; 0HR, 2RBI

Matt Tuiasosopo (’05) – DET: 81G; 244/351/415; 7HR, 30RBI

Luis Valbuena (’06) – CHC: 108G; 218/331/378; 12HR, 37RBI

Scott Atchison (’99) – NYM:  50G, 0GS; 3-3, 4.37ERA; 45.1IP; 12:28

Phillippe Aumont (’08) – PHI: 22G, 0GS; 1-3, 4.19ERA; 45.1IP; 13:19

Hiram Burgos (’10) – MIL: 6G, 6GS; 1-2, 6.44ERA; 29.1IP, 11:18

Dave Bush (’09) – TOR: 1G, 0GS; 0-0, 15.00ERA; 3,0IP; 1:1

Michael Fiers (’09) – MIL: 11G, 3GS; 1-4, 7.25ERA; 22.1IP; 6:15

Johnny Hellweg (’13) – MIL: 8G, 7GS; 1-4, 6.75ERA; 30.2IP, 26:9

Felix Hernandez (’03) – SEA: 31G, 31GS; 12-10, 3.04ERA; 204.1IP; 46:216

Jeremy Jeffress (’10) – TOR: 10G, 0GS; 1-0, 0.87ERA; 10.1IP; 5:12

Caesar Jimenez (’03) – PHI: 19G, 0GS; 1-1, 3.71; 17.1IP; 10:11

Shawn Kelley (’08) – NYY: 57G, 0GS; 4-2, 4.39ERA; 53.1IP; 23:71

Shaun Marcum (’09) – NYM: 14G, 12GS; 1-10, 5.29ERA; 78.1IP, 21:60

Jimmy Nelson (’11) – MIL: 4G, 1GS; 0-0, 0.90ERA; 10.0IP; 5:8

Eric O’Flaherty (’05) – ATL: 19G, 0GS; 3-0, 2.50ERA; 18.0IP; 5:11

Jake Odorizzi (’10) – TB: 7G, 4GS; 0-1, 1SV, 3.94ERA; 29.2IP; 8:22

Manny Parra (’11) – CIN: 57G, 0GS; 2-3, 3.33ERA; 46.0IP; 15:56

Wily Peralta (’09) – MIL: 32G, 32GS; 11-15, 4.37ERA; 183.1IP; 73:129

JJ Putz (’00) – ARZ: 40G, 0GS; 3-1, 6SV, 2.36ERA; 34.1IP; 17:38

JC Ramirez (’08) – PHI: 18G, 0GS; 0-1, 7.50ERA; 24.0IP; 15:16

Rafael Soriano (’00) – WAS: 68G, 0GS; 3-3, 43SV, 3.11ERA; 66.2IP; 17:51

Caleb Thielbar (’10) – MIN: 49G, 0GS; 3-2, 1.76ERA; 46.0IP; 14:39

Tyler Thornburg (’11) – MIL: 18G, 7GS; 3-1, 2.03ERA; 66.2IP; 26:48

Matt Thornton (’00) – CHW: 40G, 0GS; 0-3, 3.86ERA; 28.0IP; 10:21
Matt Thornton (’00) – BOS: 20G; 0GS; 0-1, 3.52ERA; 15.1IP; 5:9

Chris Tillman (’07) – BAL: 33G, 33GS; 16-7, 3.71ERA; 206.1IP; 68:179

Anthony Varvaro (’07) – ATL: 62G, 0GS; 3-1, 1SV; 2.82ERA; 73.1IP; 25:43

Mehring Mile w/ Matt Erickson

We are having our year-end meetings as a front office staff today. I don’t have a lot of time for a post as we have just taken a break for lunch.

We also talked about trying stuff that we have never tried. Here is a video of something that we never tried before this past season.

Consider this the pilot episode of The Mehring Mile.  This is an interview with Matt Erickson from a couple of weeks after the team returned from the Bowling Green/Dayton road trip.  There wasn’t enough time to do another episode during the season, but I think we will make time to do this more next year.

The joke I heard after this was shown on the video board was that the interview segment should be called Motion Sickness w/ Mehring.

Yeah. We’ll work on that, too.

Team Intro Video & Snowy Stadium Pictures

I am pretty sure that ‘Ive Got You Babe’ was the song that was playing on my clock/radio this morning.

No doubleheader today.  But, this team intro video will be played again at the stadium this season…eventually.

Now, the reason you are all here.  Snowy Stadium Pictures.  When does Andie MacDowell show up so she and I can build a snowman?

From the club level

From the club level

From the camera platform beyond the wall in center.

From the camera platform beyond the wall in center.

Appropriately enough this one is from the Toyota Tundra at the top of the right field berm.

Appropriately enough this one is from the Toyota Tundra at the top of the right field berm.

From the reserved bleacher seats in section 116.

From the reserved bleacher seats in section 116.

Just a random shot of the trees beyond the left field berm.

Just a random shot of the trees beyond the left field berm.

I may talk a walk to the pedestrian bridge that crosses Highway 41 later today….I may go see ’42’ today….I may just curl up under my desk and wait for April….It is April?  Could’ve fooled me.

Renovation Update: Episode 18

Hilary Bauer is the new onfield host for the Timber Rattlers.  She took over the tour guide duties for Renovation Update: Episode 18 while I was in Arizona for Spring Training.

The episode is below.

I did manage to get over there for a few pictures on Wednesday. Where to start….where to start???

Admit it. You knew this was where I would start.

Admit it. You knew this was where I would start.

Ladder match!

Ladder match!

Now, to the part of the renovations you want to see:

Inside Suite #2

Inside Suite #2

This old photos are a nice touch:

That's Boog Powell from 1960.

That’s Boog Powell from 1960.

A shot of Goodland Field from left field.

A shot of Goodland Field from left field.

More of a shot of Goodland Field's third base stands.

A shot of Goodland Field’s third base stands.

The club seats are installed!  The Club seats are installed!

The club seats are installed! The club seats are installed!

Inside the club level.

Inside the club level.

By special request, here is the new locker room for the coaching staff.

By special request, here is the new locker room for the coaching staff.

This is the old weight room.  It is now a player lounge.

This is the old weight room. It is now a player lounge.

There's a sign that will grab your attention!

There’s a sign that will grab your attention!

And now, Hilary Bauer’s debut on Renovation Update:


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