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Coming to Time Warner Cable Field

USA! USA!  Click that link for a classic 80’s Boot Camp Match.

It’s not like Sarge has never been to a baseball game before:…Video Warning! Caution! Cobra Clutch! Slaughter Cannon! Excessive Drowning Pool!

I won’t be making fun of Sarge. I don’t want to end up at Camp Slaughter

Coming on July 14, 2011!

A video Christmas Card

This video was originally shot in April, 2010.  Thought it would be a good idea to post it again today.

Season two of The Offseason

Season two of The Offseason starts today. Episode one is below.  Yes. That is Fang in a top hat with a lion statue.

Are you ready, Myrtle Beach!!??!?!?!

Brad Holman, Wisconsin’s pitching coach from 2002-2005, is taking his pitching knowledge and his guitar to Myrtle Beach next season.  Holman will be the pitching coach of the Pelicans.

Brad Holman moves up to Myrtle Beach, along with many of the Rangers young hurlers, after the past two seasons in the same role with Low-A Hickory (NC). A draft pick of his hometown Kansas City Royals in 1990, the 6-5 right-hander cracked the big leagues with the Seattle Mariners in 1993. Since 2002, the now 42-year-old alumnus of Auburn University at Montgomery has tutored pitchers at the Single & Double-A levels. His older brother Brian also pitched in the big leagues for the Expos & Mariners.

The folks in Myrtle Beach better be ready for the Holman tradition:

Remembering Leslie Nielsen

Sad news with the passing of Leslie Nielsen. He made me laugh in many roles. This is the most obvious baseball tie-in.

Don’t forget that he started out as a serious actor:

Try to pick him out of the crew before he is identified.

Ben Hill threw out a challenge for a “Salute to Leslie Nielsen” Night promotion. What do you think that would entail?

Participation journalism – Australian Style

George Plimpton started it with Out of My League, Paper Lion, Open Net, & The Bogey Man.  I dabbled a bit in it with my base running, and pitching exhibitions on Timber Rattlers Field Pass. 

Participatory journalism continues in Australia with this bit from Ken McGregor of the Adelaide Advertiser as he faces Clinton LumberKing Brandon Maurer.  First the video.

<p><a href=””>VIDEO: Facing the fast ball</a></p>

Gotta love the public domain version of ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’. Also, that is a camera attached to his helmet.  An excerpt from the story:

When The Advertiser editor Mel Mansell asked me to go to
Adelaide Bite training and face a pitch from one of the baseball team’s
star US recruits, I thought, why not?

As I stepped up to the plate
to face 196cm Brandon Maurer, who hurled thunderbolt after thunderbolt
at me, I thought of several reasons why I should have let the offer

My first thought was for my elbow and the possible agony if one of the 20-year-old, 100kg, Californian’s pitches went astray.

facing a few balls, Maurer had perfect control of where the ball was
going and the only thing in danger of being hurt was my ego.

How very Plimptonesque.

Donald Driver softball video and links

The Donald Driver Charity Softball game returns for 2011. The game will be played at Time Warner Cable Field on Sunday, June 5.

Tickets are on sale at the Time Warner Cable Field Box Office starting at 10am this morning. You may also purchase tickets for the event at this link.

To get you revved up, here is a highlight video from the 2010 game that the video crew put together.

Packers in Sumo suits catching flyballs for charity. Do you need any more reasons to get out and see the game? I didn’t think so.

Im trying real hard to be the shepherd.

ESPN, The Magazine has a movie issue coming up soon.  Former Timber Rattlers pitcher Felix Hernandez (’03) will be featured as Jules, the Samuel L. Jackson character from Pulp Fiction. Of COURSE there was a behind-the-scenes video.

Bonus for the “Royale with Cheese” banter.

Also, Felix finds out today if he wins the AL Cy Young Award.

There are quotes from former Timber Rattlers pitching coach Rafael Chaves at that link.

A video comparison

First, here is the countdown to the new logo video for Tuesday:

This is what I recalled after seeing it…You’re just going to have to click it because embedding has been disabled. But, you should remember.

Here’s a hint.  It’s from this Seinfeld episode.

No hitter video

Yes. We know. This happened back in August. It is now November.  It took a while to get the video from our good friends at Cedar Rapids. Then, it took some time to “get the right software” (or so I was told).

Then, it took time chop it all up into a manageable viewing time.  But, the end result is excellent.

The only thing missing is Opera Music and Vice President of Epic Kevin Butler chomping on a turkey leg at the end, but that is just how I would have done it.

Plus, you get a little Timber Rattlers baseball in November.  Win-Win-Win!

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