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Lineup & Game Notes (August 8, 2011)


Monday’s game has been rained out.  There will be a doubleheader on Tuesday.  Game one starts at 4:00pm.  Full details here.

Before you tarp, ya gotta pre-tarp.

Monday’s Lineup:
Nick Shaw – SS
Mike Brownstein – 2B
TJ Mittelstaedt – LF
Jason Rogers – DH
Nick Ramirez – 1B
Chad Stang – CF
Greg Hopkins – 3B
Tony Pechek – C
Franklin Romero, Jr. – RF

Wisconsin Starting Pitcher:
Eric Arnett

Kane County Starting Pitcher:
Leondy Perez

Monday’s Game Notes: RattlersGameNotesAugust8

Geneva, Illinois weather radar


These were taken 60 minutes before the scheduled 6:30pm start time:

Yep. It's raining.

Also…Where do you think the indoor hitting cage is at in Elfstrom Stadium?

Rattlers walking back from the batting cage.

If you said, “Beyond the outfield fence!”…You’re right!!!

L to R: Dusty Rhodes, Matt Erickson, TJ Mittelstaedt, & Cody Hawn head back from the batting cage.

The Sun is out. The sky is blue.

The tarp is off. Let’s PLAY TWO!

Another picture of a beautiful, green field that is ready for a doubleheader does not do justice to the way I feel today.

Cousin Larry. Cousin Balki. Take it away!

I don’t believe that record is kept.

You are all very funny people….asking me what the Midwest League record is for doubleheaders.

I really don’t have any idea and I don’t want to look it up…

Carl, the Rain-Hating Camel sez, "This weather is quite horrible."

I mean I guess that I could, since I don’t have anything else to do tonight…

Brick, the Bad weather Hating Bactrian is very angry with this weather.

But, then, I would just get depressed and no one would want that…

Telemachus, the tarping tapir, wants you to know that the tarp is on the field. But, it should be off later tonight.

Once the Sun comes out and the flowers are in bloom and there is actual baseball with one game played in a day and we can all laugh about this…

Fairfax, the field conditions ferret, says that the weather may be bad, but the field will be in great shape for the doubleheader on Wednesday.

Then, maybe I can look it up.

Perry, the Postponement Penguin, says he hasn't been around much doing his job lately because he just couldn't deal with it. But, maybe if he could show up this one time that would put a stop to this madness.

Until then… Just get some rest.  It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow.

Tyler Thornburg gets the start in game one.  Austin Ross gets the ball in game two.

It. Can. Stop. Any. Time. Now.

My sweet lord.

Tarp on the field.

Hmm, my lord.

Tarp still on the field

Hmm, my lord.

I choose George Harrison today, because of the repetitive lyrics that can induce you into a trance.  Much like the weather.

No seriously.  I thought their was more to that song than that.  It’s like the ‘Green Eggs & Ham’ of songs.

The game is still on for tonight.  Check here, Twitter – either one, the homepage, or Facebook for updates.

It’s a beautiful morning

Snow is gone. Winter’s over.  Snow is gone. Winter’s over.

It's a beautiful morning at Time Warner Cable Field

Don’t believe me.  Don’t believe the badly altered John Lennon lyrics?  Don’t believe the picture? Well, maybe a certain gentleman by the name of Felix Cavaliere can convince you:

How can you argue with that?


Game notes and Game one lineup April 22, 2011

Community Field, home of the Bees, waits for tonight's doubleheader

I have not heard anything, so I am guessing that the game one lineup for the doubleheader today is the same as it was last night.

Nick Shaw             2B
Reggie Keen         CF
Cody Hawn           1B
Jason Rogers       LF
Mike Walker         DH
Greg Hopkins        3B
Tyler Roberts         C
Carlos George       SS
Franklin Romero RF

Starting Pitcher:
Matt Miller

That being said.  The tarp for the field has some damage to it.  It leaked a bit.

The infield took some water.

The Burlington grounds crew was just having a discussion with Aaron Nieckula, the manager of the Bees, about the topic of the infield.  Or at least I am guessing that is what they were talking about since they were standing right by it and doing a lot of pointing.  I’m pretty sure that Aaron was not regaling them with the tale of him sliding around the infield here when he was the manager of the Cougars and was having an animated discussion with an umpire a couple of years ago.

The condition of the infield may be moot.  More rain is scheduled in the forecast…I’m sorry did I say rain?  I meant thunderstorms are forecast for 6pm.

Tonight’s game notes are here.  A few slight changes have been made: RattlersGameNotesApril22

Check back here, @CMehring, @TimberRattlers, or Rattlers Facebook for updates on the game status.

IMMEDIATE UPDATE: It’s raining…again.  The tarp is going on the field…again.  Now, excuse me while I look for a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. A live chicken would be too much…today. In a few days, we might have to talk that one through for a bit.

This is getting a little Ree-gosh darn-diculous

Still raining in Burlington, Iowa.  The forecast…well…..see for yourself.

I got a little artsy with these…or the weather has washed all color out of the world.  Either one really.  As always click for a larger glimpse into the depth of my despai….for a larger image.

This is how hard it was raining when I was getting ready to leave Community Field last night.

This picture was taken in what would have been the seventh inning on Friday night

If one light in the picture is good…two lights in the picture is better:

Two lights in the rain at Community Field

I can’t find the picture I was trying to plagari….I mean do an homage to with this shot of Community Field from the outside:

Community Field in the Rain = A rainy Victorian black and white...maybe

This picture was taken from my hotel window after I hear A LARGE CLAP OF THUNDER this morning.

Still raining 12 hours later.

Stitch these last two pictures together and make a panorama of  the view from my hotel window.

Still raining 30 seconds later.

These views are almost asking you to head to the casin….lunch buffet.

Doubleheader tonight…Fingers Crossed…Stay tuned!

It got worse

Thanks to the ever helpful TV Tropes website for the title to this post.

If you saw the previous post on Rattler Radio, you will have followed the progress of the snow today.

Well, here is are pictures taken right about when the first pitch of Tuesday’s game would have been thrown:

From the top of the right field berm

The front gates look Christmasy...Which would be nice if it was DECEMBER!

From the usual spot

Sorry. I just ran out of gas and couldn’t think of a clever caption without PROFANITY!!!!!!!….um, er, ahem….

When people ask me what I remember about this homestand at the end of the year, snow will be the last thing on my mind. Even though there has been a pretty good ‘Thunder & Lightning’ show happening outside my window for the last three hours. Yes. It’s called thundersnow…er, THUNDERSNOW!!!

Nope. Won’t remember that. I prefer to remember this moment from Sunday’s doubleheader. I swiped it from the Timber Rattlers Facebook album. I hope they don’t mind.

Mike Walker doesn't jump. The Earth tries to get out of the way.

Rainy Saturday

The tarp is on the field at Time Warner Cable Field on Saturday, April 16, 2011. It won't be coming off today.

Well. It is April in the Midwest League.  That doesn’t make it okay to have two rain outs in a row.  Friday’s game is already scheduled as part of a doubleheader on Sunday.  Today’s postponement will need to be made up as part of a doubleheader in Peoria later this half.  Wisconsin heads down there twice in the half.  The first time is May 24-26 and the second is June 14-16.

More on that later.

As far as I know, the Rattlers will stay with Del Howell for game one and Tyler Thornburg for game two.  The Chiefs will most likely stay with Cam Greathouse for game one.  Game two may still be Graham Hicks.  Stay tuned for more on this.

Now, without further delay, here is Brick, the Bad-Weather Hating Bactrian to try to scare away this crummy weather.  Brick is a little upset to be awakened this early on a Saturday morning, so he is probably not going to say anything.  But, his image should be enough for today.

Brick, the Bad-Weather Hating Bactrian says that he hates this bad weather.


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