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The healthy option won at West Michigan.  The forces of darkness have made their first breakthrough.  Walking Spaghetti was kneecapped…Meat Salad was tossed…Bologna Lollipop was licked…Meat Man Parfait was, um, parfaited.

Online voting for the Fifth Third Ballpark food item contest has come to a close, and a winner has been chosen. “Chicks with Sticks,” a healthy option consisting of fresh sliced vegetables with a hummus (made from “Chick” peas) or optional ranch dipping sauce, is the winner and will be on the menu for fans to purchase at Whitecaps games this season.

Chicks with Sticks received 31% of the votes from the top 10 finalists’ contest. Second place in the voting was the Meat Salad, a seven-meat treat, with 27% of the vote. The third place vote-getter was the Walking Spaghetti, a 16-inch loaf of Cole’s garlic bread loaded with spaghetti, meatballs, marinara and cheese, weighing in with 15% of the vote. None of the remaining seven options received more than 5% of the votes (Mac ‘N Cheese Burger Burrito, Honey Bun Burger and Bologna Lollipop – 5%; Sonoran Dog and Big O Sandwich – 4%, Meat Man Parfait – 3% and Duck Hog Frog Dog – 1%).

Lisa Baird of Jenison submitted the Chicks with Sticks entry. Her idea was inspired from her own switch to healthy eating after recently joining Weight Watchers.

“I thought, ‘What on earth could possibly be served in this type of venue that wouldn’t be heavy, and would be portable?’ I had recently switched from eating pita chips and hummus to eating healthier veggies and hummus, and it made perfect sense,” said Baird. “It’s portable, it’s sharable, it’s a win-win for everyone. I was trying to be cute and clever with the name – it’s not the most outrageous food, but it can still be fun! I know I’ll be eating my share of Chicks with Sticks at the ballpark this season!”

Just for using the phrase ‘win-win’ the winning selection should be disqualified and BOTH Meat Salad and Walking Spaghetti should be added to the menu.

And that is my opinion…

Am I serious? Am I joking? I leave it to you…the readers at home to decide.

Oh, West Michigan, youve done it again!

First they brought you the Swimming Pig.  Then, they brought you the Fifth Third Burger!

Among the food dishes that the West Michigan Whitecaps are looking at bringing in this season:

Walking Spaghetti – Love spaghetti but hate the hassle of using a plate? The Whitecaps understand your frustration, so we’ve replaced the archaic concept of a plate with the innovative idea to carry this Italian delight around on garlic bread. We smother the giant 16-inch loaf of Cole’s garlic bread with a pound of spaghetti, meatballs, a quart of marinara and a pound of cheese, and now it’s Walking Spaghetti. Magnifico! And at a ******** 5,630 calorie count, it dwarfs the relatively slender Fifth Third Burger, which weighs in at 4,889 calories.

Spaghetti.jpgOh, you want a bigger picture? Here is this one from Amanda Loman of The Grand Rapids Press.

WalkingSpaghetti.jpgI have enough carbs to run a marathon after just looking at that picture.

Then – also from Amanda Loman – there is this…


Bologna Lollipop – No, that’s not a misprint. And it’s exactly what you’d imagine. Bologna? Check. Stick? Check. Put the five-inch diameter, inch-thick slice of fried bologna on the stick and you’ve got a bologna lollipop.

Elvis approves. You must go to the link up to that takes you to the Whitecaps website to see the other eight items that are up for vote. It’s almost too bad that the Rattlers don’t go to West Michigan in the regular season for 2011.


If you grew up in the late-70’s and early-80’s in Wisconsin, the name Benji does not make you think a movie dog.  The name Benji brings to mind a slugging outfielder who had an awkward slide.


That’s Ben Oglivie rocking the sleeves under the uniform.  I like to think that the inventors of Under Armor saw this baseball card and thought, “There’s GOT to be a better way.”

Okay, so why bring this up today?  My google alert for the Whitecaps, um, alerted me to this blog post.

A former Detroit Tigers slugger may be joining the West Michigan Whitecaps’ coaching staff. reported today that Ben Oglivie is expected to be the Whitecaps’ hitting coach next season.

The post at – which is linked above – includes this information.

Oglivie was a 16-year major league veteran, spending four seasons in the big leagues with the Tigers. He finished his Tigers career with a .275/.326/.444 line in 439 games. Oglivie was named an All-Star three times in his big league career, while also earning a Silver Slugger award in 1980.

If this report is true, make your plans for July 13-15, 2011. Those are the three dates on which the West Michigan Whitecaps visit Time Warner Cable Field.

My new job is one Ive always wanted

Another manager in the Midwest League will not be back on the bench in 2011.

Joe DePastino’s days as manager of the West Michigan Whitecaps have come to an end after three seasons.

DePastino has accepted a position as roving catching coordinator for the Detroit Tigers.

“I love West Michigan, and I was very fortunate to start my coaching career there and be there for three years,” DePastino told The Press on Sunday. “To be able to go to West Michigan was amazing, and it was a great place to be. From the front office, to the fans, to the field — it was one of the best.

“My new job is one I’ve always wanted. I’ve been a catcher my whole life, and while I love managing, being with the catchers full time is a good gig.”

This is a little surprising due to this:

DePastino had a record of 215-201 in three seasons with the Whitecaps and joined Bruce Fields and Matt Walbeck as the only managers in franchise history to win more than 200 games.

He guided West Michigan to three consecutive playoff appearances, but lost in the first round each year.

The Whitecaps overcame their worst first half (26-43) in franchise history to finish 62-77 overall and earn a wild-card playoff spot this season.

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